Top 5 Myths of Brand Advocacy REVEALED

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Nick Cifuentes (Global Social Media Director,, Rob Fuggetta (Founder/CEO, Zuberance)
Brand Advocacy is hot! According to a recent IBM study, brand advocacy is the #1 priority for CMO’s globally. As forward-thinking marketers are developing strategies to find and activate their most enthusiastic customers, it’s important to put to rest some myths surrounding advocacy. This webinar will address what it takes to run a successful advocacy program and the characteristics and motivations of Brand Advocates. (Do you know what Advocates crave most? Here’s a hint: It isn’t money.)

What You’ll Learn:
-Surprising insights about who Brand Advocates are and what makes them tick
-Best practices for engaging and energizing this influential segment to drive leads and sales
-How to measure the impact from brand advocacy programs
-Real world case studies from top brands like, Rubio’s, and Intuit
Aug 1 2012
44 mins
Top 5 Myths of Brand Advocacy REVEALED
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  • Email is #1 source of risk in today's enterprise, yet also the #1 digital communication channel for businesses today. The United States Postal Service sends more than thirteen million emails per day, which makes their email channel and brand a high-profile target for criminal email cyberattacks. In this case study webinar, hear from Michael Ray, Inspector in Change of Revenue, Product & Cyber Security at the United States Postal Inspection Service, as he shares their story of how they implemented Agari to protect their brand and their customers against fraudulent attacks by securing their email channel.
  • For today’s digitally demanding customer, a rich, personalized customer
    experience is quite simply the cost of doing business. It is no longer a differentiator, but the standard. It is a journey defined by the customer, who is setting a new pace in an intensely personal race that, in their mind, only involves one runner. This leaves leading marketers to question where and how the next great evolution will happen…and whether their organizations are set up to leap ahead of the curve. Are they set up to thrive, or will they become irrelevant and eventually obsolete?

    Agility becomes a key denominator in this new marketing equation. With customer knowledge dispersed across systems of records, insights, interactions and an array of new sources of data, organizations need the business agility to be able to leverage insight from these disparate sources of information. This also requires the ability for the entire customer experience to be optimized—not just the deployment of campaigns—so that opportunities can be captured faster in order to beat out rivals also looking to connect through revitalized customer experience strategies.

    We will be joined by Pitney Bowes’ Jeff Goldberg, Product Marketing Lead for Customer Information Management, who will share an expert perspective around creation of a digital marketing record for increasing conversion rates and improving marketing communications overall.

    Full list of speakers are:

    Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing - CMO Council

    Jeff Goldberg, Product Marketing Lead for Customer Information Management - Pitney Bowes

    Maureen Duff, Managing Director, Head of Global Marketing - Pershing
  • Join us on 29th July for a webinar looking at how to make the most of your entry into the Masters of Marketing. Covering the entry process, what to include, some ideas to help capture the judges attention, as well as some hints and tips to help you showcase your work in the best possible light.
  • Join Lattice for a guided tour of the marketing tech stack that powers Acquia's demand gen engine.

    In recent years, B2B marketers have been confronted with a barrage of new technologies and systems aimed at making them more productive, efficient and successful. But which technology investments are worth making and what do you need to know before adding new systems to your technology stack?

    Show Me Your Stack (#MKTGstack) is an ongoing webinar series featuring a roster of forward-thinking B2B marketers that provides a glimpse into the marketing infrastructure that powers their demand gen engines and serves as the critical backbone to their business.

    Everything from CRM and marketing automation to content management, business intelligence and analytics systems will be covered – basically, anything in the stack!

    Each episode features a different marketer who will walk you through their marketing tech stack, share their goals and explain how their teams are structured. Don’t miss this rare chance to see how the best in the business invest in and use marketing technology.

