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  • An Investor's Guide to Climate Change
    An Investor's Guide to Climate Change Sam Gill Recorded: Oct 18 2018 43 mins
    An introductory guide to climate change and investment, this guide outlines the key trends that every investor should know. We describe relevant climate change drivers and metrics, how to understand a portfolio's climate exposure and the fundamental steps investors must take when formulating an investment response to climate change.

    Join us on the 18th October at 2pm to explore this guide with our CEO, Sam Gill, who will take you through our key findings and answer your questions relating to climate change and investment.
  • Tackling Climate Change through the Cold Chain Webinar
    Tackling Climate Change through the Cold Chain Webinar BRC, Emerson Climate Technologies GmbH, Waitrose Recorded: Sep 13 2018 55 mins
    The webinar will discuss the short- and long- term changes retailers can make in their cold supply chain in order to boost their competitive advantage in the transition to the low-carbon economy, and how to address climate change through the development of science-based targets. Speakers will include representatives of the BRC, Emerson and Waitrose.
  • Smart Wastewater Solutions: Addressing CSO and Stormwater Challenges
    Smart Wastewater Solutions: Addressing CSO and Stormwater Challenges Seth Cutler (Moderator), Kyla Jacobsen, Jody Crabtree, Reese Johnson Recorded: Aug 7 2018 62 mins
    The SWAN North American Alliance's 5th webinar, hosted by Frost & Sullivan, will explore how data-driven, smart water solutions play a critical role in shrinking a multi-billion dollar deficit in North America’s wastewater and CSO (combined sewer overflow) management needs. Smart water solutions minimize and optimize compliance investment, reducing wastewater utility spend to operate the network today and into the future.

    Join this webinar hosted to hear SWAN North American Alliance experts and peers discuss insights into how utilities and municipalities can address critical investment needs, lower projected spending, and deploy advanced technologies.

    Key Takeaways:
    · Identify how data-based technologies and solutions can tackle the multi-billion dollar wastewater network deficit and drive growth opportunities
    · Understand how utilities transformed challenges into strengths
    · Engage with industry thought leaders and participate in an interactive question-and-answer session
  • Start-ups Driving Innovation in Upstream Oil & Gas
    Start-ups Driving Innovation in Upstream Oil & Gas Dylan Ellett, Upstream Advisor - Oil & Gas, Frost & Sullivan, Panel of Industry Experts from Start-up Companies Recorded: Jul 31 2018 61 mins
    Over the past decade, the oil and gas industry has seen major volatility with the price of oil as high as $130 per barrel to as low as $30 per barrel. Today we are seeing an outburst of start-ups and a changing culture that is founded on innovation. The industry is currently witnessing the “Golden Age” of emerging technology developments and is poised to benefit from innovation designed to help the upstream oil and gas industry reduce costs and improve recovery rates. While some oil & gas companies are developing unique innovations themselves, the industry is benefiting from a surge in start-up companies focused on digital transformation and radical change proving that the oil and gas start-up ecosystem is alive and growing.

    Key Takeaways:
    • Discover start-up companies that are providing innovative solutions to industry challenges
    • Hear real success stories and pain points from start-ups
    • Interact with start-up companies
  • Growth Opportunities in the Power Sector You Need to Know About
    Growth Opportunities in the Power Sector You Need to Know About Jonathan Robinson Principal Consultant, Vasanth Krishnan, Research Analyst, Energy & Environment, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Jul 17 2018 50 mins
    The global energy transition is underway and is being led by renewable energy. Massive capital investment is being made in transforming the global power infrastructure; over $200 billion was invested globally in wind and solar in 2017. The fundamentals of the market are being challenged, creating growth opportunities for new players to disrupt the market and forcing existing players to innovate or gradually cede market position.

