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End User Computing

  • Balancing Compliance and Value in Data Management Initiatives
    Balancing Compliance and Value in Data Management Initiatives
    Ian Rowlands, ASG; Bob Cumberbatch; Consultant; Gaurav Bansal, RCloud Consulting; Garry Manser, Visa Recorded: Dec 10 2018 60 mins
    Over the past few years, about 90% of data management has been dedicated to the operational requirements of data governance and regulatory compliance, but this is changing rapidly as financial institutions look to exploit and drive business value from data.

    At a growing number of institutions, close to 70% of data management resource is focused on understanding data and implementing analytics that help the business work faster, smarter and identify new opportunities.

    How can you shift the balance between operations and business analytics safely and successfully, and ensure investment in data management initiatives delivers proportionate business value?

    Join this webinar to find out more about:
    - The shift from operations to business led data management
    - Ongoing challenges and solutions of regulatory compliance
    - How to identify value in data and drive business benefit
    - Approaches to balancing operational and business needs
    - Technology tools and solutions to sustain the balance
    - Ensuring return on investment in data management initiatives
  • Post Perimeter Security 101 - Protecting a border-less world
    Post Perimeter Security 101 - Protecting a border-less world
    Aaron Cockerill, Chief Strategy Officer Recorded: Dec 7 2018 29 mins
    What is currently happening the world of security?

    Gartner predicts that 80% of worker tasks will take place on a mobile device by 2020.*

    The perimeter has disappeared. Employees work from anywhere in the world and their devices access corporate data from cloud services outside of traditional security perimeters. Securing data in the post-perimeter world requires organisations enforce their endpoints and establish continuous conditional access to data based on risk.

    During this webinar Aaron Cockrill, CSO at Lookout will talk about:

    - What does a post-perimeter world mean to enterprise security?
    - Why mobility changes the enterprise security paradigm?
    - How to protect data when accessed from outside the corporate perimeter?
    - What are the current and emerging threats?

    * Source Gartner, "Prepare for Unified Endpoint Management to Displace MDM and CMT" June 2018
  • Deep Learning for Hackers
    Deep Learning for Hackers
    Joshua Saxe, Chief Data Scientist, Sophos Recorded: Dec 6 2018 54 mins
    Anyone who keeps up with technology news has read about deep neural networks beating human champions at Go, achieving breakthrough accuracy at voice recognition, and generally driving today's major advances in artificial intelligence. Little has been said about the ways deep neural network approaches are quietly achieving analogous breakthroughs in intrusion detection.

    Join this webcast as we demystify deep neural network (deep learning) concepts and prove how predictive security can protect against unknown threats.

    This session will cover:

    - How deep learning detects cyberattacks before they happen
    - Latest research from SophosLabs
    - How to launch your own deep neural networks
  • Трансформация рабочих мест
    Трансформация рабочих мест
    Вадим Тихонычев, Руководитель направления клиентских решений Recorded: Dec 5 2018 52 mins
    Pабота больше не ассоциируется с фиксированным рабочим местом. Работники хотят иметь возможности выбора, чтобы оставаться на связи и быть продуктивнымии там, где и когда им нужно. У них есть своя весомая точка зрения, свой взгляд на технологии. Чтобы успешно провести трансформацию рабочих мест, необходимо учитывать как потребности конечного пользователя, так и потребности ИТ. Модернизация оборудования решает лишь половину проблемы. Организации также должны проанализировать, как они управляют, поддерживают и защищают свои ПК, и найти более эффективные и результативные решения для удовлетворения потребностей современных сотрудников.
  • Expecting the future with 4SIGHT
    Expecting the future with 4SIGHT
    Eric Hanselman - Chief Analyst, Robert Mahowald - Senior Vice President, and Simon Robinson - Senior Vice President Recorded: Dec 4 2018 53 mins
    Planning for the future is a complicated business. Organizations have to align business objectives with market forces and the technology that they hope will support them. Early stage technologies can offer tempting options, but it can be hard to quantify the risk in using them.

