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Enterprise Applications

  • Business Process Automation, Decision Support and Modern Application Development
    Business Process Automation, Decision Support and Modern Application Development Prakasha Aradhya, Product Management Director, Red Hat Aug 21 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Digital transformation projects present many technological and organizational challenges. A key challenge is developing modern, cloud-native applications that connect customers directly using automated business processes and decisions. Creating these applications requires a radical change in how software is built—moving away from traditional, IT-led software development to a process that lets both developers and business experts contribute directly to application logic. Please join us as Prakasha Aradhya, Red Hat Senior Product Manager, will discuss how Red Hat® business rules and process automation solutions help business users and developers collaborate as equal partners to create modern applications.
  • AI-Powered, Blockchain-Protected App Skejul - From Concept to Wefunder Campaign
    AI-Powered, Blockchain-Protected App Skejul - From Concept to Wefunder Campaign Matthew Lamons, Paul Heirendt - Skejul Aug 21 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join Matthew Lamons and Paul Heirendt of Skejul in this discussion of how they've taken their AI-powered, Blockchain-protected Skejul app from conception through to Wefunder.
  • The Software Asset Management Landscape Has Changed: What You Need to Know
    The Software Asset Management Landscape Has Changed: What You Need to Know Carleen Carter, Wally Waltner, Meghan Lockwood Aug 21 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    On Tuesday, August 21st, at 1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT, join Carleen Carter, Acorio's Director of Technical Consultants and Solutions, as she presents The Software Asset Management Landscape is Changing: Here's What You Need to Know.

    - Software Asset Management Best Practices & Strategy
    - Changes with Virtual Machines and Cloud Licenses
    - Lower cost and risk with ServiceNow's Software Asset Management
  • Get Started: Billing and Invoicing in the Cloud
    Get Started: Billing and Invoicing in the Cloud Brett Gadberry, Technical Account Manager at CloudCheckr Aug 21 2018 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), and resellers often have a tough enough time generating invoices for their customers. Add to that the demands of a multi-cloud environment, with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more, and it becomes extremely challenging to allocate billing and invoicing.

    The solution is automation and self-healing. CloudCheckr can automatically generate invoices and even help resellers profit by keeping discounts and credits allocated among clients, presenting list price, as well as custom charges and credits as desired.

    Attendees will learn:
    - How to turn billing and invoicing into a profit center
    - Creative tag mapping strategies
    - How to structure automation monthly, weekly, and daily
  • Data management platform consolidation with enterprise Linux
    Data management platform consolidation with enterprise Linux Ashish Nadkarni, program vice president, Worldwide Infrastructure Practice, IDC Jennifer LuPiba, product mktg, Red Hat Aug 21 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Modern businesses depend on their applications. Databases that support these applications must deliver high performance and increased stability to meet business requirements for reliability, availability, and end-to-end security. IT should select an appropriate database management system (DBMS) and operating system environment (OSE) for enterprise-wide consolidation. A tried and trusted DBMS platform matched with an equally proven commercial Linux® OS is valuable to the entire application stack.

    Join IDC and Red Hat to learn about:
    > Application modernization and data management.
    > The role of Linux in enterprise application strategy.
    > How the choice of DBMS and OSE influences scalability and reliability of the overall stack.
    > How Red Hat® Enterprise Linux and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 deliver a highly available and reliable foundation for database operations.
    > The benefits of bringing together product development expertise, investments in cloud platforms and services, and the support and services of Red Hat and Microsoft.
  • The Age of Consumption: HCTS 2018 Q&A
    The Age of Consumption: HCTS 2018 Q&A 451 Research Vice Presidents Kelly Morgan, Melanie Posey and Al Sadowski Aug 21 2018 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    451 Research’s 14th annual Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS) in Las Vegas from September 24-26 is coming up fast! HCTS welcomes executives in the hosting, cloud, datacenter and managed services sectors to hear timely, actionable insight into the competitive dynamics of innovation from 451 Research analyst talent and guest speakers including AWS, Microsoft, Huawei, ING, DH Capital and more. In this webinar, we will be discussing what to expect from this year’s Summit, some highlights from previous years and asking about upcoming sessions with three 451 Research Vice Presidents who will be taking the main stage at HCTS: Kelly Morgan, Melanie Posey and Al Sadowski. Join this Q&A webinar to learn about:
    - What is the Age of Consumption and what should we expect to see from it?
    - Why should organizations have a strong business-IT alignment when moving forward with a Digital Transformation strategy?
    - What, if any, key shifts are happening in the multi-tenant datacenter space as a result of the age of consumption?
    - Why are hyperscalers both a friend AND foe to other service providers?
  • Scalable Machine Learning on KubeFlow with H2O.ai
    Scalable Machine Learning on KubeFlow with H2O.ai Nick Png Aug 21 2018 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Nick will give an overview of H2O, the leading open source machine learning platform for the enterprise, which integrates seamlessly with R and Python environments, as well as, Driverless AI, an enterprise grade automated machine learning solution. H2O and Driverless AI provide best of breed scalable open source machine learning and automatic machine learning respectively.