    About Acquia:
    Acquia is the digital experience company. Intuit, Warner Music Group and Stanford University are among the more than 4,000 organizations that are transforming their digital businesses with Acquia’s open cloud platform. Global 2000 enterprises, government agencies and NGOs rely on Acquia to create new revenue streams, lower costs, and engage audiences more deeply through content, community, commerce and context.
  • The role of the CISO is evolving - and fast. CISOs today must find innovative ways to align with the business and strategize security as a top business asset -- and those that ascend in their role will have the opportunity to play a bigger, more influential role in the years to come. In this webinar hosted by Agari, you will hear Jim Routh, Aetna CISO share real world insights into specific challenges and solutions to approach today's evolving email threats as well as key 2018 CISO research from Chris McClean, Forrester VP of Research.
  • Join Silverpop Marketing Expert Ellen Valentine, as she reviews customer journey planning techniques and how to use the output from this strategic work to improve your digital marketing efforts.
    Learn how to:
    •Determine the key stages in the customer journey
    •Map out the buyer’s thoughts and needs at each stage
    •Identify areas you can improve to enhance the customer experience
    •Use a multichannel approach to connect more effectively with contacts
    •Expedite prospects’ and customers’ movement along the customer journey
  • B2B marketing and sales teams are on a constant quest to improve upon their revenue-generating efforts, and the tasks involved — seeking out new business, creating a seamless buyer experience, building and tracking campaign efforts — all require significant time and effort.

    What if there was a way marketers and sales teams could save time and effort and increase revenue generation at the same time?

    Enter, your technology toolbox. With Pardot marketing automation, marketing and sales teams can maximize campaign efforts, boost productivity, and shorten sales cycles — yielding consequential benefits both marketing and sales teams. Join us for a quick 40-minute look at how Pardot can:

    - help generate new business
    - identify quality leads for quick conversion
    - create a faster, smoother buyer’s experience
    - prove real results

    Also, hear from one of Pardot's incredible clients as they share how using Pardot has their benefited their teams and business!
  • Ever wonder how we use our own products?

    At Pardot, we’ve used our own marketing automation solution to build our business as we’ve grown from a small start-up to a part of a Fortune 500 company. Now, Pardot is changing the way that other areas of Salesforce do business as well.

    Hear straight from the experts in this 40-minute webinar on how Salesforce uses Pardot. We’ll have representatives from Pardot,, and Salesforce Foundation to share insights on:

    - how Pardot powers their day-to-day marketing and sales processes
    - specific challenges that Pardot has helped them overcome
    - the killer results they’ve seen with marketing automation

    - Ryan Johnston, Demand Generation Manager - Pardot
    - Ginny McSwine, Campaigns Manager - Salesforce Foundation
    - Tracy Foster, Sr. Manager, Marketing Automation & Email -
  • Date and time: July 15, 2015; 10 am PST/1 pm EST

    Analyst: Andrew Jones, VentureBeat
    Panel of Experts:
    Greg Petro, Chief Executive Officer, First Insight
    Rich Lesperance, VP Digital Marketing and CRM, GrubHub
    Elena Zheleva, Director of Data Science, LivingSocial

    Sponsored by Autopilot


    Personalization is critical to the success of your business model. Many of the most innovative and beloved companies in recent history -- think Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and Hulu, just to name a few -- have transformed customer expectations and disrupted their individual industries. Now customers expect it. It increases clicks, open rates and conversions -- usually by pretty substantial margins. But -- how do you DO it?

    The process is different at every step of the customer journey and there's a lot that goes into personalization. What's more, there's a lot more ways to reach your customers than ever. Personalizing display ads is very different from personalizing emails or a mobile app experience. The data, content, and delivery mechanisms necessary to personalize those messages changes -- and so should your strategy.

    We're taking a holistic look at the art of personalization -- from customer expectations to ROI. We'll show you a new way of looking at identity -- from both the customer's behavior to predicting their behaviors.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Learn how to collect data that helps visualize the customer's journey
    * Get tips on one of the biggest challenges to increasing the ROI of marketing automation
    * Access the theory of identity enrichment
    * Gain insight into best practices for personalization in different channels

    Register for this webinar today and get started doing personalization right!
  • Customer advocacy is great when you can get it, but getting it is usually ad hoc. With new technology available, savvy customer marketers are realizing that there are ways to scale customer advocacy and harness it for demand generation.