    451 Research has distilled two years of conversations with their clients, demand-side research and the insight of their analyst team into a planning framework that can help organizations take on the future on their own terms. It’s not a quadrant, a wave or a platform. It doesn’t admonish you with prescriptive technology imperatives. It’s our collective view of the most important factors shaping tomorrow, so we can begin to plan today. It outlines trends that are pushing them and the assesses the maturity of the technologies that are behind them. We have identified four key "forces" that define all the trends we foresee: Universal Risk, Invisible Infrastructure, Pervasive Intelligence, and Contextual Experience. Whether you’re an enterprise, a vendor or a service provider, these forces, together or in part, are rocking your world, and 4SIGHT is an essential tool to plan for better future outcomes. This webinar will look at 4SIGHT capabilities and some of the outcomes that it can achieve, and explore some examples of 4SIGHT dialogs.

    Join us and see how you can raise your planning game!
  • Find out how to deliver 80% user adoption within 4 months
    Find out how to deliver 80% user adoption within 4 months
    Andrew Small, Binita Jilka from BT and Kieran Kelly, Lead Collaboration Practitioner, Sei Mani. Recorded: Dec 4 2018 22 mins
    Organisations spend money on tools that help make jobs easier, but employees aren’t always falling over themselves to use them. Introducing a new technology without getting your people on side won’t succeed. So how do you drive high levels of user adoption? Find out the secrets in transforming employee collaboration behaviours and achieving faster business results. This could be the reason of success or failure of your collaboration technology and digital workplace strategy.

    Andrew Small, Vice president, unified communications and contact centres, BT
    Kieran Kelly, Lead Collaboration Practitioner, Sei Mani
    Binita Jilka, Senior Manager, user adoption for unified communications, BT
  • VDI Strategy in a Multi-Cloud World: Building the Optimal Hybrid Cloud Platform
    VDI Strategy in a Multi-Cloud World: Building the Optimal Hybrid Cloud Platform
    Paul Murray, Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix & James Hsu, Senior Technology Architect, Citrix Recorded: Dec 4 2018 60 mins
    Nutanix and Citrix have partnered to create a tightly integrated multi- cloud solution that simplifies and accelerates VDI deployments for companies of any size. With Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud, the entire Citrix software stack is delivered as a 1-click service from the Citrix Cloud, attaching with zero effort to the on-prem Nutanix clusters powered by Citrix XenServer or AHV, the Nutanix native hypervisor. This hybrid mode tackles all the drawbacks of an exclusively on-prem or an exclusively cloud-based desktop delivery mechanism.

    In this webinar, you will learn how Nutanix and Citrix allow you to:
    · Take advantage of enterprise-class VDI benefits without any complexity
    · Simplify desktop management and operations while increasing security and compliance
    · Bring IT's focus back to the end-user with the help of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop running on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
    · Safely transition to hybrid cloud using our tightly integrated VDI solution called Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud
  • Improve Visibility of Your IT Resources & Achieve 179% ROI
    Improve Visibility of Your IT Resources & Achieve 179% ROI
    Jon Erickson, Vice President, TEI, Forrester & Gary Henderson, Director of Product Management, ASG Technologies Recorded: Nov 29 2018 54 mins
    Most IT professionals today face a lack of visibility into how their IT resources are being used. Disparate, silo-based tools create gaps in infrastructure coverage and data collection, resulting in a limited understanding of resource utilization and creating difficulties for collaboration and decision-making. Does this sound like your organization?

    Join guest speaker, Forrester Consulting’s Jon Erickson and ASG Technologies’ Gary Henderson to find out how ASG-TMON Performance Analyzer can provide you with the insights needed to accurately track and optimize resource use, control costs, improve service availability and effectively predict and plan with a single, consistent enterprise solution for analysis and reporting.

