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Emerging Technologies

  • Hur skapa nytt bränsle till digitaliseringsresan i offentlig verksamhet?
    Hur skapa nytt bränsle till digitaliseringsresan i offentlig verksamhet?
    Jonas Karlsson, Solutions Consultant, Blue Prism & Birger Tenow, Solutions Consultant, Blue Prism Recorded: May 29 2020 38 mins
    Kommuner och regioner i Sverige brottas dagligen med utmaningen att göra mer med mindre resurser. För att lyckas krävs digitalisering och automation. Många har redan kommit en bit på den digitala resan och lyckats skapa stora värden. Men tillhör ni dem som startat men ännu inte fått någon större utväxling? Kanske har er organisation ett avvaktande synsätt på automatiseringar, robotar och RPA som sätter käppar i hjulet för er digitala utveckling?
    Kort sagt – behöver du nytt bränsle till er digitaliseringsresa?

    Då ska du lyssna på detta webinar där Blue Prism presenterar en välbeprövad operationell modell som hjälper organisationer att framgångsrikt införa automationer/RPA och digitala medarbetare.

    Vi går igenom centrala områden för att lyckas:

    •Hur skapar digitala medarbetare värde i Sveriges kommuner och regioner?
    •Hur säkerställs en framgångsrik automation?
    •Hur styrs en framgångsrik automations och digitaliseringsresa?

    Presenteras av:
    Jonas Karlsson, Solutions Consultant, Blue Prism
    Birger Tenow, Solutions Consultant, Blue Prism
  • Deploying Distributed AI and Machine Learning in Financial Services
    Deploying Distributed AI and Machine Learning in Financial Services
    Dmitry Baev, Vice President of Solutions Engineering at H2O.ai Recorded: May 28 2020 58 mins
    The Financial Services industry has the potential to benefit from advanced application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by leveraging their vast data reserves in order to transform their businesses. However, keeping pace with new technologies for data science and Machine Learning can be overwhelming. Financial Services industry regulations can make it even more challenging to deploy and manage Machine Learning applications in large-scale distributed environments.

    In this talk we will cover how to leverage your existing Big Data investment to deliver leading edge data science using H2O. We will look at real customer use cases for AI and ML in Financial Services and discuss how to overcome deployment challenges in distributed Big Data environments in order to deliver transformational business results and faster time-to-value.

    Join this talk to learn how Financial Services organizations are extracting real business value with AI and ML.

    - How to train Machine Learning models at scale using distributed Big Data platforms
    - How to apply Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) to accelerate your model development pipelines
    - How to deploy Machine Learning models into production environments
    - AI in Financial Services success stories

    Dmitry Baev, Vice President of Solutions Engineering at H2O.ai
  • Indispensable – Understanding Storage for the Industrial Internet of Things
    Indispensable – Understanding Storage for the Industrial Internet of Things
    Yaniv Iarovici, Marketing Director for IoT and Edge, Western Digital Recorded: May 28 2020 15 mins
    Purpose-built solutions with storage, networking and compute – either in sensors, gateways, at the edge, in the cloud or on-premise – need to be architected in ways that are optimized for their part in the IIoT ecosystem. To support the promises to bring innovative use cases to light and new efficiencies to operations in this more connected world, you must take storage into considerations early when designing industrial applications. In this session, you will hear about the Industry 4.0 trends that are driving the need to think about storage earlier and what unique considerations you must take into account when designing industrial applications.
  • Digital Transformation Next Steps, from the Analyst
    Digital Transformation Next Steps, from the Analyst
    Henry Peyret, Principal Analyst, Forrester Recorded: May 28 2020 51 mins
    Today’s enterprises are now required to evolve into the next phase of their digital transformation journey. This next step is driven by value transformation—and integration plays an important role. During this thought leadership session, guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst, Henry Peyret, author of The Forrester Wave™: Strategic iPaaS And Hybrid Integration Platforms, Q1 2019, discusses what this evolving landscape looks like, its key drivers, and what enterprises should consider to be successful.

    Watch this webinar to learn more about:

    - Evolving from digital transformation to values transformation
    - The integration challenges and drivers in this transformation
    - Integration trends: iPaaS, strategic iPaaS, and API-led hybrid integration
    - What the next IT evolution looks like, and why you should care
    - How to design your next enterprise organization
    - Key recommendations

    For more information visit www.tibco.com.
  • Your phone and your face. Anchoring users to real identities.
    Your phone and your face. Anchoring users to real identities.
    Robert Humphrey | CMO | Onfido & Mickey Martin | Global Lead, Sales Engineering | Onfido Recorded: May 28 2020 52 mins
    Expectations of online businesses have never been higher. Customers expect frictionless and personalized experiences, while demanding evermore streamlined registration processes. And if they don’t get them, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

    Resultantly, businesses are experiencing a profound tension. How do you balance frictionless registration, and effective identity management - so that customers are more than just an email and password in a database?

    In this webinar, Robert Humphrey and Mickey Martin will be discussing how to anchor customers to real identities in an easy and secure way.

