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Webinar and Video Knowledge - From Beginner to Advanced

The BrightTALK Academy features the fundamentals of executing webinars and best practices to develop channel owners into advanced hosts.

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How to Present Extraordinary Webinars - EMEA Edition Cameron Jahn, Director of Product Marketing, BrightTALK In today’s digital world, human communication is constant, while also more different and distant than ever before. On webinars, for example, presenters are tasked with the interesting challenge of engaging an audience that is spread all across the world.

Unlike speakers standing before a live crowd, webinar presenters can’t see if participants seem bored, distracted, or checked out. However, there are physical event techniques and webinar-specific best practices that can be applied to delivering extraordinary and engaging webinars.

Join this session to learn:

- How to capture and keep your audience’s attention during a webinar
- How to find a moderator to make your presentation run smoothly
- How to use engagement features to maintain your audience’s attention
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Jul 2 2015 2:00 pm
45 mins
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