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Emerging Technologies

  • How to Integrate Virtualized Server Environments with NVMe AFAs
    How to Integrate Virtualized Server Environments with NVMe AFAs
    Matt Hebb, Product Marketing, Data Center Systems, Western Digital Recorded: Aug 21 2019 18 mins
    As you likely know, the reason companies deployed virtualization in the beginning was to get more out of their hardware – and make their lives a little easier – it is the very same reason they are deploying it today. As a result, virtualized servers are the defacto standard in today’s data centers. While, it’s true that virtualization lowers IT infrastructure costs and allows enterprises to respond to new business needs quickly, it also creates an additional layer of infrastructure complexity. Complexity that the IT team has to manage across both the ESX and storage array layer.

    We get it – it’s a double-edged sword. Virtualization is meant to lower costs and allow quicker response time, but when the infrastructure becomes complex, the resources required to manage it could increase and offset the savings you were hoping to achieve. Join us for this webinar where we’ll address how IT can more easily manage their virtual environment.

    In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to the IntelliFlash vCenter Plug-in and share how the product offers visibility into storage datastore, offers the ability to self-provision VMs, and provides a consistent snapshot of VM-level performance metrics. In addition to better understanding the IntelliFlash vCenter Plug-in, you will learn:
    >How to simplify your VMware administrative tasks
    >How to take full advantage of All-Flash Arrays to create and deploy denser, faster VMs
  • Latest Trends in TLS & SSL, Q3-2019
    Latest Trends in TLS & SSL, Q3-2019
    Dean Coclin CISSP, Vice Chair, CA/Browser Forum | Jeff Barto, CSMIE - Identity Advocate & Value Strategist Recorded: Aug 21 2019 62 mins
    This webinar updates and prepares you for the latest trends in TLS and SSL. We’ll build your awareness of current industry & market motion, suggest ideas on how to prepare, and provide insight into the future of the online security and digital certificate space. Where applicable, we’ll cover specific geographies and verticals, plus pending/trending ballots and discussion within the CA/Browser Forum.
  • Achieve Development Speed and Code Quality with Behavior Testing
    Achieve Development Speed and Code Quality with Behavior Testing
    Dr. David Brumley Recorded: Aug 20 2019 41 mins
    Join Dr. David Brumley, CEO of ForAllSecure, as he shares a proven method known as behavior testing for achieving both development speed and code quality. In this session, viewers will learn:
    -How to add continuous behavior testing to their shift-left strategy.
    -How behavior testing can help organizations not only develop quickly and securely, but also manage inherited risk from developers’ software supply chain.
    -Real-world use cases on how behavior testing is used to secure Dockerized applications.
  • Kubernetes in the Cloud (Part 3): Stateful Workloads
    Kubernetes in the Cloud (Part 3): Stateful Workloads
    Ingo Fuchs, NetApp; Paul Burt, NetApp, Mike Jochimsen, Kaminario Recorded: Aug 20 2019 58 mins
    Kubernetes is great for running stateless workloads, like web servers. It’ll run health checks, restart containers when they crash, and do all sorts of other wonderful things. So, what about stateful workloads?

    This webcast will take a look at when it’s appropriate to run a stateful workload in cluster, or out. We’ll discuss the best options for running a workload like a database on the cloud, or in the cluster, and what’s needed to set that up.

    We’ll cover:
    •Secrets management
    •Running a database on a VM and connecting it to Kubernetes as a service
    •Running a database in Kubernetes using a `stateful set`
    •Running a database in Kubernetes using an Operator
    •Running a database on a cloud managed service

    After you watch the webcast, check out our Kubernetes Links & Resources blog at http://bit.ly/KubeLinks
  • How to Win in Business with Content Intelligence
    How to Win in Business with Content Intelligence
    Colleen Jones Recorded: Aug 20 2019 57 mins
    Make smarter content decisions for better business results with content intelligence. That sounds great, but how?

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for this free, one-hour webinar with Colleen Jones, CEO of Content Science, and learn why content decisions are like playing poker. This webinar reveals secrets to succeeding with content intelligence inspired by world-class poker.

    Three Takeaways:

    • Recognize three types of content decisions that benefit from content intelligence.
    • Understand four ways content intelligence can improve content decisions.
    • Find out what it takes to win big on content.


    A content expert and Star Wars fan, Colleen Jones is the founder of Content Science, a content strategy and intelligence firm where she has advised or trained many of the world's leading organizations to become Jedi Masters of digital content. She is also the former head of content at MailChimp, the marketing platform recognized by Inc. as 2017 Company of the Year. Colleen has earned recognition as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Content Marketing by a TopRank study, a Content Change Agent by the Society for Technical Communication's Intercom Magazine, and one of the Top 50 Most Influential Content Strategists.
  • A guide to biotechnology commercialisation
    A guide to biotechnology commercialisation
    Pete Hotten Recorded: Aug 20 2019 43 mins
    Over the past century, life sciences has exploded with innovation and it continues to promise excellent commercial opportunities for those with scientific and academic research in this area. However, research on its own is not enough for these discoveries and inventions to reach their commercial potential. With over thirty years' experience in the biotechnology sector, expert Pete Hotten provides a framework for commercialisation, what to look out for in market research and how evaluating the competition can help determine next best steps.
  • The machine says….I don't know where I got that number from
    The machine says….I don't know where I got that number from
    Gary Richardson, MD, Emerging Technology, 6point6 Recorded: Aug 20 2019 27 mins
    How data lineage is more important than ever in the drive towards AI-driven analytics:

    Historically Business Intelligence and Analytics has been providing businesses with the insights into how their businesses are operating and what trends are emerging. If a number looked funny an eagled eyed executive could take action and reset the machine, in the world of AI-driven analytics these days are drawing to an end as we increase the ability of machines to take action. The result is data lineage and governance in the age of AI-driven analytics is more important than ever.

