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Demand Generation

  • Building Successful Collaboration Between Insurance Marketing & Underwriting
    Building Successful Collaboration Between Insurance Marketing & Underwriting Sandeep Kharidhi & Janelle Jenkins Recorded: Nov 16 2017 40 mins
    You know the old saying - marketing wants to write every prospect: meanwhile underwriting wants to reject every prospect. Insurance marketers exist in a challenging and dynamic environment - seeking to strike the elusive balance between sales quotas and underwriting expectation.
    Join us at this session to learn:
    •Key findings of our recent LexisNexis study of insurance marketers, underwriters and product managers from top personal lines carriers.
    •Unique insight into the opportunities that exist for greater collaboration throughout the policy life cycle.
  • Centralizing Intelligence to Power Individualized Experiences
    Centralizing Intelligence to Power Individualized Experiences Mary Anne Hensley, CMO Council; John Timmerman, Teradata; Peter Francis, T-Mobile Recorded: Nov 16 2017 63 mins
    True one-to-one interaction is considered the holy grail of customer experience. However, according to a recent CMO Council study, only 7 percent of marketers are able to consistently create these individualized experiences across all channels.

    For the third and final webinar of this series, the CMO Council and Teradata are concluding the conversation around shaping customer experiences by focusing on the importance of coordinated cross-channel messaging through a centralized hub for all customer interactions—one that listens to all interactions, automatically tells marketing channels when and about what to say based on all the latest data and machine-learning analytics, and applies contact governance so that your marketing is smart and optimized, not fragmented by channel.

    During this one-hour webinar, our expert panel will share insights around how companies can build one central messaging hub for all customer interactions, regardless of channel. Marketers can elevate their marketing with a marketing hub to optimize and coordinate messaging, analytics and data so that the messaging automatically shifts, whether it’s time to sell or time to provide customer care, ensuring that each interaction is good for the customer and the brand. A featured brand expert will also share their company’s challenges in this area, as well as the steps they have taken in order to create consistent cross-channel messaging for the customer and make one-to-one experiences a reality for their organization.

    Among the topics to be discussed:

    • Challenges to achieving a full, cohesive view of all customer interactions
    • How to balance multiple customer interaction strategies amid the focus on clicks and conversions
    • Industry best practices and results from marketers who are coordinating their
    marketing in a hub and how it has elevated their marketing
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Creating a dual-powered Adaptive Journey
    Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Creating a dual-powered Adaptive Journey Adam Mertz, Director of Product Marketing at Act-On Software Recorded: Nov 16 2017 56 mins
    Inbound marketing has received a great deal of press in recent years as a standalone digital strategy. But recent research suggests that inbound alone is far from enough; in fact, 84% of today's successful businesses blend inbound and outbound tactics together to drive results. Find out how to balance your inbound and outbound needs for a revenue-producing digital ecosystem. Join this on-demand webinar to learn about:

    * The results of a new Inbound vs Outbound effectiveness benchmark report
    * Top inbound and outbound tactics & investment opportunities
    * How to successfully integrate both strategies into your marketing plan
    * The critical role that content plays in bridging the inbound/outbound gap
    * Leveraging technology to measure success
  • 6 ABM Programs to Consider
    6 ABM Programs to Consider David Lewis, CEO DemandGen, Nova Kopitar, Senior Solution Architect at DemandGen, Will Waugh, Consultant at DemandGen Recorded: Nov 1 2017 58 mins
    In Part 3 of our webinar series, we’ll explore technology solutions and programs available to support your efforts through the ABM account lifecycle. You’ll learn:

    •How the ABM lifecycle is different from traditional lead management
    •How to develop an account-based marketing strategy
    •How to get started with specific ABM programs, including dynamic content, nurtures and ad/website targeting
  • 5 Email Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season
    5 Email Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season David Fowler, Chief Compliance Officer & Andrew Kugler, Deliverability Specialist Recorded: Nov 1 2017 16 mins
    It’s coming, are you ready? The busiest email sending season will be here before you know it.

    It’s never too early to start planning, preparing, and developing your email marketing strategy for the holiday season. In fact, it’s better to plan ahead – especially if you want to land in the inbox! The holidays are a time when inboxes fill up quickly with the latest promotions, discounts and time sensitive offers. Businesses just like yours are trying a variety of tactics to get their message opened, and even better, clicked on.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:
    * An overview of deliverability;
    * Top sending strategies and best practices that will help increase your email engagement all year long;
    * Why you should leave your batch-and-blast emails behind and set up automated programs; and
    * What will help you stand out from the crowd
  • Exceeding Your 2018 Revenue Targets With AI And Data
    Exceeding Your 2018 Revenue Targets With AI And Data Miguel Gernaey, VP Global Demand Generation at Sage, Nipul Chokshi, VP Product Marketing at Lattice Engines Recorded: Oct 30 2017 48 mins
    This session will walk through the key plays you must have in your 2018 plan to increase sales and marketing alignment, drive pipeline and exceed revenue targets.

