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Enterprise Applications

  • How AI is Changing Marketing
    How AI is Changing Marketing Gil Allouche, CEO, Metadata.io Recorded: May 17 2018 43 mins
    In this webinar, Metadata.io CEO Gil Allouche will talk about the different ways AI is being used by marketers. From analyzing data to orchestrating new marketing campaigns, AI is powering marketing activities in new and exciting ways and affecting interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. As an example of how AI can have a tremendous impact on marketing practices, Gil will focus on its role in lead generation. Webinar attendees will learn:

    - What Machine Learning is in relation to AI and how it connects your data to find patterns
    - Examples of how machine learning can identify target audiences, including the 20 percent that creates 80 percent of your revenue
    - How AI technology can help marketers prioritize their budgets to focus on the most effective programs
    - Starting with small, iterative uses of AI in marketing can be the most effective way to understand what will yield the most ROI

    Gil Allouche founded Metadata.io to make demand generation easy for non-technical marketers. The Metadata.io platform and AI Operator evolved from Gil's experiences hacking various marketing and CRM systems to get the solutions he needed.
  • Containers on AWS
    Containers on AWS Tolga Tarhan, CTO at Onica Recorded: May 17 2018 22 mins
    Join us to learn about the benefits of containers on AWS and how they can help you create consistency, gain operational efficiency, and improve productivity. We'll cover Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, Amazon EKS and Fargate.

    Containers on AWS are a major resource for developers looking to improve infrastructure efficiency. Watch our webinar to learn several techniques for deploying containers on AWS. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of differing approaches, and explore a live demo.
  • Mastering IT Metrics
    Mastering IT Metrics Quentin McPhee, Implementation Manager, Vivantio Recorded: May 17 2018 54 mins
    IT monitoring and metrics play a key role in measuring IT service management success. By properly analyzing, understanding and measuring where the true value lies in your organization, you can effectively analyze risk, add value, reduce the cost of service delivery and boost the overall performance of your service teams.

    But without knowing what to measure, how to interpret the results and how to leverage your organization’s tools and data to make this possible, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and a lack of clarity in your reporting output.

    On Thursday, May 17th, join BrightTALK and Vivantio’s Senior Implementation Manager Quentin McPhee to learn what you and your senior management need to inform IT decision-making and drive sustainable service improvement, in practical terms.

    Quentin McPhee has more than 20 years’ experience in service management delivery and brings significant knowledge in implementing solutions for all types of organizations.

    This session is not just a ‘back to basics’, but rather will set out what every ITSM organization should be measuring and how to interpret the results, plus how to sustain the measuring process to become a self-aware powerhouse. We’ll also discuss:

    •What value reporting on your ITSM processes can realise
    •Different types of reports and who needs them
    •Tips, tricks and best practices to build out, maintain and sustain your organisation’s reporting structure

    We’ll also cover real-life examples of organizations who have improved efficiency through effective data analysis.


    Vivantio is a leader in help desk, IT service management and customer service software, empowering service teams to embrace automation and improve service levels at hundreds of organisations around the world.
  • Preparing Organizations for an Intelligent Future: Interview w/ Sam Adams (IBM)
    Preparing Organizations for an Intelligent Future: Interview w/ Sam Adams (IBM) Sam Adams, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Research; Jim Redden, Innovation Advisor, RTI International Recorded: May 17 2018 59 mins
    Emerging trends in AI and Machine Learning will impact nearly every aspect of the way organizations create and capture value in the years to come. A new set of opportunities and threats will emerge and change the landscape of many industries.

    Join IRI and RTI as we interview Sam Adams, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Research, to learn more about emerging trends in the fields of AI and Machine Learning and the ways organizations can prepare for an Intelligent Future.
  • Fostering Innovation with Lean Startup and SAFe
    Fostering Innovation with Lean Startup and SAFe Dean Leffingwell, Cofounder and Chief Methodologist, Scaled Agile, Inc. Recorded: May 17 2018 46 mins
    The marketplace is changing so quickly that we need a paradigm shift in how we enable innovation in the large enterprise. When an innovation culture is relegated exclusively to the startup, our biggest brands—those who employ most of the people and drive most of the world's economy—are at risk for their very survival. And yet, sometimes it seems that the larger and more successful the company, the more difficult it is to innovate. 
Fortunately, Lean and Agile development gives us many of the tools we need to apply that momentum to new innovations, and to do so at enterprise scale. And now, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and other industry trends bring new mindsets and thinking to bear on this challenge.

