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The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across a wide range of global industries. The CMO Council's 6,000 members control more than $200 billion in aggregated annual marketing expenditures and run complex, distributed marketing and sales operations worldwide. In total, the CMO Council and its strategic interest communities include over 12,000 global executives across 100 countries in multiple industries, segments and markets. Regional chapters and advisory boards are active in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The Council's strategic interest groups include the Coalition to Leverage and Optimize Sales Effectiveness (CLOSE), Marketing Supply Chain Institute, Customer Experience Board, Loyalty Leaders, Online Marketing Performance Institute, and the Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience.

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A Farewell to Campaigns: The Future of the Customer Experience Marketing has often found itself trapped in a world of silos, with siloed data that is hard to aggregate across the organization, in addition to siloed campaigns and measures split across functional tasks and business units. But savvy marketers keenly understand that customers don’t see or understand the issue of silos. Customers only see one brand and expect a direct, relevant and immediate experience at the time they choose and through the channel they select.

Join the CMO Council as we bid farewell to the campaign-driven mindset of marketing of the past, and say hello to the new mandates and expectations for the connected customer experience. We will hear about new research from SDL, who surveyed millennials in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 36 to gain insights into how customer experience expectations will place new demands on marketers hoping to connect with this customer of the future. Paige O'Neill from SDL will present “Five Truths for Future Marketers,” including compelling data that proves that “Campaigns Are Extinct.”

We will also be joined by two leading brand marketers, who will share their own insights and journeys through the customer experience evolution as they guide their own organizations through the shifting needs and requirements of both today’s and tomorrow’s customers.
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May 15 2014 6:00 pm
75 mins

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  • Innovation is a word we hear often…it is used to describe our brand mindsets to our products and services. We strive for innovation. We brag about innovation. But what is real innovation? Where does it truly come from and how does it manifest?

    As marketers look to elevate thinking, engagements and ideals beyond catch phrases and buzz words, how can we tell where and how true innovation can be bubbled up from within our organizations? Join the CMO Council as we discuss innovation and what it really means.
  • It is hard to believe the amazing changes that marketing has seen in the past five years. With the explosive rise of social media shaping how customers engage and communicate to the era of Big Data and the need to master new analytics and technologies, marketing looks very different than it did.

    So what will marketing look like in another five years? And how are marketers setting skills, technologies and processes now to be prepared for the customer of 2018? Will more CMOs be CEO's? Will the role of the CMO continue to change? Or will a new role emerge…the Chief Digital Officer or the Chief Marketing Technologist?

    Join the CMO Council and senior members of its global advisory board as they discuss and debate the evolution of the CMO, looking into marketing in 2018.
  • Recently published research tells us that 59% of consumers in Asia will comment about brands online, and globally more than 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. Like never before, customers are expecting brands to deliver consistent customer experiences regardless of channel. The question becomes: Are brands across Asia-Pacific and Japan ready to deliver? And what is the consequence for inaction?

    Join us for a one-hour interactive, online webcast in which The CMO Council will share an exclusive sneak peek into key findings from a 40-point benchmark of the state of customer experience across Asia- Pacific and Japan. The CMO Council has gathered a panel of regional marketing leaders to discuss the findings of the upcoming study and share first-hand accounts of how customer experience optimization and management have changed their marketing strategies into a more comprehensive, connected, profitable engagement (see bios for panelists below).

    Audience members will be encouraged to submit questions, challenge thinking and get involved in the ongoing discussion around developing innovative marketing strategies to further impact revenue through advancing customer experience and engagement.
  • Customer expectations for seamless, frictionless, always-on engagements is a reality in 2013, but are we prepared for what customer experience expectations will be in 2017? How will our customers engage with our brands? How will their behaviors drive when, how and why they are buying, researching and in turn, commenting on their experiences?

    For some, 2017 seems a safe distance into the future, but without the right strategies and processes in place in 2013, many of us will miss opportunities to be ready. Join the CMO Council as we look into the crystal ball to get an idea of what customer experience will look like in 2017. Jayakrishnan Sasidharan, Vice President & Global Head, Digital Customer Experience with Wipro, and author of the paper “How Will Customer Experience Management Keep Up with Channel Independence” will join us to discuss the 8 key questions every marketer must be asking in order to proactively prepare for CXM 2017.

    Please join us and bring your questions and predictions for where customer expectations for robust experiences will lead us over the next several years. The webcast will be interactive and will field questions and comments from the audience.
  • Join the CMO Council as we examine and discuss the state of customer experience across the Asia-Pacific and Japan. During this one-hour session, we will explore the new market dynamics that have changed how customers engage with brands, and the growing call for connected customer experiences. Liz Miller, Vice President of Marketing for the CMO Council, and thought leader Nicolas Kontopoulos, Senior Director of Global CRM Marketing at SAP, will address key questions such as:

    •What is the impact of customer experience on a business?
    •How are brands leveraging customer insights and intelligence to create more relevant experiences?
    •How are brands across the Asia-Pacific and Japan meeting this challenge to create always-on, connected, dynamic and engaging customer experiences?