    Gary Richardson, MD, Emerging Technology, 6point6
  • The 5 Key AI Takeaways for Today's C-Suite (Presented from the UK)
    The 5 Key AI Takeaways for Today's C-Suite (Presented from the UK)
    John Spooner, H2O.ai and John Howe, H2O.ai Recorded: Aug 19 2019 51 mins
    Due to popular demand, we are presenting this webinar at a UK-friendly time!

    This discussion will explore real-world examples and how to democratize AI in your organization.

    1. Build a Data science culture
    2. Ask the right questions
    3. Connect to the community
    4. Technology considerations
    5. Trust in AI
  • BitDam Breach and Attack Simulation
    BitDam Breach and Attack Simulation
    Simon Cuthbert, BitDam Recorded: Aug 16 2019 5 mins
    Today’s cyber world is so dynamic that it makes security professionals constantly wonder if their security is sufficient. BitDam offers a FREE Email-centric Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) online tool that helps organizations assess their vulnerability immediately.
    Watch this short video to get a glimpse into this tool, including a demo that will show you how to user BitDam BAS and answer the question ‘Is my email really secure?’ within less than 20 minutes.
  • Cloud-Native Operations with Kubernetes and CI/CD
    Cloud-Native Operations with Kubernetes and CI/CD
    Paul Czarkowski, Principal Technologist, Pivotal Software Recorded: Aug 15 2019 62 mins
    Operations practices have historically lagged behind development. Agile and Extreme Programming have become common practice for development teams. In the last decade, the DevOps and SRE movements have brought these concepts to operations, borrowing heavily from Lean principles such as Kanban and Value Stream Mapping. So, how does all of this play out if we’re using Kubernetes?

    In this class, Paul Czarkowski, Principal Technologist at Pivotal, will explain how Kubernetes enables a new cloud-native way of operating software. Attend to learn:

    ● what cloud-native operations are;
    ● how to build a cloud-native CI/CD stack; and
    ● how to deploy and upgrade an application from source to production on Kubernetes.

    We look forward to you joining us.
  • Top 5 Podcasts: Digital Transformation From Cisco to GE and Beyond with Bill Ruh
    Top 5 Podcasts: Digital Transformation From Cisco to GE and Beyond with Bill Ruh
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners & Bill Ruh, CEO of Digital Business at LendLease Group Recorded: Aug 15 2019 58 mins
    Bill Ruh is CEO of Digital Business at Lendlease Group, a global developer and construction company for high rise and other real estate developments. Previously, he was the Chief Digital Officer for all of GE and CEO of GE Digital. Our conversation explored the nature of digital transformation, the considerations for creating goals and aligning the organization for success. One of the key insights is that transformation for industrial firms draws from best practices of technology companies, and the core principle is that technology companies’ missions are tied to asset optimization and better outcomes. He also shared how large companies need to think of transformation in two speeds – shorter term and longer term, where Speed 1 is the quarter to quarter focus and Speed 2 is the long term “moon shots”. He compares and contrasts the innovation mindset and approaches between startups and established companies, and shares best practices for larger companies to bridge the cultural gaps between their legacy and digital businesses. He also shares his views of the future of the construction and real estate industries enabled by the transformative impact of new technologies, which he is spearheading in his new role at Lendlease.
  • Ask the Biometrics Expert: Q&A on the current state of Biometrics
    Ask the Biometrics Expert: Q&A on the current state of Biometrics
    Susana Lopes, Biometrics Product Manager & Niamh Cassidy, Head of Content Recorded: Aug 15 2019 21 mins
    Biometric technology has been gathering traction and is becoming almost ubiquitous across a range of industries and applications. But how does it work, what are the benefits, and what do businesses need to look at when implementing the technology?

    Watch this Q&A with Onfido’s biometrics expert, Susana Lopes, to learn:
    The new trends and tech that are seeing biometrics replace traditional identifiers
    Why a single biometric isn’t a silver bullet, and why multi-factor doesn’t always mean more secure
    The difference between behavioural and biological biometrics, and which will work best for your users
    What should be on your checklist when implementing biometric solutions.
  • 5 Lessons learnt from 5 real-world AI Deployments
    5 Lessons learnt from 5 real-world AI Deployments
    Iain Brown, Head of Data Science, SAS UK&I Recorded: Aug 15 2019 46 mins
    Aiming to dispel the AI myth from the AI reality.

    This session provides practical real-world applications of AI solutions detailing the lessons learned and the pitfalls to avoid. You will understand the critical factors that will make your AI strategies successful and see what AI could deliver within your organisation.

    In addition we will discuss how to make sure AI is ethical by design, and why a governance framework is the crucial first step in ensuring AI is used in the right way.

    Speaker: Iain Brown

    Dr. Iain Brown (Twitter: @IainLJBrown) is the Head of Data Science at SAS UKI and Adjunct Professor of Marketing Analytics at University of Southampton working closely with the Financial Services sector, providing thought leadership on the topics of Risk, AI and Machine Learning.

    During his time at SAS he has been involved in delivering numerous projects, and driving innovation in the fields of AI and the corresponding fields of machine learning, deep learning and natural language understanding.

    As an experienced public speaker, he has presented at a number of internationally renowned conferences and conventions and has papers published in the European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Forecasting and the Journal of Expert Systems with Applications on the aforementioned areas of expertise
  • Today’s State of S&OE
    Today’s State of S&OE
    Hear from Victoria Chen, who has been helping F500 companies achieve supply chain operational excellence for over a decade Recorded: Aug 14 2019 33 mins
    Time is running out, so register today to save your spot.
  • Optimize Materials Knowledge and Applications with ANSYS Granta
    Optimize Materials Knowledge and Applications with ANSYS Granta
    Robert McCathren, Application Engineer, PADT, Inc. Recorded: Aug 14 2019 33 mins
    Every product is made from materials, and in order to correctly select and apply said materials, decisions need to be based on analysis on the right information. ANSYS Granta software ensures accurate, consistent, traceable materials information every time and provides the tools you need to support design, research and teaching.