    Join to learn about how:

    -Anchored identities enable user-controlled re-authentication and recredentialing via biometrics

    -Document-first verification with data extraction can eliminate friction, and lead to better data integrity

    -Identity verification can stop fraud at the door, protecting revenue and platform trust
  • Modern Uses of Thermal Imaging and Computer Vision Technologies
    Modern Uses of Thermal Imaging and Computer Vision Technologies
    Michael Knight, Global CTO, Safety and Security – Industry Edge, Dell Technologies Recorded: May 28 2020 31 mins
    Welcome back to Dell Technologies Innovation Webinar Series. In this conversation we will explore and focus on the “Modern Uses of Thermal Imaging and Computer Vision Technologies”. The next generation of safety and security solutions such as thermal imaging and computer vision are being used in novel ways in today’s world, and we believe this is only the beginning.
  • The AM Revolution: Making the Business Case
    The AM Revolution: Making the Business Case
    Moderated by Prof Ian Gibson, Scientific Director, Fraunhofer Project Centre Recorded: May 28 2020 57 mins
    The session will give insight into the current state of industrial additive manufacturing. Highlighting the potential for big corporates and small-medium enterprises and sharing examples of companies that have been able to incorporate additive manufacturing in their existing set-up. But we will also hear what the main challenges and obstacles are. How can a company properly assess whether they are ready for additive manufacturing? What are the most common assumptions and do they prove to be correct? And what do the experts see further down the road, what do they expect in terms of adoption and development of both hardware and materials in the coming 5-10 years?

    • Renko Overmeen, Director of Programs, Aeronamic B.V.
    • Bart Deweerdt, Business Development Manager, Ultimaker
    • Paulo Gennaro, Managing Director, GF Precicast Additive
  • Not Just Another Black-Box - Extending Driverless AI
    Not Just Another Black-Box - Extending Driverless AI
    Lena Rampula, Data Science Engineer, H2O.ai Recorded: May 28 2020 47 mins
    H2O Driverless AI is an automated machine learning platform - performing state of the art feature engineering and model training. Driverless AI will allow you to scale your data science efforts, making it faster to find an optimal solution to a variety of business use cases.

    At H2O.ai, we empower data scientists to use their domain expertise to extend Driverless AI by adding custom functions for feature engineering, models and scorers using simple Python code snippets. These "recipes" allow you to build your machine learning solution, using ingredients from Driverless AI and your own IP.

    In this webinar, we will introduce Driverless AI and show how data scientists can extend it, using recipes from the H2O.ai repository or using their own code.
  • Secure Medical and Personal Protection Supply
    Secure Medical and Personal Protection Supply
    Dr Toni Drescher, Dr Biba Visnjicki & Dr Eddy van Hijum Recorded: May 28 2020 60 mins
    The lack of supplies undermines the entire global effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. Fraunhofer Project Center together with KEX Knowledge Exchange are working together to act as a stable supply chain for protective equipment to Dutch industries

    During this forum, we will be discussing
    - Why we are pushing this initiative and what challenges we are facing?
    - What exactly we are offering to support medical stations and companies
    - How does the process work and how this gives value to the Netherlands?

    Panelists are
    - Dr. Toni Drescher; KEX Knowledge Exchange AG; CEO
    - Dr. Biba Visnjicki; Fraunhofer Project Center; Managing Director
    - Dr. Eddy van Hijum; Deputy at the Province of Overijssel and member of the European Committee of the regions
  • Carding Attacks and Its Impact on Websites
    Carding Attacks and Its Impact on Websites
    Amir Shaked, VP R&D at PerimeterX and Hadas Weinrib, Product Marketing at PerimeterX Recorded: May 27 2020 54 mins
    Two new carding bots are threatening websites and putting customer PII data at risk. The increase of credit card usage has led to an unexpected growth of carding bot attacks. The result is significant revenue loss for e-commerce sites. Not only is revenue at stake, but these threats jeopardize a company’s reputation, customer trust and online user experience. Carding attackers target websites and platforms, exploring new methods and tools to automatically validate stolen credit cards. In this session, you’ll learn about the new carding bots that threaten e-commerce sites and put customer PII data at risk. We will also show how to better protect your websites, mobile applications and APIs from these new bots.
  • Delivering Virtual Patient Care in a Post-Pandemic World
    Delivering Virtual Patient Care in a Post-Pandemic World
    Milton Chen, CEO at VSee.com; Michael Chen, MD and CTO of HIE of One; Stephen Sklarew, CEO at Synaptiq Recorded: May 27 2020 63 mins
    Join our Head of Marketing, Portia Roberts for a rockstar panel with Milton Chen, CEO at VSee.com and This American Doc; Michael Chen, MD and CTO of HIE of One; and our CEO Stephen Sklarew to discuss the rapidly changing world of patient care. In this panel, we will discuss:

    Embracing telemedicine: Practical and profitable considerations.
    Tackling the ultimate healthcare data challenge: Accessible and private patient records.
    Leveraging AI to supercharge healthcare technology: What's possible today.

    We are all eager to find solutions and adapt to these uncertain and changing times. We hope this talk will inspire healthcare professionals and solution providers alike. Please come ready with your questions for a live Q&A at the end!
  • Email Security: How to Protect from the Unknown with Simon Crosby
    Email Security: How to Protect from the Unknown with Simon Crosby
    Simon Crosby, Co-founder, Bromium and Maor Hizkiev, Co-Founder and CTO, BitDam Recorded: May 27 2020 35 mins
    BitDam hosts Bromium Co-Founder, Simon Crosby, discussing the newest unknown cyber threats, why model-driven security can protect from them, and how this can be done in scale with no interference to productivity.

    Can BitDam’s attack-agnostic approach really deal with the growing problem of unknown threats?