    In this session, Dean Leffingwell will illustrate how seemingly disparate practices—like Agile, scaled Agile, Lean Startup, Lean UX, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery—need not be separate initiatives, but rather a continuum that helps enterprises delivery more innovative solutions at a velocity they could only imagine before. From Minimum Viable Product to Minimum Marketable Feature, to the-smallest-package-that-can-be efficiently-released-into-production, Dean will discuss how reducing batch size enables fast feedback, and is the one elemental practice that binds them all.
  • Roadmapping: Accelerate Your Innovation
    Roadmapping: Accelerate Your Innovation Linda Chase, PPM Product Manager, CA Technologies Recorded: May 17 2018 36 mins
    Most of us are stuck building roadmaps from the ground up, filling out hundreds of required fields just to get started. But there’s a better way. Join Linda Chase, CA PPM Product Manager, to learn how to get alignment between your business goals and investments by planning from the top down with roadmaps. Simplify your roadmap and bring new ideas to market faster.
  • Canary and Blue/Green Continuous Delivery of Cloud Applications
    Canary and Blue/Green Continuous Delivery of Cloud Applications Gaurav Rastogi, Architect - Avi Networks Recorded: May 17 2018 49 mins
    Continuous delivery is becoming increasingly critical but it still remains a hard problem many enterprises struggle with. We will present lessons learned from the CI/CD transformation of 1000s of legacy monolith applications and how to achieve new levels of automation for cloud applications in day 0 and day 1+ scenarios.

    We will show how to fully automate to achieve true continuous delivery using Ansible and Avi. We will show how to use analytics to express and automate application evaluation and ML-based traffic switching without any downtime.

    Attendees of this webinar will learn:

    - What Canary and Blue/Green continuous delivery patterns are
    - What decisions are involved in continuous delivery
    - How to define and measure SLAs as applications are upgraded
    - How to avoid service and traffic disruptions during the continuous delivery
    - How to automate continuous delivery using Ansible and Avi
  • BPM + RPA: How to Deliver Intelligent Automation in Financial Services
    BPM + RPA: How to Deliver Intelligent Automation in Financial Services Andrew Murphy, VP K2 Recorded: May 17 2018 48 mins
    See a live demonstration of K2 and Blue Prism working together to demonstrate how you can deliver intelligence automation in Financial Services with RPA and BPA. Andrew Murphy, VP of EMEA at K2, provides practical insights on how to approach intelligent automation - resources, timing and tooling - to jumpstart your road to digital automation.
  • What’s Your AI Strategy?
    What’s Your AI Strategy? Vikram Mahidhar, AI Leader, Genpact Recorded: May 17 2018 49 mins
    Cognitive technologies are disrupting business. Are you ready?

    What does your business look like in 2022? What about in 2028? Within a decade, businesses made up of a workforce of people and digital workers will have a competitive advantage.

    Genpact surveyed 300 C-suite and senior executives to understand the need for a cognitive strategy. Join us to hear Vikram Mahidhar, Genpact’s AI leader, share our findings and provide real-world insights on how to build an AI strategy.

    This practical webinar will share insights on:

    Where and how to use cognitive technologies – selecting the right projects to test and innovate
    Key levers of a cognitive strategy:
    Using content and data wisely
    Selecting the right technologies
    Finding the right mix of people
    Understanding and addressing change management
    Defining realistic goals and maximizing ROI
    Success stories that show how cognitive technologies support top-line growth.
  • GDPR comes into effect on May 25th, are you compliant?
    GDPR comes into effect on May 25th, are you compliant? Nicolas Buache Recorded: May 17 2018 48 mins
    Let’s Talk GDPR – As of May 2018, a European privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will take effect and impose new rules on companies, government agencies, non-profits, and other organizations. GDPR applies to all companies, no matter where you are located.

    Discover how cloud solutions can help your organization achieve GDPR compliance.
    Learn from our experienced senior consultant as he demonstrates the vast functionality the Microsoft EMS Suite offers and how it can help you prepare for the GDPR. See how the latest innovations in productivity and security can help you on your journey to GDPR compliance.
  • Beyond the stack trace: A new approach to debugging
    Beyond the stack trace: A new approach to debugging AJ Jindal, Product Manager of Mobile & IoT, AppDynamics Recorded: May 17 2018 27 mins
    Mobile app crashes lose you revenue, loyalty, and potential customers due to poor user ratings at the App Store or Play Store.

    But stack traces, the traditional debugging method, can leave you with more questions than answers. Learn how to keep your apps healthy and customers happy by fixing crashing apps more quickly, and for good.

    This invaluable lesson on debugging apps will teach you how to:
    - Access a full context of user behavior, application flow, and code execution
    - Reduce your Mean Time to Identification of a crash issue
    - Eliminate costly trial and error, replicating, or not finding the issue at all

    ​The health of your apps is too important to your business to pass up these valuable tips. Register now.
  • AI – Warriors and Weapons
    AI – Warriors and Weapons Dr. Umesh Hodeghatta Rao, CTO, and Umesha Nayak, CEO, Nu-Sigma Analytics Labs Recorded: May 17 2018 53 mins
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning are the buzz words across the globe today. Businesses, as well as people, are trying to make out if it is simply hype or not. While there is hope there is also gloom somewhere, as far as AI is concerned. There is a lot of work to be done to ensure effective and valid deployment of AI solutions.