    An independent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ASG Technologies revealed that ASG-TMON Performance Analyzer delivers 179% ROI, Net Present Value (NPV) of $1.5M over three years, and savings of $54K in OPEX and $180K in CAPEX. Don’t miss your opportunity to find out more.
  • Dispelling 7 common myths of cloud collaboration and the digital workplace
    Dispelling 7 common myths of cloud collaboration and the digital workplace
    Andrew Small from BT, Dominic Elliott from Cisco and Stewart Wright from IR Recorded: Nov 29 2018 37 mins
    You want to transform team collaboration, but you’re just a little bit anxious on the how. All those concerns you have about things going wrong, complexity, disruption, cost and value, all mean that whilst you know it’s important, it’s still a daunting prospect. By dispelling those myths and giving you our opinion based on communication transformations with hundreds of organisations just like you, you’ll be in a better place to make an informed decision. And making the right choice means having a more connected workspace and reaping the benefits that collaboration and digital services can offer.

    Join Andrew Small, Vice president, unified communications and contact centres, BT; Dominic Elliott, CTO BT global relationship, Cisco; and Stewart Wright, General manager UK & Ireland, IR, to find out why making the switch is easier than you think.
  • Accelerating Productivity w/o Compromise through Immersive Digital Workspaces
    Accelerating Productivity w/o Compromise through Immersive Digital Workspaces
    Chris Marsh of 451 Research & Matt Crawford of Citrix Recorded: Nov 28 2018 55 mins
    The way the world works is changing. Work is done in more locations, from more devices and in collaboration with more people than ever before. Many companies at the front lines of this change are struggling to transform their technology to meet the demands of their workforce. It is true that many IT organizations have embarked on a “digital transformation” journey, but some have made slow progress due to the way work is organized in their companies and how technology is adopted. Any of this sound familiar? Join this webinar for a fresh take on how work really gets done in the modern era and how technology can enable this new approach.

    Topics discussed will include:
    * Current sources of friction that hamper productivity
    * Barriers to collaboration and execution
    * The importance of context and automation in enabling workers
    * Tips for selecting technologies that map to the new workforce
  • Accelerate Your Digital Business with Modern Content Services
    Accelerate Your Digital Business with Modern Content Services
    Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research; David Downing, EVP, ASG; Greg Wilson, Director of Sales, Content, ASG Recorded: Nov 27 2018 59 mins
    Modern content services and flexible platforms have won the generational war over traditional monolithic suites. A third of enterprises are leveraging newer, modern content platforms … is your organization one of them?

    Attend this webinar hosted by ASG, and featuring guest speaker Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to learn about the top trends shaping the ECM market and benchmark your own program against industry peers.

    Businesses today demand agility, integrations and interoperability. Documents contain data that is hard to mine for insights in older suites – thus analytics increasingly drives content management roadmaps. Join us and hear how companies like yours are addressing new use cases for content management and delivery.

    Come discover:
    - Latest emerging technologies, such as analytics and intelligent content services in the context of content
    - Where other businesses are in their content management maturity, how they govern their programs, and where they are re-thinking their business cases
    - Where the future of content services is moving and why a platform approach can help overcome top challenges such as user adoption and content sprawl

    Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how you can accelerate your digital transformation with modern content services.
  • Securing Your Cloud Networks
    Securing Your Cloud Networks
    Jeremy Snyder, Bill Prout, Tim Sandage, Derek Hanson Recorded: Nov 27 2018 51 mins
    Join this live panel discussion with experts at AWS re:Invent 2018 for a deep dive into next-gen endpoint protection and cloud-managed network security.

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world renowned IT leaders while they discuss the following:

    - The latest network security demands, threats, and protections
    - What a successful cloud-managed network looks like
    - How to embrace IT initiatives with confidence while keeping your cloud network secure and compliant

    This live panel will be streamed directly from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas! Join us for live Q&A from the comfort of your desk.