    Join us in this one-time discussion to better understand:

    - What makes rapidly evolving unknown threats our No. 1 enemy
    - The gaps of data-driven email security
    - Why model-driven security is the only way to deal with these threats
    - How to scale it while keeping end-user’s productivity
    - The actions you need to take to protect your organization’s email from these unknowns

    Sometimes 100% cybersecurity is not science fiction. Join us to hear Simon Crosby’s take on that!
  • A Concerning Trend in Magecart Attacks: Multiple Groups Attacking Simultaneously
    A Concerning Trend in Magecart Attacks: Multiple Groups Attacking Simultaneously
    Mickey Alton, Research Team Leader at PerimeterX; Ameet Naik, Director of Product Marketing Recorded: May 27 2020 62 mins
    In late 2019, British Airways was fined $229M for loss of customer data from their website that was caused by a Magecart attack. Digital skimming and Magecart attacks continue to be a major threat to online businesses, exposing payment card data and customer PII. The research team at PerimeterX has uncovered a new trend where multiple independent Magecart groups are skimming data from websites concurrently. In this part. We’ll examine two major incidents uncovered by the PerimeterX research team, where attackers infiltrated digital services through Magento-based applications.
  • TIBCO Anything 360 for Microsoft Azure
    TIBCO Anything 360 for Microsoft Azure
    Kevin Barrett, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft Recorded: May 27 2020 34 mins
    When moving to the cloud, many businesses struggle to obtain complete business views across all of their disparate data sources. Information today is increasingly spread out across on-premises and cloud environments. To gain a comprehensive view of the business, organizations must modernize their data management techniques.

    Only TIBCO’s Anything 360 solution enables 360-degree views of any business entity—customers, products, employees, locations, assets, inventory, and more. It combines data virtualization and master data management (MDM) technologies and can be used in partnership with cloud computing services to help organizations gain 360-degrees of anything in the cloud.

    Watch this webinar with Kevin Barrett, Senior Cloud Solution Architect from Microsoft, to learn more about:

    Microsoft’s view of the modern data estate and predictions on upcoming industry trends
    How to overcome the challenge of obtaining complete business views in the cloud
    The benefits of Customer 360 and a real-world business example
    Step-by-step guidance on how to create 360-degree views for anything
  • COVID-19 Has Changed Transit Forever: Overcoming Fears With Video & Analytics
    COVID-19 Has Changed Transit Forever: Overcoming Fears With Video & Analytics
    Stefaan Vervaet, Western Digital, Senior Director, Partner Alliance Engineer & Eddie Dixon, AngelTrax, National Sales Manager Recorded: May 27 2020 37 mins
    In this new world mid and post pandemic, learn how to ensure a safe and secure environment for your public transit employees and passengers. AngelTrax sets the standard for in-vehicle video monitoring of social distancing, decontamination, sanitization and safe driving behaviors. Don’t get caught off guard! Learn how to leverage video and analytics to ensure your passengers are safe and your organization is prepared for the challenges coming your way.
  • Advantages of Processing Solutions
    Advantages of Processing Solutions
    Andy Joseph/Ben Stephens Recorded: May 27 2020 63 mins
    Meri Harli, senior content writer for Processing Solutions, talks to Ben Stephens and Andy Joseph of Delta Separations and Apeks Supercritical, to discuss the advantages of a combined entity. Now's the chance to get your questions answered so tune in!
  • Key Elements for Accelerating Business Processes in a COVID-19 World
    Key Elements for Accelerating Business Processes in a COVID-19 World
    Stephen Boals, SVP Business Development & Alliances Recorded: May 27 2020 24 mins
    The world is currently grappling with what is becoming one of the biggest crises of our time and the nature of work has been changed forever. Organizations are rapidly transforming their operations to overcome obstacles brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Join us for an informative webinar on the challenges, necessities and options businesses will need to address as they survive and flourish in a post-COVID-19 business world.

    We will address key lessons learned from this pandemic crisis, common challenges and why organizations are struggling with remote work, unpredictable volumes, worker isolation and overall business flow. He’ll look at several technology solutions, including intelligent screening, capture and RPA tools that can accelerate processes and protect companies in our current and future climates. Examples will include use cases from healthcare, government and mortgage companies from HR onboarding to mobile screening solutions.

    You will learn how to:
    -Adapt to high volume intake and document surges
    -Deploy innovative technology for remote workers to be fully productive
    -Leverage key point solutions, like rapid screening technology, to free up employees for higher-value tasks
  • Key Characteristics of IoT Projects: What Works, and What Doesn’t?
    Key Characteristics of IoT Projects: What Works, and What Doesn’t?
    Jim Morrish and Matt Hatton Recorded: May 27 2020 61 mins
    This webinar will present a detailed analysis of more than 200 IoT projects, including assessments of business benefit and key drivers of complexity.

    Taking the solution characteristics used in the IIC’s Project Explorer (project analysis) tool as their starting point, Transforma Insights has analyzed over 200 IoT case studies to identify which projects are quickest to deploy and fastest to pay back together with associated business risk impact. The webinar will include summary results of these assessments and will also include analyses of IoT projects according to other defined solution characteristics, including the profile of field assets, connectivity requirements, back end complexity and end user vertical sector.

    The presenters will also discuss the extent to which IoT technologies are deployed alongside other Digital Transformation (DX) technologies such as AI, Distributed Ledger and Edge Computing. This section will draw on analysis of an additional 400 case studies that span the entire of DX.

    The presenters will also highlight how the IIC’s Project Explorer tool can be used by project managers to analyze the complexity of any planned project, and link to IIC assets that can support successful project execution.
  • The Essential Value: IoT SEPs and the Case for Patent Pools
    The Essential Value: IoT SEPs and the Case for Patent Pools
    Mathias Hellman (Ericsson), Luke McLeroy (Avanci), Timothy Berghuis (InterDigital), Tom Phillips (WIPR) Recorded: May 27 2020 67 mins
    The future of connected cities, smart cars, and autonomous factories is well within our purview, but there is a risk of delay to this ecosystem of opportunity as industry and innovators determine the value of integral technologies that unlock a world of capabilities.