    Today’s AI concern is Frameworks and toolsets to manage the entire lifecycle in an integrated manner to ensure dependable results - which is the burgeoning need for AI to move forward. In this discussion, we will be focussing on some of the important challenges faced with respect to resources, frameworks, tools, and techniques for implementing AI and also the direction it is trending towards.
  • BizCloud BPaaS powered by Wipro and NetSuite
    BizCloud BPaaS powered by Wipro and NetSuite Michael Kulisch, BPaaS Program Head, NetSuite | Gurpreet Bajwa, Global Head, Shared Services BPaaS, Wipro Limited Recorded: May 17 2018 57 mins
    The need for IT rationalization, process and resource optimization is compelling organizations to focus on innovative platforms that offer agility at minimal Capex investments.
    Wipro, in collaboration with NetSuite, offers BizCloud BPaaS: an end-to-end BPaaS solution leveraging Cloud SaaS that enables business growth through process transformation and efficiency at optimized costs.
    With BizCloud BPaaS, organizations achieve improved process efficiency, increased business agility and consistent user experience at reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Secure Web Applications and Achieve Compliance (GDPR/HIPAA/PCI)
    Secure Web Applications and Achieve Compliance (GDPR/HIPAA/PCI) Ashish Shah, Sr. Director of Product - Avi Networks Recorded: May 17 2018 41 mins
    Security breaches are on the rise. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2018, web application attacks are the number one source of breaches, but web application security—especially as web applications are increasingly deployed outside of traditional on-premise environments—is lagging. As a result, regulations and compliance needs are increasingly reinforcing the need for web application security. This webinar will focus on regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA and their impact on what you need to do for web security. You will learn how advances in Web Application Firewalls and application insights can help you achieve your security and compliance goals.
  • Accudata's White-Hat Files | May 2018 Edition
    Accudata's White-Hat Files | May 2018 Edition Josh Berry, CISSP & OSCP, Principal Consultant for Risk & Compliance Recorded: May 17 2018 16 mins
    Welcome to the White Hat Files – a monthly series where the best white hat hackers give you what you need to know about the threat landscape.

    Our first White Hat File comes from Josh Berry, who holds OSCP, CISSP, and GIAC certifications.
    In this 15-minute webinar, he’ll give you the rundown on Accudata’s most-seen vulnerabilities, as well as best practices you can use to defeat attackers looking to dissect and destroy your business.

    Join us for our next edition in June! Register here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/16347/322209?utm_source=Accudata+Systems&utm_medium=brighttalk&utm_campaign=322209
  • Modern Business Management: Creating a Built-to-Change Organization
    Modern Business Management: Creating a Built-to-Change Organization Doug Dockery, Senior Director, Agile Management and Laureen Knudsen, Advisor, Executive Management, CA Technologies Recorded: May 17 2018 46 mins
    Transform your entire organization, not just a part of it. Take a modern look now that the world is focusing on business agility rather than thinking about team-level or even scaled Agile.
    Many people and businesses believe that “doing Agile” will solve all their business and organizational problems. The truth is that “doing Agile”, especially team-level agility, is not the same as being an agile organization.
    Authors Doug Dockery and Laureen Knudsen share their years of experience in transforming corporations and organizations to successfully compete and win in today’s fast-paced markets. Using proven techniques and stories of actual experiences in a multitude of organizations, Doug and Laureen relate what it takes to successfully transform your organization, as well as how to tell if your transformation is working.
    This webinar details what you need to know to transform your business to deliver value and thrive. Coverage includes:
    •What Agile means to an executive and the benefits you should be seeing
    •The top failure modes and why so many transformations fail
    •A framework for success, including an operational framework and a transformation framework
    •How big data internal to a company is needed to successfully run a world-wide corporation today
    •The definition of a modern business and what it looks like
  • How NoSQL Trends and Consistency are Fueling Enterprise Digital Transformation
    How NoSQL Trends and Consistency are Fueling Enterprise Digital Transformation Jim Curtis of 451 Research & Aerospike Recorded: May 17 2018 54 mins
    NoSQL databases have been established for the better part of a decade but they are only now playing a deeper role in Enterprise Digital Transformation, extending beyond their initial use cases. Historically NoSQL databases have emphasized such characteristics as scalability and performance but recently vendors have begun to introduce other characteristics such as strong consistency for transactional data for both highly engaged applications and backend systems of record.

    In this webinar, James Curtis, Senior Analyst - Data Platforms & Analytics for 451 Research, will review:

    •The trends and growth in the NoSQL market
    •NoSQL use cases across industries
    •New trends and characteristics appearing in NoSQL-based applications, including data consistency, and how these characteristics are being applied to modern applications
  • Technology Trends & Use Case in AI
    Technology Trends & Use Case in AI Camberley Bates, Evaluator Group; Frederic Van Haren, Evaluator Group; Keith Kirkpatrick, Tractica Recorded: May 17 2018 58 mins
    What are the top use cases in AI? Or should we say, what will be the top use cases in the next 5-10 years? How are companies using the disciplines of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and HPC? What is needed to enable faster adoption? What technology changes are expected or required? Evaluator Group and Tractica, leading analyst firms on the topic of Artificial Intelligence come together to discuss these topics of market adoption and technology requirements.