    You will see how Sage Software, which sells software to businesses of all sizes in Europe, North America and Asia, used these plays to achieve 6x higher opportunity conversions and 12x higher customer revenue. With a target market of 72M businesses worldwide, Sage used AI and Oracle Eloqua to transform their sales and marketing to drive global market leadership.

    Key takeaways from the session will include:
    -How to drive sales and marketing alignment at scale
    -Key use-cases for AI across the entire buyer’s journey from account selection to lead prioritization to retention to upsell; and
    -How to drive sales adoption and follow-up on leads provided by marketing.
  • Plays for Revenue Success in an AI world
    Plays for Revenue Success in an AI world Malachi Threadgill, Masergy. Matt Senatore, Sirius Decisions. Nipul Chokshi, Lattice Engines. Recorded: Oct 25 2017 58 mins
    Like most revenue teams, you are likely looking to accelerate revenue success in 2018. How can you align your teams on a common set of objectives and the buying cycle? What role can ABM play and what are the key plays you can use to achieve quick wins and turbocharge results?

    This webinar will walk you through how Masergy, a leading networking and security solutions company, achieved their growth targets by aligning sales and marketing on their ABM strategy and taking a data-driven approach to scaling their ABM program for sustained growth.

    In this webinar, you will learn the following:

    -Aligning your team on the buying cycle with the Sirius Demand Unit Waterfall framework
    -Key sales and marketing plays you can use at each stage of the Waterfall to jump start your ABM strategy
    -How Masergy’s used these plays to fuel their ABM strategy and drive a 20% increase in revenue within 3 months

    Malachi Threadgill, Director of Demand Generation, Masergy
    Matt Senatore, Service Director, Sirius Decisions
    Nipul Chokshi, VP Product Marketing, Lattice Engines
  • How to Implement your ABM Strategy and Systems
    How to Implement your ABM Strategy and Systems David Lewis, CEO DemandGen, Nova Kopitar, Senior Solution Architect at DemandGen, Will Waugh, Consultant at DemandGen Recorded: Oct 25 2017 52 mins
    In Part 2 of our webinar series, we’ll take a deep dive into considerations for a successful ABM implementation. You’ll learn:

    • How to determine if you’re ready for ABM
    • What you need to begin a successful implementation
    • How to select the right AMB solution for your specific business needs
    • How to create and execute an implementation project plan
  • Account-Based Marketing on Auto-Pilot
    Account-Based Marketing on Auto-Pilot Gil Allouche, CEO at Metadata.io Recorded: Oct 19 2017 46 mins
    Getting to deep insights and laser-targeted lead gen programs may seem exhausting considering the amount of data that marketers can collect today. Luckily, machine learning can vastly reduce the time and effort required to extract knowledge and grow your pipeline.

    This webinar covers highly precise and efficient ways to boost B2B demand generation. We'll show you how to optimize ads for ABM, improve precision targeting using Machine Learning, and ramp up your sales by using lookalike audiences. You’ll learn about the latest technology and best practices in lead generation and account-based marketing (ABM).
  • How to Optimize Your Content for Funnel Conversion and Revenue Impact
    How to Optimize Your Content for Funnel Conversion and Revenue Impact Feng Hong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Full Circle Insights Recorded: Oct 19 2017 37 mins
    “How can I get smarter about my content creation? What topics and types really impact performance?” You work hard to generate and market the content you believe is valuable and educational for your audience. When it comes to B2B, a performance-driven marketer needs to go beyond wordsmithing and growth hacking, and enter the realm of analytics and insights.

    Join Feng Hong, a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Full Circle Insights with a background in performance analytics in B2B, as he discusses a step-by-step methodology for using content performance data in your CRM and marketing automation to guide content planning and creation.

    Learn how to:
    ·Categorize and cross-compare dimensions of content to optimize for performance
    ·Leverage Salesforce to understand content impact on your sales funnel KPIs
    ·Utilize attribution modeling to trace revenue contribution back to the content you generated
  • Are You Measuring the Performance and Effectiveness of Your SEO Keywords?
    Are You Measuring the Performance and Effectiveness of Your SEO Keywords? Chris Raulf, SEO Training Expert & Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing Recorded: Oct 19 2017 48 mins
    In today’s online driven world, a website is often one of the most important marketing tools for a business. Yet, many websites even lack the most basic search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

    Being able to research, identify and optimize your website for the keywords your potential customers type into Google is crucial to succeeding with SEO. In fact, it’s essential to outrank your competition in the search engines.

    Any professional SEO agency will perform in-depth keyword research before starting a project, and so should you. In this 45-minute long online session, Chris Raulf, Founder & President of Boulder SEO Marketing, will present:

    • Why you NEED to perform keyword research
    • Tools, tools, tools: Keyword research is a (free and paid) tools driven process
    • How to research and select the initial list of target SEO keywords and phrases
    • How to identify the “low-hanging fruit” keywords that will immediately increase search traffic to your site
    • How to put the keywords to work for you
    • How to measure the performance and effectiveness of your target SEO keywords

    Webinar attendees will learn the concept of keyword research for SEO and be able to measure and monitor the effectiveness of their target SEO keywords.