    This webinar will explore the evolution and nuances of licensing wireless technologies in new internet of things (IoT) verticals, and discuss the role of licensing frameworks such as patent pools in our increasingly connected future.

    Join experts from across the technology and IP industries as they share perspectives on fostering IoT innovation and value.

    Speakers include:
    Mathias Hellman, VP of IPR Strategy & Portfolio Management at Ericsson
    Luke McLeroy, Senior VP of Business Development, Avanci
    Timothy Berghuis, Chief Licensing Officer, InterDigital
  • RF Back to Basics Session 5: RF Simulation
    RF Back to Basics Session 5: RF Simulation
    Pegah Alavi - Sr. Application Engineer Recorded: May 27 2020 46 mins
    This webinar introduces Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS) and covers linear design techniques including S-parameter simulation, impedance matching, tuning, and optimization. It also touches on non-linear frequency- and time-domain simulation, EM Simulation, and passive and active RF device models.
  • Future Of Entertainment: #1 Benefits & Options with Android TV Operator Tier
    Future Of Entertainment: #1 Benefits & Options with Android TV Operator Tier
    Magnus Lindhe (Tele2) & Pierre Donath (3SS) Recorded: May 27 2020 41 mins
    Join the Masterclass of our new series "Create the Future of Entertainment" with Magnus Lindhe (Tele2) and Pierre Donath (3SS). In this 30 min live webinar, we will share our experiences from deploying Com Hem Tv Hub as the first hybrid Android TV Operator Tier Custom Launcher worldwide, and focus on the benefits and options for operators. We will wrap up with an open live Q&A, where we will answer your burning questions.

    Together we’ll answer:
    ➡️ Why should I choose Android TV?
    ➡️ What is the difference between Custom and Standard Launcher?
    ➡️ How does the collaboration with Google work?
    ➡️ What are the key success factors to ensure to launch in time and budget?

    Let's create the Future of Entertainment together!
  • How to succeed in OTT in 2020
    How to succeed in OTT in 2020
    IBC365 | BritBox | Applicaster | Ampere Analysis Recorded: May 27 2020 57 mins
    ​A swathe of new OTT platforms – from Disney+ to HBO Max and Peacock - have launched or are about to come to market in 2020, looking to carve out a niche against longer established rivals.

    What does it take to stand out in such a crowded landscape, and what kinds of services are likely to thrive? And how has the coronavirus pandemic affected launch plans?

    This IBC365 panel will debate the key to success in the OTT sector, discussing the strategy, content, business models, technology, marketing and distribution that services need to succeed.

    Reemah Sakaan, Group Director SVOD, ITV and SVP Creative Head, BritBox
    Simon James, VP Sales Engineering, Applicaster
    Rahul Patel, Analyst, Ampere Analysis
  • Top Cybersecurity Threats Every Online Business Should Address
    Top Cybersecurity Threats Every Online Business Should Address
    Ido Safruti, CTO and Founder, PerimeterX; Deepak Patel, VP Cybersecurity Strategy, PerimeterX Recorded: May 27 2020 57 mins
    Cyberattacks continue to threaten online digital experiences. Automated bots and compromised third-party code outsmart existing defenses and compromise the integrity of your websites and mobile apps. This impacts an organization’s ability to be effective in conducting and securing online business. In this webcast, we’ll examine the top five security threats to online business, how to stay ahead of these attacks and proactively address client-side vulnerabilities and the practical strategies needed to protect customers, online revenue and company reputation.
  • Predicting Customer Behavior with Amazon SageMaker Studio
    Predicting Customer Behavior with Amazon SageMaker Studio
    Eric Miller, Senior Director, Customer Solution Architecture, Onica, a Rackspace Company Recorded: May 26 2020 34 mins
    The power of machine learning allows us to produce actionable insights with our data and streamline decision making, but it can be challenging to manage ML development workflow due to a lack of advanced ML tooling. Learn how you can leverage Amazon SageMaker Studio, a fully integrated development environment for ML in AWS, to easily and quickly build machine learning models under a convenient and intuitive single pane of glass. We’ll explore the Amazon SageMaker Studio service and discuss how the integrated visual interface manages workflow in order to build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale.

    What we’ll cover:
    - An introduction to Amazon SageMaker Studio
    - Core features such as SageMaker Studio Notebooks, Autopilot and Experiments
    - How to enable and create your own Amazon SageMaker experiments
    - How to engineer features, tune models and obtain data for analysis
  • Microservices on AWS
    Microservices on AWS
    Jonathan LaCour, CTO at Mission and Scott Goldberg, Senior Solutions Architect at Mission Recorded: May 26 2020 36 mins
    Monolithic architectures running on traditional on-prem compute is a major obstacle that businesses face today. It crushes their agility which in-turn hurts their ability to market their services faster. However, AWS has been a major driver for the shift from monolithic architectures running on traditional on-prem compute to microservices running on containers and serverless.

