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Enterprise applications have become a crucial piece of infrastructure for many businesses. The enterprise applications community on BrightTALK features the latest insights in enterprise application integration, enterprise application architecture and EAS software. Join the community to gain access to thousands of videos and webinars presented by recognized enterprise information systems experts and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed.
  • Join this live Q&A session dedicated to AWS Core Services, Compute and Storage, to get an immediate answer to your technical questions.

    Either submit questions during the session or ahead of time to qq-south-africa@amazon.com. In the email please include your NAME, COMPANY and JOB TITLE.

    The session will be conducted in English.
  • AWS and Azure are the only 2 cloud providers that appeared in the “Leaders” quadrant published by Gartner. But, how similar or different are they? Join our webinar to take a closer look at AWS and Azure in terms of their offerings and their fitment for various industry use cases.

    Key Takeaways

    Key takeaways
    •How latest cloud services are simplifying IT processes?
    •Closer look at the pros and cons of AWS and Azure
    •Industry best practices and key things to keep in mind while selecting AWS or Azure
  • The consumerization of IT, bring your own device (BYOD), and software-as-a-service (SaaS) provide organizations with impressive productivity gains, but bring with them the challenge of secure management. Grady Boggs, Principal Security Specialist, illustrates the Microsoft comprehensive cloud solution, the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), and details how users can stay productive while keeping corporate information safe and secure.
  • Face it, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is here to stay, but that’s not automatically true for the apps and data on those devices. Join us to learn how to create the right technology and process mix - architecture, policy, protection, expectation setting and SLAs. Come see how to build on the economies of scale you're getting from your virtualized infrastructure. And how you can extend them to address end-point device information management, file synchronization and backup and recovery approaches.
  • In questo webinar, verranno discusse le architetture delle app mobili e come sfruttare i servizi cross-platform AWS Mobile per costruire app affidabili ed altamente scalabili. Andremo ad esplorare funzionalità chiave come l’autenticazione e l’autorizzazione degli utenti, la sincronizzazione dei dati, le infrastrutture di back-end che non richiedono la gestione di server, il testing della tua app, lo studio del comportamento degli utenti, come coinvolgerli per riutilizzare la tua app. Che tu stia costruendo una rivoluzionaria social app, o una mobile app per il front-office di una grande impresa, questa sessione ti aiuterà comunque a scoprire best practices ed architetture di riferimento per costruire app mobili sicure e scalabili.
  • What's Docker? Why is it popular? What are containers? Why and how are they going to drastically improve how we build, ship, and run applications? How to get started with Docker and containers, and leverage them to achieve faster, safer deployments for software stacks big and small?

    In this presentation, Jerome Petazzoni wil answer all those questions (and a few more) to give you a clear overview of Docker and containers, as well as a quick bootstrap to get started with this technology.
  • Health plans push for their members to visit their primary care provider for a checkup. It improves health outcomes and reduces the medical spend from costs related to illness and disease. Like their members, health plans also need checkups that will identify the challenges to which they are increasingly exposed, such as issues around information security, revenue maximization, and staffing needs. In this webinar, we will discuss how to specifically deal with key issues related to each of these areas.
  • Please join HDI's, Executive Director, Certification & Training, Rick Joslin as he discusses the results from a recent HDI global research study that focuses on IT Service Management (ITSM) tools and processes organizations deploy to empower users with self-service. Learn how organizations successfully leverage self-service as well as what hurdles they encountered and the steps they took to improve their self-service capabilities.

    So whether you are looking for validation, justification, or just want to get a sense of the latest ITSM tools and best practices, you don’t want to miss this webcast!

    Attend this webcast to learn:

    • What tools and/or process organizations deploy to encourage user self-service
    • What benefits or hurdles organizations have experienced with user self-service
    • How organizations have overcome the challenges around self-service

    This event is approved for 1 Continual Professional Development (CPD) credit.
  • Looking out, your organization’s success depends on flexibility and ability to rapidly adapt to market trends, and innovate faster. Looking in, it also depends on increased business efficiency and effectiveness. These two can, and need to be achieved together.

