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Webinar and Video Knowledge - From Beginner to Advanced

The BrightTALK Academy features the fundamentals of executing webinars and best practices to develop channel owners into advanced hosts.

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Maximizing Physical Events for High Performing Technology Marketers Maximizing the trade show, conference and exhibition is always a priority for high performing technology marketers. Marketers will have multiple goals covering brand development, awareness, customer engagement and pure lead generation. Join Quoc Dang of BrightTALK and Thomas Stanley of Cloud Expo Europe as they discuss getting the most out of the event.

You will learn how to:

How to make impactful content at a physical event
How to avoid the pitfalls that marketers consistently make
How to engage with the best prospects before, during and after the event
How to enrich nurturing and trigger based campaigns with event content
How to measure the impact of your event on revenues using CRM and Marketing Automation tools.
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Apr 23 2014 2:00 pm
45 mins

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