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Precision Dialogue is an analytics-driven, multi-channel, Customer Engagement Firm. We leverage customer insights to drive relevant communications (a precision dialogue) leading to improved Marketing ROI.

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Customer Journey Maps – Your Guide to Designing Holistic Customer Experiences Cathleen Zapata, VP, Research & Customer Experience & Patrick Stroh, Ph.D., VP, Data Science & Consulting Solutions A customer journey map can be the keystone to improving and analyzing any customer experience or channel. It will create a visual roadmap of the experience your customers have when they engage with your company. It is an important tool that can unify your team as well as entire groups within your organization around a customer’s experience. It clearly depicts a customer’s interactions, perceptions and feelings regarding your brand as they travel through their experience. This webinar will help you understand what customer journey maps are, why they’re valuable, and Precision Dialogue’s process for creating them. Read more >
Nov 13 2013
58 mins
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