    You can drive innovation and time to market by adopting Agile software development. But business efficiency and effectiveness are hard to achieve when you manage a disparate array of applications, deployed across a range of platforms and tools chosen by different teams in your organization: business, development, quality, operations. Maintaining that type of environment is costly, inefficient, and inherently risky.

    Take quality as an example. Iterative and agile development drives faster cycle times. But quality for agile has lagged the updates of agile. The result is riskier code practices, with less visibility, at a time when organizations face exposure to risk due to customer-facing mobile and other new applications.

    You need consistent agile quality strategies and application component visibility in order to succeed.

    In this webinar, we will show you how HP Agile Manager enables your team to surface quality throughout the entire software quality lifecycle, from writing quality code, to functional and nonfunctional testing of Agile artifacts, all the way to monitoring the application in production, and looping back production feedback into development, thus opening the door to DevOps.
  • Get inspired by real world cloud migration success stories. Tom Flanagan, Vice President of Technology, Alain Pinel Realtors and Steve Novoselac, Director of Digital Technology, Trek Bicycle Corporation, share their first-hand experiences of moving to the cloud, along with insights and pointers for your own successful transition.
  • Container technologies are capturing the industry headlines right now, but they are seen mainly as a solution for Linux test-dev environments. In reality, container technology can pay big dividends for MS-SQL. Join Storage Switzerland’s George Crump and DH2i’s Carl Berglund for this interactive webinar as we explain how containers work in MS-SQL environments and detail the 3 reasons you should consider containers for your MS-SQL environment:

    1. Make any SQL Server instance mobile to any infrastructure
    2. Facilitate modernization of infrastructure, OS, &/or application version
    3. Get near-zero downtime with simple, flexible management
  • The rise of mobile offers a once-in-a-generation chance for deeper connections with consumers because mobile is inherently intimate and always-on. Being able to reach customers at any time, on any device, allows brands to boost engagement, increase retention, and grow revenue. But with so many avenues of communication, including email, push notifications, and social, businesses run the risk of spamming users rather than communicating with each individual person in a valuable way. So, how can brands intelligently leverage the bevy of marketing channels to better understand and engage customers?

    Winning brands must embrace an omnichannel engagement strategy that’s built specifically for their channel-agnostic customer base. This webinar outlines the key issues in delivering a seamless omnichannel experience and provides actionable tactics that deliver proven ROI.

    You’ll learn:

    * Why today’s marketing automation solutions fall short of customer expectations
    * How winning omnichannel marketing strategies balance push notifications, in-app messages, email, and social communications
    * Why understanding users on a person level, and not device level, is critical in mobile
    * Why “Marketing” is evolving to “Communicating” and how to prepare for that transition

    Register today!

    Doug Roberge, Strategic Services Consultant, Kahuna
    Gee Chuang, CEO and Founder, Listia
    Jon Cifuentes, Insight Analyst, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Kahuna
  • This webinar gives practical advice for supporting HTTP/2 implementation and shares the experiences of the Financial Times, who have already been through the process.
  • CA Release Automation and Skytap Environments-as-a-Service Webinar

    We’ve all seen the cooking show where the chef is showing the host a new recipe, and then “voilá!” out of the oven pops a fully baked dish, without the wait time. When multiple teams can develop, deploy and test in parallel using exact, instant clones of the target deployment environment, it’s like having one of those magic time-warp ovens for baking software releases. Discover how you can easily integrate instant cloud-based environment provisioning directly within automated application deployment workflows, and get out of the business of messing with infrastructure recipes. Join us for this webcast and learn how combining Skytap EaaS with CA’s leading Release Automation solution, you can:
    . Easily harness the complexity and volume of applications, tools and environments inherent in continuous delivery
    • Eliminate bottlenecks at every phase of the SLDC for faster release velocity, from the early provisioning of development infrastructure, through system, integration and acceptance testing and into production.
    • Use the CA Release Automation Action Pack for Skytap EaaS to provision/delete, copy, schedule, suspend and resume Skytap cloud environments on demand.
    • Use Skytap’s “golden template” capability to stamp out specified infrastructure completely within the context of the automated deployment workflow, without requiring additional coding or waiting for scripts to run.
  • BECU discusses internal process improvements experienced with the INETCO Analytics self-serve analytics software. Learn how on-demand access to rich customer transaction data improves ATM placement, cash utilization and consumer banking engagement.
  • For any bank, payment processor or other financial institution concerned about the end customer experience, transaction data is your goldmine. Each transaction that travels across an ATM, POS, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Branch, Core Banking or Messaging Middleware environment can provide powerful answers to questions such as:

    - What are customers experiencing?