    In this webinar, you'll learn:

    * What exactly are microservices and what are their key benefits?
    * What challenges and trade-offs do you face when adopting microservice architectures?
    * A deep dive into Your Call Football (YCF), an innovative mobile application combining fantasy football and fan-sourced play calling. Mission re-architected YCF's monolithic platform into a microservices architecture leveraging Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Terraform.
  • Scaling Enterprise Solutions during a Pandemic (Lenovo)
    Scaling Enterprise Solutions during a Pandemic (Lenovo)
    Lenovo Jun 1 2020 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Optimizing for Now, and Preparing for the Future

    Given the world’s current pandemic situation where there are travel restrictions and the increased need for remote work, remote assistance, training and the reskilling of millions in the workforce, it is now more important than ever for companies to have enterprise ready, easy to deploy digital solutions. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have proven to show value within many critical enterprise verticals including manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, energy and the utilities sectors. Lenovo will discuss the current global situation and how customers are deploying solutions like remote assistance, guided workflows, remote collaboration, and training programs to improve productivity, reduce errors, increase learning retention, and decrease service resolution times. Lenovo will announce new ThinkReality solutions for AR and VR that make it easier than ever for enterprises to deploy these solutions at scale.
  • Redefining 5G Experience (Korea Telecom)
    Redefining 5G Experience (Korea Telecom)
    Korea Telecom Jun 1 2020 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    An Enterprise Journey with Korea Telecom
  • How to Assess Your Email Vulnerability for Free in 20 Minutes?
    How to Assess Your Email Vulnerability for Free in 20 Minutes?
    Roy Rashti, Head of Presale & Professional Services at BitDam Jun 2 2020 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    As a cybersecurity professional, you want to be aware of your email security flaws. You may even consider deploying a Breach & Attack Simulation tool. Did you know that you can do it yourself within minutes?

    Join our Cyber Expert, Roy Rashti for a practical DIY session on how to assess your email security. The live session will include:

    - Introduction to 2 free non-intrusive Breach & Attack Simulation tools
    - How to use these tools safely
    - Live demos including installation and usage
    - How to read a Breach & Attack Simulation report

    Following this session, you will be able to test your email security by yourself in less than 20 minutes, and get continuous insight into which threat types penetrate your organization. All that using free tools.
  • 6 Steps to Develop Your Inner Data Science Superhero
    6 Steps to Develop Your Inner Data Science Superhero
    Danny Stout, Senior Lead Solutions Consultant at TIBCO Software Inc Jun 2 2020 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Data science is a differentiator (or secret weapon) for many companies today. Make data science your superpower and bask in the glory of saving the day.

    Much like superheroes, demand for data scientists outstrips supply. That shortage is due largely to the amount of training that goes into becoming a super data scientist. With so many skills needed to an effective, powerful data scientist, it’s often smart to focus on the top six:

    - Captain Obvious: Focus on Python
    - Agent Collaboration: Develop those people skills
    - The Incredible Scaler: Develop your ability to scale
    - Doctor Data: Develop your inner data engineer
    - Ethos: Keep ethics in mind
    - Vog: Learn to soar in the cloud

    Focus on these abilities to set yourself apart. But don’t feel overwhelmed, unlike many superheroes on the screen, you don’t have to do it alone. Let us be a part of your superhero team and get started on your quest to protect and strengthen your company with data science.
  • Meeting Demand for Telemedicine with Secure IoT Solutions
    Meeting Demand for Telemedicine with Secure IoT Solutions
    James Penney and Julio Merette, Device Authority and Juan Asenjo, nCipher Security Jun 3 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Learn how healthcare providers & hospitals can leverage IoT technology to deliver safe routine care.

    As front-line healthcare workers address the novel coronavirus pandemic, optimization of healthcare resources has become critical. In parallel, healthcare professionals delivering routine care must continue to treat their patients with existing conditions. The current situation is testing telemedicine’s ability to deliver safe and secure routine medical care.

    Telemedicine, along with remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, enable the delivery of routine care, particularly during times when face-to-face appointments are not always possible or deemed essential. Being able deliver these services safely and securely is critical.

    This webinar will explore how healthcare service providers and hospitals can leverage telemedicine and IoT technology to help tackle resource constraints and continue to deliver safe routine care.

    Telemedicine and the deployment of connected/IoT medical devices enables doctors to continue to deliver care remotely. Ensuring the safety and security of this delivery method relies on the privacy and integrity of data collected from patients.

    Before the pandemic, Forbes had predicted that approximately 161 million connected medical devices were going to be deployed in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices by 2020. However, along with the growing digitization of medical records and services comes rising cybersecurity threats. Not only is privacy a concern, but integrity is paramount in order to ensure patient safety and trust.

    Join this webcast to learn how:
    • Technology can help healthcare practitioners deliver routine care at a time when people can’t or don’t want to visit a doctors’ office
    • Telemedicine platform/service providers can enhance security with trusted device authentication and data protection
    • Secure IoT can deliver more comprehensive and safe telemedicine services
  • The role of biometrics and KYC in seamless onboarding
    The role of biometrics and KYC in seamless onboarding
    Susana Lopes, Senior Product Manager at Onfido Jun 3 2020 3:00 pm UTC 23 mins
    What does effective onboarding look like? It’s a balancing act. With user friction, identity proofing and effective KYC all fighting for attention. In this webinar, Susana Lopes, Senior Product Manager at Onfido, considers how best to assess these competing factors in creating an ideal user onboarding flow, and how biometrics can help to mitigate traditional tensions.

    She will be discussing:

    - The evolution of account opening in the modern age and how user experiences have changed
    - The principles of proportional risk, and how they can help you ask for more at the right moments
    - How biometrics can help increase security and confidence in identity proofing
  • Accelerating Innovation in Insurance
    Accelerating Innovation in Insurance
    Tym Lawrence, Director, Solutions Consultants at TIBCO Software Jun 3 2020 4:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    The Insurance industry is facing major disruptions from trends including expectations of more personalised and engaging services, the rise of virtual platforms and insurtech competitors and the use of machine learning / AI. As IDC wrote, "Insurers that fail to act on the trends driving demand for insurance worldwide will eventually lose to more agile, flexible competitors who are adapting to the new world."

