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  • Profitability Through Positive Productivity Profitability Through Positive Productivity Liz Miller,CMO Council; Greg Swender, Oracle; Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and Author Recorded: May 10 2016 63 mins
    According to a CMO Council study, “Closing the Gap: Understanding the Sales and Marketing Alignment Imperative,” some 46 percent of sales and marketing executives felt that in order to maximize sales across the organization, the level of action on opportunities needed to be boosted, and the speed to action needed to be accelerated.

    Despite this clear call to work smarter and faster, sales productivity improvements have been slow to materialize. According to CSO Insights, only 33 percent of a sales representative’s time is spent actively selling. Not only is sales struggling to push away the inefficiencies to build those critical relationships, but it can also be hard to actually get sales teams up and running. According to Accenture, 42.5 percent of sales reps take 10 months or longer to become productive enough to contribute to company goals.

    So where and how can businesses empower the front line while sparking profitability through accelerated sales productivity? Are there new calls to action that sales leaders can respond to in an effort to streamline inefficient processes, eliminate waste and remove friction from sales engagement? How are smart organizations growing at scale while remaining compliant and error-free in their engagements with customers and prospects?

    These are just some of the issues that the CMO Council, in partnership with Oracle, will explore in a one-hour, interactive webcast focused on productivity, profitability and opportunities to foster revenue. Joining the discussion will be experts and market leaders in sales and operational effectiveness to share where and how they are maximizing profitability while empowering sales teams and resources to work in a more nimble, agile and lucrative environment.
  • Maximizing Content ROI in the Age of Global Customer Experience Maximizing Content ROI in the Age of Global Customer Experience Liz Miller - CMO Council, Sam Sova - Johnson Controls, Clint Poole - Lionbridge Recorded: May 4 2016 62 mins
    According to a study from the Content Marketing Institute, 65 percent of B2B marketers in the manufacturing industry believe that producing engaging content is their top challenge specific to maximizing the impact and efficacy of their content marketing initiatives. In this same study, B2B marketers revealed that, on average, they are leveraging some 13 different content marketing tactics across six social media channels and an average of three paid media resources.

    This punctuates the increasingly complex web of engagement channels that, woven together, craft today’s customer experience. It also sheds light on a critical issue: the mass of content being produced might not be the most impactful or effective, thus missing the intended target and diminishing the return on content investment.

    How are marketers confronting these issues of meshing content marketing and customer experience strategies across a growing digital landscape? In an age when customers expect the world to be available to them in perfect local context, how are marketers responding with highly relevant, contextual, impactful, content-rich experiences, regardless of channel or location? What silos need to be broken down in order to realize real ROI from both content and experiences? As the digital world enables rapid globalization, how have customer expectations for intense localization made content and engagement strategies even more rewarding?
  • Crafting a Purpose-Built Experience That Makes a Real Splash Crafting a Purpose-Built Experience That Makes a Real Splash Mary Anne Hensley - CMO Council, Rosie Judd - Georgia Aquarium, Keith Meade - IBM Marketing Cloud Recorded: Apr 20 2016 61 mins
    According to IBM research, fully engaged customers spend three times more and are twice as likely to recommend your company. Yet time and time again, customers are being met with experiences that are not meeting their needs. Today’s buyers expect the right content to fall into place at just the right time, but only 21 percent say the marketing messages they receive are “usually relevant.” These heightened expectations—and the heightened reward from the new basic expectation of customer experience—present new questions for today’s marketing teams: Are you doing everything you can to provide a superior customer experience that is purpose-built to build loyalty and drive repeat business?

    In this webinar, the CMO Council will be joined by Rosie Judd, the Georgia Aquarium’s Digital Media Manager, as she shares the underlying strategy for one of the biggest public aquariums in the world, in addition to the incremental steps taken that directly led to increased engagement. We will also be joined by Keith Meade, Senior Account Director for IBM, who will share real-world success stories that will inspire ideas for enhancing the buyer experience before and after key customer interactions.

    Some of the topics covered in this interactive event will include:
    • New approaches to capturing and leveraging data to better drive engagement
    • Building a lifecycle marketing strategy that enhances every touchpoint and thinks beyond a campaign
    • Getting back to the basics of relationship building, including setting up welcome and post-transaction experiences that turn buyers into relationships
    • Measuring beyond opens and clicks, but making a splash with the business through loyal, engaged advocates
  • Digital Transformation: Reviewing the Cornerstone of Customer Experience Success Digital Transformation: Reviewing the Cornerstone of Customer Experience Success Liz Miller - CMO Council, Ken Wincko -PR Newswire, Richard Cunningham - RightOn Interactive, Kylan Lundeen - Qualtrics Recorded: Mar 31 2016 63 mins
    There is little doubt that marketers have made a commitment to customer experience—from developing roadmaps to an uncompromising customer journey to the development of data-rich personalized engagements. But what is next? Has customer experience become too buzzed about? Are we really re-thinking customer experience strategies, or are we just applying new buzzwords?

