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The email marketing community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of engaged email marketing professionals. Find relevant webinars and videos on email best practices to help you increase email conversions and drive email marketing ROI. Join expert speakers and email marketing peers sharing insights into building email lists, list segmentation, click-through rates and triggered campaigns.
    • Lead Generation

    • Recorded: Apr 15 2015
    • The rise of digital channels in recent years has caused substantial changes in lead generation, with marketers struggling to meet the unique challenges of generating leads for their sales team. This summit will help shape your strategy with insights from leading B2B vendors and thought leaders. Sign up to hear the latest from the experts on scoring, KPIs and tips on which B2B lead generation methods work best.
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    • Demand Generation 2015

    • Recorded: Jan 20 2015
    • Start the year off right with your comprehensive guide to planning and implementing a successful demand generation strategy in 2015. Learn how to align content with your funnel, the latest on lead scoring, best practices to better align with sales and more.
    • 18 webinars
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    • Holiday Connected Consumer Series 2014

    • Recorded: Sep 15 2014
    • Retail Industry leaders and experts are gathering, September 15-18, 2014 for an in-depth webinar series covering the most pressing topics on the minds of retailers as they prepare for the competitive holiday season. Retail TouchPoints is hosting this exclusive series, designed to provide retail executives with the tools and strategies they need to succeed. Attendees who register for one webinar can attend all sessions. Presenters will be offering their industry-leading perspectives and exclusive research statistics and reports, as well as real-world case study examples to reinforce the strategies they support.
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    • Digital Marketing Analytics

    • Recorded: Jul 16 2014
    • No matter your main focus as a marketer, inefficient data analysis from your campaigns may be your biggest liability. Join this summit to hear from industry experts on strategic approaches to apply now. Sessions will dive into tips on collecting actionable data, digital analytics best practices and metrics that will help you succeed.
    • 14 webinars
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    • Accelerate Conference

    • Recorded: May 29 2014
    • The future’s bright – at least if current economic indicators are anything to go by, with international growth forecasts being revised upwards on an almost weekly basis. Sentiment is on the rise, and budget holders are releasing funds for investment in new products and services. After five years of gloom and doom, B2B brands at last have the opportunity to break free of the shackles and explore new opportunities and drive new growth through the latest marketing techniques and technologies. This online conference will provide a wealth of practical tips and information for marketers how to improve their knowledge and performance – and more importantly their results.
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    • Campaign Automation

    • Recorded: May 14 2014
    • As marketers, the pressure to do more with less time always seems to be the challenge. Automating your marketing campaigns is the most efficient way to keep your customers coming back and knowing how to keep them engaged with your brand. Join the Campaign Automation Summit to learn more about identifying your target buyers, next generation marketing automation trends that deserve your attention and tips to increasing customer engagement.
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    • Deutsches Content Marketing Summit

    • Recorded: Apr 24 2014
    • Content Marketing ist eines der heftigsten diskutierten digitalen Marketing Themen. Eine gut durchdachte und erforschte Content Marketing Strategie ist ein effektiver Weg neue Zielgruppen zu erreichen, Marken aufzubauen und Online-Präsenz zu erhöhen. Allerdings gibt es auch Herausforderungen. In diesem Webinar werden erfolgreiche Beispiele von Unternehmen hören, und erfahren, wie Sie sich für das Jahr 2014 vorbereiten können.
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    • Analytics and Optimization

    • Recorded: Mar 13 2014
    • Companies have now more data about their customers than ever before as they can capture, store, analyze, and use a plethora of data from new sources to create a multidimensional view of the customer. The real challenge lies in how you use the data to spur an enviable competitive advantage. Join this summit to learn from how can you leverage valuable insights from both structured and unstructured data to create more meaningful interactions with your multichannel customers and optimize your marketing spend.
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    • Content and Customer Engagement

    • Recorded: Feb 6 2014
    • Content Marketing is one of the most hotly debated digital marketing topics. A well thought-out and researched, content marketing strategy is an effective way to target and reach new audiences, build brands, and increase online visibility and traffic. However, it also poses a few challenges. Join this summit to learn first hand the success stories of business that are doing it right and how to get ready for what´s coming in 2014.
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    • Search and Advertising

    • Recorded: Oct 10 2013
    • Effective targeting is crucial when it comes to search and advertising. However, many B2B marketers are missing the opportunity to take advantage of new digital marketing techniques that may help them engage their buyers. Join experts at the Search and Advertising Summit as they share the latest in how B2B content consumption habits are changing and what you can do to increase awareness and buyer engagement.
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