    Jeremy Snyder, VP Sales & Business Development, DivvyCloud

    Bill Prout, Lead Security Architect, Public Cloud, Sophos
    Tim Sandage, Sr. Security Partner Strategist, AWS
    Derek Hanson, Sr. Director of Solutions Architecture & Standards, Yubico
  • Mission Leads, Technology Follows
    Mission Leads, Technology Follows
    Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, Systems, ASG Technologies Recorded: Nov 27 2018 47 mins
    Technology serves business and people. Business serves people - not technology. Having a perfectly tuned mainframe, server, virtual, or cloud technology stack won’t provide your business with value – only the ability to leverage the technology to focus on business outcomes will add that insight.

    As Gartner wrote in its Insights from the 2018 CIO Agenda Report, “The CIO role is changing from IT-outcome-focused to business-outcome-focused." Does your enterprise support this view?

    In this session, find out what you should be looking for from software products and the vendors supplying them to ensure you can focus on mission critical processes, and less on the underlying technology.
  • Ask the Expert: From On-Prem to Cloud - The Evolution of Cloud Security
    Ask the Expert: From On-Prem to Cloud - The Evolution of Cloud Security
    Jeremy Snyder, DivvyCloud & Bill Prout, Sophos Recorded: Nov 27 2018 29 mins
    Join this one-on-one interview with Jeremy Snyder, VP Business Development, DivvyCloud and Bill Prout, Lead Security Architect - Public Cloud, Sophos for an in-depth discussion on the importance of simplicity and layered security when migrating to the cloud.

    Topics include:
    - What kind of threats are impacting the public cloud?
    - What types of security solutions does Sophos have for AWS?
    - How has cloud security evolved over the past few years?
    - What's different about security in the cloud compared to on premise?
    - What are some considerations to keep in mind when architecting secure environments in the cloud?
    - What are some of the biggest challenges customers face when trying to secure their AWS environments?

    This on-camera interview will be live-streamed directly from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. Tune in from the comfort of your desk!
  • Wofür können Sie Kubernetes einsetzen?
    Wofür können Sie Kubernetes einsetzen?
    Naomi Albuquerque Recorded: Nov 27 2018 34 mins
    Sie benötigen schnell umfassende und aktuelle Informationen über die Kubernetes Plattform? Dieses Webinar liefert Ihnen alle wichtigen Informationen und zeigt Ihnen den Einstieg in die Kubernetes-Distribution von Canonical.

    Nutzen Sie dieses Webinar, um ...
    > zu erfahren, wie Unternehmen Geld und Zeit mit Kubernetes sparen
    > zu lernen, wie Sie erfolgreich einsteigen, von der Implementierung bis zu ersten Workloads
    > Initiale Konfiguration, Installation und Validierung
  • Migrate PC & Mobility with Unified Endpoint Management
    Migrate PC & Mobility with Unified Endpoint Management
    Suzanne Dickson Sr. Dir. Product Marketing, Mobility Citrix; Amandeep Nagra Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Citrix Recorded: Nov 21 2018 53 mins
    Windows 10 and the proliferation of BYO devices introduced into the workforce has transformed the digital workspace and forced organizations to evolve from traditional client management tools. Embrace unified endpoint management (UEM) to solve the challenges of managing PC, IoT and mobile devices with a centralized solution to manage and secure endpoints.

    Register for this webinar to hear from Suzanne Dickson, Sr. Director, Product Marketing and Citrix Workspace Product Marketing Expert, Amandeep Nagra on how to manage and secure your endpoints.

    This session will address how UEM helps solve challenges of traditional client management in the context of the new digital workspace. Learn more about:

    • UEM and how it fits into a Digital Workspace
    • Managing endpoints through Citrix UEM
    • The future of Citrix UEM
  • The ONE complete digital workspace is here: All apps and data unified and secure
    The ONE complete digital workspace is here: All apps and data unified and secure
    Mark Bowker, Sr. Analyst, ESG; P.J. Hough, Chief Product Officer, Citrix Recorded: Nov 20 2018 48 mins
    Just a few short months ago, Citrix announced the unveiling of the industry’s first digital workspace to enable people-centric computing within organizations. Join us for this webinar and learn how the new Citrix Workspace unifies and secures all apps and content for all devices.

