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Demand Generation

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Demand generation is the process through which a business integrates marketing and sales to move potential buyers down the sales funnel from interest to payment. The BrightTALK demand generation community is made up of thousands of professionals sharing and learning best practices for engagement marketing, demand generation and lead scoring and nurturing through interactive webinars and videos. Register and join the conversation to attend live webinars and have your questions answered by demand generation professionals and thought leaders.
    • Lead Generation

    • Recorded: Apr 15 2015
    • The rise of digital channels in recent years has caused substantial changes in lead generation, with marketers struggling to meet the unique challenges of generating leads for their sales team. This summit will help shape your strategy with insights from leading B2B vendors and thought leaders. Sign up to hear the latest from the experts on scoring, KPIs and tips on which B2B lead generation methods work best.
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    • Digital Marketing Analytics

    • Recorded: Mar 18 2015
    • One of the most overlooked yet important aspects of digital marketing is the analytics behind it. Marketers are pressured to prove their impact on the bottom line. Don’t miss this summit to learn how to become a master at measuring the ROI of your campaigns and best practices to optimizing your efforts.
    • 12 webinars
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    • Customer and Advocacy Marketing

    • Recorded: Feb 18 2015
    • Arm your advocate army and make your customers your ultimate asset. Join for sessions on customer lifecycle mapping, tips on content creation for advocate marketing and best practices to create the ultimate customer experience.
    • 15 webinars
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    • Demand Generation 2015

    • Recorded: Jan 20 2015
    • Start the year off right with your comprehensive guide to planning and implementing a successful demand generation strategy in 2015. Learn how to align content with your funnel, the latest on lead scoring, best practices to better align with sales and more.
    • 18 webinars
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    • CMO Roundtables

    • Recorded: Dec 10 2014
    • By the end of 2015, the CMO role will look vastly different than it does today. We are already witnessing fundamental changes to marketer’s KPI’s thanks to new technologies that can more tangibly measure our efforts on the bottomline. Explore these panel discussions to gain insights from executives as they debate technology’s role in marketing, measuring performance metrics, marketing automation and more.
    • 10 webinars
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    • Customer and Advocacy Marketing

    • Recorded: Nov 19 2014
    • Marketers are realizing the importance of their advocates. From happy customers to happy employees, your advocates have the power to shape your brand and impact your bottom line. Join this summit to hear industry leaders share tips on launching your own program, growing your advocate base and game changers that will help you make an impact.
    • 19 webinars
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    • Demand Generation

    • Recorded: Oct 21 2014
    • Marketers are getting the message - the modern buyer requires a new way of looking at creating demand and generating leads. With the repercussions of longer sales cycles and delayed engagement with the sales team, marketers need to be on top of the constantly evolving space of demand generation. Whether you are writing your first blog post or are a seasoned marketing automation user, join this summit to learn from experts who will uncover the biggest challenges in demand generation and trends that await in 2015.
    • 11 webinars
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    • B2B Digital Marketing

    • Recorded: Sep 12 2014
    • B2B marketing is about building lasting relationships that rely on reputation, credibility and capability. Modern marketers have to look beyond traditional techniques to take these relationships and their businesses further. Join this summit to learn from experts about trends and emerging technologies in this space, from the rise of content marketing to the latest developments in optimizing the customer experience.
    • 17 webinars
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    • Marketing and Sales Alignment

    • Recorded: Jun 18 2014
    • Implementation of marketing and sales alignment remains a challenge as much deeper optimization is needed than simply using the same technology and each adhering to their own KPI. Join this summit to learn how to successfully integrate the two through shared definitions, strategy, training and technology to improve win rates from MQL, sales outcomes and above all, top-line growth.
    • 17 webinars
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    • Customer Marketing

    • Recorded: Jun 11 2014
    • Not all customers are created equal, but you have the opportunity to turn any customer into a vocal brand advocate. Customer marketing relies heavily on the exploitation of strong customer relationships. To be successful, however, different resources, such as skills and technology are required. Join this summit to hear experts from around the world present case studies, best practices and solutions that will help you create a successful strategy.
    • 13 webinars
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