    In this session, we will cover running H2O-3 and Driverless AI on GKE with Kubeflow. Additionally, we will be discussing burst to cloud and how to we can leverage Google Cloud Platform where local infrastructure is just not enough.
  • Re-inventing APM for the Digital Era
    Re-inventing APM for the Digital Era Mike Sargent, Riverbed; Steve Mastin, Aetna; and Stephen Elliot, IDC Aug 22 2018 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join Riverbed, Aetna and guest speaker IDC for a discussion and demonstration on how we are revolutionizing application performance management (APM) for the digital era with a focus on the end-user experience.

    Traditional APM solutions aren’t designed with the end-user in mind and rely on sampling a limited set of application performance data points. This legacy approach is not adequate for delivering today’s complex digital services. In today’s digital world, a unified application performance and end-user experience monitoring solution is critical to business success.

    Register now to see the power of our user experience-centric solution, hear from Aetna about their APM journey, and take the next step to ensuring end-user experience in the digital era.

    User-centric: Ensure end-user experience and troubleshoot issues faster with an end-to-end APM solution.
    All Data: Use big data insights from all transactions to be more proactive and holistic in driving better business decisions.
    Every App: Monitor your entire enterprise application ecosystem without compromising data quality.
  • Accudata's White-Hat Files | August 2018 Edition
    Accudata's White-Hat Files | August 2018 Edition Anton Abaya, CISA, PCI QSA, Senior Consultant Aug 22 2018 4:00 pm UTC 15 mins
    Our fourth White-Hat File is once again from Anton Abaya, CISA, PCI QSA, Senior Consultant in Accudata’s Risk and Compliance practice.

    In the July edition, Anton talked about his expertise with physical social engineering. In this 15-minute webinar, he’ll describe the most effective ways he uses online phishing techniques to break into corporate networks—and how you can ensure these remote attacks don’t work on your employees.
  • Security Champions: Only YOU Can Prevent File Forgery
    Security Champions: Only YOU Can Prevent File Forgery Marisa Fagan, Product Security Lead, Synopsys Aug 22 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    If you’re a developer, there will come a time when you realize that you have the power not only to ship awesome features but also to protect them so that no one else can tamper with all your hard work. Every developer is responsible for coding securely, but a brave few among us will take this duty one step further by wearing the mantle of a Security Champion.

    This webinar is your guide to becoming the Security Champion you always wanted to be, in just five easy steps. We’ll also talk about what benefits you’ll get out of it, besides saving the world, and what to do if your company doesn’t have a Security Champions program or even a product security program.
  • AI, ML, & Ubuntu: Everything you need to know
    AI, ML, & Ubuntu: Everything you need to know Carmine Rimi Aug 22 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    AI and ML adoption in the enterprise is exploding from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. Ubuntu is becoming the premier platform for these ambitions — from developer workstations, to racks, to clouds and to the edge with smart connected IoT. But with new developer trends comes a plethora of new technologies and terminologies to understand.