    Bob Peterson, Research Director for Customer Advocacy at Sirius Decisions will discuss the drivers behind investment in customer advocacy and Trisha Winter, CMO of Amplifinity will share examples of how Customer Marketing can get started.
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  • What’s Hot in B2B Marketing in 2014 Recorded: Nov 7 2013 57 mins
    Rob Fuggetta, Rishi Dave, Sharon Crost, Lauren McCadney
    This webinar features three B2B marketers recently named by B2B magazine as top digital marketers:

    · Rishi Dave, Executive Director of Digital Marketing at Dell
    · Sharon Crost, Global Online Marketing, Social Media Manager, at Hitachi Data Systems
    · Lauren McCadney, Senior Manager, Social Media, at CDW

    Dave, Crost, and McCadney were among 25 digital marketers selected by BtoB’s editorial staff as Top Digital Marketers of 2013. The winners were selected based on criteria including strong interactive vision; innovative use of digital technologies; and proven technologies.
  • How to Boost Online Ratings & Rankings [Webinar] Recorded: May 15 2013 51 mins
    Rob Fuggetta
    Online ratings on Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor and other sites can make or break your business.
    Did you know?:
    • 70% consumers trust online reviews (Nielsen)
    • Increasing Yelp ratings by one star can boost revenues by 5% to 9% (Harvard Business Review)
    • 67% prospects change their mind after reading only one to three negative reviews (Lightspeed)

    In this informative webinar, you’ll learn how to:
    •Boost online ratings on shopping and review sites
    •Increase rankings (you’ll see how one hotel jumped 50 rungs on the TripAdvisor rankings ladder)
    •Leverage user-generated content to boost SEO, engagement, and sales

    Bonus! Ten webinar attendees will receive a complimentary autographed copy of the hot-selling book, “Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force,” by Rob Fuggetta, Zuberance Founder/CEO.
  • Driving Sales & Word of Mouth in Hospitality: How Rubio’s Leverages Raving Fans Recorded: Feb 7 2013 59 mins
    Rob Fuggetta: Founder/CEO & Guest speaker: Karin Silk, VP Marketing, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill
    Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill’s mission is to “create raving fans.” Rubio’s has built an army of nearly 100,000 raving Rubio’s fans that it’s leveraging to boost online ratings on Yelp and elsewhere plus sell more tacos and burritos.

    You’ll learn how to:

    *Create a thriving army of your raving fans (AKA “Brand Advocates”)
    *Mobilize Advocates to boost online ratings plus drive sales
    *Track and measure results from social/brand advocacy programs
    *How to reward Advocates without paying them

    Bonus! Free copy of the #1 Social Media Marketing Book

    Ten lucky webinar attendees will get a free copy of “Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force”

    About Zuberance

    Zuberance is a social media marketing company that manages and powers Brand Advocate programs for leading consumer and business brands, plus growing SMBs. Zuberance’s award-winning social media marketing platform enables companies to systematically identify and energize their highly-satisfied customers (AKA “Brand Advocates”), driving measurable increases in referral leads, recommendations, and revenues. For more information, visit or follow Zuberance on Twitter @zuberance.
  • How to Super-Charge Content Marketing via Brand Advocates Recorded: Dec 11 2012 42 mins
    Rob Fuggetta: Founder/CEO, Zuberance and author of "Brand Advocates" (Wiley, 2012)
    You have a secret content marketing weapon: Brand Advocates. As your most loyal, engaged, and enthusiastic customers, they’ll gladly create positive reviews, glowing testimonials, and more. Unlike your high paid agency or in-house copywriter, you don’t have to pay them thousands or hundreds of thousands or dollars to create compelling content. Simply make it easy for Advocates and they will happily create fantastic and authentic content. Intrigued?

    Register for the webinar and learn how to:
    -Identify Brand Advocates via social, digital, and mobile channels
    -Turn Advocates into content creators
    -Amplify and leverage Advocate content
    -Track advocacy content results and optimize
  • “Marketing is Dead”: Do You Agree? Recorded: Oct 30 2012 53 mins
    Bill Lee (President, Lee Consulting Group), Mitch Joel (President, Twist Image) Rob Fuggetta (Founder/CEO, Zuberance)
    Bill Lee (Author of "The Hidden Wealth of Customers") triggered a firestorm of controversy when he declared recently in a provocative Harvard Business Review blog post that traditional marketing – including advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications – is dead.

