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Real life case studies and insights from leading technology marketers

Attend free webcasts to learn how leading technology vendors are successfully mapping marketing tactics to their target audience's buying cycle. During these live webcasts, which are also available on-demand, marketers will discuss how their company has changed its approach to awareness, demand generation, pipeline nurturing and customer engagement to dramatically improve results. Don't miss this opportunity to get useful insights for your own marketing campaigns.

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Measuring the Company-Wide Impact of Employee Engagement What is the value of an engaged, satisfied staff when it comes to influencing tangible customer metrics like retention, loyalty and even revenue?

Learn how employee engagement is critical to your organization's overall wellness, and how happy employees will benefit your bottom line.

Join Mike Phillips and Jerry Rackley as they discuss:
- Executive buy in - how high employee engagement adds to the bottom line
- How to increase and measure employee engagement
- Who should own employee engagement
- Examples of top engagement initiatives
- Insights and best practices from Demand Metric and Cvent's 250+ organization study
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Apr 17 2014 3:00 pm
45 mins

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