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Monthly Webinars to Align Your Talent and Business Strategy

Right Management is a global leader in talent and career management workforce solutions within ManpowerGroup. The firm designs and delivers solutions to align talent strategy with business strategy. Expertise spans Talent Assessment, Leader Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Employee Engagement, and Workforce Transition and Outplacement. With offices in over 50 countries, Right Management partners with companies of all sizes–including more than 80% of the Fortune 500–to help grow and engage their talent, increase productivity and optimize business performance.

Our webinars connect you to leading experts who deliver the latest insights on topics to better align your talent strategy with your business strategy.

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Best Practices in Oil & Gas: Outplacement & Organizational Realignment Evelien Spoelstra, HR Manager, Statoil, Rhonda Gorman, VP Business Development, Right Management Join us for a 10-minute webisode to learn best practices on outplacement and organizational re-alignment! Read more >
Jul 7 2015
9 mins
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  • Precipitous drops in oil processes and prices have resulted in declines in drilling and exploration, causing a round of layoffs to be announced by those hit hardest in the downturn. Earnings are down for companies that have made record profits in recent years, forcing them to decommission rigs and sharply cut investments in exploration and production.

    Challenges related to commodity price shifts coupled with the impending retirement of senior leaders and skilled workers is forcing smart organizations to consider how they weather the downturn while still investing in talent development. How can leaders prevent the creation of supply gaps that will hinder their ability to take advantage of longer term energy innovation and sector growth?

    Join us for our upcoming webinar, "Volatility in the Oil & Gas Industry: The Impact on Talent and Workforce" to learn about talent strategies to help you be successful in the short term while creating long term opportunity for your organization. We’ll discuss:

    + Talent strategies for balancing short term pressures with long term growth potential
    + Using career development and outplacement as workforce strategies
    + Strategies for Leadership to communicate how to succeed amidst the volatility and instability of commodity markets

    Our thought leaders have over 30 years of experience building and delivering innovative talent strategies, development programs and outplacement services across the globe. Join us to hear them share their insights and recommendations for your organization.
  • In a recent study completed by Right Management, few organizations report feeling confident in their leadership pipeline. Only 13% cite they have ample talent to cover their future needs.

    In what ManpowerGroup has termed the Human Age, talent is getting unprecedented recognition as a key determinant of business success. High potential talent is a critical component to the overall talent strategy and affects future business growth and transformation.

    Join us as we share insights and best practices on identifying, assessing and developing your high potential talent.
    • Understand how organizations are prioritizing talent identification and development investments.
    • Learn what companies are doing to develop the talent they need and recognize the skillsets they currently lack.
    • Uncover key actions needed to improve leader pipeline and talent management strategy.
    • How you measure the impact on both the individual and the organization.

    We look forward to having you join us!
  • In most companies, the bulk of the workforce is starved for career development attention. There are programs for top executives, for onboarding new hires, for nurturing high potentials, even remedial plans to lift the lagging performers. But the middle layer of consistently performers who make the organizational engine run, day in and day out, typically get scant attention when it comes to their career aspirations and options.

    When organizations provide career development opportunities, employees are six times more likely to be engaged. When employees are prepared and motivated to manage their own careers within organizations and given the tools to support both lateral and vertical mobility, the company benefits at all levels.

    Are you building a program or a culture? You decide. During our session, you'll learn:
    • Why this is imperative for your organization to remain competitive, enabling talent attraction, retention and engagement
    • The level of commitment required to implement something like this in your organization
    • How you infuse this concept into your employees to be personally accountable
    • What tools and resources you can put in place to support your employees career development needs
  • Organizations around the world frequently right-size to realign talent. They need to be prepared for the possibility of change with competitive severance practices in place.

    By taking care of departing employees, future retention and recruitment initiatives become aligned with the overall talent strategy and can increase employee engagement. Engagement is the single biggest driver of productivity, which is at the core of organizational performance.

    Join us to learn more about how outplacement can be used effectively to improve employee engagement and employer brand, while mitigating risk over the long term. We will be joined by Brian Dixon of Littler, who will share his observations about compliance challenges in proposing and securing comprehensive and binding separation agreements from employees.