    About Chris Raulf
    Chris Raulf is the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a boutique digital marketing training and consulting agency located in beautiful Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Chris is an SEO training expert and he teaches students around the globe on how to improve their website’s rankings in Google search results. His international background makes him one of the few professionals in the industry who truly live and breath multilingual search engine optimization on a daily basis.

    Learn more about Chris and Boulder SEO Marketing by connecting with him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisraulf) and Twitter (@swisschris).
  • How to Identify and recruit referral sources that actually refer
    How to Identify and recruit referral sources that actually refer Mike Garrison, President, Garrison Sales Consulting & Larry Angeli, CRO, Amplifinity Recorded: Oct 19 2017 49 mins
    Referrals are great in concept, but how do you build a consistent pipeline from them? Sales and marketing professionals will want to tune in to this roundtable interview with referral coaching and selling expert Mike Garrison, President of Garrison Sales Consulting and Larry Angeli, CRO for Amplifinity who uses referral selling with his sales team and advises clients on approach.

    These experts will be asked:
    >How do you identify good referral sources?
    >What is the value proposition for them to refer?
    >How should you approach and recruit them?
    >How can marketing help sales to do this?
    >How can you ensure a steady flow of referrals?
  • Engaging Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence
    Engaging Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence Dhaval Bhatt, Founder and CEO of Resonate AI Recorded: Oct 19 2017 39 mins
    Content marketers struggle with creating engaging content. With social media automation tools, most of the hard-lifting on content distribution is solved. The hard thing about content marketing is not marketing, it's the creation. The age-old question still stands true: How to tell an engaging story that creates "know-like-trust" factor with your audience and results in engagement and sales.

    In this webinar, we will cover:
    1) How to identify which tone of voice is generating high engagement for your brand
    2) How to identify the type of story that resonates with your audience?
    3) How to identify the style of voice that generates high-engagement for your brand
  • 5 "Must Haves" for an Effective Email Campaign
    5 "Must Haves" for an Effective Email Campaign Rachel Rosin, Sr. Manager, Digital Recorded: Oct 19 2017 33 mins
    The research shows it and the industry experts agree: A well thought out email marketing campaign can make or break your chance to get in front of a prospect. However, it’s not as easy as it may seem. Competing for attention in a prospect’s inbox, whether it be two seconds or two minutes, is no walk in the park.

    Creating lasting connections with your prospects is critical to building your business. Join Act-On’s email experts as they discuss how to connect to your audience with:

    * Segmentation strategies to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time
    * Best practices for marketers who are ready to move past the basics of email marketing
    * New techniques to optimize your results
  • Aligning B2B Content to Specific Buyers: Industry, Job Role, Location & More
    Aligning B2B Content to Specific Buyers: Industry, Job Role, Location & More Melanie Turek, Fellow & Vice President of Connected Work at Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Oct 18 2017 42 mins
    Is your content targeting the right audience? General information is great for broad-based marketing, but creating sticky communities requires that you go deep.

    That might mean offering insights that are outside your core competency, but which will add significant value for your users. And it definitely means providing insights that target specific buyers based on the industry they're in, their geographic location (or that of the company they work for), their job role, the size of their business, and more.

    The goal is to deliver information that is so relevant, your members see you as a thought leader not just in your area of expertise, but in theirs.

    This webinar will discuss the need to go beyond your content comfort zone and offer recommendations on how to create the content you need to appeal to buyers on a personal level.
  • Is ABM Right for You?
    Is ABM Right for You? David Lewis, CEO DemandGen, Nova Kopitar, Senior Solution Architect at DemandGen, Will Waugh, Consultant at DemandGen Recorded: Oct 18 2017 58 mins
    Everyone’s talking about Account-Based Marketing – but is it the right approach for your organization? And, if it is, how do you create an end-to-end process for identifying, managing and marketing to target accounts?Join Part 1 of our ABM webinar series to find out if ABM is right for you.
  • Quality that Converts: Using Content as a Catalyst for Action
    Quality that Converts: Using Content as a Catalyst for Action Charlotte Bohnett, Director of Demand Generation & Brooke Andrus, Content Marketing Manager at WebPT Recorded: Oct 18 2017 33 mins
    On its own, “quality” is a subjective term. What’s high-quality to one person might seem mediocre to another. So, how do you ensure the content your company produces is better—and higher-quality—than what your competitors are offering? Simple: You measure quality based on conversion.

    After all, you shouldn’t be creating content in a vacuum: each piece you produce should have a purpose beyond merely meeting your—or your company’s—subjective standards for quality.

    Beautiful, unique, well-constructed content doesn’t mean a whole lot if it doesn’t move the proverbial needle—whether that needle points to increased top-of-funnel traffic, more demo submissions, or greater upsell potential.