    In this presentation, you’ll learn how insurance companies can leverage new technologies to adapt to changing business drivers while still protecting their combined ratio. In 45 minutes, we will show you how insurers can develop a data fabric to unify siloed information and then use this to confidently predict outcomes and optimize their business. It will include a number of case studies and a sneak peek at the dynamic pricing accelerator that provides a freely available fast-start for AI-based pricing for insurance companies.
  • Ensuring IoT Trustworthiness during Digital Transformation: focus on Reliability
    Ensuring IoT Trustworthiness during Digital Transformation: focus on Reliability
    Marcellus Buchheit, Wibu Systems; Robert Martin, The MITRE Corp.; Keao Caindec, Farallon Technology Group Jun 3 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Do challenges surrounding software trustworthiness keep you up at night?

    Digital Transformation of today’s enterprises means turning industrial systems into industrial internet systems. The successful deployment of these complex systems depends on assurance that they are appropriately secure, safe, reliable, resilient while protecting privacy.

    As part of a series of webinars featuring these 5 attributes of trustworthy software, this webinar will delve headlong into the topic of RELIABILITY. Reliability is the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. Without appropriate levels of reliability, software failures will cause service interruptions, loss of productivity, and potentially physical danger or loss of life.

    We will explore practical examples and illustrative use cases where reliability is important, architectures for reliable systems, and techniques you can use to enhance the reliability of your systems.
  • Blue Prism RPA Platform Demo | The Building Blocks of Automation
    Blue Prism RPA Platform Demo | The Building Blocks of Automation
    Patrick Hammond, Solution Engineer and Lisa Hackbarth, Global Marketing Jun 3 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join us for a 45-minute, interactive live demo. We’ll show you how Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform works and answer your questions live.

    With the advent of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today, humans and Digital Workers are working side by side.

    But how does it actually work?

    If you’re ready to see Blue Prism’s Intelligent Automation in action, join us for our next 45-minute demo where we’ll showcase the simplicity and security of the leading RPA platform on the market.

    In this foundational look at what it takes to implement Blue Prism connected-RPA, you will:
    • Experience the integral role that the human worker plays in our evolving workforce
    • Take a tour of the Blue Prism Process and Object Studio where you’ll teach your Digital Workers what to do and how to do it
    • Learn how to incorporate our pre-built, out-of-the-box processes without the need for coding, and get your Digital Workforce up and running quickly
    • See examples of processes that Digital Workers can help to automate
    • Learn how to manage your Digital Workers to achieve maximum productivity using the included Control Room, Work Queues, and Scheduler
    • Get a detailed look at Blue Prism’s security, access control, and audit log features that reduce automation audit risk

    Ready to unleash the human potential at your organization by freeing up your team to do the valuable, skilled work they were hired to do? Register to view the demo to take the next step on your digital transformation journey and get ready to see what’s possible.
  • Fighting COVID-19 With Ansys Simulation
    Fighting COVID-19 With Ansys Simulation
    Eric Miller, Principal & Co-Owner, PADT, Inc. & Marc Horner, Principal Healthcare Engineer, Ansys Jun 3 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Simulation has been and continues to be a powerful tool for helping to drive innovation in the medical industry. Everything from medical devices, to hospital equipment, and even pharmaceutical and clinical practices can benefit from the introduction of simulation technology. This is true now more than ever, as the we all are facing such turbulent times.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ansys is striving to combat the spread of the coronavirus, by backing the ongoing initiatives of customers and partners working in the medical sphere. In order to support healthcare professionals, policy makers, and communities around the world in this endeavor, Ansys is sharing key insights gained from their own analyse, along with those of partners and other collaborators, regarding how to prevent future spread, and treat those already effected by the virus.

    Join PADT's Co-founder and Principal engineer Eric Miller, along with Marc Horner, Principal Healthcare Engineer at Ansys, for a discussion on what the company is doing to combat the virus, as well as a look at some models that effectively illustrate how the tools are being used.
  • Coffee and Content: The Secrets of the Content Industry
    Coffee and Content: The Secrets of the Content Industry
    Rahel Anne Bailie Jun 4 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    We chat with Rahel Anne Bailie, Director of Content at Babylon Health, about the dirty little secrets seldom discussed amongst content industry professionals. A world-renowned content strategy expert, and co-author of the book, "Content Strategy: Connecting the Dots Between Business, Brand, and Benefits", Bailie argues that in order to be prepared for success, we must have a practical and realistic vision of what's possible.
  • How signNow is Helping Businesses in a Distributed World
    How signNow is Helping Businesses in a Distributed World
    Cory McCullough, AppDirect and Scott Owen, signNow and Christian Parkourana, signNow Jun 4 2020 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Join AppDirect and signNow to hear how they are helping businesses succeed amid the current COVID-19 environment. Learn firsthand how your customers can increase productivity, maximize ROI, and save money by adding signNow to your marketplace. signNow will also touch on their digital strategy, and how they support and enable partners to be successful in selling their solutions.
  • Kafka, Pulsar, Mosquitto, Oh My!
    Kafka, Pulsar, Mosquitto, Oh My!
    William McLane, TIBCO thought leader for global data distribution Jun 4 2020 4:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    You are certainly not in Kansas anymore! With the rise in open source options for data distribution, stream processing, IoT, and messaging, what’s a person to do when choosing the best solution for enterprise communications requirements?