    In this webinar, join Canonical’s Kubernetes Product Manager Carmine Rimi for:
    ∙ A decoding of key concepts in AI/ML
    ∙ A look into why AI applications and their development are reshaping company’s IT
    ∙ A deep dive into how enterprises are applying devops practices to their ML infrastructure and workflows
    ∙ An introduction to Canonical AI / ML portfolio from Ubuntu to the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes and and how to get started quickly with your project

    And in addition, we’ll be answering some of these questions:
    ∙ What do Kubeflow, Tensorflow, Jupyter, Edge AI, and GPGPUs do?
    ∙ What’s the difference between AI and ML?
    ∙ What is an AI model? How do you train it? How do you develop / improve it? How do you execute it?

    And finally, we’ll be taking the time to answer your questions in a Q&A session
  • TechTALK: Top 8 Things When Considering Chat and Mobile
    TechTALK: Top 8 Things When Considering Chat and Mobile Johnathan Flowers, Sr Product Marketing Manager Aug 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Extending chat to mobile customers is one of the hottest topics in mobile engagement. With mobile devices playing an increasingly important role in both e-commerce and in-store spending, connecting with customers wherever they are has become more important than ever. And just as live chat has become a critical part of customer engagement on your website, it’s just as important on your mobile site and mobile app!

    The shift from desktop to mobile among online consumers is incontrovertible and is accelerating in a variety of ways, including mobile commerce volume, research of products and services, and expectations of service levels. Professionals in e-commerce, marketing, customer service, and customer experience are aggressively deploying strategies to meet customers where they are and to deliver the services and experiences customers want and expect. Live chat has become an expected service on traditional websites and now has the highest customer service rating among online service channels (Forrester, 2017). Live chat on mobile is now expected to standard. Your selection of a great mobile chat solution can have important and enduring implications for your business, and careful consideration of your options is imperative.

    In this webinar, we’ll be going over the TOP 8 things to considering as you think about Chat and Mobile.
  • Best Practices in Driving DevOps Transformation
    Best Practices in Driving DevOps Transformation Paul Rechsteiner, Principal Product Manager, Incident Response Aug 23 2018 1:00 am UTC 30 mins
    The benefits of DevOps transformation are significant and well-understood, with over 70% of organizations having already implemented or planning to implement DevOps within the next 12 months according to Forrester. But it’s not a change that happens overnight. After empowering tens of thousands of operations teams to effectively manage their services in production, we’ve distilled what we’ve learned from them into a few best practices that have been foundational to driving change and transforming to be more agile.

    In this session, we’ll go over a few topics:

    - Common operational challenges across the organizational spectrum
    - The top best practices that organizations use to empower distributed teams
    - How to enable both central and distributed teams to gain comprehensive visibility, take action on issues fast, and be more productive
    - A couple of case studies of real organizations who have achieved successes in the journey toward DevOps transformation, and how they’re getting there
  • Sources of Competitive Advantage – New Perspectives of B2B Selling
    Sources of Competitive Advantage – New Perspectives of B2B Selling Alison Hodivala Aug 23 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    It is widely recognised that the nature of business to business selling is changing rapidly and significantly. Rising customer expectations and changing buyer behaviours, increased globalisation and commoditization pressures are combining to create a profession in flux, with organizations struggling to drive sales effectiveness and create long-term business value.

    During this webinar we will explore the future of business to business selling in this unpredictable environment; presenting new research in business to business sales practices and the evolving foundational behaviours that will be required to drive value and deliver competitive advantage.
  • Medical Grade Security for your Unpatchable Medical Devices
    Medical Grade Security for your Unpatchable Medical Devices Mick Coady, PwC, and Matt Mellen, Palo Alto Networks Aug 23 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Because security is often an afterthought when medical devices are designed and maintained by the manufacturer, they are the most vulnerable devices in a hospital’s network.

    The medical device community is beginning to improve the security of their products, but it will take years for legacy devices to be upgraded or replaced. Until then, healthcare organizations need to develop strategies for mitigating the cybersecurity risks these unpatchable devices pose to their patients and the organizations themselves.

    Join Matt Mellen, a healthcare security architect and former security lead for a hospital network, and Mick Coady, a partner in the Health Information Privacy and Security Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, as they discuss how to approach and mitigate the challenges associated with securing medical devices in hospital environments.