    This toolkit is divided into three main products, each designed to accomplish a variety of different tasks when it comes to enabling smart material choices:

    ANSYS GRANTA MI is the leading system for materials information management in engineering enterprises. A single “gold source” for your organization’s materials IP saves time, cuts costs and eliminates risk. Capture and re-use vital knowledge about your metals, plastics and composites in order to provide reliable data for CAD, CAE and PLM, and drive material innovation, empower design, and solve materials-related business problems.

    ANSYS CES Selector is the standard tool for materials selection and graphical analysis of materials properties. A comprehensive materials data library, plus unique software tools enable you to use materials to innovate and evolve your products; quickly identify solutions to material issues; confirm and validate your choice of materials; and reduce material and development costs.

    ANSYS Materials Data allows users to gain easy access to the material property data you need for structural analysis, from within ANSYS Mechanical. Find coverage of many important materials classes, save time wasted searching for and converting data and gain greater confidence in your data inputs.

    Join PADT's Application Engineer and ANSYS Granta expert, Robert McCathren for a deep dive into the capabilities of this new release and how you can benefit from applying it in your organization.
  • How to Make a Recipe with H2O Driverless AI
    How to Make a Recipe with H2O Driverless AI
    Michelle Tanco, H2O.ai Recorded: Aug 14 2019 60 mins
    *** Please be aware that the content presented in this webinar will be technical and "code heavy." ***

    H2O Driverless AI employs the techniques of expert data scientists in an easy to use application that helps scale your data science efforts. Driverless AI empowers data scientists to work on projects faster using automation and state-of-the-art computing power from GPUs to accomplish tasks in minutes that used to take months.

    We're excited to add the ability for users, partners and customers to extend the platform with Bring-Your-Own-Recipe. Domain experts and advanced data scientists can now write their own recipes (Python snippets) and seamlessly extend Driverless AI with their favorite tools from the rich ecosystem of open-source data science and machine learning libraries. In this webinar we'll demonstrate how make a recipe with Driverless AI.

    Michelle's bio:
    Michelle is a Customer Solutions Engineer & Data Scientist for H2O.ai. Prior to H2O she worked as a Senior Data Science Consultant for Teradata, focused on leading analytics projects to solve cross-industry business problems.

    Her background is in pure math and computer science and she is passionate about applying these skills to answer real world questions. When not coding or thinking of analytics, Michelle can be found hanging out with her dog or playing ukulele.
  • How to reduce IoT device onboarding time to seconds and improve IoT security
    How to reduce IoT device onboarding time to seconds and improve IoT security
    Richard Kerslake, Intel and James Penney, Device Authority Recorded: Aug 14 2019 57 mins
    Want to realize faster IoT device onboarding with additional security capabilities such as credential management and data security?

    Today, a manual process exists where device ownership is transferred, activated in the field, configured on the network, and registered with the device owner in an IoT management platform. This time-intensive and costly process is fraught with security holes, as exemplified by recent large-scale attacks in which device manufacturers have shipped default credentials that were co-opted for botnet-style DNS attacks.

    Imagine you’re going to install 10,000 smart light bulbs in a factory. How much time should you schedule? Before they can start streaming data, you need to key in each device identity, coordinate network credentials with IT, and register each device with the operational technology (OT) smart building control platform. If you guessed 20 minutes per bulb, you’re about right. For 10,000 bulbs, you’d need almost two years!

    You can imagine that if you have thousands and thousands of devices in larger projects this leads to quite some costs.

    Once you’ve onboarded the devices, what next?
    Do you need help managing credentials such as PKI certificates or default passwords?
    Do you have the correct level of data security and privacy for your use case?
    Are you leveraging automation without human intervention for IoT devices out in the wild?

    With speakers from Intel and Device Authority, the discussion will include:
    • Secure by Design: An approach to address IoT security challenges
    • Ownership transfer, zero-touch onboarding and registering of devices (in seconds!)
    • Credential management
    • Data security
    • Automation
  • AI for Identity Verification: Going Beyond the Buzzwords
    AI for Identity Verification: Going Beyond the Buzzwords
    Parker Crockford – Director of Policy & Strategic Accounts, Onfido | Mohan Mahadevan – VP of Research, Onfido Recorded: Aug 13 2019 55 mins
    The way we verify our identities is changing. With traditional enterprises evolving and taking their operations fully digital, and newer all-digital businesses are growing exponentially, it makes sense that identity verification and KYC move online too. But in a remote setting, it’s hard for businesses to scale up their user onboarding without also increasing risk. Now, many are turning to AI-based solutions to meet that need.

    From hybrid to augmented, machine learning to deep learning, there are lots of new approaches to identity verification out there. But how can businesses tell the difference between buzzword and true black box, and what are the benefits of each?

    In this discussion, we’ll decode the various different applications of AI to the identity verification problem. We’ll also discuss how to use these new technologies to increase efficiencies at scale and provide exceptional customer experiences.

    Join this expert panel webinar to hear a dynamic panel discussion on:
    -The challenges of traditional methods of identity verification, and why enterprises are turning to AI
    -The different ways AI can be applied for more efficient identity verification
    -The benefits of a hybrid human-AI approach
    -A new identity reality: How will we be able to use our identities in future
  • Uniper | Achieving digital transformation using RPA
    Uniper | Achieving digital transformation using RPA
    Nancy Sachdeva, RPA CoE Lead, Uniper, Hamza Muhammed, AI & RPA Expert, Uniper Recorded: Aug 13 2019 49 mins
    Uniper is a leading international energy company with operations in more than 40 countries and around 12,000 employees. Uniper’s business is to provide a reliable supply of energy and related services. Its main operations include power generation in Europe and Russia and global energy trading, including a diversified gas portfolio. Uniper’s headquarters are in Düsseldorf, Germany.