    What do you think? Is it time to sound the death knell for traditional marketing? Is traditional marketing still alive and well? Are paid, owned, and earned media merging?

    Register now for this exciting webinar hosted by Zuberance, the leaders in brand advocacy. This is sure to be one of the most talked-about webinars of all of 2012!

    What You’ll Learn:

    · Why traditional marketing doesn’t work
    · How online Word of Mouth and brand advocacy is replacing traditional marketing
    · How to combine paid, owned, and earned media
  • Influencers or Brand Advocates: Who Carries the Real Clout? Recorded: Oct 24 2012 60 mins
    Jay Baer (Convince & Convert), Michael Brito (Edelman Digital), Rob Fuggetta (Zuberance)
    Companies today are investing in Influencer outreach strategies in hopes that a known name can deliver their message to a vast audience. 40,000 blog subscribers may look tempting, but many brands are sitting right on top of an untapped digital gold mine: their own Brand Advocates. These highly satisfied customers are eager and willing to share their positive brand experiences, defend companies from negative Word of Mouth, and deliver new customers. As marketers are developing both influencer outreach and brand advocacy strategies, it’s important to understand the characteristics, motivations, and objectives behind engaging these two segments.

    Register for the Zuberance webinar featuring three established social marketing authors who will share their insights on Influencers and Brand Advocates.

    What You’ll learn:
    -The difference between Influencers and Brand Advocates (what makes them tick, what drives their behavior)
    -When to invest in an influencer outreach program vs brand advocacy strategy
    -Influencer outreach and brand advocacy success stories from top brands
  • Top 5 Myths of Brand Advocacy REVEALED Recorded: Aug 1 2012 44 mins
    Nick Cifuentes (Global Social Media Director,, Rob Fuggetta (Founder/CEO, Zuberance)
    Brand Advocacy is hot! According to a recent IBM study, brand advocacy is the #1 priority for CMO’s globally. As forward-thinking marketers are developing strategies to find and activate their most enthusiastic customers, it’s important to put to rest some myths surrounding advocacy. This webinar will address what it takes to run a successful advocacy program and the characteristics and motivations of Brand Advocates. (Do you know what Advocates crave most? Here’s a hint: It isn’t money.)

    What You’ll Learn:
    -Surprising insights about who Brand Advocates are and what makes them tick
    -Best practices for engaging and energizing this influential segment to drive leads and sales
    -How to measure the impact from brand advocacy programs
    -Real world case studies from top brands like, Rubio’s, and Intuit
  • 3 B2B Case Studies: How Box, AVG, & Parallels are Leveraging Customer Advocates Recorded: Feb 29 2012 60 mins
    Jen Grant (Box), Kim Johnston (Parallels), Jill Hunley (AVG), Rob Fuggetta (Zuberance)
    Word of Mouth is the “world’s most powerful sales tool,” according to Nielsen. Today, thanks to social media like blogs, social networks, Twitter and more, WOM is more influential than ever. Forward-thinking marketers are boosting positive Word of Mouth by finding and activating their enthusiastic customers (AKA “Brand Advocates.”) But how do marketers harness the power of social media and Word of Mouth in B2B environments?

    Key Takeaways:

    -How to identify and energize your best customers (AKA Brand Advocates)
    -How to generate referral leads and boost sales via Social Media
    -How to lower customer acquisition costs and increase conversion rates and sales via your Brand Advocates
    -How to measure the impact of mobilizing Brand Advocates
Webinars for Forward-Thinking Digital Marketers
The Zuberance Channel brings together forward-thinking marketers to discuss key strategies for brand advocacy and word of mouth in today’s social-media-connected world.

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  • Title: Top 5 Myths of Brand Advocacy REVEALED
  • Live at: Aug 1 2012 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Nick Cifuentes (Global Social Media Director,, Rob Fuggetta (Founder/CEO, Zuberance)
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