    Discover how Citrix Workspace:

    • Delivers a consistent and unified experience across all devices and provides users SSO access to virtual apps, desktops, mobile apps, SaaS apps and their data
    • Extends the perimeter into cloud apps and across multiple devices and networks
    • Automates image management and provisioning to move workloads from datacenters to any cloud
    • Enables choices of devices from a single endpoint management solution
    • Provides user-centric analytics combined with machine learning to provide actionable intelligence to manage threats
    • Improves the experience of mobile apps with secure email integrated with Slack
  • An Inside Look at Targeted Ransomware Attacks
    An Inside Look at Targeted Ransomware Attacks
    Peter Mackenzie, Malware Escalations Manager, Sophos Recorded: Nov 15 2018 47 mins
    Join Peter Mackenzie as he discusses the rise of targeted ransomware and why attacks like SamSam, Dharma and BitPaymer are making headlines. Watch a live demo of a ransomware payload being unleashed and the steps you need to protect your organization from similar attacks.
  • ¿Por qué importa la seguridad?  Perspectivas de Latinoamérica de Unisys Security
    ¿Por qué importa la seguridad? Perspectivas de Latinoamérica de Unisys Security
    Leonardo Carissimi, Security Solutions Director, Unisys Latin America Recorded: Nov 14 2018 62 mins
    Unisys Security Index es una importante encuesta regular de las preocupaciones de seguridad llevada a cabo en todo el mundo. Lanzada a nivel mundial desde 2007, proporciona una medida regular y estadísticamente sólida de las preocupaciones que tienen los consumidores de 13 países con respecto a los principales aspectos de la seguridad, incluyendo seguridad nacional, financiera, personal y ciber seguridad.
    Únase a este webinar para escuchar a Leonardo Carissimi, director de Ciberseguridad para Unisys América Latina, compartir los resultados y realidades de la encuesta sobre de las preocupaciones de seguridad de los consumidores en Argentina, Colombia y México.
    Leonardo usará los resultados de este año, yuxtapuestos con más de una década de historial de encuestas realizadas para proporcionar un informe convincente sobre el estado de la seguridad desde la perspectiva que más importa: la del usuario.
  • How to Stay on Top of Users’ Identities and their Access Rights
    How to Stay on Top of Users’ Identities and their Access Rights
    Dave Bryant, Product Management Director, Ivanti Recorded: Nov 14 2018 53 mins
    With the widespread adoption of cloud services and mobile devices, today’s modern IT environment has experienced rapid change. Your users now need access to dozens of applications to do their jobs from day one. Onboarding users has become more complex and time-consuming for IT, especially if undertaken manually. And when users leave or change roles, deprovisioning access to applications is often last on the list of tasks or slips through cracks completely.

    How do you give an increasingly diverse and mobile group of users, access to the applications they need and stop them circumnavigating IT to get what they want? To keep your users productive, the best solution is a policy-driven identity and access management (IAM) system to ensure they are accurately identified from day one and to automatically remove access when a user leaves. By providing access to only the systems, applications and data your users need you also reduce the attack vector, common when users have more entitlement than required.

    Join Dave Bryant, product management director for Ivanti Identity Director, in this introductory webcast to understand:

    • Why it’s important to adopt an identity-based approach to control user access to systems
    • How automated onboarding and offboarding can improve productivity
    • What are the key components you need in a scalable IAM solution?
  • Por que a segurança importa?  Perspectivas globais e locais do Unisys Security
    Por que a segurança importa? Perspectivas globais e locais do Unisys Security
    Leonardo Carissimi, Security Solutions Director, Unisys Latin America Recorded: Nov 14 2018 63 mins
    Unisys Security Index é uma importante pesquisa sobre preocupações de segurança realizadas em todo o mundo. Lançado globalmente em 2007, fornece uma medida regular e estatisticamente sólida das preocupações que os consumidores em 13 países têm sobre os principais aspectos da segurança, incluindo segurança nacional, financeira, pessoal e cibernética.
    Participe deste webinar para ouvir Leonardo Carissimi, diretor de Segurança Cibernética da Unisys América Latina, compartilhar os resultados e fatos da pesquisa sobre as preocupações de segurança dos consumidores do Brasil.
    Leonardo usará os resultados deste ano, justapostos com mais de uma década de histórico de pesquisas para fornecer um relatório convincente sobre o estado de segurança da perspectiva que mais importa: o usuário.
  • Three reasons to choose Citrix Workspace over VMware Workspace ONE
    Three reasons to choose Citrix Workspace over VMware Workspace ONE
    Amandeep Nagra, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Workspace services, Citrix Recorded: Nov 14 2018 57 mins
    Join Amandeep Nagra, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Workspace services as he explores Why Citrix Workspace wins vs Workspace ONE.

    With more IT resources moving to the cloud and a greater mobile workforce, you need to deliver a secure digital perimeter with a framework that enables greater user productivity, security, and IT management flexibility. This webinar shares why customers choose an integrated Workspace that maintains user context through apps, files and desktops across networks. Citrix Workspace offers a unified user and admin experience.

    Some of Citrix Workspace key advantages include:
    • Higher user productivity and a better experience
    • Stronger security which extends to the cloud
    • joe Greater flexibility to manage apps, data and devices for any on-prem, cloud or hybrid scenario

    Machine learning based user behavioral analytics that feeds from Citrix product analytics and constantly refines the “normal” user behavior to proactively prevent compromised users from accessing corporate data
  • HP Security Panel: Expert Analysis
    HP Security Panel: Expert Analysis
    Graham Cluley | Michael Howard | Louella Fernandes | Howard Roberts Recorded: Nov 14 2018 39 mins
    We recently launched a series of short films for HP printers, featuring Christian Slater as The Wolf. At the upcoming HP Security Panel webinar, we’ll look beyond the films to discuss the smartest ways of safeguarding against hackers like The Wolf.

    In this security masterclass discussion, our panelists will address a series of pressing issues.

    • Are vendors using scaremongering to sell their own services?
    • If faces are the new fingerprints, what are the security risks?
    • How big a threat is IoT and what’s the next Mirai Botnet?
    • Is the public sector the weakest link?
    • Can security be baked into the hardware?

    This is an excellent opportunity for board-level and IT directors to gain invaluable security insights from experts on the frontlines.

    Graham Cluley: Award-winning security blogger - moderator
    Michael Howard: Head of Security Practice, HP Inc.
    Louella Fernandes: Research Director Quocirca
    Howard Roberts: Print Technologist, HP Inc.
  • Effective Information Management Enables Digital Transformation
    Effective Information Management Enables Digital Transformation
    Rob Perry, VP, Product Marketing, ASG Technologies Recorded: Nov 13 2018 46 mins
    “Digital Transformation” may be an over-used phrase, however, its objectives and value remain strong. To survive and thrive in an information-driven economy, enterprises must leverage digital means of connecting with their employees, customers and partners. Information is fundamental as it drives processes, enables insight and is increasingly a product in itself. Join us as we will explore the state of digital transformation and how enabling information plays a core role in transforming companies in the information economy.
  • Is Software Asset Management the Tonic to your Cloud Headache?
    Is Software Asset Management the Tonic to your Cloud Headache?
    Antony Attfield, Rhys Williams and Mark Lillywhite Recorded: Nov 13 2018 46 mins
    According to Gartner’s latest research (cited in August 2018*) 20% of the IT budget is now being spent on cloud-based services. An upward trend that is being driven by more organisations moving workloads to the cloud and increasing adoption of SaaS applications.

    Many of these organisations, however, are experiencing significant cloud overspend due to a lack of visibility and effective monitoring across single and multiple cloud providers. And cloud sprawl and overspend is exacerbated by shadow IT with undetected or unauthorised purchases from cloud vendors.

