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  • Chaos Wrangling: The Latest Addition to the CMO To-Do List Chaos Wrangling: The Latest Addition to the CMO To-Do List Ed Breault, Aprimo, Strategy Consulting ; Jim Lenskold, President of Lenskold Group and author of Marketing ROI Recorded: Sep 22 2016 65 mins
    In today’s expanding marketing landscape—not to mention today’s increasingly complex matrix known as the customer journey—the chief marketing officer is faced with sheer and unadulterated chaos. From the multiplying channels that our customers are defining as their most valued to the massive amounts of customer data and intelligence flooding (i.e., clogging) our analytics and intelligence systems, CMOs must wrangle and tame the complexity in order to make better decisions faster and have true visibility and transparency into performance, outcomes and value to the business.

    Unfortunately, the old standards of marketing operations no longer apply, and new approaches, alignments and agility must be included. To delve into the issues of chaos, operations and the mandates to make bold business decisions, the CMO Council, in partnership with Aprimo, will host a one-hour interactive webcast to discuss the complexities and opportunities of modern marketing management. Among the topics to be discussed are:

    •How to deliver marketing results at scale with total accountability and transparency in operations
    •Best practices to create order from chaos, bringing actionable insights from marketing programs to enhance results and prove ROI

    Joining the CMO Council for this best-practice dialogue will be brand leaders who are transforming the chaos across the organization, as well as marketing operations experts who will share examples of where and how transformation can help tame the chaos and turn it into a profitable process.
  • Missing Conversions That Cost You Customers Missing Conversions That Cost You Customers Liz Miller - CMO Council, Susan Bryant - DialogTech Recorded: Aug 10 2016 62 mins
    In today’s omnichannel world, consumers engaging with digital marketing convert in four ways: online via a website or mobile app, in person, and via a phone call. This last conversion—the phone call—can be the source of one of the most costly mistakes made by marketing teams: not understanding how digital channels, campaigns, ads and website content drive customer calls.

    Smartphones have fundamentally changed the way consumers engage with businesses online. Instead of filling out web forms, consumers are picking up the phone to call. According to recent CMO Council research, 45 percent of marketers agree that while their customers primarily research purchases online, they still want to call at different moments throughout the customer journey.

    So why are call conversions often left out of digital performance metrics? Are we missing the opportunity to connect our customers’ digital journey to the phone calls they want to make? What data does the organization need to capture in order to allocate budget to the digital channels, ads and web content that drive customers to the most successful outcomes?

    To discuss these issues and more, the CMO Council, in partnership with DialogTech, will host a one-hour, interactive webcast focused on the new measures, metrics and fundamental connections required to fully optimize the customer journey. The webcast will include real-world case studies and examples of how savvy digital marketing leaders are connecting online and mobile experiences directly to calls and conversions that drive the bottom line.
  • Building Brands That Attract + Engage Fans Building Brands That Attract + Engage Fans Liz Miller, CMO Council; Matt Harsh, VP of Brand Marketing, Bob Evans; John McGarr, President, Fresh Squeezed Ideas Recorded: Jun 28 2016 70 mins
    How do consumer brands stay relevant, authentic and differentiated in a rapidly evolving and culturally complex global market? With 195 countries and 6,500 languages around the world, the challenge is daunting as brands seek new methods and motivators to connect and engage with audiences in social media, experiential and advertising channels.

    John McGarr, author of Reincarnation and President of Fresh Squeezed Ideas, suggests that the most successful brands today have learned that building these
    strong bonds with current and future consumers requires:

    • Developing a deep understanding of those they want to connect with
    • Having a clear brand purpose
    • Creating a brand engagement model that is based on attraction

    So where do brands need to start in order to begin reaching a better understanding of their customers? And how could deeper understanding impact how and where brands engage?

    To explore how marketers can create and optimize contextual, authentic engagements with consumers, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council will be hosting a live webinar, in partnership with Fresh Squeezed Ideas. During this interactive, hour-long session, we will be delving into the key questions that marketers need to be asking as they strive to better connect with and engage audiences across a multitude of channels.

    Some of the topics to be explored during the live webinar include:

    • How marketers are managing the cultural context of their brands
    • The cultural forces that influence brand perception
    • How marketers are tracking brand resonance and relevance
    • What is missing from what brands know about their customers
  • Best Practices to Drive Brand Attraction With Insight-Rich Interactions Best Practices to Drive Brand Attraction With Insight-Rich Interactions Liz Miller, CMO Council, Gary Dolsen, IBM. Justin Steinman, GE Healthcare and Eoin Comerford, Moosejaw Recorded: Jun 22 2016 68 mins
    The shift to digital experience has forever changed the marketing landscape, heightening the need for new expertise, new campaigns, new content and new data-rich repositories for marketers to gain intelligence and insight about their customers. According to a new study from the CMO Council in partnership with IBM, this new business environment has altered content strategies, demanding new forms and formats of engagement, has made the customer journey more complex as brands must manage how and where customers are actively choosing to engage, and has turned customer engagement into a real-time, 24/7 opportunity.