    How we think about customer experience must evolve. Without this continuous evolution, transformation becomes impossible. To debate and discuss the big question of what’s next, the CMO Council has invited three marketers to join an interactive roundtable discussion that will focus on everything from transformation to the next conversation around experiences and expectations. Join us for this hour-long conversation, where live viewers will be able to ask questions and provide their own insights and thinking and where we will take on issues around media, lifecycle and insights.

    Some of the early questions being asked of the panel will include:

    •How has the landscape changed, and how are customers valuing and weighing new points of engagement?
    •Where have we gone wrong with CRM and campaign management? Are we just automating reactions, or are we building relationships?
    •What are the new points of insight and customer voice that need to be incorporated into our strategies? Has our quest for data moved us farther away from the real voice of the customer?
  • Chasing the Marketing Unicorn: Silver Bullets, Customers and the Elusive 360-Deg Chasing the Marketing Unicorn: Silver Bullets, Customers and the Elusive 360-Deg Liz Miller - CMO Council, Lynda Brendish - Forbes, Liz Roche - Pitney Bowes, Kristin Rahn - Pitney Bowes Recorded: Mar 15 2016 63 mins
    The 360-degree view of your customer has become something of a marketing unicorn—that thing you know is worth chasing for better customer engagement, retention and acquisition but feels impossible to find in today’s climate of slow corporate change and legacy infrastructures. In the past, we could afford to put off the hunt, saying that perfection was costly and that sales goals don’t wait for magical creatures. In today’s age of the customer, the opportunity to place corporate before customer or product before personalization is a thing of the past.

    As the CMO Council continues the ongoing dialogue around customer engagement and the search for the single point of customer truth, we invite you to join us for a one-hour interactive webcast, where peers will gather to debate and discuss:

    • Transitioning the conversation from if we can build a better 360-degree customer view, to how we start the journey and begin organizing the construct
    • The role played by new technologies and channels, including a case study on how interactive personalized videos are shaping more impactful engagements

    We will be joined by Forbes Insights writer and researcher, Lynda Brendish, along with Pitney Bowes Unicorn Catchers and Customer Engagement Leaders Liz Roche and Kristin Rahn, who will be sharing primary research and insights from the Forbes Insights report, “Engagement in the Age of the Customer.”

    There is no single silver bullet to drive consistent customer engagement, but the strategies and technologies discussed in the webcast will set the stage for greater marketing success and will provide a glimpse of that magical unicorn. Thanks to our partners at Pitney Bowes, attendees will also receive a complimentary copy of the Forbes Insights report.
  • Putting Contextual in Context: Redefining Contextual Experiences Putting Contextual in Context: Redefining Contextual Experiences Liz Miller - CMO Council, Bernard Chung - SAP, Amy Jackson - TripIt Recorded: Mar 9 2016 63 mins
    Adding context to an experience used to mean knowing “something” about the time or place a customer is in…be it in the moment or in the next best point of interaction. In the evolution of customer experience, context has been a key gating point, signaling the difference between knowing your customer is facing a blizzard versus a heat wave. But as the customer becomes more saavy about what experiences “should” exist, molding their expectations even more acutely and raising expectations, marketers must start to redefine what context is and differentiate a contextual experience from a clever campaign.

    What are the implications of failing to deliver contextual experiences to today’s connected customer? Have the complexities of the enterprise, including our own strategies, solutions and systems, made the delivery of highly relevant, contextual experiences feel impossible? How are today’s business leaders redefining contextual in order to actually put the customer experience in context of the customer and the business?

    Join the CMO Council, in partnership with SAP, as we kick off a discussion into the advancement of the contextual customer experience. Beyond campaigns and beyond CRM, this discussion will focus on the new meaning of context, in total context of the customer and the business. Adding their insights to this one-hour interactive webcast will be brand marketers working to advance their personalization and experience strategies along with experts in context, experience and looking far beyond CRM.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Insights and Revenue Bridging the Gap Between Insights and Revenue John Hurley - Radius, Diane Salmon - Visa, Liz Miller - CMO Council Recorded: Feb 25 2016 65 mins
    In today’s age of big data and analytics, marketers are looking to redefine how data and insights can be gathered to drive the business forward. Core to this is how organizations are getting smarter about opportunities to more strategically target the prospects that are most likely to yield profit and success. Marketers have embraced their role as the orchestrators of the customer experience, but there is still a real need to remain in the driver’s seat in steering bottom-line growth and enabling sales engagements.