    This is an INTERACTIVE session. We will start with short presentations then open up the Fireside chat. The audience is invited to submit their questions and participate in what will be a lively discussion.
  • Business Agility and the Modern PMO
    Business Agility and the Modern PMO Mark Price Perry, Business Driven PMO Evangelist, BOT International Recorded: May 17 2018 47 mins
    Projects deliver outputs, but businesses need outcomes. Today’s PMO must enable that transformation, embracing business agility concepts to deliver consistent achievement of business goals and to drive top down innovation into every area of project delivery. Join Mark Price Perry, the man who literally wrote the book on the Business Driven PMO, and CA’s own Jim Tisch as they discuss:
    •How to transform outputs to outcomes consistently
    •The importance of innovation focused strategy and the role of the PMO in making it happen
    •The modern, business driven PMO as the cornerstone of strategy execution
    If your PMO is still driving people, process and tools, or if it still focuses on a single department, it is significantly hurting your chances of success. Sign up now and learn how to change your future.
  • Executing on a Cloud Data Strategy
    Executing on a Cloud Data Strategy Mat Keep Recorded: May 17 2018 29 mins
    The move to the cloud coupled with shifts to organisational structures and application architectures is driving agility and innovation.

    Enterprises that are undertaking this transformation are following in the footsteps of the digital natives, be it Google, Facebook or Amazon.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    * Why the cloud means your data strategy needs to adapt
    * What do you need to consider when building your data strategy
    * How a cloud data strategy can help accelerate digital transformation initiatives and drive tangible business value
  • Driving a New Era of Connectivity for Customer Experience
    Driving a New Era of Connectivity for Customer Experience Stefan, SVP Business Applications, SES Recorded: May 17 2018 50 mins
    As customer expectations shift to mobile and on-demand solutions, no matter which industry you are in, the experiences you offer must be constantly evolving to remain competitive. How do you approach the architecture of your ICT to ensure you’re not being left behind?

    Hear from Stefan Okhuijzen, SVP Business Applications at SES, a world-leading satellite operator with over 50 satellites reaching 99% of the world’s population, on how SES is shifting their business model through connectivity to transform customer experience.

    Attendees will learn:

    - Best practices to implement delightful customer experiences, such as an innovative customer portal to improve transparency
    - How SES is shifting from a B2B to a B2C business model to differentiate itself, supported by the exposure of reusable APIs
    - How adopting an API-led approach to connectivity can help you speed up the digital transformation process
  • Customer-Centered AI: A Radical Strategy
    Customer-Centered AI: A Radical Strategy Geordie Kaytes, Partner, Heroic Recorded: May 16 2018 34 mins
    AI is a powerful tool, but often companies get more excited about their technology than in the customer value they’re creating. Geordie Kaytes will share a framework for building customer-centered AI products. You’ll learn how to craft a far-reaching vision and strategy centered around customer needs and balance that vision with the day-to-day needs of your company.

    Learn a framework for creating and communicating a vision that describes the overall direction of your AI product, a defined product strategy, a cross-functional roadmap aligned with the strategy, and a list of metrics that track progress towards the strategy

    About the Speaker: Geordie Kaytes is the director of UX strategy for Boston-area UI/UX studio Fresh Tilled Soil and a partner at Heroic (https://www.heroicteam.com), a design leadership coaching firm that helps growing companies scale their digital product capabilities. A digital product design leader with deep experience in design process transformation and cross-functional expertise in design, strategy, and technology, Geordie has helped companies in a broad range of industries develop a 360-degree view of their product design processes. Previously, he did his obligatory tour of duty in management consulting. He holds a BA from Yale in political science. He is a coauthor of the Medium publication Radical Product.
  • Selecting the Right Data Science Approach for Your Operations
    Selecting the Right Data Science Approach for Your Operations Lilia Gutnik, Product Manager, PagerDuty Recorded: May 16 2018 16 mins
    Organizations want to modernize their IT Operations with the promise of data science and machine learning. The potential results from harnessing data is awesome: automate repetitive tasks, focus on innovation instead of maintenance, and profit from actionable insights that grows the business.

    However,  many teams struggle with the challenge of applying data science to their operations in a way that is suited to their business, their resources, and their goals.

    In this webinar, we’ll answer key questions such as:

    • Which operations challenges can be improved with Data Science?
    • How can data science help your business?
    • How do you evaluate what data science is right for you?
  • Toolkit: 5 Essential ITSM Best Practices and How to Implement Them
    Toolkit: 5 Essential ITSM Best Practices and How to Implement Them Joseph Brown - Senior Manager, Implementation at Samanage Recorded: May 16 2018 36 mins
    In this webinar, Samanage will give you a toolkit that will enable you to apply the 5 must-do ITSM best practices to every department in your organization – all while increasing employee satisfaction and driving positive business results.

    What Joseph will cover:

    1. ITIL - How can other departments benefit from incorporating elements of the ITIL framework that promote continuous improvements to best streamline service delivery?

    2. Knowledge Base - What if your organization had a comprehensive database of articles, resources, and resolutions available for all employees to easily access no matter what department they were submitting a request to?

    3. Self-Service - How about if you had a single portal where employees can submit an IT ticket, facilities ticket, or even a catering request for an event?