    Key Takeaways:
    · Gain insight into the key global growth hotspots within the power sector.
    · Understand the latest dynamics of the market and the main disruptors.
    · Learn how to innovate and about new business strategies for the future
  • IoT & A.I. For Good
    IoT & A.I. For Good Wael Elrifai, Vice President of Solution Engineering, Big Data, IoT & A.I, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: Jun 21 2018 41 mins
    Wael Elrifai shares his experience working in the IoT and AI space; covering complexities, pitfalls, and opportunities to explain why innovation isn’t just good for business—it’s a societal imperative.
  • Financial Implications of Climate Change Legislation and Litigation
    Financial Implications of Climate Change Legislation and Litigation James Cameron Recorded: Jun 19 2018 46 mins
    In this webinar, we discuss the financial implications of climate change legislation and litigation with Richard Saines, Richard Lord and James Cameron.

    - Current trends in climate litigation

    - Climate change and fiduciary duty, are they linked? 

    - Legal issues and their likely impact on US corporations and investors worldwide

    - Risk mitigation in the era of climate change for investors and company directors

    Richard Saines, Partner at Baker McKenzie
Richard heads the North America Climate Change and Environmental Markets Practice at Baker McKenzie. He is recognised by Chambers USA and Chambers Global as a leading climate change lawyer.

    Richard Lord, Q.C. at Brick Court Chambers, London

    Richard has appeared in and advised on numerous cases in tribunals at The Supreme Court and House of Lords. He co-edited the book Climate Change Liability: Transnational Law and Practice.

    James Cameron, Chairman of Overseas Development Institute, and Chairman of Engaged Tracking
James has worked on climate change matters including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol. He recently advised the Fijian presidency at COP23 in Bonn.
  • Monetizing Smart Cities
    Monetizing Smart Cities Steve Brumer, Partner, 151 Advisors and Ben Easterling, AT&T Smart Cities Business Unit Recorded: Jun 6 2018 60 mins
    Join Ben Easterling, Strategic Alliance Lead for the AT&T Smart Cities Business Unit and Steve Brumer, Partner with 151 Advisors, a leader in providing Advisory and Strategic services around “Monetizing the Connected World” for a 60 minute open discussion on Smart Cities and Smart Buildings and the commercialization aspects of them.

    Topics will include:
    - Where is the money in supplying products and services?
    - What is the true meaning of ROI in the Smart Cities and Smart Buildings space?

    Key Takeaways will focus on where should you focus your time, energy and efforts within this space and drive revenue.
  • New approaches to Low Carbon Investing
    New approaches to Low Carbon Investing Sam Gill Recorded: May 18 2018 42 mins
    With regulation to limit carbon emissions increasing worldwide, low carbon investment strategies are a hot topic among our members. Research from Engaged Tracking has shown that investment strategies that ‘tilt’ away from carbon-intensive companies towards more carbon-efficient ones have been outperforming the market.

    In this session we explore new approaches to low carbon investment, including:
    - Snapshot of the current market
    - Isabelle Delattre, CIO at Raymond James Asset Management, sharing insights on the process of designing a new ‘carbon momentum’ strategy
    - Engaged Tracking’s approach: designing new low carbon investment strategies

    Sam Gill, CEO of Engaged Tracking
    Isabelle Delattre, CIO of Raymond James Asset Management International
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 10 | ft Bowles Farming Co. | Smart Agriculture
    Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 10 | ft Bowles Farming Co. | Smart Agriculture 151 Advisors | Danny Royer | Ken Briodagh Recorded: May 2 2018 32 mins
    Danny Royer is the Vice President of Technology at Bowles Farming Company in the middle of California Central Valley. His job is integrating technology into the everyday things that are done on the farm. The farm is about 12,000 acres, producing about 21 different crops and irrigating mainly with subsurface drip irrigation. Currently Bowles Farming Company is in the middle of the planting season with crews planting and processing tomatoes and cotton. The cotton being grown on the farm is unique in the fact that they are using DNA tracing technology to create transparency throughout the supply chain on cotton fibers. Relative to IoT, sensors, modules and controllers are used throughout the farm to manage and maintain the many different facets of the farm. With all of these connected things, the biggest challenge is how to manage all of those connections.
  • BRC & PwC Webinar: Why is Retail Productivity such a Hot topic?
    BRC & PwC Webinar: Why is Retail Productivity such a Hot topic? Lorna Ward, Retail Partner, PwC & Rachel Lund, Head of Retail Insights & Analytics, BRC Recorded: May 2 2018 37 mins
    Productivity in retail is hot right now, but often thought about with a one dimensional, cost savings lens. In fact, better results tend to be achieved when everyone in the value chain has visibility of problems in order to develop collaborative solutions.