    Join the CMO Council as we explore the new secret sauce of the smartest CMOs—predictive intelligence. With the right predictive tools, all of this insight can be derived from data already collected across the organization and can be supercharged with third-party intelligence to pinpoint and predict just where organizational resources can be deployed for maximum effect.
  • Personalization Priorities for 2016: A Roundtable Conversation Personalization Priorities for 2016: A Roundtable Conversation Liz Miller - CMO Council, Vince Jeffs - Pegasystems, John Ingersoll - CSAA Insurance, Amy Michaels - T-Mobile Recorded: Feb 18 2016 66 mins
    According to the newly released study, “Predicting Routes to Revenue,” marketers intend to look directly at personalization as a key strategy to maximize customer value in 2016. In fact, according to the insights from more than 150 senior marketing decision makers, 58 percent will be adding more personalized experiences that are directly based on customer data. However, only 16 percent of marketers in the same study admitted they are delivering a customer-centric experience that fulfills brand promises and value at every step of the experience.

    In fact:

    -44 percent of marketers admit they do not have good visibility into customer lifetime value and retention rates
    -36 percent feel that the current market environment is cluttered and confused, with a mass of online and offline communications adding to the noise and making it more challenging to engage with customers

    So where will marketers need to invest, innovate and advance in order to reach their goal of delivering on the power of personalization? With an ever-growing list of marketing priorities, what personalization priorities exist? How do we ensure that the investments in talent and technology are moving the revenue needle? How do we finally put an end to “random acts of marketing” and, once and for all, create a connected, multi-channel experience that is in the context of the brand and the customer? What does the must-do punch list for prioritization look like for the entire customer-engaging organization?

    Join the CMO Council as we gather a roundtable panel of guests to discuss the key marketing priorities that will make personalization a priority in the coming year. This will be an hour-long roundtable discussion of the needs, issues, challenges and big wins that marketers can achieve in the coming year. Joining the CMO Council on the panel will be experts from Pegasystems, who will be providing industry best practices and insights from leading brands.
  • Advantage 2016: Big Opportunities to Exploit in the New Year Advantage 2016: Big Opportunities to Exploit in the New Year Liz Miller - CMO Council, Vi Murphy - Teradata, Sean Shoffstall - Teradata Recorded: Feb 3 2016 62 mins
    When marketers advanced into 2015, headlines announced that it would be the year of customer analytics and intelligence—a year when CMOs would be shedding the fear of “analysis paralysis” and turning the threat of big data into big opportunities with customers. Yet in survey after survey and study after study, CMO Council members agreed that while the desire to achieve dynamic customer experiences was there, the reality of using data to create these experiences was a difficult task, especially when the customer was demanding personalization beyond the confines of marketing-only data.

    So how are best-of-breed brands truly forging ahead with data? What are the new buzz-worthy opportunities that will make headlines (and possibly headaches) for marketers in 2016? Will the Internet of things truly be the opportunity that analysts are predicting, or will it be yet another far-off dream that only the richest brands can afford? Where will the customer expect brands to meet them next? And who is already on the path to meet these rising demands?

    To kick off 2016 and begin to circulate some new ideas, the CMO Council is partnering with Teradata to host a one-hour webcast to discuss the big trends of 2015 and where the new year will take us. Among the key topics to be discussed:

    • New expectations for data: From aggregating data from new sources to managing and cleansing the data we have, what are the new requirements for the data-driven business?
    • The Internet of everything: Beyond smart cars and connected homes, the Internet of things will tell us more about our customers while demanding new intelligent engagements…are we ready?
    • Anonymous no more: The difference between crossing the creepy line and thrilling a customer with relevance is a thin one that demands that marketers connect the dots between a single user’s known and unknown behavior online…but how?
  • Disruption: Are We Ready for the Business of IoT? Disruption: Are We Ready for the Business of IoT? Liz Miller - CMO Council, Sean Rollings - Aria Systems, Inc., Jason Mann - SAS Recorded: Jan 26 2016 62 mins
    Will 2016 be a year of disruption or innovation? For some businesses, disruption will come in the form of new businesses and new business models challenging the very behavior of how, when and where customers engage with brands. Digital transformation is increasingly influenced by new digital business models, which have played an increasingly visible role in the digital marketplace, with subscription brands like (like Netflix, Apple Music, Birchbox and the Dollar Shave Club) and pay-to-access business models (including Airbnb and Zipcar). The Internet of things (IoT) promises to open the disruptive floodgates, with unsuspecting industries seeing the model take hold in unlikely places.

    Consider new business models within healthcare, where providers no longer need to heavily invest in equipment, instead paying incremental fees for as-used services of X-ray equipment and advanced monitoring systems. What was once a traditional business model of equipment as the end product has now given way to multiple business models powered by connected devices.

    The new normal is that customers across both B2B and B2C industries can now choose to buy in the exact way that suits their convenience. These new pricing innovations can forever disrupt an industry—or forever ruin the customer experience if executed poorly.

    Can we envision a world in which our products are free but our revenue is derived from incremental service sales? Can we see a revenue stream waiting in a recurring revenue model that leverages sensors and the IoT to optimize services, from directions to automotive services?

    Join the CMO Council and our partners at Aria Systems as we gather experts in driving this disruption to discuss new ideas, new opportunities and the role marketing must play in ensuring that the customer experience is managed and optimized, from the point of engagement through loyalty

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