    In this webinar, you will discover:
    •The cybersecurity risks posed by unpatchable and hard-to-patch medical devices
    •How to successfully mitigate medical device security risks
    •Strategies you can implement today to secure medical devices
  • Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes with Diamanti & Nirmata
    Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes with Diamanti & Nirmata Sean Roth, Director of Product Marketing at Diamanti and Ritesh Patel, Founder & VP of Products at Nirmata Aug 23 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Containers offer enterprises substantial gains in application deployment speed and portability. However, these benefits are often countered by the operational complexities of infrastructure configuration and management, especially when employing a mix of cloud and on-premises container environments.

    This webinar is for IT Operations and enterprise platform teams interested in driving business agilities using cloud-native technologies. You will learn how modern cloud-native technologies can help streamline complex processes, eliminate the need for network and storage overlays, and ensure reliable performance with granular controls for developers and operators.

    In this webinar, Diamanti and Nirmata teams discuss how Nirmata’s federated approach to Kubernetes cluster deployment and application management integrates with the Diamanti platform, seamlessly bridging on-premise bare-metal and hybrid cloud container environments.

    You will learn how to:
    - Deploy an on-premises container stack in minutes
    - Incorporate Diamanti into your multi-cloud environment using Nirmata
    - Simplify application management and governance across on-premises and public cloud environments
  • Business Benefits of APM, featuring guest speakers from Forrester
    Business Benefits of APM, featuring guest speakers from Forrester Charles Betz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research; Henry Huang, Sr., TEI Consultant at Forrester Research; Thomas Wyatt Aug 23 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The application is now the business, and investing in the right APM solution is imperative to delivering flawless customer experiences. So how can you present a solid business case for this major IT investment?

    We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to showcase the cost savings and business benefits you can expect from AppDynamics APM and its integration with Cisco technology.

    Register for our webinar featuring Forrester guest speakers as they explain the TEI methodology and learn:

    - Technology trends in the APM landscape
    - How you can save $1.45 million annually through consolidation of monitoring tools
    - Why Cisco + AppDynamics together will accelerate your digital transformation
  • Protect APIs and Secure Data with Anypoint Platform
    Protect APIs and Secure Data with Anypoint Platform Bala Narasimhan, Sr. Director, Product Management at MuleSoft Mahesh and Naik, Solutions Architect at MuleSoft Aug 23 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    API abuses are set to become the most frequent attack route for data breaches by 2022. Watch this webinar to learn how your company can stay ahead of threats by delivering advanced data and API security with MuleSoft’s new security offerings.

    Key Takeaways:
    * How to tokenize, encrypt, or mask sensitive data in transit with API policies
    * Why format-preserving tokenization minimizes impact to downstream systems
    * When to use layers of defense with rapidly configured, policy-driven perimeter gateways
    * How to set up logical perimeters around applications, groups of APIs, or integrations
  • Accelerating SAS Analytics with Vexata NVMe Storage
    Accelerating SAS Analytics with Vexata NVMe Storage Dana Rafiee, Managing Director at Destiny and Shailesh Manjrekar, Sr. Director, Product and Solutions Management at Vexata Aug 23 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    94% of the Fortune Global 100 use SAS analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. IDC predicts by 2019, 40% of Data Transformation initiatives will use AI services; by 2021, 75% of commercial enterprise apps will use AI, over 90% of consumers will interact with customer support bots, and over 50% of new industrial robots will leverage AI.

    Data-driven applications and Machine Learning (ML) workloads, using SAS analytics are increasing in volume and complexity as organizations look to reduce training and operational timelines for artificial intelligence (AI) use cases. To enable predictive and cognitive analytics, you need to accelerate training and operations by delivering ultra-low latency with massive ingest bandwidths when faced with heavy mixed random and sequential read/write workloads.

    Vexata is teaming up with Destiny Corporation, a Business and Technology firm who is a SAS gold partner and reseller. This webinar is targeted towards SAS Line of Business and IT owners who are challenged with
    - new use cases like IoT, machine and deep learning across FSI, Insurance, Healthcare and Lifesciences verticals
    - handling growing data-sets and deriving actionable intelligence from these data-sets as well as
    -optimizing their existing long running jobs and IT infrastructure without a rip and replace policy.