    - How are my networks, applications and third party service providers responding?

    - What is the business value of each consumer transaction from a revenue or service perspective?

    In today’s complex networks, electronic transaction volumes continue to increase, leading to some Big Data challenges. One transaction is often made up of sub transactions – many moving parts between a start point such as the ATM, and the end point, such as a host authorization. These moving parts could include things such as transaction switches, firewalls, service applications or host security models. When INETCO talks about transactions, we talk about all the Big Data collected on an end-to-end transaction path, correlated into one, complete transaction.
  • Organizations have been working hard to get to new levels of IT innovation, but it’s been tough going. Budget challenges, technology transitions and operational limitations have held many back from what they’d like to achieve. To really gain the upper hand, enterprises have to rethink approaches and move forward to what we’re calling the Business of Cloud 2.0.

    Join us as we dig into the technology and organizational issues that are being addressed on this journey. We’ll discuss our insights and perspectives on topics such as:

    • What do organizations need to do to get to greater IT service efficiency?
    • Is it hyper-convergence or cloud or both?
    • My cloud or your cloud? On- and off-premises technologies
    • The truth about containers
    • Hybrid cloud and multiple execution venue realities
    • Peer benchmarking data on which workloads have made it to cloud

    We’ll explore each of these, and present Voice of the Enterprise (VotE) study results of what your peers have accomplished and where they’re headed. We’ll discuss enterprise maturity, and how it affects what your organization can do and how you can make progress.
  • Detecting, Analyzing, and Mitigating Advanced Threats, Presented by Charles Hesifer, Security Engineer, ThreatTrack Security
    Your traditional security solutions are not cutting it. The number of data breaches in 2015 is on a trajectory to surpass that of 2014. We need a purpose-built solution – one that works against today’s advanced and unknown attacks.
    Register now for this webinar where you will:

    - Learn why protecting at the perimeter is an on-going challenge
    - Find out the importance behind detection, visibility and mitigation across your network
    - Hear how ThreatTrack offerings can help proactively protect against unknown threats and give you visibility into attacks in progress
  • Your company may be one of many continually pouring money into new server hardware and software licenses but still coming up short on performance. If so, save that money – and your job – by learning how to modernize your Oracle data center architecture.

    This webcast will discuss how you can:
    •Slash costs in hardware and software by putting more workloads on fewer servers
    •Clamp down on server sprawl and enhance Oracle database/application performance with more workloads on a smaller infrastructure.
    •Simplify management with a highly scalable, easy-to-deploy Oracle implementation
    •Decrease latency and a high number of I/O operations per second (IOPS)
    •Boost business productivity and agility

    Find out how real world businesses have benefited from modernizing their data center architecture to Cisco UCS Servers and SanDisk PCIe flash storage.
  • See customer cases and a live demo showcasing our unique migration methodology Dell ZeroIMPACTô on how adopting new technologies like SAP HANA and more efficient platforms like Linux can make migrations near seamless.
  • This demo-driven session will show you different ways to integrate Salesforce, including loading SAP customer master data into Salesforce, synchronizing real time updates, creating shared services and developing an agility layer with APIs.
  • The value of cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365 is not just in the ability to simplify usage and management, but in integrating with other often-used cloud business applications, such as communication tools. The ability to manage and track all business communications in one place—calls, texts, faxes and voicemails—and to make and receive calls directly within Office 365, are both productivity advantages that integration can deliver. In this presentation we will discuss the benefits of an integrated Office 365 and business communication system for both IT and the end user.
  • Join us for a live webinar on September 3 to learn about a new end-to-end initiative offered to selected SAP partners.

    This initiative begins at the end of August, and will support SAP partners through the lifecycle from building to selling innovative applications for SAP Cloud for Customer, using SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

    This is an invitation-only initiative, whose purpose is to rapidly enable you to build and monetize high-value apps which will complement SAP's Cloud for Customer solution portfolio.