    What use cases best fit prominent open source options like Apache Kafka, and how can communications be facilitated between various cloud platforms?

    The road might not be paved with bricks, but in our ever changing world, a solid communications nervous system is the key to unlocking data for analytics, stream processing, and event driven architectures. Open source is one of the many paths that you can follow, so let this session be your guide on an adventure into open source messaging.
  • Soluciones para el manejo de concentrados de flotación
    Soluciones para el manejo de concentrados de flotación
    Guillermo Bermudez Jun 4 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    ¿Sabía usted que puede mejorar el rendimiento metalúrgico de su circuito de flotación actual al generar y recolectar más espuma?
  • Best Practices For Marketing Your Cannabusiness in the Age of COVID-19
    Best Practices For Marketing Your Cannabusiness in the Age of COVID-19
    Taylor Wheeler, Director of Digital Sales and Marketing & Melissa Sheehan, Director of Product Strategy Jun 4 2020 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Marketing for cannabis companies can be confusing and challenging but when done correctly, has the potential to be very fruitful. With the cannabis industry marked as essential, the time for increasing your market reach is now.

    In this 45 minute webinar, V Digital Service's Director of Digital Sales & Marketing, Taylor Wheeler, and AdCellerant's Director of Product Strategy, Melissa Sheehan, will walk you through:
    • How to reach the right customers
    • How to track the success of your campaign
    • What tools are available for you today including
    - Organic and Local SEO
    - Social Media
    - Print Media
    - Programmatic & Device-based targeting
  • AWS Cost Optimization: Organizational and Technical Strategies
    AWS Cost Optimization: Organizational and Technical Strategies
    Sean Anderson, Sr. Cloud Business Consultant at Onica, and Chris Suchy, Sr. Technical Account Manager at CloudHealth Jun 4 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Are you struggling to find IT budget to drive new business initiatives in 2020? Learn how to reduce your AWS spend while still meeting demand. We’ll cover technical and organizational strategies, as well as show first-hand how analytics tools like CloudHealth by VMware can help you gain critical insights and manage your costs. Join us for our virtual event to learn how to optimize your spend on AWS.

    What we’ll cover:
    - An introduction to cost optimization and savings on AWS
    - How to create an effective cost evaluation and reduction plan that lowers your monthly AWS costs 10-50%
    - Key tips and tricks for cost optimization, including common cloud usage pitfalls, AWS best practices, Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, and tagging
    - How to scale down or pause underutilized cloud resources for effective business continuity planning
    - Customer success stories: driving business innovation while lowering costs
    - CloudHealth tool savings and analysis demo
  • Accelerate Your Model Training with H2O-3
    Accelerate Your Model Training with H2O-3
    Megan Kurka, Customer Data Scientist at H2O.ai Jun 4 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In this webinar, we introduce H2O-3, the #1 open source machine learning platform for the enterprise and how to use it to develop models for a variety of use cases. H2O-3 makes it possible for anyone to easily apply machine learning and predictive analytics to solve today’s most challenging business problems.

    We’ll walk you through demos and highlight features and capabilities of H2O-3 for typical data science workflows.

    What you will learn:
    - Overview of H2O-3 software
    - H2O-3 for data exploration
    - H2O-3 for feature engineering
    - AutoML in H2O-3
    - Model Interpretability in H2O-3
    - Live applied to real world datasets

    Megan Kurka, Customer Data Scientist at H2O.ai
  • Precision Analytics for Research Excellence:A Webinar by IET, Powered by EV
    Precision Analytics for Research Excellence:A Webinar by IET, Powered by EV
    Richard Simms, Inspec Product Specialist Jun 9 2020 6:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Need comprehensive peer reviewed literature for your upcoming paper but cannot access the institutional librarian virtually? Want some inspiration for your next research project but unsure where to look for curated content? Eager to learn more about your subject specialty amongst the global engineering research landscape? Or need to make strategic decisions to uplift and accelerate your projects? Join us to learn more about the tools that can support your engineering queries in lesser time, and how other institutions are effectively utilizing data analytics to optimize research.
  • Beyond Covid-19: Reshape your Business Strategy with Conversational AI
    Beyond Covid-19: Reshape your Business Strategy with Conversational AI
    Chris Tew & Alexander Hoffmann Jun 9 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The world has fundamentally changed since the start of 2020 as businesses frantically work to adapt to the new normality driven by COVID-19. Where the growing cost of contact centre operations was once king, scalability and continuity of service will be the new master!

    One of the ways in which companies are increasingly building this continuity, resilience and scalability is to embrace conversational AI to help reshape their strategy for business operations, people and assets.

    It is now time to reimagine the future and start planning decisively.

    In this thought-provoking webinar, Artificial Solutions’ VP Chris Tew and AI specialist Alexander Hoffmann will present how companies around the world are leveraging Conversational AI in innovative ways and putting themselves in pole position to strategically benefit from the technology in delivering resilient, efficient and agile customer service. The speakers will also showcase a live solution.

    This webinar will arm you with all the information you need to understand the ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘What’ you need to do to successfully implement Conversational AI in your organization.
  • Schroders | Delivering Real-World Solutions with Intelligent Automation
    Schroders | Delivering Real-World Solutions with Intelligent Automation
    Bill Taylor, VP, ASEAN & Korea, Blue Prism Jun 9 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Schroders, a leading asset management company is making headway in digital transformation. Since 2017, Schroders has extended Intelligent Automation across a myriad of business functions globally, with operations running at optimum capacity, efficiency and scalability. They have since shifted their focus to higher value-added tasks, enabling business functions to prioritize strategic work and providing faster insights to better decision making. This is a clear testament of how Intelligent Automation can achieve not just efficiency but in driving innovation at the core of every project and function. It also means that digital transformation journeys are more meaningful for those who get the implementation right.