    In this webinar, Charlotte Bohnett and Brooke Andrus will discuss how they’ve leveraged content in a way that not only sets WebPT—a niche healthcare software company—apart from its competitors, but also supports the company’s overarching marketing goals and, most importantly, drives action.

    As part of this discussion, the presenters will highlight several key examples of content that have shown immense conversion value, including:

    - Themed pillar pages, blog posts, and downloads that work in tandem to capture and retain search traffic as well as drive email submissions

    - Free educational webinars that drive genuine lead activity and feature content and design that are far superior to anything else available in the rehab therapy industry—as well as carefully planned and executed promotion and distribution of those webinars

    - An industry salary guide download that has generated unprecedented top-of-funnel email submissions—and is easily replicable in most B2B spaces
  • Interactive Content Marketing: How To Unlock Powerful Data and Boost Conversion
    Interactive Content Marketing: How To Unlock Powerful Data and Boost Conversion Neha Mirchandani, Chief Marketing Officer at Dot.vu Recorded: Oct 18 2017 60 mins
    We spend so much time and money on getting our audience to read our content. But what are we learning about them? And what are our returns on investment?

    Content marketing is more than just likes, shares, hits and clicks. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn more about our customers’ personal traits, preferences, needs and challenges – and to translate those insights into personalized pitches that convert like a machine.

    Learn how you can use interactive content marketing to engage your audience, capture deeper insights about them and personalize content to maximize conversion. Get inspired with loads of examples and leave with great ideas for your content marketing efforts.

    Key takeaways:
    • What is interactive content marketing and why are leading brands using it?
    • New lead-gen tactics using interactive content
    • The 3-step process for higher conversion
    • Analyzing your data needs & how to capture it
    • How to qualify, segment and deliver high-precision pitches
    • Loads of examples and inspiration

    BrightTALK and Dot have created this fun little “What Is Your Marketing Superpower?” quiz: https://dot.vu/p/interactive/marketing-superpower-brighttalk/.

    Are you a creative genius, data nerd, social media maven or lead-gen machine? Take the quiz to find out (it only takes a minute)! We will be using this quiz as an example to explain some of the concepts, so taking it will also improve your experience while you’re tuned in to the talk.
  • How to Create a Webinar Factory: Lessons Learned from The Content Wrangler
    How to Create a Webinar Factory: Lessons Learned from The Content Wrangler Scott Abel, Chief Wrangler at The Content Wrangler Recorded: Oct 17 2017 57 mins
    The Content Wrangler is a San Francisco-based global digital media company that exists to help organizations adopt the tools, technologies, and techniques they need to connect content to customers.

    A small shop with two employees, The Content Wrangler uses webinars to build awareness, develop interest, and spot right-fit prospects. To compete with much larger firms, the company leverages its content strategy know-how to produce nearly 100 webinars a year on BrightTALK.

    Producing that many programs may seem unrealistic for even a much larger team, but it’s possible because the company applies principles from lean manufacturing to their webinar production processes -- a format that any company can replicate.

    Join BrightTALK for a special presentation from Scott Abel, Chief Wrangler at The Content Wrangler. You’ll learn how The Content Wrangler built one of the fastest growing—and most engaged—channels on brighttalk.com.

    You’ll discover how adapting lessons learned from single-source publishing can be applied to your webinar production process, enabling you to produce more webinars with less effort.
  • Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Content Experience
    Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Content Experience Randy Frisch, CMO & Co-founder, Uberflip Recorded: Oct 17 2017 46 mins
    Your content experience is the environment in which your content lives, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s the place where all the user action takes place. It’s where a visitor converts to a lead, and where you can measure your content’s effectiveness across the entire buyer journey.

    If you want to improve your content’s performance, you can’t afford to ignore your content experience any longer. In this live webinar, you’ll learn:

    - Why you need to start focusing your content marketing efforts on optimizing your content experience
    - How to build a high converting content experience
    - How a well-optimized content experience can help enable content to be used across your entire B2B organization
  • Find an Enemy with your Content Marketing
    Find an Enemy with your Content Marketing Katie Martell Recorded: Oct 17 2017 46 mins
    Featuring: Katie Martell, On-Demand Marketer, at BrightTALK's Content Strategy & Distribution Summit.

    What do Salesforce, Apple, and the South Beach Diet have in common? They motivate others to action against an enemy - and it isn't the competition.

    While your buyers are certainly motivated by benefits, they are more likely to be truly galvanized when called to rally against a common foe. This is what creates movements that build momentum for brands.

    The right enemy can also be a powerful way to focus our marketing team and improve our content marketing. Join this session, and find your antagonist.

    About Katie:

    Katie Martell is a millennial CMO and entrepreneur. She has been named a "marketing expert to follow", a top 10 marketing writer on LinkedIn, and top 3 most influential B2B marketer on Twitter. Katie has spent the last decade marketing to marketers, and today serves a variety of companies as an on-demand marketing consultant. Learn more at www.katie-martell.com
  • How to Write Cold Emails that Boost your Sales Pipeline in 2017
    How to Write Cold Emails that Boost your Sales Pipeline in 2017 Rod Sloane, Predictable University UK Country Manager Recorded: Oct 17 2017 48 mins
    This webinar will show you how to write emails that start more conversations that lead to sales opportunities.