    4. Automations - From SLA breach alerts to new hire onboarding requests, wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate redundant tasks, set up alerts, and more?

    5. Service Catalog - How can a robust service catalog streamline everyday workflows across departments, like a request for marketing to update the company website?
  • Key Considerations of an Effective Cloud Strategy
    Key Considerations of an Effective Cloud Strategy Matt Nolan - Senior Cloud Architect, Red Hat and Stephane Lefrere - Director, Cloud infrastructure Practice, Red Hat May 22 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    One of the most pressing questions enterprises have to answer is: “Should we move to the cloud or stay on-premise?” For many, the answer is a blend of both. Determining your organization’s cloud strategy can be complex. Important considerations must be made around security and compliance requirements, balancing the needs of developers, as well as the existing infrastructure implementations.

    In this webinar, we’ll identify multiple considerations you’ll face when starting to think about your cloud strategy and walk through how to manage those critical choices. We’ll cover how to:
    - Evaluate the mix of private and public cloud options are best for your business
    - Prioritize services for your developers and end users
    - Identify new approaches to enable freedom of choice, mobility, and accelerate service delivery
    - Define a cloud strategy that accelerates your ability to deliver new applications and innovative solutions
  • GDPR:  Samanage Looking To The Future
    GDPR: Samanage Looking To The Future Matt Stone May 22 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The new GDPR guidelines have brought us to a new level of oversight for dealing with data privacy.

    In this webinar we will discuss:
    What data privacy means to Samanage.
    How Samanage approached GDPR compliance within the ITSM space. How Samanage will be operationalizing privacy management post May 25 2018.
    Best practice methods for Samanage and our customers to work together to maintain compliance.
  • Travel & Expense: Ein integrierter Ansatz
    Travel & Expense: Ein integrierter Ansatz SAP Concur Expert May 22 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    - Lernen Sie, wie einfach es ist, eine Geschäftsreise mit SAP Concur zu buchen

    - Wie Sie als Manager einen unmittelbaren Überblick über die Buchungen Ihrer Mitarbeiter haben und nachvollziehen können, ob sie die Reiserichtlinien befolgen

    - Wie Ihre Geschäftsreisenden Reisekosten mit ExpenseIt mühelos erfassen und automatisch richtig aufschlüsseln
  • HPE-Veeam advanced integration: Design for the Enterprise!
    HPE-Veeam advanced integration: Design for the Enterprise! Federico Venier - Technical Marketing Engineer May 22 2018 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Learn how to take advantage of the new HPE + Veeam enterprise-class integration features. We will make a complete technical overview with a special focus on hardware snapshot orchestration with 3PAR and Nimble, ransomware protection, and cost reduction with StoreOnce deduplication.
  • The Need for Universal Identity Management
    The Need for Universal Identity Management Garrett Bekker of 451 Research & Lewis Carpenter of Auth0 May 22 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Companies seeking identity and access management (IAM) solutions are confronted with a fragmented marketplace. There are various solutions aimed at solving authentication and authorization, but each tends to focus squarely on a single audience, whether it’s consumers (B2C), business partners (B2B), employees (B2E), or IoT devices. This siloed approach makes the process both confusing and costly for those needing identity across the entire organization and beyond.

    Fortunately, change is underway and enterprises are realizing that a universal approach to identity is saving money, time, and most importantly, giving developers the freedom they need to focus on product innovation rather than security. Today’s marketplace demands a more adaptable solution that can handle the rigors of identity, and anticipate the needs of the future.

    Join this exciting webinar with Garrett Bekker, principal analyst at 451 Research, on the current state of the IAM industry, his take on its evolution and where it needs to go, as well as an overview on Auth0’s universal approach to identity.

    During this webinar, participants will learn:
    •The necessary evolution of the IAM industry
    •The valuable resources and costs wasted when disparate identity management solutions are used within one enterprise
    •Benefits of a “hybrid” approach and how it solves multiple use cases simultaneously
    •What “cloud nirvana” is and why platform convergence is necessary now for tomorrow’s economy
  • 15 Failure Points in Kubernetes and How to Monitor Them
    15 Failure Points in Kubernetes and How to Monitor Them Jorge Salamero Sanz May 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    There is a lot of discussion nowadays on how to use containers in production - are you there already?

    When operating a production platform we should prepare for failure and in addition to monitoring working metrics, we cannot forget about the most common failure points. From an agnostic monitoring solution perspective, and following a use-case driven approach, we will learn the most common failure points in a Kubernetes infrastructure and how to detect them (metrics, events, checks, etc).
  • 2018 Ponemon Institute Study on Application Security: Arxan AppSec Series 1/3
    2018 Ponemon Institute Study on Application Security: Arxan AppSec Series 1/3 Dr. Larry Ponemon, Ponemon Institute Chairman & Founder | Ken Jochims, Arxan Director of Product Marketing May 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Data breaches caused by unprotected applications affected nearly 75% of companies in a recent global survey, yet a majority of these companies admit they don’t adequately invest in app security until after they’ve suffered significant losses. Join Arxan and the Ponemon Institute for part one of our application security insights series, where we’ll share the results of the 2018 Study on Application Security. This survey of nearly 1,400 IT and IT security practitioners from around the world examines the risk unprotected applications pose to businesses, and how companies are addressing those risks.