    However, according to 43 percent of senior marketing respondents, this new era of digital transformation has also revealed cracks in the very systems and processes across the organization…cracks and gaps that make it more difficult than ever to centralize and aggregate data and intelligence across the entire organization.

    These gaps are doing more than challenging how brands are engaging today—they are putting the future at risk as far too many marketers feel they have yet to master “simple” marketing analytics, making them feel as if gaining business traction through new technologies like cognitive computing is a far off dream. But excitement for these innovations is growing. More than one in four marketers said that they are excited about the possibilities that advancements like cognitive computing hold for the future. So the real challenge will be readying organizations for a future that is here today.

    Join the CMO Council and experts from IBM as we delve into the findings of this most recent study and share thoughts and perspectives on how these new shifts and challenges are fundamentally changing where and how marketers must address the holistic customer experience. The interactive roundtable will invite questions and commentary for the live webcast audience, along with active debate and discussion among the expert panel for the webcast.
  • Profitability Through Positive Productivity Profitability Through Positive Productivity Liz Miller,CMO Council; Greg Swender, Oracle; Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and Author Recorded: May 10 2016 63 mins
    According to a CMO Council study, “Closing the Gap: Understanding the Sales and Marketing Alignment Imperative,” some 46 percent of sales and marketing executives felt that in order to maximize sales across the organization, the level of action on opportunities needed to be boosted, and the speed to action needed to be accelerated.

    Despite this clear call to work smarter and faster, sales productivity improvements have been slow to materialize. According to CSO Insights, only 33 percent of a sales representative’s time is spent actively selling. Not only is sales struggling to push away the inefficiencies to build those critical relationships, but it can also be hard to actually get sales teams up and running. According to Accenture, 42.5 percent of sales reps take 10 months or longer to become productive enough to contribute to company goals.

    So where and how can businesses empower the front line while sparking profitability through accelerated sales productivity? Are there new calls to action that sales leaders can respond to in an effort to streamline inefficient processes, eliminate waste and remove friction from sales engagement? How are smart organizations growing at scale while remaining compliant and error-free in their engagements with customers and prospects?

    These are just some of the issues that the CMO Council, in partnership with Oracle, will explore in a one-hour, interactive webcast focused on productivity, profitability and opportunities to foster revenue. Joining the discussion will be experts and market leaders in sales and operational effectiveness to share where and how they are maximizing profitability while empowering sales teams and resources to work in a more nimble, agile and lucrative environment.
  • Maximizing Content ROI in the Age of Global Customer Experience Maximizing Content ROI in the Age of Global Customer Experience Liz Miller - CMO Council, Sam Sova - Johnson Controls, Clint Poole - Lionbridge Recorded: May 4 2016 62 mins
    According to a study from the Content Marketing Institute, 65 percent of B2B marketers in the manufacturing industry believe that producing engaging content is their top challenge specific to maximizing the impact and efficacy of their content marketing initiatives. In this same study, B2B marketers revealed that, on average, they are leveraging some 13 different content marketing tactics across six social media channels and an average of three paid media resources.

    This punctuates the increasingly complex web of engagement channels that, woven together, craft today’s customer experience. It also sheds light on a critical issue: the mass of content being produced might not be the most impactful or effective, thus missing the intended target and diminishing the return on content investment.

    How are marketers confronting these issues of meshing content marketing and customer experience strategies across a growing digital landscape? In an age when customers expect the world to be available to them in perfect local context, how are marketers responding with highly relevant, contextual, impactful, content-rich experiences, regardless of channel or location? What silos need to be broken down in order to realize real ROI from both content and experiences? As the digital world enables rapid globalization, how have customer expectations for intense localization made content and engagement strategies even more rewarding?
  • Crafting a Purpose-Built Experience That Makes a Real Splash Crafting a Purpose-Built Experience That Makes a Real Splash Mary Anne Hensley - CMO Council, Rosie Judd - Georgia Aquarium, Keith Meade - IBM Marketing Cloud Recorded: Apr 20 2016 61 mins
    According to IBM research, fully engaged customers spend three times more and are twice as likely to recommend your company. Yet time and time again, customers are being met with experiences that are not meeting their needs. Today’s buyers expect the right content to fall into place at just the right time, but only 21 percent say the marketing messages they receive are “usually relevant.” These heightened expectations—and the heightened reward from the new basic expectation of customer experience—present new questions for today’s marketing teams: Are you doing everything you can to provide a superior customer experience that is purpose-built to build loyalty and drive repeat business?

    In this webinar, the CMO Council will be joined by Rosie Judd, the Georgia Aquarium’s Digital Media Manager, as she shares the underlying strategy for one of the biggest public aquariums in the world, in addition to the incremental steps taken that directly led to increased engagement. We will also be joined by Keith Meade, Senior Account Director for IBM, who will share real-world success stories that will inspire ideas for enhancing the buyer experience before and after key customer interactions.