    Presenter, Rod Sloane, will expalin how you can write in the language of your prospect.

    This webinar will expalin how you can boost your sales pipeline immediately..

    Ideal for salespeople, management and executive teams.
  • Powering the Shift to Agile
    Powering the Shift to Agile Liz Miller - CMO Council, Dario Debarbieri - IBM Watson Recorded: Oct 12 2017 58 mins
    Today’s marketing machine must be aligned to the agile flow of today’s fickle customer, able to adjust and adapt in real-time, thinking and often predicting behaviors in context to allow an organization to swiftly advance, iterate and optimize across functional boundaries.

    The CMO Council, in partnership with IBM Watson, will share new thinking and best practices for making this new marketing operation a reality in a one-hour interactive webcast featuring subject-matter experts and brand leaders currently making the bold shift to meet the customer where they stand. Joining the session will be Dario Debarbieri, CMO of IBM Watson North America and longtime CMO Council Advisory Board member, who will discuss the latest trends, from the API economy to the real opportunity of cognitive computing being applied to the marketing engagement engine.
  • Adapting Salesforce for an Account-Based Strategy
    Adapting Salesforce for an Account-Based Strategy Feng Hong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Full Circle Insights, Bryant Lau Digital Marketing Manager, Highspot Recorded: Oct 5 2017 31 mins
    Feeling like your CRM isn't quite measuring up to support your account-based strategy?

    Implementing and executing a successful account-based strategy has many operational and technical implications. Join Full Circle Insights and Highspot in this webinar to learn how you can adapt your Salesforce to fit an account-based strategy.

    In this webinar, we’ll teach you how to:
    -Understand the gaps in your CRM that hinder ABM
    -Organize your Salesforce processes for ABM
    -Connect the dots between your data and measure your ABM performance
  • Activating and Shaping the Customer Journey
    Activating and Shaping the Customer Journey Vicky Currie, N Brown Group; Tony Brown, Teradata Customer Journey Solution; and Mary Anne Hensley, CMO Council Recorded: Oct 4 2017 55 mins
    It is easy to commit to delivering to exceptional customer experiences, but executing on the same can often be the hardest step. Join CMO Council, Teradata and N Brown Group (JD Williams) in part 2 of our webinar series to hear how organizations can enhance the customer experience and influence their buyers’ next steps to align with organizations’ desired goals and objectives.

    During this one-hour webinar, Vicky Currie, Head of Segmentation and Selections in the Customer Insight Group for N Brown Group (JD Williams), will share insights around how the company transitioned from just collecting customer data to influencing customer decisions with predictive insight. Specifically, Currie will share how N Brown Group moved from mapping the customer journey to actually understanding where customers are in the buying process, and then intervening with the right offer, at the right time and through the right channel, to lead customers to a purchase. Hear Currie explain how the ability to combine insights with action has helped the company meet business objectives, drive revenue and, above all, improve the customer experience.

    Joining the CMO Council and Vicky Currie will be Tony Brown, Vice President of Product Management and Business Development, Teradata Customer Journey Solution. Tony will share insights on the critical steps marketers must take to better inform and shape the buyer journey.

    Among the topics to be discussed:

    • How data and analytic insights can help identify a customer’s stage in the buying journey
    • Why integrating online and offline data is critical for a holistic view of the customer
    • Real-life business benefits of optimizing customers’ journeys
  • How to Create a High Performance Marketing Plan with Marketing Automation
    How to Create a High Performance Marketing Plan with Marketing Automation Linda West, Sr. Director, Act-On Software Nov 28 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Four out of five B2B buyers start their journey with a web search. Nearly three-quarters of the buying process is complete by the time a prospect is ready to engage with your sales team. With customers now in control, how do you create an effective marketing plan that resonates with target audiences?

    Compelling content, martech solutions that support your strategies, reporting plans that establish and track funnel metrics and KPIs – are all critical to marketing success. But it’s more important than ever to understand how customers make purchase decisions before you can put the right plan in action.

    Hear from Act-On’s B2B marketing experts as they explain how you can develop a great marketing plan that builds your brand, drives demand, and improves the customer experience.

    Watch this on-demand webinar and learn to:
    * Map your goals to customer lifecycle stages.
    * Innovate through new channels, tactics, and content.
    * Identify the technical systems needed to support your activities.
    * Develop KPIs and reports that prove value to the C-suite.
  • How AI is Maximizing Lead Conversions, with Kerry Cunningham of SiriusDecisions
    How AI is Maximizing Lead Conversions, with Kerry Cunningham of SiriusDecisions Kerry Cunningham of SiriusDecisions and Gary Gerber of Conversica Nov 28 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The Demand Unit Waterfall is a powerful guiding tool for marketers, but it’s completeness leads to a complexity that was, until now, inherently impossible to manage completely. The good news is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) services have emerged that empower marketers to wrestle down complexity and maximize throughput of qualified leads to Sales.   