    If you are a leading marketer looking to gain insights on strategies to further impact revenue through advancing customer experience and engagement, then we invite you to participate in this interactive session.
  • Customer revenue optimization has become the driving mandate for all executives across the C-Suite, leaving some to ask how and where areas of recurring revenue can be more easily and reliably managed.

    Join the CMO Council and BPI Network as we explore this conversation around customer revenue optimization through more streamlined and technology focused recurring revenue models. We will be hearing from two leading experts in the space, Bob Harden, Software Director for Global Corporate Systems at Experian, the global leader in providing information, analytical tools and marketing services to help manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions, and Jon Gettinger, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Aria Systems, the expert in cloud-based subscription billing.

    Jon and Bob will be presenting their keynote discussion, Managing Recurring Revenue: New Solutions to Optimize Income without Stressing IT, which will include insights into how an industry leader like Experian has implemented new strategies and solutions to optimize their recurring revenue streams and subscriptions more effectively.
  • How are you Tying and Tracking Engagements and Experiences Across the Buyer 2.0 Journey?

    SiriusDecisions estimates that the buyer's journey is 70 percent complete by the time a salesperson is contacted -- and a recent CMO Council study of B2B buyers indicates that 87 percent of buyers believe that online content impacts their buyer journey from vendor selection and purchase decisions. In spite of this growing shift to online, most B2Bs organizations have been slow in reacting to the changes with their prospects' purchasing activity, particularly the engagement with their company website during the evaluation process.

    Yet, some marketers are looking at this rise in "Buyer 2.0" behavior as a problem to be solved rather than an opportunity to be embraced. Join the CMO Council as we delve into the opportunities gained by bringing relevance, precision and personalization across critical digital touch-points, connecting conversations to meet the expectations of today’s connected customer. We will be hearing from Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign, who will be sharing how the world’s leading electronic signature solution has more effectively connected with customers, delivering highly personalized experiences in real-time, and exactly where customers are consuming content to shape their buying journey.

    We will also be joined by a leading thought leader in account-based marketing, Allison Metcalfe of Demandbase, who will share insights into the shifts and requirements of the new “Buyer 2.0”, including the new behaviors that boost the criticality of adopting a more targeted and relevant approach to connected engagements.
  • Telecommunications companies have vast amounts of customer and network data spanning across the enterprise. In order to achieve favorable campaign results, marketers need to make it as clean, complete and accurate as possible. This is especially true when engaging customers with highly-targeted offers across multiple channels and devices.

    In our upcoming webcast entitled “Quality In, Quality Out: Data Preparation for Campaign Success ”, we will discuss why data aggregation and cleansing is especially important for Telco and the latest trends for getting the "quality in, quality out" you need to fuel more effective modeling and analysis. Accurate customer insight can drive relevant and highly-targeted offers that customers will act on, reduce customer churn and increase customer loyalty.
  • Mobile relationship marketing (MRM) requires marketers to look beyond a single mobile channel or campaign and instead learn to map consumer patterns to determine where and how they want to engage. According to a recent CMO Council study entitled “Engage at Every Stage,” the majority of marketers are just beginning to explore how mobile relationships with customers will be developed and executed. However, only 14 percent of global marketers are satisfied with the progress they are making in accessing and leveraging the mobile channel.

    To continue the dialogue and provide new insights into trends around mobile, the CMO Council will be hosting a complimentary one-hour webcast. During this time, the CMO Council will share its own journey of developing and mapping a mobile relationship with its 6,500-plus global members. Join the CMO Council’s Vice President of Marketing Programs, Liz Miller, and CEO of FunMobility, Adam Levine, as they discuss the future of the mobile relationship.

    Key discussion topics will include:

    - Trends in customer loyalty around the mobile channel
    - The shift from web-centric experiences to mobile experiences
    - What every brand advertiser should know about standards and guidelines around mobile web advertising
  • In one of the latest studies from the CMO Council, Brand Automation for Local Activation, 59 percent of marketers believe that local marketing is essential to driving business growth and profitability. But as marketers work to activate, coordinate and collaborate across their increasingly complex network of sales channels, the reality is that few marketers are truly confident in their ability to activate local audiences. Only 7 percent feel they have a highly evolved campaign, complete with measurement and analytics.

    Marketers are struggling to maintain brand image and consistency across complex networks, challenged to roll out global campaigns across multi-national or multi-lingual localized campaigns, and are at a loss as to how to measure the impact and effectiveness of these campaigns. So how can marketers more effectively activate local customers to either engage with a local store, vendor, partner or even individual agent? What are the required channels, measures and resources that combine to create a comprehensive strategy to optimize customer activation?

    In our upcoming webcast, entitled “Turning Local Trends Into Transactions,” the topics that will be discussed include:

    • Highlight findings from the "Brand Automation for Local Activation " report
    • Provide insights into the key trends in local customer engagement and the tools and technologies that are reshaping the local marketing landscape
    • Share best practices on how driving channel and field sales effectiveness in expanding social, mobile and local marketing world
    • Demonstrate how brand leaders have developed local marketing engagement strategies that tie corporate brand directions to local customer activation

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