    Webinar Agenda:
    o Re-define customer engagement with SAP’s next generation cloud CRM solutions
    o How to build SAP Cloud for Customer extensions with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
    o SAP HANA Cloud Platform overview
    o Partner opportunity including go to market options
    o Overview of Initiative incl. criteria for participation
    o Call to action: Submit your use case for the SAP Cloud for Customer Power Week
    o Next steps and resources
  • Traditionally, most organizations have used email for sending files to colleagues or clients. However, as files increase in size and email attachment limits are an issue, employees are forced to either use old-fashioned FTP or circumvent company regulations by turning to insecure consumer-grade applications. 72% of the people we surveyed do! Let us tell you about a better way.

    Join us to learn 4 key best practices:
    1) Don’t mess with what users know – continue to use Microsoft Outlook to drive file transfers (just don’t leave it to Outlook to deliver them)
    2) Don’t leave it to users to decide when something is too big or too sensitive to send by email
    3) Do make the experience better and faster for users (as opposed to more complicated and slower)
    4) Have a policy (and protection) that covers email-based sharing even when mobile

    With Workshare, employees can email links to files, eliminating the need for attachments, while continuing to us the familiar Outlook to do it. Policy-enforcement means companies can secure, track, and expire file access and activity beyond the corporate firewall.

    Workshare also uses its customizable policy engine to ensure that the content that is shared is secured and removed of any sensitive information before it is shared.
    Intelligently scan and secure documents too large or too important to send by email. IT can set policies to determine when a file is too large to send, or critically when to block or clean a file if it contains sensitive hidden data that would expose the company to risk.
  • Hybrid IT is fast becoming the new normal across organizations in Asia-Pacific. With the increasing utilization of data centers and cloud services across the Asia Pacific region, companies have gradually updated or upgraded their existing IT systems, giving rise to the Hybrid IT environment. Besides helping enterprises to drive digital disruption, the latest Hybrid IT environment is also enhancing the customer experience and encouraging business model innovation. As a result, there is greater acceleration in the adoption of a multi-vendor multi-cloud environment or Hybrid IT.Together with the Cloud, Hybrid IT is enabling the accelerated adoption of new technologies such as Big Data, the Internet of Things and Connected Industries. 

    Mayank Kapoor, Industry Principal, ICT - Data Center and Cloud Computing, Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific discusses these and key insights on how these new technologies are driving industry transformation not just across the ICT industry but also the Manufacturing, Automotive and Healthcare industries.
  • Join INETCO® as we unveil the “fan favorite” data visualization dashboards as ranked by ATM channel managers, regional managers and operations teams around the globe. Learn how these various teams are utilizing transaction data and on-demand data visualization techniques to improve internal processes such as:

    ATM placement and profitability

    Managing regional performance and customer experience

    Cash management and utilization

    Your opinion matters! During this interactive session, you will also have the opportunity to vote for your favorite dashboard. Register now, and help recognize the “People’s Choice” in transaction data visualization.
  • The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a platform-as-a-service offering that allows SAP’s partners to build, deploy and operate applications in an open and standards-based cloud environment.. It is an in-memory cloud platform especially designed for today’s increasingly networked, mobile, social, and data-driven world.

    In this session we will outline the market opportunity for partners in SAP’s Financial Services industries, describe how to get started with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and answer participants’ questions.

    •SAP HANA Cloud Platform Overview
    •Market opportunity
    •Use cases for Financial Services
    •How to get started
  • Like virtualization before it, container technology will evolve from a DevOps initiative to an enterprise requirement. Docker is leading that evolution as it promises to bring greater efficiency to the data center than we ever thought possible with the virtual machine construct. However, companies implementing Docker in production will realize that persistent data storage is not easy. As a result, the development of Docker to an enterprise class solution drives new requirements on the storage infrastructure:

    1. Hyper-Scalability
    2. Advanced but Flexible Data Services
    3. Multiple Access Methods
    4. A Software Foundation

    Join Storage Switzerland and Hedvig for our live webinar and learn:

    1. What are Docker Containers and Microservices?
    2. Why Does Docker Require a New Storage Paradigm?
    3. What are the Requirements of a Docker Storage Infrastructure?
  • The Cloud provider market is crowded and offerings vary greatly from provider to provider. How do you ensure that a Cloud product meets the particular needs of your business? Assistant General Counsel Dennis Garcia discusses how one goes about choosing a Cloud provider and provides tips and tricks as to how to approach the move to the Cloud within your organization to ensure a successful transition.
  • Digital transformation is happening faster than you think. Traditional businesses are evolving into “composable enterprises” built out of connected software services and applications. Today, businesses need to quickly connect applications, data and devices, and their ability to stitch all these parts together determines whether they win or lose in the market.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn 3 ways to prepare your business for the future, including how to leverage your existing assets, develop a mobile and SaaS strategy, and use connectivity for greater agility, flexibility, and revenue. R ‘Ray’ Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder of Constellation Research, and Ross Mason, MuleSoft’s founder and VP of Product Strategy, will discuss lessons learned from top businesses and trends among CIOs who have successfully navigated today’s hyper-connected business environment.
  • Join this live Q&A session dedicated to AWS Core Services, Databases, to get an immediate answer to your technical questions.

    Either submit questions during the session or ahead of time to qq-south-africa@amazon.com. In the email please include your NAME, COMPANY and JOB TITLE.

    The session will be conducted in English.
  • En este Webinar, hablaremos de arquitectura de aplicaciones móviles y como sacar partido a los servicios AWS Mobile para construir arquitecturas escalables y altamente disponibles. Exploraremos las funcionalidades principales como la autentificación y autorización de usuarios, la sincronización de datos, la infraestructura backend sin gestión de servidores, las pruebas aplicativas, el entendimiento del comportamiento del usuario, además de como involucrar a tus usuarios y atraerlos a tu aplicación. Que estés desarrollando la nueva red social, o una aplicación móvil de administración empresarial, esta sesión explicara las mejores prácticas y arquitecturas de referencia para construir aplicaciones fiables y escalables.
  • Resource management is one of the most trending topics in Project Portfolio Management. The itd Assignment Editor allows users to plan assignments directly via the CA PPM web interface without connecting to Open Workbench or Microsoft Project.

    Requesting capacity for projects is now simpler and easier than ever.

    Joerg Leute will demonstrate and explain in this webcast how to use CA PPM and the itd assignment Editor to improve the resource management process.
  • In questa sessione di un'ora, coordinata da un Solution Architect, risponderemo alle vostre domande di natura tecnica riguardanti l'utilizzo dei prodotti AWS. In particolare, i primi 30 minuti saranno dedicati al topic "RDS: Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle" e i successivi 30 a domande di qualsiasi tipo.
  • Haz tus pregúntas técnicas directamente a un Arquitecto de Soluciones en Español y recibe una respuesta en vivo.

    Puedes hacer las preguntas en el momento o enviarlas con antelación a qq-iberia@amazon.com. En el email por favor incluye tu NOMBRE, EMPRESA, y PUESTO.

    Esta primera sesión se dividirá en dos partes: Los primeros 30 minutos se dedicarán a contestar preguntas relacionadas con RDS: Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle y la segunda parte de 30 minutos a responder preguntas generales.
  • Flash is the savior of the virtualized datacenter. It provides incredible performance increases along with tremendous latency reduction, but maximizing its potential can be challenging. Learn how you can architect your storage platform to focus on application performance utilizing server-side resources in conjunction with storage acceleration software.
  • Are you migrating to Office 365 soon? What is your data protection plan? Get prepared by attending this live webinar featuring Petri IT Knowledgebase Contributor, Phoummala Schmitt, and SaaS data protection expert, Gina Rosenthal of Spanning by EMC, for a spirited discussion. We’ll explore common Microsoft Exchange administration “gotchas” and what to be aware of as you migrate to Office 365.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    - What the common causes for data loss are when administering Microsoft Exchange
    - How to mitigate data loss caused by user errors
    - How these challenges appear when you move to Office 365
    - How cloud-to-cloud backup helps minimize data loss in Microsoft Office 365
  • In this joint webinar, representatives from VMware and SanDisk will discuss VMware’s vision for software-defined storage. You’ll learn how vSphere 6 allows third party virtual data services, like SanDisk’s host-level SSD caching software, to be fully integrated with Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) to safely and easily accelerate IO between VMs and VMDKs. This allows VMware administrators to vastly improve storage IO performance by cost-effectively delivering flash performance without overhauling or replacing your current storage.
  • Windows 10 ist da! Werden Sie jetzt upgraden oder lassen Sie sich Zeit bis die ersten Fehler im Programm beseitigt sind?

