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Discover what works (and what doesn't) in modern demand generation.

The demand generation channel is designed for technology marketers wanting to learn the latest techniques for driving exceptional demand for their products and services. Featuring leading demand generation practitioners you’ll learn what works (and what doesn’t). You’ll gain valuable insights into reaching today’s ever more elusive buyers. And you’ll see how the latest approaches and systems can significantly improve your results.

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Panel Session: Death by Content Once upon a time there was a brand that produced high quality content, informative and entertaining that was a success amongst prospects and clients alike.

And then came the content marketing boom. With countless brands pumping out infographics and blog posts at a rate never seen before, customers became more skeptic towards branded content. Posts remained unread, infographics never made it to LinkedIn.

Aiming to give an insider's view on the status of the industry, this panel will look into the major developments in content marketing, the challenges marketers are currently facing, and what the future for content marketing is -- and whether there is one.
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Sep 25 2014
64 mins
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