    Uniper, is on its way to becoming a truly digital enterprise with Blue Prism’s connected-RPA. With RPA, the company is driving transformation of its processes and culture to deliver better outcomes.

    Achieving a top 5 position in ROM Excellence for a Blue Prism award, the Uniper team will discuss how Business Areas, IT and CoE collaborate to achieve seamless integration between digital colleagues and human colleagues. Also highlighted, will be how processes are assessed, re-designed and implemented across various parts of organization, and how a strong, internal training program ensures that Uniper’s workforce is ready to sustain its digital future.

    In this webinar you’ll find out:
    • How RPA was set up, functions and remains sustainable
    • How the governance structure was built
    • Real-life examples of use-cases that have transformed the employee and customer experience
    • How Uniper builds tomorrow’s RPA talent
    • Lessons learned - what worked and what didn’t – along the Uniper’s RPA journey

    PLEASE NOTE : the live viewers had the opportunity to view an exclusive live demo but this is not available in the recorded version.

    • Nancy Sachdeva, RPA CoE Lead, Uniper
    • Hamza Muhammed, AI & RPA Expert, Uniper
    • Dogan Dersüneli, RPA Expert, Uniper
    • Xina Seaton, VP Customer Experience, Blue Prism
  • Keynote by Emil Eifrem, CEO & Co-Founder Neo4j, at GraphTour Europe 2019,
    Keynote by Emil Eifrem, CEO & Co-Founder Neo4j, at GraphTour Europe 2019,
    Emil Eifrem, CEO & Co-Founder Neo4j Recorded: Aug 12 2019 37 mins
    See the world of opportunity that graph technology and Neo4j opens for your business!

    Emil Eifrem, CEO at Neo4j, delivers the Opening Keynote – your chance to hear first-hand what the future holds for Neo4j.
  • Turning Your Data into a Strategic Edge featuring Forrester Research
    Turning Your Data into a Strategic Edge featuring Forrester Research
    Guest Forrester Analyst Kjell Carlsson and Greg Strickland, COO at Periscope Data by Sisense Recorded: Aug 8 2019 59 mins
    Modern companies are using data to creatively disrupt industries and build new advantages. Others are creating and collecting data at an incredible pace, but still face a range of obstacles that prevent them from fully optimizing their analysis.

    Join guest Forrester Senior Analyst Kjell Carlsson and Periscope Data COO Greg Strickland as they discuss recent survey findings in the upcoming webinar “Turning Your Data into a Strategic Edge.” In the session, they’ll take a quantitative look at modern companies’ current data struggles, how they plan to get around those roadblocks and what value they expect to get with data in the future.

    Topics covered in this discussion include:
    - How companies today are using data to uncover value and gain a competitive advantage
    - What roadblocks are limiting your team’s access to data-based insights
    - Which technologies data teams are investing in today and how those teams plan to invest in the future
    - How the data revolution has changed expectations for data initiatives
  • AI: The Next Wave of Productivity in Connected Industry
    AI: The Next Wave of Productivity in Connected Industry
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners Recorded: Aug 8 2019 55 mins
    This special webinar presentation focuses on Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing the nature of Connected Industry.

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are increasing productivity and accelerating the evolution of next generation solutions in the industrial IoT. In our webinar we will explore the "state of the union" around AI - the investment climate and key developments in research and business applications. We discuss some of the key considerations, risks and opportunities as AI technologies have become integrated into more parts of the economy. We also feature two innovative firms that are applying AI transform their businesses - Senseye and RevTwo.

    We will take a look at:

    - How and where AI is accelerating the ability to create value from IoT data
    - Key trends in AI Investment and research
    - Focus on companies that are successfully leveraging AI technologies in their Connected Industry offerings
    - Where you can benefit from growing use of AI in your business
  • Engaging users and boosting advertising with AI
    Engaging users and boosting advertising with AI
    IBC365 | Media Distillery | Liberty Global | Grey Media Recorded: Aug 8 2019 63 mins
    The battle is on to win audiences and grow revenues - not only by having great content, but by delivering consistent improvements to user experiences and advertising models.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are creating new ways for content and platform owners to engage with consumers and compete in the new digital market.

    This webinar explores how cutting-edge AI and ML technology can:

    - Transform the way viewers discover and interact with content by extracting images, metadata and context
    - Analyse video to offer contextual advertising and increase revenues
    - Increase the value of existing video assets via content-based search and recommendations
    - Enable established operators to stay relevant for younger, digital-native viewers

    Martin Prins, product owner, Media Distillery
    Susanne Rakels, senior manager discovery & personalisation, Liberty Global
    Ruhel Ali, founder/director, Grey Media
  • What is your (Computer) Vision of AI?
    What is your (Computer) Vision of AI?
    Federica Citterio, Data Scientist, SAS Global Technology Practice Recorded: Aug 8 2019 32 mins
    While some still associate Artificial Intelligence with robots taking over the world, we are surrounded by far more realistic and beneficial examples of AI in our everyday life.

    Find out how applications of computer vision reinforce the interplay between man and machine.

    About the Webinar:

    In the last few years, the field of machine learning has made tremendous progress around computer vision. Convolutional neural networks can achieve reasonable performance on difficult visual recognition tasks – matching or even exceeding human performance in some domains.

    In this session we will explore successful use cases for computer Vision including various industries and aspects of everyday life. We want to uncover the value of moving your AI projects out of the lab and into the business.