    Jede Integration eines neuen Gerätes oder Systemes in Ihr Unternehmensnetzwerk heißt, Sie müssen in der Lage sein, es zu verwalten. Eine intelligente Endpoint-Management-Lösung kann Ihnen bei Planung wie auch Verteilung des neuen Betriebssystems helfen und bietet Ihnen außerdem die Möglichkeit, bereits installierte Endgeräte zu verwalten.

    Mit HEAT Software ist die Vorbereitung und Verwaltung eines unternehmensweiten Windows 10-Rollouts einfacher als Sie denken! Gerne zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie durch unseren sechsstufigen Best Practices-Ansatz bei einem Rollout Zeit und Geld sparen können. Melden Sie sich gleich an.
  • Windows 10 is here! Are you ready to deploy it in your organization? Whether you are actively planning a corporate Windows 10 deployment in 2015/2016 or not, the influx of the OS onto the corporate network with new devices means you need to be able to manage it. A smart Endpoint Management solution can help you both plan and deploy the new OS, as well as provide the capability to manage endpoints on the network that already have the new OS preinstalled.
    With HEAT Software, preparing and managing a company-wide Windows 10 rollout is easier than you think! Let us show you how you can reduce time and money on your OS deployment with our 6-step Best Practices Approach. Sign up today.
  • Are you interested in using advanced analytics that go beyond a rear-view understanding of your business, but struggle with R’s lack of scale and performance? Join us to learn how HP Distributed R, the open source engine behind HP Haven Predictive Analytics, enables you to gain actionable insights from billions of observations at breakthrough speeds. See how HP Distributed R reduces execution time, enables data scientists to use much larger data sets, and accelerates data performance by 5x.
  • This webinar will provide an overview of the new features added to HP Network Automation 10.10. The webinar will provide insight in to new CLI commands, security features and other new functionalities introduced in HP Network Automation 10.10.
  • Este Webinar detalla Amazon Redshift, un servicio de data warehouse totalmente gestionado, con un precio menor a $1,000 por TB al año. Amazon Redshift utiliza hardware optimizado y procesamiento paralelo masivo para ofrecer un rendimiento rápido en peticiones cubriendo desde cientos de gigabytes hasta un petabyte o más. También mostraremos técnicas de optimización de ingestión de datos y estudiaremos varios casos de uso.
  • Присоединитесь к Amazon Web Services на этом бесплатном вебинаре, в котором Денис Баталов (AWS Solutions Architect) объяснит, как разобраться в Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing и Auto Scaling.

    Amazon EC2 является основой вычислительной платформой для сотен тысяч клиентов AWS, но как выйти за пределы начала инстанса и его ручной конфигурации? В этом вебинаре мы возьмём вас в путешествие от основ групп безопасности и управления ключами, до объяснения Auto Scaling и как вы можете использовать его, чтобы соответствовать мощности и затратам которые требует использование динамических политик.

    Причины для участия:

    Понять, как пользоваться Amazon EC2 за рамками простых случаев использования одного инстанса.
    • Изучить пример самозагрузки, AMIs и Elastic IP-адресов.
    • Узнать, как оптимизировать свои расходы путем объединения On Demand, Reserved и Spot Instances.
    • Узнать, как создать Elastic Load Balancer и как интегрировать его с Auto Scaling.
    • Узнать, как создавать конфигурации Auto Scaling и инструменты, которые вам необходимы для управления политиками Auto Scaling.
    • Узнать, как использовать CloudWatch, чтобы давать сигнал к запуску действий с Auto Scaling.
    • Открыть для себя дополнительные ресурсы, к которым вы можете получить доступ, чтобы узнать больше.

    Кто должен участвовать?

    • Разработчики, инженеры и архитекторы, желающие получить более практический опыт с Amazon EC2, и узнать передовые методы для эксплуатации и управления Amazon EC2.