    During part 1 of this webinar series, we’ll cover:
    •The impact of cyberattacks and data breaches on unsecured mobile applications
    •Global trends on application security investments and spending
    •Insights to improve application security posture, including the use of threat intelligence data
  • Security in the Age of Hybrid Cloud
    Security in the Age of Hybrid Cloud Ajay Uggirala and Marty Jost — Product Marketing, Imperva May 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The advantages offered by a cloud-based environment make it an easy decision for most companies to have apps and data both on-premises and in the cloud. Still, there are numerous critical choices to be made that can transform the complexities of the migration process into a relatively smooth transition—especially regarding application and data security. In this session we will define hybrid cloud and talk about best practices to secure your company application and data assets as you start managing across both cloud and traditional IT environments.
  • 12 Practical Steps toward GDPR Compliance
    12 Practical Steps toward GDPR Compliance James R. Slaby, Senior Manager, Product Marketing May 22 2018 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    With the effective date of GDPR only weeks away, many businesses are correctly concerned about their readiness to comply with its stricter standards for protecting the personal data of EU residents. This 30-minute webinar offers practical steps that your business or public-sector organization can take today to improve your GDPR compliance posture, with tips on how to:

    •Understand GDPR terminology and roles
    •Assess your inventory of personal data, its locations and movements
    •Honor your new obligations to users on handling their personal data
    •Deal with heightened regulatory scrutiny on data breaches
    •Reinforce your data storage, backup and security policies and infrastructure to support your GDPR compliance efforts

    The complexity and occasional ambiguity of GDPR regulations can freeze some IT organizations into inaction. But neither your management nor your customers will wait forever for evidence of your progress toward GDPR compliance. Learn how to get out of the starting gate with these pragmatic, actionable tactics.

    About the speaker:

    James R. Slaby works in product marketing at Acronis, where his focus includes security-oriented issues like ransomware and GDPR. Before Acronis, Slaby was an industry analyst covering IT security, cloud computing, and networking at Forrester Research, HfS Research, Yankee Group, and The Info Pro. With over 300 published IT research reports, he has been quoted in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and countless tech publications. Slaby has also held campaign, solutions, vertical and product marketing roles at a variety of tech vendors including Sonus, Acme Packet, Bay Networks and Motorola.
  • Embedding Analytics in your Application
    Embedding Analytics in your Application SVP Global Marketing & Alliances, Dan Shaw-Dennis May 23 2018 1:00 am UTC 45 mins
    In this data-driven age, the most successful companies are those who have insight into their data and can share this information across the business.
    Join us to hear how you can stay ahead of your competition and provide easy access to data, dashboards sophisticated analysis and reporting.
  • Lieferung transformativer Business-Projekte – Cherwell Project Portfolio
    Lieferung transformativer Business-Projekte – Cherwell Project Portfolio Oliver Stöeckl - Software Senior Solution Consultant May 23 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Management Foundations (Cherwell Software bietet einen besseren Weg, um transformierende, neue Business-Projekte umzusetzen).
    Sich schnell ändernde Kundenanforderungen, technische Innovationen sowie ein dynamischer Wettbewerb gehören für viele Unternehmen zur Norm. Aber genau jene Elemente, die Stabilität sichern, können die Fähigkeit der Zusammenarbeit und Reaktionsfähigkeit beeinträchtigen. Freuen Sie sich auf Prozesse, die zur Stabilität beitragen und das effiziente Erreichen strategischer Ziele mit Cherwell Project Portfolio Management Foundations ermöglichen.
    Cherwell Software bietet einen besseren Weg, um transformierende, neue Business-Projekte umzusetzen.
  • Semantic AI: Bringing Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs Together
    Semantic AI: Bringing Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs Together Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton & Andreas Blumauer, CEO, Managing Partner Semantic Web Company May 23 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Implementing AI applications based on machine learning is a significant topic for organizations embracing digital transformation. By 2020, 30% of CIOs will include AI in their top five investment priorities according to Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018: Intelligent Apps and Analytics. But to deliver on the AI promise, organizations need to generate good quality data to train the algorithms. Failure to do so will result in the following scenario: "When you automate a mess, you get an automated mess."