    Speaker: Federica Citterio

    Federica is a Data Scientist at SAS, working across EMEA on the latest SAS technologies involving Artificial Intelligence. She is excited about combining business and data science to help companies make better decisions, grounded in trusted data and assisted by analytics

    Federica holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics from University of Milan, majoring in Statistics, Probability and Numerical Analysis.
  • Content Meets Data: Building Bridges using Knowledge Graphs as a Base
    Content Meets Data: Building Bridges using Knowledge Graphs as a Base
    Rahel Anne Bailie & Thomas Burg Recorded: Aug 7 2019 61 mins
    Large tech companies have been hoarding data and information for years, many of it sitting in various departments, untouched. Organizations are beginning to understand the need for automation to process all of their unstructured and structured data into meaningful knowledge, helping to drive content and creating new forms of distribution channels with the help of augmented intelligence. 

    Join Paul Perrotta, The Technical Communication Wrangler for this free one-hour webinar. Paul’s special guests will be Thomas Burg, Business Solution Architect at Semantic Web Company (PoolParty), and Director of Content for Babylon Health, Rahel Anne Bailie. Attendees will learn about leveraging an organization’s content offerings and how to optimize its production and delivery to help meet your goals.

    This webinar will also discuss the importance of using Semantic AI in Knowledge Graphs, including:

    • Learning how to develop and deliver strategic content solutions based on semantic knowledge models

    • Showing you how to link content to external data sources and the benefits it can bring to a content strategy

    • Demonstrating to data engineers how to benefit from semantic text mining

  • Payments & Retail: the impact of friendly fraud
    Payments & Retail: the impact of friendly fraud
    BRC & The Chargeback Company Aug 22 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This webinar will explore how retailers can manage payment disputes and stop revenue loss with key trend analysis and case study examples.
  • How to overcome the challenges of a computer vision project
    How to overcome the challenges of a computer vision project
    Matthew Stainer & Haidar Altaie, SAS UK&I Aug 22 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    From recognizing faces to processing the live action of a football game, computer vision opens many exciting possibilities.

    Find out what it takes to really capitalize on advancements in AI.

    Many Data Scientists tend to get very excited about deep learning. And why not? It has strongly contributed to the further development of game-changing applications like computer vision or Neural Language Processing.

    However, before starting any computer vision endeavours, it pays to zoom in on some basics: Using a repeatable end-to-end process – to guide you through image pre-processing, deep learning and productionising your models - will help ensure your deep learning models are as accurate as possible and take your models out of the lab and drive actual business value.

    Speakers: Matthew Stainer & Haidar Altaie

    Matthew is a Principal Data Scientist at SAS UKI, supporting customers to enhance their businesses decision making. He works across the analytical technologies including data mining and forecasting. His particular areas of interest and expertise is text analysis, identifying the impact of analytical solutions on business processes and communicating the results of analysis to a business audience. He has specific experience in Customer Management solutions, including Complaints Analysis, NPS, Customer Analysis, Optimisation, Decision Management, Recommendation Engines, Campaign Management, Debt Management and Web Analytics.

    Haidar is a Data Scientist at SAS UKI. He joined SAS in September 2018 after graduating from University with a Mathematics and Statistics degree, and is passionate about integrating the analytical skills he’s learned across growing industries to enable customers to solve complex real life issues.
  • WebRTC and You
    WebRTC and You
    Adam Bavosa Aug 22 2019 4:00 pm UTC 20 mins
    Have you ever thought about building your own Skype or Google Hangouts video chat? It is necessary in futuristic connected shared experiences. Here’s the easy way to do it!
    Adam will go over: - What WebRTC is - Why it is important for developers - How it works - The necessary code to integrate WebRTC into a video chat app - and finally, write a simple website that uses WebRTC. Audience members need only a basic understanding of front-end web development to be engaged.
    PubNub has been an essential resource for WebRTC app development since its inception. Adam Bavosa has taken it upon himself to learn how to develop thoroughly with PubNub and WebRTC, so he can spread the word, and reduce friction for developers building video chat.
  • Top 5 Podcasts: Helping Industrial IoT Become a Reality with Dr. Richard Soley
    Top 5 Podcasts: Helping Industrial IoT Become a Reality with Dr. Richard Soley
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners & Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group Aug 22 2019 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    Richard Soley is Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and founding partner of the IoT Solutions World Congress. In this special edition of the Edge Podcast recorded on site in Barcelona, he shares some of the notable developments coming out of the conference.

    The IoT Solutions World Congress is differentiated from other events through the focus on end users and case studies, showcasing test bed work shepherded by the IIC. In our conversation, Richard Soley shares stories and examples of notable work underway, the potential for productivity gains across industries, and the view that manufacturing represents the industry with the most to gain from connecting assets and advanced analytics. Additionally he discusses the launch of the IIC’s new Resource Hub. Finally he shares a fascinating story about standards that connected the design of Space Shuttle booster with the Ancient Romans.
  • Making Microservices Smarter with Istio, Envoy and Pivotal Service Mesh
    Making Microservices Smarter with Istio, Envoy and Pivotal Service Mesh
    Brian McClain, Assoc. Principal Product Marketing Manager & Tyler Britten, Sr. Principal Technologist, Pivotal Aug 22 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As the popularity of microservices continues to rise, so does the need for an efficient means of intercommunication. Features such as service discovery, client-side load balancing, and circuit breakers become invaluable tools as the complexity of your landscape grows. Thus, the rising popularity of the service mesh as means of delivering those capabilities.

    While this technology space is still young, Istio and Envoy have already become the tools that many use to solve these problems. The Pivotal Application Service (PAS) integration with these solutions introduced weighted routing and guaranteed service identity—and now we’re bringing these features to Pivotal Container Service (PKS) via the new Pivotal Service Mesh.