    In this webinar, Kerry Cunningham of SiriusDecisions  and Gary Gerber of Conversica will expose the characteristics of companies that successfully maximize their sales leads, and describe how Demand Unit thinking, coupled with AI-powered tools, is forever changing what it means to be an effective marketer. Attendees will learn:

    - Why the Demand Unit Waterfall approach is superior to many earlier methods
    - Why artificial intelligence is the breakthrough technology with which to leverage it
    - How combining the two can rapidly make any marketing organization far more effective
  • Exploring the Opportunities of Prescreen Marketing for Insurance Acquisition
    Exploring the Opportunities of Prescreen Marketing for Insurance Acquisition Rick Schlegelmilch - Senior Acquisition & Retention Consultant, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Nov 30 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Prescreen credit can help insurance marketers maximize the effectiveness of their acquisition campaigns by identifying the best prospects for your business based on their risk profile. Join us for this informative webinar as Senior Acquisition & Retention Consultant, Rick Schlegelmilch explores the unique opportunities presented by prescreen credit. Rick will also provide the latest updates on new and highly predictive scores and attributes available from LexisNexis Risk Solutions.
  • Create Your 2018 Social Media Plan
    Create Your 2018 Social Media Plan Brigitte Yuille, CEO and Founder at B.Y. Communications Worldwide Dec 5 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Businesses will likely need to make a lot of modifications in the way they reach and engage their audiences in 2018 on social media in order to achieve their goals for success.

    Social media is set to cause even more disruption as it incorporates new technologies, more governance and new policies. Changes, like worldwide access and use of mobile devices, have empowered social media platforms so that the platforms are even more associated with a business’ overall strategy. As a result, the approach the company takes regarding its social media platforms has the potential to have a ripple effect throughout the organization.

    Since the size of social media platforms has grown as well as the diversity of the audience, social media planning will involve more work, more foresight and more input from key staff as well as the social media team. It will mean taking a deeper dive into what has been done in order to know what will need to occur to help propel the company forward.

    Social media teams will need to understand what has and what has not worked not only within their business but also with competitors. This will require an understanding of the trends and an awareness of the latest technologies. They may also either want or need to test some technologies as well as different platforms.

    In this webinar, participants will learn how to:

    - Identify the core platforms that will be useful at their business
    - Examine what the business has done on those social media platforms
    - Examine what competitors have done over the past year
    - Integrate new technologies trends and demographics
    - Hold brainstorming sessions with social media team members and other key staff members.
    - Compile their activities into their overall social media plan
    - Write a strong summary/pitch that demonstrates how the plan will be put into action

    Questions will be answered during the webinar, but feel free to send questions prior to event to info@bycomworldwide.com.
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing 101: Generating Profits With Bots
    Facebook Messenger Marketing 101: Generating Profits With Bots Ben Parr, Co-founder and CMO, Octane AI Dec 5 2017 10:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger, and every business needs to communicate with their customers on this critical channel. In this webinar, Ben Parr -- Co-founder of Octane AI, Author of Captivology, former Mashable Editor, and Forbes 30 Under 30 -- will dive into specific strategies for generating leads and profits with Messenger marketing and bots.
  • What’s Next in Modern Marketing? Knowing Those Who Matter with AI-Built Insights
    What’s Next in Modern Marketing? Knowing Those Who Matter with AI-Built Insights Amisha Sethi, Vice President of Global Marketing, Frrole Inc. and Amarpreet Kalkat, CEO & Co-Founder, Frrole Inc. Dec 6 2017 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    What would you know about a person from his email ID or location? How would you understand the person on the other end of the conversation or meeting?

    The deep understanding of consumers or customers beyond the superficial layer is soon going to be not just a ‘good to have’ but also a basic hygiene for a successful and long-lasting relationship. Be it striking up a conversation with a prospect, merely handling customer queries, or finding the right candidate to hire for the available marketing role, the use of profile enrichment is finding paramount importance in sustaining healthy engagements with those who matter.

    Explore the world of AI and its endless possibilities to know people around you better.

    Key takeaways:
    - What are AI-built individual deep insights?
    - Latest trends in marketing using AI
    - How to improve segmentation and personalize communication
    - How to take better marketing decisions using a 360-degree individual profile

    About the Presenters

    Amisha Sethi, Vice President of Global Marketing, Frrole Inc.
    Amisha has worked in leadership roles with global giants like Airtel, BlackBerry and Air Asia amongst many others. In addition, a bestselling author of the book "It doesn't hurt to be nice", she is an executive scholar from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago.