    This webinar covers:

    - An introduction to machine learning use cases and challenges provided by Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton and top data science and big data influencer.
    - How to achieve good data quality based on harmonized semantic metadata presented by Andreas Blumauer, CEO and co-founder of Semantic Web Company and a pioneer in the application of semantic web standards for enterprise data integration.
    - How to apply a combined approach when semantic knowledge models and machine learning build the basis of your cognitive computing. (See Attachment: The Knowledge Graph as the Default Data Model for Machine Learning)
    - Why a combination of machine and human computation approaches is required, not only from an ethical but also from a technical perspective.
  • Field Guide to Shareable Clinical Pathways Using BPMN, CMMN & DMN in Healthcare
    Field Guide to Shareable Clinical Pathways Using BPMN, CMMN & DMN in Healthcare Larry Johnson, VP OMG, Robert Lario, OMG Healthcare DTF, Denis Gagné, OMG Model Interchange SIG May 23 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Clinical practice guidelines are systematically developed statements based upon prevailing evidence to assist health practitioner’s in their decisioning making concerning the appropriate care to be provided for a specific clinical circumstance. A guideline is meant to offer concise instructions on how to provide healthcare services. The most important benefits of clinical practice guidelines are their potential to improve both the quality care and patient outcomes, and reduce costs. However, these guidelines are developped and communicated in prose, which often lacks the required specificity to clearly and unambiguously convey the clinical knowledge. These ambiguities can lead to the misapplication of intended therapy, causing at best a reduction in the quality of care and reduce costs, at worst causing harm.

    This presentation will demonstrate the use of three OMG standards, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) & Decision Model and Notation (DMN) to represent clinical guidelines. These methods in tandem provide a means to clearly and unambiguously describe and convey the clinical knowledge. The models can be reviewed, tested and computational verified. Further, since there are clear computation semantics for the standards, the models developed based upon these standards are potentially executable. This promotes the rapid dissemination and uptake of the guidelines in a clinical setting.

    The speakers will provide a brief overview of the three methods, supporting HL7 standards and supporting technologies necessary to make the guideline actionable in a clinical setting. A simple clinical model based upon the standards will be reviewed and finally shown executing. The presentation will show the potential of using these methods to model clinical knowledge and their potential of being directly executable.
  • Iguazio Presents: Delivering In-Memory Database Performance on Intel Flash
    Iguazio Presents: Delivering In-Memory Database Performance on Intel Flash Ori Modai, VP R&D, Iguazio May 23 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Using Flash to substitute memory in databases can substantially increase density, reduce costs and improve durability. However, most databases access Flash through traditional storage and file system layers, utilizing only a fraction of Flash’s potential speed. As a result, companies keep using in-memory databases with expensive memory and limited data capacity and resiliency. Ori Modai will explain how to build real-time intelligent apps which run across large data sets and reach in-memory database performance with Intel’s NVMe Flash. He will describe the challenges posed by traditional database and storage architectures and will present a new database design which maximizes the value of flash, reaching 20x lower costs and 100x higher density. The session will include a technical deep dive followed by real-world customer use-cases in the fields of IoT edge and online AI applications.
  • Accudata + Forcepoint Security Series | Risk-Adaptive Protection
    Accudata + Forcepoint Security Series | Risk-Adaptive Protection Bharath Vasudevan, Senior Director May 23 2018 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    What comes to mind when you hear “decision making based on calculated behavioral analytics”? It’s a pretty exciting concept–one that’s new to cyber security and one that Forcepoint does very well. Join our webinar to learn how risk-adaptive protection is helping organizations:

    - Continually improve security effectiveness through machine learning and AI
    - Better understand risky behavior
    - Automate policies
    - Dramatically reduce the quantity of alerts
    - Streamline and accelerate investigation of those alerts

    Tune in May 23!
  • Salient Features of a Secure Enterprise Container Registry Solution
    Salient Features of a Secure Enterprise Container Registry Solution Praveen Rajagopalan and Vikas Grover, Red Hat May 23 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Containers are mainstream and a strategic priority for enterprises everywhere. While they are enabling teams to migrate workloads to microservices and enabling flexible scalable workloads, a key question arises, where do we store and manage our container images?

    While the answer to this question is a Container Registry, do you know what to look for when evaluating enterprise container registry solutions? Have you identified your organization's requirements for container registries?

    Join Praveen Rajagopalan and Vikas Grover from Red Hat to hear and discuss about an enterprise container registry solution that has all the required enterprise security features.

    Praveen and Vikas will discuss various options such as:

    Container Size: Optimized storage of container Images
    Availability: Geo-replication technology for Multi-Data Center
    Hosting: Cloud or On Prem
    Vulnerability scanning of images
    Access control (RBAC)
  • Public Cloud is Here - Use it Wisely! Hybrid Cloud Strategy Lessons Learned
    Public Cloud is Here - Use it Wisely! Hybrid Cloud Strategy Lessons Learned Gordon Haff, Red Hat and Lauren Nelson, principal analyst serving infrastructure & operations professionals, Forrester May 24 2018 9:00 am UTC 75 mins
    For many firms, the migration to public cloud is well underway. Understanding what motivates these migrators and the challenges they face along the way can help you in your own journey.

    Join this webinar for a rare look into an emerging group and a glimpse into the future of public cloud. You'll hear about the results of a Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by Red Hat, that looks at these aspects of firms migrating to the cloud:

    > Their motivations and challenges.
    > The strategies they're adopting for migration.
    > What cloud migration in practice looks like.
  • Cybersecurty Webinar – Solving the challenges of SSL decryption in Education
    Cybersecurty Webinar – Solving the challenges of SSL decryption in Education Jamie Jennrich Regional Manager for Education and Jon Wood, Systems Engineer at Palo Alto Networks May 24 2018 2:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) (and its successor Transport Layer Security (TLS)) is an encryption protocol that is designed to protect the privacy and security of sensitive communications across a network, such as the Internet.