    In this webinar, we’ll explore why a service mesh matters and how Pivotal Service Mesh works, and we’ll give you a sneak peak into its future.
  • Cost Optimize Your Success in the Cloud
    Cost Optimize Your Success in the Cloud
    Mike Boudreau, Director of Cloud Optimization at Mission Aug 22 2019 5:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    There is a lot of information out there about saving money/cost optimization on AWS, but a lot of it comes with a catch. In this webinar, the Director of Cloud Optimization at Mission, Mike Boudreau, will identify these potential snags and how to avoid them, so you can optimize your success in the cloud.
  • What's New in H2O Driverless AI
    What's New in H2O Driverless AI
    Arno Candel, CTO at H2O.ai Aug 22 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    H2O Driverless AI employs the techniques of expert data scientists in an easy to use platform that helps scale your data science efforts. Driverless AI empowers data scientists to work on projects faster using automation and state-of-the-art computing power from GPUs to accomplish tasks in minutes that used to take months. In this webinar we'll highlight what's new in Driverless AI.

    Arno's bio:
    Arno Candel is the Chief Technology Officer at H2O.ai. He is the main committer of H2O-3 and Driverless AI and has been designing and implementing high-performance machine-learning algorithms since 2012. Previously, he spent a decade in supercomputing at ETH and SLAC and collaborated with CERN on next-generation particle accelerators.

    Arno holds a PhD and Masters summa cum laude in Physics from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He was named “2014 Big Data All-Star” by Fortune Magazine and featured by ETH GLOBE in 2015. Follow him on Twitter: @ArnoCandel.
  • Use Cases for Conversational AI in the Automotive Industry
    Use Cases for Conversational AI in the Automotive Industry
    Siem Uittenhout, Ann Knox, Yelena Kasianova Aug 27 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Conversational AI is changing the way people interact with technology.

    From speech-enabled interfaces, through to intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that customers are looking for a more humanlike, natural experience.

    Teneo is one of the most human-like experiences available in commercial conversational AI today, providing the complex capabilities required to create the simple, intuitive experience that your customer demands, while increasing customer engagement. With Teneo, a chatbot can be trained to go beyond the typical 85% understanding mark of competitor products to deliver near-perfect results every time.

    Join Siem Uittenhout, Presales Consultant at Artificial Solutions as he demos a Teneo built automotive solution called the Smart SatNav assistant. As well as, Ann Knox, who will discuss our current live solutions with a client in the automotive industry.


    Introducing Teneo Developers, a new comprehensive resource to allow enterprise developers and partners fast access to experience the power of Teneo. Visit www.teneo.ai to get started for free.
  • Don’t rush into RPA, start with IPA
    Don’t rush into RPA, start with IPA
    Andrew Tarry, Director of Engineering, Digital Transformation, 6point6 and Chris Porter, Managing Director, Digital Transform Aug 28 2019 10:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Companies are embracing automation technology to reduce the effort for high-volume, laborious and repeatable processes. But a great deal of this automation technology is implemented in isolation, which ties you into existing systems and hampers your digital transformation journey. Instead, combining existing process management with both RPA and AI when looking to realise value-driven transformation ultimately creates a more efficient and productive outfit, solving your operational efficiency problems.

    In this interview with Andrew Tarry, Director of Engineering, we will explore why automation isn’t always the solution. There is a need for expertise in process modeling and to look at the whole organisation’s processes otherwise you’ll miss the bigger picture. RPA does put power into the business but we advise caution as it tends to end up with a proliferation of robots. Instead, this interview will explore how best to use RPA to turn legacy systems into modern processes, and how to move towards Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

    Join the 6point6 Director of Engineering, Andrew Tarry, and Chris Porter, Managing Director, as they uncover the best approach to automating business processes.

    About the speakers:

    Andrew Tarry, Director of Engineering, Digital Transformation, 6point6

    Chris Porter, Managing Director, Digital Transformation, 6point6
  • How to Modernize Your Data Protection with Flash and Cloud
    How to Modernize Your Data Protection with Flash and Cloud
    Director, Data Protection Solutions Aug 28 2019 5:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    Massive data growth, increasing application density, and compliance requirements are driving organizations to deploy more efficient data protection solutions. As a result, backup and storage admins are leveraging snapshots, in-line deduplication, and new NVMe Flash technology to drive 24x7 operations, continuous data protection, and improve RTOs and increase the RPO SLAs with an on-premises cloud.

    We invite you to join us for this webinar to learn how:
    >Modernizing your backup and recovery operations for virtual and physical infrastructure can transform your business
    >NVMe unlocks the true potential of solid-state flash technology
    >Flash and Cloud Object Storage Systems from Western Digital integrate with Veeam and Rubrik stacks to accelerate your storage and data protection services
  • Tech Docs & API Docs Under One Roof for Exceptional Content Experiences
    Tech Docs & API Docs Under One Roof for Exceptional Content Experiences
    Joe Gelb, President of Zoomin Software Aug 28 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Developers are moving their API content out of traditional help tools to create a better user experience. However, this means users now need to find the content they need in two separate places, creating a disruptive, inconsistent user experience that puts your hard work to waste.

    With the growth of Software as a Service (SaaS), writing API documentation is fast becoming a major part of the success of technical content managers, ensuring that your users find, and are able to use, content in the way they need it, at the time they need it, on the device they need it, and in the language of their choosing.

    Great companies make sure their overall content strategy is holistic, and that all this content, including APIs, is united under one roof.

    Join Paul Perrotta, the Technical Communication Wrangler, and his special guest, Joe Gelb, President and Head of Business Development at Zoomin Software for this free, one-hour webinar. Joe will guide you through case studies of companies that successfully unified their technical and API documentation publishing, so you can do it too.

    Key takeaways:

    • Understand how API docs will impact on your success
    • Come to grips with commonly-used API doc formats
    • Learn how others successfully streamlined tech docs and API docs with amazing results
  • High Frequency Electromagnetics Updates in ANSYS 2019 R2
    High Frequency Electromagnetics Updates in ANSYS 2019 R2
    Michael Griesi, Lead Electromagnetics Engineer, PADT, Inc. Aug 28 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator) employs versatile solvers and an intuitive GUI to provide unparalleled performance plus deep insight into a wide variety of 3D EM problems. ANSYS HFSS is the premier EM tool for R&D and virtual design prototyping. It reduces design cycle time and boosts your product’s reliability and performance.