    Amarpreet Kalkat, CEO & Co-Founder, Frrole Inc
    Amar has worked closely with products in reputed firms like Nokia, Trilogy and Hewlett Packard until he found his true passion and co-founded Ciafo. This was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey and later on, he went to establish Frrole. A Machine Learning aficionado and limit-pusher, he is an MBA graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.
  • Your Customers, Your Brand: Transforming Brands with Customer-Centric Marketing
    Your Customers, Your Brand: Transforming Brands with Customer-Centric Marketing Cindy Vandecasteele, NGDATA ; Jeroen Bronselaer, Telenet ; Liz Miller, CMO Council Dec 6 2017 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    A CMO’s success often hinges on the success of the brand to drive business and grow revenue. Because of this, the CMO is in a unique position to optimize growth by meeting the demands of their customers while driving and advancing digital transformation. But transformation for technology’s sake will not advance the business. To be successful in today’s highly competitive market, the customer needs be front and center – the CMO must lead a truly customer-centric revolution.

    Customer centricity is about building relationships, conversations and service around the needs, preferences and actions of individual customers on an ongoing basis. By putting customers first and meeting their expectations across all channels, you can deliver exceptional experiences that drive retention and build loyalty. The key is to deliver a consistent, seamless experience across all touchpoints, and ensure that all interactions are relevant to each and every customer.

    To accomplish true customer-centric marketing, you must understand each customer at the individual-level, down to their individual Customer DNA, and be able to rapidly take action on those insights.

    Join the CMO Council as we welcome experience and data expert, Cindy Vandecasteele, NGDATA’s VP of Product Strategy, and Jeroen Bronselaer, Senior Vice President Residential Marketing at Telenet, as they share their own experiences in transforming a brand with customer-centric marketing.

    Key takeaways will include:

    •How customer-centric marketing impacts the whole organization
    •Why customer-centric marketing matters in today’s omni-channel, always-connected world
    •The challenges and benefits of customer-centric marketing, and how you can put it into action
    •Mapping the individual Customer DNA and turning that knowledge into profitable action
  • High-Impact Targeting with Personal & Professional Level Data
    High-Impact Targeting with Personal & Professional Level Data Meredith Berninge, Pat OBrien Dec 6 2017 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Your customers’ professional attributes are just as important as their non-professional attributes. Career paths speak to who a person is - to their values and interests. When you know what someone does for a living or the company they work for, you have a better idea of their intentions and life trajectory. But these consumer insights are often forgotten when the marketing campaign is built and executed, which leaves money on the table.
  • How Facebook Advertising Can Drive Calls and Real-World Engagement
    How Facebook Advertising Can Drive Calls and Real-World Engagement Juan Venegas, Director of Marketing, Telmetrics & Janet Janzen, Digital Marketing Specialist, Telmetrics Dec 6 2017 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In recent years, social media advertising has evolved from generating mere clicks to websites to generating leads with a high probability to buy. The latest development in this evolution has been to promote calls and messages as a way to engage with ads. In this summit, we’ll cover why calls and texts should be an important part of your social strategy and why call tracking technology is a must for Facebook Ads that drive calls. Expect to learn about strategies to get the most out of social calls and messages, call tracking tactics you can use today and some surprising data on calls and social.

    Presenter Info:

    Juan Venegas, Director of Marketing
    With 12-years of experience in marketing, Juan has a deep understanding of digital marketing strategy as well as a proven track record in creating successful performance-driven online marketing programs for consumer and business markets.

    Janet Janzen, Digital Marketing Specialist
    Janet Janzen is knowledgeable in all aspects of digital marketing from SEO, paid advertising, call tracking and analytics, as well as CRM management.
  • Data-Driven Storytelling for Winning Facebook Conversion
    Data-Driven Storytelling for Winning Facebook Conversion Patrick Costello, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Naytev Dec 6 2017 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    It has never been easier reach new audiences thanks to Facebook, but it's harder than ever to drive social engagement. With organic Facebook Page reach at historic lows, it’s increasingly difficult to capture your audience's attention, assuming you're able to reach them in the first place.

    Better targeting and engaging creative can overcome these challenges, and testing your content packaging is the best way to learn what resonates most with your target audience in real time. Break through the noise, and get your message right every time you post.

    In this webinar, Patrick Costello will share Facebook A/B testing insights, common pitfalls, and strategies for translating test results into meaningful business ROI.

    Patrick is the co-founder of Naytev, a social media management and A/B testing platform, and he works with teams of all sizes, including ambitious startups like ClarityMoney, publicly traded incumbents like Travelzoo, and content powerhouses Refinery29, HuffPost, and VICE Media.
  • Influencer Marketing: It’s Not Just for B2C Brands
    Influencer Marketing: It’s Not Just for B2C Brands Alison Munn, Digital Marketing Lead, Cherwell Software Dec 7 2017 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    50% of B2B organizations say they are in the “experimenting phase” of influencer marketing, while more than half of B2C companies say they have established programs in place. What are B2B marketers waiting for? The time to establish an influencer marketing program is now, before your competition does!