    Some of the topics covered in this interactive event will include:
    • New approaches to capturing and leveraging data to better drive engagement
    • Building a lifecycle marketing strategy that enhances every touchpoint and thinks beyond a campaign
    • Getting back to the basics of relationship building, including setting up welcome and post-transaction experiences that turn buyers into relationships
    • Measuring beyond opens and clicks, but making a splash with the business through loyal, engaged advocates
  • Digital Transformation: Reviewing the Cornerstone of Customer Experience Success Digital Transformation: Reviewing the Cornerstone of Customer Experience Success Liz Miller - CMO Council, Ken Wincko -PR Newswire, Richard Cunningham - RightOn Interactive, Kylan Lundeen - Qualtrics Recorded: Mar 31 2016 63 mins
    There is little doubt that marketers have made a commitment to customer experience—from developing roadmaps to an uncompromising customer journey to the development of data-rich personalized engagements. But what is next? Has customer experience become too buzzed about? Are we really re-thinking customer experience strategies, or are we just applying new buzzwords?

    How we think about customer experience must evolve. Without this continuous evolution, transformation becomes impossible. To debate and discuss the big question of what’s next, the CMO Council has invited three marketers to join an interactive roundtable discussion that will focus on everything from transformation to the next conversation around experiences and expectations. Join us for this hour-long conversation, where live viewers will be able to ask questions and provide their own insights and thinking and where we will take on issues around media, lifecycle and insights.

    Some of the early questions being asked of the panel will include:

    •How has the landscape changed, and how are customers valuing and weighing new points of engagement?
    •Where have we gone wrong with CRM and campaign management? Are we just automating reactions, or are we building relationships?
    •What are the new points of insight and customer voice that need to be incorporated into our strategies? Has our quest for data moved us farther away from the real voice of the customer?
  • Chasing the Marketing Unicorn: Silver Bullets, Customers and the Elusive 360-Deg Chasing the Marketing Unicorn: Silver Bullets, Customers and the Elusive 360-Deg Liz Miller - CMO Council, Lynda Brendish - Forbes, Liz Roche - Pitney Bowes, Kristin Rahn - Pitney Bowes Recorded: Mar 15 2016 63 mins
    The 360-degree view of your customer has become something of a marketing unicorn—that thing you know is worth chasing for better customer engagement, retention and acquisition but feels impossible to find in today’s climate of slow corporate change and legacy infrastructures. In the past, we could afford to put off the hunt, saying that perfection was costly and that sales goals don’t wait for magical creatures. In today’s age of the customer, the opportunity to place corporate before customer or product before personalization is a thing of the past.

    As the CMO Council continues the ongoing dialogue around customer engagement and the search for the single point of customer truth, we invite you to join us for a one-hour interactive webcast, where peers will gather to debate and discuss:

    • Transitioning the conversation from if we can build a better 360-degree customer view, to how we start the journey and begin organizing the construct
    • The role played by new technologies and channels, including a case study on how interactive personalized videos are shaping more impactful engagements

    We will be joined by Forbes Insights writer and researcher, Lynda Brendish, along with Pitney Bowes Unicorn Catchers and Customer Engagement Leaders Liz Roche and Kristin Rahn, who will be sharing primary research and insights from the Forbes Insights report, “Engagement in the Age of the Customer.”

    There is no single silver bullet to drive consistent customer engagement, but the strategies and technologies discussed in the webcast will set the stage for greater marketing success and will provide a glimpse of that magical unicorn. Thanks to our partners at Pitney Bowes, attendees will also receive a complimentary copy of the Forbes Insights report.
  • Putting Contextual in Context: Redefining Contextual Experiences Putting Contextual in Context: Redefining Contextual Experiences Liz Miller - CMO Council, Bernard Chung - SAP, Amy Jackson - TripIt Recorded: Mar 9 2016 63 mins
    Adding context to an experience used to mean knowing “something” about the time or place a customer is in…be it in the moment or in the next best point of interaction. In the evolution of customer experience, context has been a key gating point, signaling the difference between knowing your customer is facing a blizzard versus a heat wave. But as the customer becomes more saavy about what experiences “should” exist, molding their expectations even more acutely and raising expectations, marketers must start to redefine what context is and differentiate a contextual experience from a clever campaign.

    What are the implications of failing to deliver contextual experiences to today’s connected customer? Have the complexities of the enterprise, including our own strategies, solutions and systems, made the delivery of highly relevant, contextual experiences feel impossible? How are today’s business leaders redefining contextual in order to actually put the customer experience in context of the customer and the business?

    Join the CMO Council, in partnership with SAP, as we kick off a discussion into the advancement of the contextual customer experience. Beyond campaigns and beyond CRM, this discussion will focus on the new meaning of context, in total context of the customer and the business. Adding their insights to this one-hour interactive webcast will be brand marketers working to advance their personalization and experience strategies along with experts in context, experience and looking far beyond CRM.

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