    So how big is this problem of cloud overspend and how do you address it? Join experienced consultants from SoftwareONE, Antony Attfield and Rhys Williams and Mark Lillywhite from Snow to understand how to gain control reduce your cloud spend.


    -The challenges of monitoring usage and spend of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
    -The disconnect between IT and Lines of Business and C-Level
    -Gaining visibility and control of your cloud estate
    -A demonstration of Snow’s SaaS detection and management capabilities
    -A demonstration of SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud for IaaS and PaaS cloud spend management
    -Best practice governance for budget management and chargeback

    *Source: http://www.cloudpro.co.uk/iaas/7603/cloud-spending-now-swallows-20-of-it-budgets
  • Accelerating the path to the shopping cart
    Accelerating the path to the shopping cart
    Emily Hayman, Solutions Engineer at Algolia Dec 11 2018 5:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    How e-commerce leaders think about product discovery

    Today’s consumers come to your site for experiences, and it is experiences that compel them to buy—and return for more.

    Join Emily Hayman, Algolia’s Senior Solutions Engineer and search expert, to learn about innovative user experiences that turn browsers into shoppers and move the needle with e-comm KPIs.

    In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn to :

    - Avoid simplistic views of the e-comm customer journey
    - Define and apply key elements of successful product discovery
    - Use concrete tips to improve your site’s user experience today
  • Data Intelligence Drives Digital Business Success
    Data Intelligence Drives Digital Business Success
    Marcus MacNeill, SVP, Product Management, ASG Technologies Dec 11 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In the digital era, an organization’s business strategy is inextricably linked to its data strategy.

    Yet increases in data volume, variety and velocity continue to challenge data management strategies and capabilities making it difficult for enterprises to effectively satisfy defensive (run the business) and offensive (drive the business) needs.

    In this session, we’ll explore the state of data management including key trends and their impact on the direction and evolution of ASG’s Data Intelligence offering.
  • 5 Steps to Defeat Most Cyber Attacks
    5 Steps to Defeat Most Cyber Attacks
    Chris Goettl, Director of Product Management for Security at Ivanti Dec 11 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Since WannaCry changed the game in June 2017, cyber threats have continued evolve in intent and consequences. How can you protect your organization from today’s sophisticated attacks designed to have such a critical impact? You must prioritize risk.

    Join Chris Goettl, Director of Product Management for Security at Ivanti, as he looks at how attacks today are getting into networks, the damage they’ve done, and how focusing on the right threat vectors can go a long way toward protecting your organization from a similar fate.
  • Обзор рабочих станций Dell Precision и защищенных ноутбуков Latitude Rugged
    Обзор рабочих станций Dell Precision и защищенных ноутбуков Latitude Rugged
    Александр Белоглинцев, Региональный менеджер Dell Precision Dec 13 2018 7:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Специализированные клиентские продукты Dell — для пользователей с особенными требованиями. Рабочие станции Dell Precision для работы с ресурсоемкими приложениями. Защищенные ноутбуки Latitude Rugged для доступа к ИТ-инфраструктуре в полевых условиях.
  • Transform Learning with Powerful, Scalable Desktops in Azure
    Transform Learning with Powerful, Scalable Desktops in Azure
    Adrian Wilson, Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft & Mirela Cunjalo, Dir. Product Mgmt., Teradici Dec 13 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join Teradici and Microsoft for a glimpse into how scalable desktop resources in the cloud can help in education.
    In this webinar, you'll learn how education institutions can leverage virtual desktops in the cloud to provide improved computing resources to students, strengthen security, and help make university IT operations more efficient. Teradici Cloud Access Software and Microsoft Azure enable a solution that will solve today’s desktop management challenges and drive improved access for students, personalized learning, and improved student outcomes.
    We’ll cover:
    •The unique benefits of hosting desktops and applications on Azure
    •A reference architecture for the education use case
    •The security and performance benefits PCoIP technology provides
    •Endpoint flexibility, from ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients to personal devices
    Don’t miss this webinar and a chance to learn how you can get started with Teradici and Microsoft.
    Q&A will follow.
    Register today!
  • Accelerating the ROI of product reviews
    Accelerating the ROI of product reviews
    Eunice Lee, Solution Engineer at Algolia and Amy Saekow, Marketplace Product amanger at Influenster Dec 18 2018 5:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    Your customers’ voices are your overlooked revenue. Empower product reviews with search and discovery to drive user engagement and accelerate the path to the shopping cart.