    In this webinar, Alison will explain how she led the creation of the first influencer marketing program at a software company. She will share tips for selecting influencers, creating content, measuring results, and lessons learned from running a B2B influencer program.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Referral Marketing to Maximize Conversions
    Everything You Need to Know About Referral Marketing to Maximize Conversions Arlen Robinson, COO, OSI Affiliate Software Dec 7 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Referral marketing has quickly become one of the top marketing channels used by businesses in virtually every industry and market niche. To ensure that your referral program stands out from your competitors, there are several key strategies that you must follow to insure success.

    Join us at the BrightTALK Social Media Marketing Summit to discuss some of the best referral marketing strategies to maximize your conversions. We will not only be defining the current referral marketing space, but will be detailing the following strategies for success:

    - How to create viral loop
    - Creating symmetrical rewards
    - How to effectively target influencers
    - Optimizing your referral landing page
    - Leveraging guest blog posts
    - Being transparent to your partners
  • How to Build a Lead-Generating Social Media Plan
    How to Build a Lead-Generating Social Media Plan Renee Jones, Sr. Director of Marketing at BrightTALK & Taylor Freitas, Marketing Programs Manager at BrightTALK Dec 7 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    While there’s often disparity among marketers around their favorite content marketing tactics, there’s one tactic that virtually all marketing teams use: social media. In fact, 92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business, according to the Social Media Examiner.

    Whether it’s paid or organic, B2B or B2C, having a strategic social plan is key to seeing results from your social media efforts. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

    - Build a complete social media plan for promoting your content (including downloadable templates)
    - Craft trackable messages to generate leads through social media
    - Enable and inspire your sales team to share your content
  • In Search of the Golden Leads: A Discussion with Samantha Chow and LexisNexis
    In Search of the Golden Leads: A Discussion with Samantha Chow and LexisNexis Samantha Chow - Senior Analyst Aite Group and Stephen Guerra, Director Acquisition & Retention LexisNexis Risk Solutions Dec 7 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Reaching the right insurance prospects, at the right time should be easier than ever before. However, this is not necessarily the reality. Despite increased data resources and analytic capabilities, insurance marketers continue to struggle to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to lead quality. This was just one of the findings in a recent Aite Group industry report titled ‘Lead Generation in Insurance: In Search of the Golden Leads,’ authored by Senior Analyst Samantha Chow. During this webinar Chow will uncover the findings of her report with LexisNexis Risk Solutions and discuss some of the innovative solutions available today for insurance carriers.
  • The Value of Social Listening: Tapping into your Customers’ Online Lives
    The Value of Social Listening: Tapping into your Customers’ Online Lives Melanie Turek, VP of Connected Work at Frost & Sullivan Dec 7 2017 10:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Engaging with users on social media is critical, but so is listening. Just like in real life relationships, you will learn a lot more about your target audience if you pay close attention to what they are “saying”—to you, or to (and about) someone else (yes, even your competition).

    This session will highlight the key trends in enterprise social, and explain how to leverage these new media to better understand and connect with your audience—and use the resulting data to strengthen your products and services.
  • The Marketers' Countdown to GDPR - Are You Ready?
    The Marketers' Countdown to GDPR - Are You Ready? David Fowler, Head of Privacy & Digital Compliance Dec 13 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    There’s no need to panic! Yes, the GDPR is fast approaching, taking effect May 2018, and it’ll definitely affect how marketers email prospects and customers in Europe, but while there’s no reason to panic, you’ll definitely want to prepare.

    That’s why we’re here! We want to help you make the transition easier by equipping you with the information and guidance you need to successfully move forward with your awesome marketing efforts to the EU.

    If you’re a global business, actively marketing to individuals in the European Union, join this webinar to learn:

    * An overview of the GDPR;
    * What your obligations are as you market to the EU, regardless of where you’re located;
    * What GDPR entails and how it affects marketers’ day-to-day responsibilities;
    * What regulations you’ll need to comply with; and
    * What resources are available to help you gather more information
  • How to Build a Website that Makes the NICE List this Year
    How to Build a Website that Makes the NICE List this Year Jen Holtvluwer, Director of Digital Marketing at Cherwell Software Dec 13 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    According to a recent Accenture study, 94% of B2B buyers conduct online research at some point in the buying process. Is your online storefront up to par?

    As an entrepreneur or business owner, your website is a top priority. Join us for this live holiday-themed webcast that focuses on keeping your website off the naughty list and how to put your company ahead in the New Year. You will learn the 5 key areas to keep top-of-mind when either creating new or redesigning a current website.
  • The Dreamforce Dialogues: Applying the Best of DF17 to your 2018 Event Strategy
    The Dreamforce Dialogues: Applying the Best of DF17 to your 2018 Event Strategy Angelina Elhassan, James Huddleston, & Lillian Bui Dec 14 2017 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join Certain, Demandbase, and Radius as we discuss the ins and outs of our events strategy in a live webcast on Thursday, December 14th at 1pm. From the planning timeline to key successes and challenges, we’re taking a look behind the curtain.

    You’ll walk away knowing how to:
    -Strategize your presence at conferences & tradeshows to make the most impact
    -Measure leading indicators of success and KPIs post event
    -Allocate your budget in the best way possible