    The use of SSL encryption is rapidly increasing. In 2017, approximately 50% of web traffic was secured by the protocol and this is expected to rise to 80% by 2019 according to Gartner. Currently most major websites including Google, Facebook and Wikipedia, enforce encryption and are using SSL across their sites (HTTPS sites).

    Join Jamie Jennrich, Regional Manager for Education and Jon Wood, Systems Engineer at Palo Alto Networks for an exclusive Cybersecurity Webinar ‘Solving the challenges of SSL decryption in Education’ on May 24th at 3.30 p.m. (BST) During this event they will discuss the difficult tension in education today between allowing students and staff easy and open access to information while ensuring their working environment is secure and safe, protected from growing cyber threats.

    Attend this webinar to understand:

    - SSL, its benefits and growth
    - Challenges of encryption in Education
    - How Palo Alto Networks can provide visibility and control across encrypted SSL channels
  • Managing Massive Data Growth
    Managing Massive Data Growth Tyna Callahan - Scality, Yannick Guillerm - Scality, and Charles Tierney - HPE Storage May 24 2018 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Managing Massive Data Growth. It’s true – it is all about you–your data that is. Several different trends have converged to accelerate the creation of valuable data, presenting new challenges to enterprise storage management teams. Many customers along with some analysts suggest object-based storage as a key element in managing the growth of data. What is it that they see in object storage? Join us as we discuss: Recent Trends leading data growth, the benefits of software-defined object storage features to consider, and real-world examples where object solutions are managing data growth issues.
  • Does it matter if an algorithm can't explain how it knows what it knows?
    Does it matter if an algorithm can't explain how it knows what it knows? Beau Walker, Founder, Method Data Science May 24 2018 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becoming enforceable in the EU on May 25, 2018, many data scientists are worried about the impact that this regulation and similar initiatives in other countries that give consumers a "right to explanation" of decisions made by algorithms will have on the field of predictive and prescriptive analytics.

    In this session, Beau will discuss the role of interpretable algorithms in data science as well as explore tools and methods for explaining high-performing algorithms.

    Beau Walker has a Juris Doctorate (law degree) and BS and MS Degrees in Biology and Ecology and Evolution. Beau has worked in many domains including academia, pharma, healthcare, life sciences, insurance, legal, financial services, marketing, and IoT.
  • Lead your finance function into the digital age
    Lead your finance function into the digital age Percy Dumasia, Partner and Srini Krishnamurthy, Managing Consultant, Application services, Wipro Ltd. May 24 2018 3:30 pm UTC 90 mins
    Digital tools and technologies are redefining the way we work, as the world looks for simpler, better, and faster ways of doing business. The modern finance function, characterized by agility and simplicity, is at odds with most legacy enterprise finance functions today – but the need to modernize is at the top of every CFO’s strategic agenda.

    But CFOs are faced with many challenges. How can they modernize the function while continuing to support traditional processes and systems in the interim? How can they reskill and optimize roles and resources quickly? And most importantly, how can the finance function be a true partner to the business by responding quickly to their needs for fiscal reporting and control?

    Join our webinar to learn about the challenges and opportunities in redesigning and simplifying the finance function in a digital age.
  • Architecting Machine Learning Ecosystems Using Best-in-Class NVMe SSDs
    Architecting Machine Learning Ecosystems Using Best-in-Class NVMe SSDs Rick Walsworth & Cameron Brett May 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Machine learning and Deep learning architectures are driving efficiencies and automation across enterprise systems and creating challenges for infrastructure architects in order to deliver the desired outcomes. These issues are manifested through infrastructure I/O bottlenecks that result poor ingest throughput performance that slow cognitive system training times due to excessive latencies. In this webinar, Toshiba and Vexata join forces to provide actionable information about the latest generation of NVMe based solid state drive (SSD) media and how to architect systems to deliver the low latency, high bandwidth I/O services to these advanced neural nets and cognitive systems.

    Join this webinar and learn about the latest technologies, architectures and best practices purpose built for these AI ecosystems.

    In this webinar
    1. Latest generation of SSD technologies that deliver low latency performance
    2. Advances in storage architectures that maximize the SSD media
    3. Use cases and customer examples that have deployed these architectures for machine learning environments.
  • Modern Vulnerability Management : Knowledge, Automation, Analytics 
    Modern Vulnerability Management : Knowledge, Automation, Analytics  Syed Abdur, Brinqa, Director of Product May 24 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With growing numbers of new vulnerabilities disclosed every year, increasing attacker sophistication, and a myriad of tools and teams that have to be synchronized for effective response, most organizations struggle with designing and implementing an effective vulnerability management program. In this webinar we discuss 3 key components that all modern vulnerability programs must address :

    - Knowledge: How to create actionable intelligence from business context, threat intelligence, and any other relevant data source
    - Automation: How to implement automation to streamline significant parts of the VM process
    - Analytics: How to effectively engage and inform all stakeholders