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Frost & Sullivan's Energy & Power Systems practice provides global industry analysis, custom consulting, growth consulting (strategy consulting), market research, market forecasts, and insights into emerging technologies that are designed to help your firm address current trends and challenges, identify new technologies and take advantage of opportunities for growth. Our global team of industry experts, consultants, market analysts, and research executives continuously monitor the Energy & Power Systems industry, including power supply components, onsite power, energy management services, oil & gas equipment and services, backup power solutions, and fuel cells.

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Volatile Times in Oil: Finding Opportunities in a Distressed Market Carl Larry, Director of Business Development Consultant Given the price volatility in crude oil, many are searching for opportunities in the energy sector. The question now arises, "Where are the opportunities in this industry?" As we currently see oil prices rise, time is running out for many companies that have hedged credit exposure at higher levels and are operating at distressed levels. We will review these areas, how we have ended up at in this situation, where we may soon see distressed companies, and where hidden opportunities are arising. We'll then review how Frost & Sullivan can assist clients discover these opportunities and prepare to them to take advantage in this environment.

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- Understanding the "oil-flation" boom of crude oil production
- Where we see opportunity and if M&A will be as strong as once expected
- The "Uber-zation" of US demand for refined products
- How America is dealing with the current crude oil bans and the loopholes that may bear more income than expected
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May 20 2015
58 mins
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