    The ANSYS HFSS simulation suite consists of a comprehensive set of solvers to address diverse electromagnetic problems ranging in detail and scale from passive IC components to extremely large-scale EM analyses. Its reliable automatic adaptive mesh refinement allow users to focus on the design instead of spending time determining and creating the best mesh. This automation and guaranteed accuracy differentiates HFSS from all other EM simulators, which require manual user control and multiple solutions to ensure that the generated mesh is suitable and accurate.

    Join PADT's Lead Electromagnetics Engineer Michael Griesi for a look at what new capabilities are available for HFSS users in ANSYS 2019 R2. This presentation will focus on updates including:

    - Solve speed
    - Electronics Desktop
    - ANSYS Cloud
    - Post processing
    - And much more
  • Gas v Liquid and Subcritical v Supercritical
    Gas v Liquid and Subcritical v Supercritical
    Andy Joseph/Nick Prystash Aug 28 2019 6:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    With the recent revelations on leak detection, hydraulic pumps and it’s inefficiencies, Andy and Nick look at the topics of gas v liquid pumping and subcritical vs supercritical. Learn more about technologies and principles that Apeks has been touting for years!
  • Tips & Tricks: Introduction to WebAPIs
    Tips & Tricks: Introduction to WebAPIs
    Michael Lowe, Bimal Sebastian, Platform Consultants | Matt Juden-Bloomfield, Head of RPA, Blue Prism Aug 29 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Companies of all sizes around the globe are using the power of connected-RPA to integrate their Digital Workforce to both internal and external systems.

    In this webinar, our team of Blue Prism experts will cover high-level best practices for leveraging Web Services (REST) with your Digital Workforce.

    Key concepts that will be discussed during this live session will be:
    • What is the difference between Web Services/WebAPIs/Skills?
    • Why use a Web Service instead of a graphical interface?
    • Downloading existing skills from the Digital Exchange

    With a hands-on demonstration of:
    • API Documentation
    • Creating a WebAPI
    • Basic WebAPI Settings
    • Authenticating against the web service
    • Creating your first action
    • Receiving a response within a process
    • Configuring the WebAPI using headers
    • Passing data using parameters

    • Michael Lowe, Senior Consultant, Blue Prism
    • Bimal Sebastian, Platform Consultant (Solutions Architecture), Blue Prism
    • Matt Juden-Bloomfield, Head of RPA, Blue Prism

    This live webinar will give the audience to ask their questions directly to our panellists. If you are not able to make it on the day, a recording will be made available at this same location shortly afterwards.
  • Navigating the future of work
    Navigating the future of work
    BRC & Kronos Sep 3 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Tune in on the 3rd September at 2pm to join discussions on how the delivery of the ‘Good Work Plan’ and recent ECJ rulings will impact the future of work and how technology can empower your workforce to deliver sustainable performance.
  • CAR-T and other immunotherapies
    CAR-T and other immunotherapies
    Iain Armstrong (Partner, HGF), Sarah Morgan (Senior Writer, LSIPR) Sep 3 2019 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Immunotherapies, such as CAR-T cells, are a hugely promising therapeutic area, both in terms of clinical benefits and potential market size.
    While the treatments are complicated and expensive, they have proven remarkably effective in achieving positive outcomes in forms of cancer that are otherwise difficult to treat. As a result, their clinical use has recently been approved in both the US and Europe.
    The webinar will consider how commercial and technological developments have also impacted patent filings in this area. As the field becomes increasingly crowded, the likelihood of obtaining very broad patent protection decreases. However, the number of patent filings continues to grow dramatically.
  • Automated media workflows in the cloud
    Automated media workflows in the cloud
    IBC365 | IBM Aspera | BASE Media Cloud Sep 3 2019 2:30 pm UTC 75 mins
    Across the media and entertainment industry, more organisations are moving to modern, cloud-based applications to meet growing demands for scale and flexibility.

    As a complement to the scale and efficiency of high-volume cloud-based IT operations, process automation can greatly streamline media workflows.

    In this webinar, learn about the new automation functionality available in IBM Aspera on Cloud and how it can transform routine processes.

    BASE Media Cloud will join IBM Aspera to describe purpose-built cloud workflows for digital media companies, including automated quality control and content distribution.

    James Wilson, director of engineering, SaaS, IBM Aspera
    Ben Foakes, managing director, BASE Media Cloud
  • How to Build Trust & Secure Online Connections
    How to Build Trust & Secure Online Connections
    Head of Fraud at Onfido, Michael Van Gestel & Global Partnership Manager at iovation, Gavin Barker Sep 3 2019 3:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    Onfido and iovation have teamed up to examine how companies in the Demand Economy balance detecting and eliminating fraudulent account activity, provide safe and seamless authentication/authorization experiences, and maintain compliance in digital environments across any industry. You will hear from world-renowned fraud expert and Onfido Head of Fraud, Michael Van Gestel, who will dive into current fraud techniques and challenges in a digital world. Many government agencies count on Michael’s expertise and training - including global airports and Interpol - to detect the most innovative and clever forms of fraud.