    Join Eunice Lee, solutions engineer at Algolia and Amy Saekow, Marketplace Product Manager at Influenster on July 26 to learn about best ways to uncover meaningful feedback to jumpstart user engagement and stickiness, and drive growth.

    In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

    -How product reviews inform and steer buyers toward desired business outcomes
    - Best practices in leveraging product reviews to motivate user engagement and conversions
    - The future of utilizing product reviews as a strategic weapon
  • The Road Forward with ASG and the Mobius Content Services Platform
    The Road Forward with ASG and the Mobius Content Services Platform
    David Downing, EVP, Product Management and Marketing, ASG; Greg Wilson, Director, Content Services, ASG Dec 18 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The advances in technology and the growth of information are dramatically changing the landscape – constantly & expeditiously.

    ASG’s Mobius Content Services Platform (CSP) enables your organization to establish a digital automation foundation on which to transform your business.

    In this session, learn how ASG and its Mobius CSP delivers the technology to help you and your company thrive in the rapidly changing information management environment, prepare for the emerging digital automation economy and use Mobius to bring people, process and information together at digital speeds with web scaling.
  • Don’t Take the Bait. Stop the Phishing
    Don’t Take the Bait. Stop the Phishing
    Rippy Sekhon, Channel Sales Engineer, Sophos Jan 3 2019 6:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    While big-name ransomware like WannaCry grabs the headlines, phishing is the cybercrime that’s consistently hooking organizations week in and week out. In fact, over 77% of organizations experience a phishing attack at least once a month.

    Join us for this informative webinar to learn more about phishing and how to stop it, including:

    - The evolution of phishing
    - How phishing works: the business behind the emails
    - Common tactics hackers use in their phishing attacks
  • Why Security Matters: Global Insights to the 2018 Unisys Security Index Survey
    Why Security Matters: Global Insights to the 2018 Unisys Security Index Survey
    Tom Patterson, Chief Trust Officer, Unisys Jan 16 2019 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Despite spending billions of dollars every year on security, companies and governments – as well as the products and services they use – often lose sight of their ultimate goal: protecting the user. Please join this webinar to hear Tom Patterson, the Chief Trust Officer for Unisys, share results and realities from the only recurring snapshot of consumer security concerns conducted globally. This year’s global Unisys Security Index survey brings to light key areas of consumer concern that are vital to understand, if society and the security sector are to be successful in achieving their goals.

    Major findings affecting government services, entire business sectors and fast evolving technologies are all illuminated through the lens of the user, as opposed to the more typical providers. Learn what’s most important to the consumer in each region of the world, and across key demographic categories. This clarity of vision, brought by thousands of statistically significant consumers from around the world, is a voice that needs to be heard.

    Tom will use this year’s results, juxtaposed with over a decade of survey history and informed by global events and leaders from both government and industry, to provide a cogent report on the state of global security from the perspective that matters most—the user.
  • XG Firewall: See It. Stop It. Secure It.
    XG Firewall: See It. Stop It. Secure It.
    Chris McCormack, Firewall Product Specialist, Sophos Jan 17 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sophos XG Firewall gives you everything you need to secure your network against advanced threats like ransomware, bots, worms, hacks, breaches and APTs. In addition, you get unparalleled network visibility that no other firewall on the market can deliver.

    Join this webcast to see how XG Firewall can transform your network security and performance. You’ll see:

    - How the threat landscape is evolving
    - How ransomware gets onto your network and spreads – fast
    - Essential protection you need in your firewall to secure your network
    - Best practices for deploying your firewall to provide a solid defense