    Learn how to identify your SAS analytics IO bottlenecks and leverage Vexata VX-100 with its transformative VX-OS purpose built to overcome these challenges.
  • Thingbot Apocalypse - How to prepare for IoT device attacks
    Thingbot Apocalypse - How to prepare for IoT device attacks Sara Boddy- Director, F5 Labs Aug 23 2018 5:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Our modern world depends on healthy, functioning, IoT devices; however, many of them are unsecure. Cyber attackers have compromised IoT devices for over a decade, turning them into Thingbots―botnets made from IoT devices.

    The hunt for IoT attacks has made a pivotal turn in the last two and a half years. F5 Labs has been tracking these attacks and the subsequent building of Thingbots from boutique attacks, into more sophisticated and powerful cyber weapons. Thingbots are now being sold as multi-vector bots-for-hire that allow cyber attackers to launch any attack of their choice―often used for automated web application attacks and credential stuffing.

    With the threat of IoT attacks increasing, as billions of new devices are deployed each year, the ability to detect threats, and clean and upgrade infected systems is still not a part of most IoT development processes.

    In this webinar we’ll explore:
    • How attacks have evolved from the methods they use to the attacks they launch from the resulting Thingbots
    • The threat actor networks and IPs behind these attacks, their geographical targets, and how that has changed over time
    • What you should do to protect your company
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Techniques for Service Providers
    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Techniques for Service Providers Prasanna Sivaramakrishnan Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat Aug 23 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The vast amount of data assets generated by Networks, Users, Traffic and Devices has generated monetization opportunities in the Telco Domain. Daily human interaction with telecommunication networks and services of all kinds contain unconnected gems of information which, when correctly interpreted, reveal how people behave and interact. Machine Learning technologies can be put to good use to reveal how all this information fits into relevant patterns.

    In this session you will learn about the following:
    > Brief Overview of AI and ML
    > Different types of ML Techniques and how to apply them
    > A look at projects such as Jupyter Notebook and Tensorflow and relevance to IoT
  • Where are you on the Digital Transformation Journey? Further than you think
    Where are you on the Digital Transformation Journey? Further than you think Vishal Ganeriwala, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Citrix Workspace Aug 23 2018 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Every industry is being disrupted by digital technologies. From cloud services to data analytics, technology is revolutionizing how we work, opening opportunities to create new business models, spark innovation, and nurture product. Did you know that the app and desktop virtualization solution you already have has perfectly positioned you for this digital transformation journey?

    Join this webinar to learn how Citrix is engineering the most comprehensive, integrated digital workspace to help customers transform how they work.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Simplify your systems and ongoing management with a cloud-based approach
    • Give IT teams the flexibility to adopt new systems, quickly scale and rollout updates as needed
    • Manage Windows, Linux, web, SaaS, and mobile apps – all through one unified solution
  • Continuous Delivery for SAP Hybris
    Continuous Delivery for SAP Hybris Jürgen Güntner Aug 27 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    SAP Hybris or SAP C/4 HANA is a multichannel solution that drives customer experience, and is therefore one of the most critical systems in online business. Downtime is not an option, so to mitigate the risk of changes in your production systems, you should invest in continuous testing for your apps even in the earliest stages of the Software Development Lifecycle.

    Join this webinar and learn how to benefit from Continuous Delivery practices around SAP Hybris releases. Your customers will thank you.
  • Maximising UC performance: Three perspectives from the front line
    Maximising UC performance: Three perspectives from the front line Martin Brooker, Martin Smith and Mark Rossell Aug 28 2018 8:30 am UTC 60 mins
    IR and IP Integration invite you to our joint webinar on June 14th at 9.30am where we discuss how we are proactively enabling three of our customers to identify, resolve and improve UC performance, network visibility and customer experience.

    You will find out:
    - How an international travel agency could quickly locate call quality issues in their network.
    - How a global insurance organisation that was able to prevent a major impact SQL service issue before it happened
    - How one of the UK’s leading utility company’s` has full performance visibility thanks to proactive alerting on critical IVR services ensuring service quality 24x7.

    We will also run a short demonstration highlighting how IR and IP Integration enable customers to streamline IT operations across audio/video web meetings and calls, on-premises, in the cloud, or as part of a hybrid environment.