    You will learn:

    - Keys to ensuring provider and consumer safety and how to create a trusted digital business
    - Ways to make the internet a safer and more trustworthy place to do business
    - How to build trusted and secure online connections for your members/clients
    - Steps you can take to protect your business and your members/clients
  • Real world examples of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance
    Real world examples of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance
    Georgios Kapetanvasileiou, Lead Data Scientist, SAS, UK&I Sep 4 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cutting through the hype of Machine Learning and AI, we will take you through a practical application of how Machine Learning was effectively used in the insurance industry. Learn how organisations are deriving actionable insight from AI applications and the business value they deliver today. This will further clarify the role of human ML expertise in the development process, both now and in future machine learning and analytics process modernisation
  • How to Manage Your Data Growth with Oracle® or SQL Server®
    How to Manage Your Data Growth with Oracle® or SQL Server®
    Matthew Morris, Sr. Solutions Manager, Data Center Systems, Western Digital Sep 4 2019 5:00 pm UTC 17 mins
    There is no slowing down the amount of data that companies are collecting, managing, and trying to decipher to understand how to shape their business, both today and for the future. With all of this data, there are growing constraints on how it can be stored and leveraged for actionable insights, and there are a number of technology considerations and questions, including, for example:

    >Is it better to store in the cloud or deploy a hybrid cloud initiative?
    >What’s the difference between scaling out and scaling up? Which should we consider?
    >How do you manage your data growth Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server?

    In this webinar, we will answer those questions while also sharing how IntelliFlash NVMe™ simplifies data management challenges. We will dive into the traditional infrastructure elements, such as capacity, performance, and consumption of data, and how Oracle and SQL Server databases have developed scale-out and scale-up approaches. We will provide guidance on how to work with these topologies. Through various use-cases, we will share the impact that these architectures can have on infrastructures, specifically how NVMe and/or all-flash arrays enable a flexible, scalable infrastructure that accelerates time to insights.
  • See it differently: IBC2019 preview
    See it differently: IBC2019 preview
    IBC365 | Worldcast Connect | Nutanix Sep 5 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Your ticket to getting the most out of IBC with the help of some of the most innovative exhibitors on the show floor and experienced industry experts.

    Explore what's new this year, and find out which cutting-edge trends to seek out, including:
    •Controlling and monitoring more efficient, automated media supply chains.
    •Mapping the rise of cloud and software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure.
    •Delivering compelling user experiences for staff and consumers alike.
    •Emerging business and technology models for broadcast and digital media.

    Let us be your guide to IBC2019, helping you navigate the exhibition, conference and content features. And don't miss our IBC hacks: essential tips and tricks for getting the most out of IBC, the RAI and your time in Amsterdam.
  • Blockchain: Using technology to protect copyright in a new age
    Blockchain: Using technology to protect copyright in a new age
    Jeferson Staelens (Orbit Seed), Alessia Parassina (Brandstock), Sarah Morgan (WIPR) Sep 10 2019 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    WIPR and Brandstock are hosting a complimentary webinar on the exciting possibilities blockchain offers copyright owners.
    Our expert speakers will guide listeners through the latest blockchain developments, including the security of blockchain tools, the value of blockchain-stamped evidence, and the improvements it can make to licence agreements—plus much more.
  • John Lewis | An inside look at how RPA is transforming retail
    John Lewis | An inside look at how RPA is transforming retail
    Alec Sutherland, Partner & Automation Technical Lead (RPA & AI) Sep 10 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    As a leading UK retailer, John Lewis stays ahead with a galvanizing, company-wide, vision for Blue Prism’s connected-RPA of ‘better jobs, better performance and better pay.’ This helps drive the appetite for sustainable, transformation - via continual improvement of its automated processes – across business units, to generate greater productivity – and highly fulfilled staff - who consistently deliver a better service.

    The John Lewis team will discuss how it uses intelligent automation to address the unique challenges faced by large retailers - that includes peaks in work volume and fulfilling price-promise requests. Also highlighted, will be how the retailer meets a growing demand for automation, reduces automation adoption barriers and how the wider business can self-serve on management information, to gain previously unknown insights – so continual improvement is achieved.

    In this webinar you’ll find out:
    • How a highly defined, scalable, RPA CoE meets demand and delivers sustainable results
    • How and why a culture of continual RPA improvement is being delivered across the business
    • Real-life examples of use-cases that have improved both the employee and customer experience
    • Lessons learned - what worked and what didn’t – along the John Lewis’ RPA journey

    • Alec Sutherland, Partner & Automation Technical Lead (RPA & AI)
    • Matt Juden-Bloomfield, Head of RPA, Blue Prism
  • SAP HANA® Memory Expansion - On-Premises and Cloud - at a Better TCO
    SAP HANA® Memory Expansion - On-Premises and Cloud - at a Better TCO
    Chris Marsh – Western Digital Marketing; Nir Paikowsky – VP OEM Enablement, ScaleMP, Inc. Sep 10 2019 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    SAP HANA data sets are growing to multible terabytes. Growing SAP HANA data sets don’t have to mean significant computing infrastructure costs to scale HANA for cloud or on-premises deployments. From this webinar, you’ll learn:
    - Scale TBs of system memory for SAP HANA data sets at a better TCO
    - Works for HANA On-Premises deployments and HANA Cloud Infrastructure/Services
    - How to expand HANA server memory in a cost-effective manner vs. DRAM configs
    - Overview on HANA system memory configs for: single instance, multi-tenancy, non-production environments, etc.
    - How a better HANA compute infrastructure TCO can be achieved using Ultrastar® DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive to scale HANA memory pools with fewer nodes and at a reduced DRAM costs

    Intended audience: Cloud Architects, SAP HANA managers, SAP BASIS Admins, “HANA-as-a-Service” providers
  • Learn How to Easily Use AI Against Your Production Database
    Learn How to Easily Use AI Against Your Production Database
    Eric Gudgion, H2O.ai Sep 10 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    H2O Driverless AI is an award-winning automatic machine learning platform. With Driverless AI, everyone including expert and junior data scientists, domain scientists, and data engineers can develop trusted machine learning models.

    Once Driverless AI models are created, they often are used in production for scoring against production data and this data usually resides in a Database. This session will show how to use data in a database to quickly score.

    Eric's bio:
    Eric is a Senior Principal Solutions Architect, he is passionate about performance and scalability. Eric’s role enables him to help customers adopt h2o within their enterprises.