    During our session, you’ll learn how outplacement can:
    • Increase preparedness for organizational change
    • Manage talent fluctuations
    • Improve workforce effectiveness
    • Avoid costly litigation
    • Deliver on business objectives
    • Maintain positive brand image
  • Lack of future leaders was cited as a top concern by an average of 25% of employers globally, as identified by our study of over 2,000 senior managers and human resource professionals from 14 countries. As we face a year of certain uncertainty, companies are streamlining talent investments and making precise decisions to accelerate the performance of high potential employees and leadership talent.
    Join us to discuss:
    •What to expect of talent management in the year ahead.
    •The obstacles and opportunities companies are facing when developing leadership and high potential talent.
    •Best practice guidelines for high impact leadership development to return the greatest value on your talent investments.
  • As leaders, you are all being challenged to find new ways of engaging your employees to drive productivity and meet business goals. Unleashing your employees' potential will be the most important competitive edge to drive future success and growth.
    +Do your managers develop their people and drive the talent pipeline by having effective career discussions with their employees?
    +Do your employees take ownership for navigating and managing their own careers in ways that will support your business needs?
  • The Leadership Pipeline Challenge
    +In a recent poll of more than 700 U.S. employees, eighty-six percent said they plan to actively look for a new position in 2013
    +Right Management surveyed 411 employees in the U.S. and Canada and found that two-thirds are either unsatisfied or somewhat unsatisfied with their current job.
    +More than one in two employers is convinced other companies are seeking to hire away their top people.
    Keynote Presentation
    +Your ability to identify, retain and develop high potential employees is the most important remaining differentiator in business today.
    +In order to best identify, retain and develop your top talent, you have to know with certainty who your top talent is.
    +The use of valid and business focused assessment processes is the best way to understand the potential of your current talent. You will learn the most effective approaches to assessing talent in order to more accurately identify those with the highest potential for future success.
    +You will learn what other organizations are doing to assess and develop their future high potential leaders

    ManpowerGroup is the world leader at identifying workforce trends and creating innovative workforce solutions to address critical business challenges

    Right Management is a global leader in talent management workforce solutions who designs and delivers solutions to align talent strategy with business strategy. Our consultants are experts at working with organizations to define their unique talent requirements based on business objectives, assessing their current bench strength and creating developmental solutions to maximize human potential.
  • Many organizations are finding that product or solution selling can only take you so far and that value selling is the competitive advantage needed to succeed in today’s economy. If your sales team sold value instead of product, what could that do for your organization and your bottom line?

    Right Management and Next Level Sales Consulting – along with guest speaker Kevin Morrissey from Enterprise Fleet Management -- are pleased to offer you this complimentary briefing to discuss:
    +Why leading organizations are positioning their sales force to sell value, as opposed to products or solutions
    +How organizations can select and develop sales staff who can sell value
    +The critical role of senior leaders in driving the transformation to sell value
    +What specific skills are needed to sell value and how this process worked at Enterprise Fleet Management

    Right Management has experience in working with leading organizations to transform their sales force by identifying what it takes to be successful and assessing against those requirements.

    We partner with thought leaders like Next Level Sales Consulting to design high-impact sales force development programs.
    The Next Level Sales Consulting has worked with industry leading organizations that are committed to improving their sales and customer service capabilities. We have successfully improved the skills and behaviors of over 100,000 sales professionals and managers and increased the key metrics that matter most to our clients.

    We hope you can join us!
  • Leading in a global environment is challenging and cultural differences become more important factors in understanding leadership and providing effective initiatives to support intercultural work assignments.

    Right Management and Tucker International partnered to complete a groundbreaking study of nearly 2,000 leaders from 13 nationalities to learn more about:
    • The most important intercultural competencies required of global leaders
    • How these competencies differ across nationalities
    • The behaviors that are most strongly predictive of leadership success in intercultural environments

    As a trusted partner, Right management is uniquely positioned in this area, with global resources and local knowledge of leadership development in the countries in which you operate.

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