    Join Chua Chwee Kan, the Global Head of Cognitive Science and Automation from Schroders as he presents Schroders’ journey in reaching successful adoption of Intelligent Automation. From machine learning to RPA, Mr Chua has led his team in leveraging these technologies to solving business challenges across the group and driving business innovation.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    1) Best practices in embedding RPA into the business and sustaining results in the long run
    2) How Schroders is leveraging automation in the volatile COVID-19 situation
    3) How AI and Machine learning presents new outlooks for RPA
  • The Power of Video Stories from Real People
    The Power of Video Stories from Real People
    Brian Alvey Jun 9 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join us for a chat with serial entrepreneur, Brian Alvey, the founder of Weblogs, a web publishing platform he and his co-founder sold to AOL for $25 million. We'll discuss why Alvey says he was born with publishing in his DNA and we'll learn about his latest adventure building a product he believes can that help people leverage video content in powerful ways.
  • The Digital Transformation of Workers’ Realities
    The Digital Transformation of Workers’ Realities
    Michael Thomas Jun 9 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Through all industrial revolutions, tools and machinery have been part of workers’ realities. Only relatively recently have IoT technologies digitized these realities. When those digital streams are properly analyzed with streaming analytics and artificial intelligence and then rendered with augmented reality (AR), workers’ realities can be digitally transformed into intelligent realities. An AR headset can provide workers with the most relevant diagnostic information while keeping their hands free. On walk arounds, they can see digital twin information overlaying and annotating the physical twin; and remote experts can use virtual reality (VR) along with flat screen virtual worlds to advise the proximate workers. Regardless of the reality technology involved, intelligent realities can make work better by making workers’ realities better. This presentation furthers the intelligent reality concept developed in two papers last year, Artificial and Human Intelligence with Digital Twins and Intelligent Realities For Workers Using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Beyond.
  • Unlocking Actionable Insights with a Modern Data Strategy on AWS
    Unlocking Actionable Insights with a Modern Data Strategy on AWS
    Scott Peters, Lead Data Science Architect at Onica, a Rackspace Company Jun 9 2020 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    While every organization has different data needs, disparate data sources, unreliable data pipelines, and a lack of knowledge about your data are common problems business leaders face. With the right data strategy, you can unblock the barriers to making data-driven decisions. By leveraging a modern cloud based data platform comprising real-time monitoring and alerting, data lakes, data marts, visualization and reporting, data warehousing, analytics, and security cataloging, you can save significant time and resources. Join us for our webinar to learn more about modern data platform best practices and how to turn your data into a tool for innovation.

    What We’ll Cover:
    - Overview of a modern data platform and the various components from data ingestion to data warehouses leveraging services like Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Athena and AWS Lake Formation
    - Data lakes in Amazon S3 and data warehouses in Amazon Redshift and when to leverage each or a combination of both
    - Best practices and considerations for optimizing your data platform
    - Strategic approach for developing a data platform on AWS including understanding your data sources and access control, data enrichment requirements, and your data consumer to determine the best tool sets
    - Best practices and considerations for optimizing your data platform including tips on how to optimize your redshift clusters
  • Get the best of both worlds: END-TO-END SAP AUTOMATION
    Get the best of both worlds: END-TO-END SAP AUTOMATION
    Birger Tenow, Solutions Consultant, Blue Prism & Björn Alexanderson, Territory Manager, Winshuttle Jun 10 2020 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Successful businesses run SAP. Even more successful ones automates SAP.
    Across organisations, in supply-chain, manufacturing, finance, maintenance and more. Processes can be made more efficient, at a lower cost and with a higher quality using automation.
    In this seminar Blue Prism, the market leader in Intelligent automation and Winshuttle, the leader in data management and SAP process automation, presents how automation of SAP leads to direct efficiency gains, more competitive advantages and a more agile business.

    With the combined strengths of Blue Prism and Winshuttle, enterprises now have the ability to automate processes, end-to-end, more efficient than ever before.

    Presented by;
    Birger Tenow, Solutions Consultant, Blue Prism
    Björn Alexanderson, Territory Manager, Winshuttle
  • Preliminary Injunctions: How to Get Them, How to Avoid Them
    Preliminary Injunctions: How to Get Them, How to Avoid Them
    Monica Arnold (Milbank), Gary Frischling (Milbank), David Gindler (Milbank), Tom Phillips (WIPR) Jun 10 2020 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Sometimes monetary damages aren’t enough. In cases between fierce competitors—whether innovator vs innovator, or brand vs generic—an injunction at the beginning of litigation may be more valuable than monetary damages at the end.

    And for a new company with a single product, the prospect of a preliminary injunction from a well-funded rival may threaten the company’s very existence.

    This webinar will explore the strategies, arguments and evidence that have carried the day for patent holders and for accused infringers in a preliminary injunction battle.

    Among the issues to be addressed are:
    What arguments on the merits are most likely to succeed or fail?
    When are price erosion and lost market share fully compensable by money, and when do they show irreparable harm?
    Will new or different arguments be made in cases involving biosimilars, compared to small molecule drugs?
    Do the balance of hardships or the public interest ever make a difference to the outcome?

    Speakers include:
    Monica Arnold, Associate, Milbank
    Gary Frischling, Partner, Milbank
    David Gindler, Partner, Milbank