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The BrightTALK Academy features the fundamentals of executing webinars and best practices to develop channel owners into advanced hosts.

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The Power of Narrative: Separate Your Content from the Pack - EMEA Edition Cameron Jahn, Director of Product Marketing, BrightTALK Content marketing is often missing a crucial element: the story. For marketers, storytelling is more effective at connecting with target audiences than any product pitch ever could be. Each connection made through a story is an opportunity to earn an audience’s attention and trust while guiding them toward a purchasing decision.

Join this presentation to find out what best-in-class marketers know: Effective content starts with going back to basics and focusing on narrative.

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll learn:
1. How to find overarching narratives for your content
2. How to organize your content marketing efforts around those themes
3. How to measure the impact of your story-driven content
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May 28 2015
45 mins
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