    Join us for this webinar where BRC and PwC experts discuss the topic, share a client case study in detail and answer your questions.
  • BRC/KRONOS Webinar - Trust, Transparency & Respect: Building Employee Engagement
    BRC/KRONOS Webinar - Trust, Transparency & Respect: Building Employee Engagement Operating Model Consultant, Co-op | Retail Industry Principal, Kronos | Insights & Analytics, BRC Recorded: Apr 17 2018 47 mins
    In this webinar we share the data and analysis from our research into employee engagement in retail, outlining some of the key challenges and some innovative solutions that have been implemented.

    Improving employee engagement is high up the agenda of senior management in retail.
    Employees who are motivated and more able to fulfill their potential are also more productive. With margins under ever increasing pressure, facilitating productivity gains has never been more crucial. However, improving engagement can be complicated and requires an in-depth understanding of some of the underlying issues holding engagement back.
  • How to implement TCFD-aligned scenario analysis
    How to implement TCFD-aligned scenario analysis Dr Ben Caldecott - Smith School, Oxford, Sam Gill & Pekka Piirainen - Engaged Tracking Recorded: Apr 9 2018 48 mins
    This webinar will explore the recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related FInancial Disclosures (TCFD) with a particular focus on how investors can implement scenario analysis.

    1. Discussion of key trends in the market.
    2. Learn more about what the TCFD recommendations mean for your organisation.
    3. Gain insights from Engaged Tracking’s new TCFD-aligned scenario analysis tool.
    4. Leverage insights from your peers in overcoming key challenges.

    Speakers include:

    Dr Ben Caldecott, founding Director of the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme at the University of Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment
    - Ben will share his thoughts on TCFD and its implications

    Sam Gill, CEO at Engaged Tracking and Pekka Piirainen, Senior Engagement Manager at Engaged Tracking
    - Pekka will share insights from Engaged Tracking's TCFD-aligned Scenario Analysis tool

    James Cameron, Chairman at Engaged Tracking
    - Chair
  • SWAN North American Alliance - Cyber Security Threats and Opportunities
    SWAN North American Alliance - Cyber Security Threats and Opportunities SWAN North American Alliance Experts Recorded: Mar 27 2018 59 mins
    Join this webinar hosted by Frost & Sullivan and hear from Smart Water Networks North American Alliance experts discuss the cyber security landscape in the water utility industry and best-practice solutions to ensure a secure future.

    Expert Insights You Will Not Want to Miss:
    - Understand critical cyber security challenges and weaknesses in the water utility industry
    - Identify best practices to help your organization tackle cybersecurity challenges
    - Learn about public initiatives and regulatory efforts to promote cybersecurity initiatives
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 7 | ft Site 1001 | Interoperability of IoT Platform
    Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 7 | ft Site 1001 | Interoperability of IoT Platform 151 Advisors | Eric Hall | Ken Briodagh Recorded: Mar 21 2018 40 mins
    On this week’s episode of Real World IoT Podcast, Eric Hall, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Site 1001, discusses how interoperability among connected devices will really make our cities smart with our host Ken Briodagh. Site 1001 is the developer of an intelligent facilities management IoT platform that uses core building information, building systems, and sensor data in combination with a powerful machine learning engine to put the “smart” in “smart buildings.” Cloud-based, mobile first, and location-aware, Site 1001 helps building owners, operators and facilities managers improve whole building performance by delivering detailed operations and maintenance information on every building component, from the major mechanical and electrical systems down to the wall and floor finishes, when and where it’s needed.
  • Practical Solutions for Addressing Climate Risk in Local Authority Pension Funds
    Practical Solutions for Addressing Climate Risk in Local Authority Pension Funds Special Guest - Local Authority Pension Fund Responsible Investment Manager; Sam Gill & Jonathan Harris, Engaged Tracking Recorded: Mar 8 2018 45 mins
    Join other Local Authority Pension Funds on 8th March 11am to:

    1. Learn more about key developments in the market that every fund manager needs to know.
    2. Explore practical solutions for addressing climate change risk in pension portfolios, including responding to the TCFD recommendations.
    3. Leverage insights from your peers in solving carbon-related investment challenges.

    During the webinar we will explore:

    - Key trends shaping climate change related financial risk.
    - How to perform scenario analysis.
    - Portfolio alignment strategies for a 2°C global warming pathway.
    - Reducing 'Carbon price risk' while improving risk-adjusted returns in Local Authority Pension portfolios
  • BRC & PwC Webinar: National Minimum Wage Regulations: Are You Compliant?
    BRC & PwC Webinar: National Minimum Wage Regulations: Are You Compliant? John Harding, Partner at PwC; Emily Webster, Senior Manager at PwC; Fionnuala Horrocks-Burns, Policy Advisor at BRC Recorded: Feb 28 2018 46 mins
    The retail industry is committed to complying with the National Minimum Wage (NMW) regulations. But we know that the regulations are complex and understanding how they work in practice can be difficult.

    Falling foul of the regulations can result in:
    Repayments for up to 6 years (including current and ex-employees) increased to reflect the prevailing NMW rates; penalties of up to 200% of the underpayments identified; and public naming and shaming by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.
    It is not easy to spot where and why breaches can occur, or how to remedy them. PwC have a specialist team who have a great deal of experience in assisting retailers to identify and manage potential compliance risks around NMW. This is based on our understanding of the technical aspects of the regulations and also our practical experience of the approach taken by HMRC when they perform their audits.
    The webinar that we are running in February will take you through what is involved in a NMW audit and the top areas that HMRC will focus on during an audit. We will suggest some immediate actions and take questions.
  • Webinar: Untying the Festive Season
    Webinar: Untying the Festive Season Rachel Lund BRC, Paul Winsor QLIK, Bruno Calver QLIK Recorded: Jan 31 2018 47 mins
    Qlik & the BRC bring you a comprehensive analysis of the 2017 Black Friday and Christmas period for the retail industry. Using bespoke data and visualisations the session will walk through the highs, the lows and key lessons from this year’s festive season, reflecting on what it might all mean for the coming year.

    You will hear from both BRC and Qlik experts, with an opportunity to ask your own questions.
  • Digitalization, Analytics, Smart Assets and Materials Key for Smart Construction
    Digitalization, Analytics, Smart Assets and Materials Key for Smart Construction Ravi Krishnaswamy, Senior Vice President, Frost & Sullivan & Janice Wung, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Nov 15 2017 62 mins
    The building and construction industry is trailing other industries due to slow digital transformation. The need to boost productivity and minimize project overruns, and the reliance on unskilled labor, are top drivers for IT adoption. This analysis on the building and construction industry’s journey to digital transformation shows the fundamental issues in the industry and identifies strong growth opportunities.

    Expert Insights You Will Not Want to Miss:

    · The buildings and construction sector has been troubled with low productivity, slow adoption of technology innovation, issues with the labor market, and burdensome process and performance management. Lean construction with an emphasis on efficiency and productivity is key for industry transformation.
    · Learn why digital transformation must be part of the corporate strategy.
    · With the construction industry’s low productivity and R&D spending, the need for better performance management, proper planning and sufficient communication utilizing technological innovation are critical.
  • Edge Computing & Micro Data Centers
    Edge Computing & Micro Data Centers Don Byrne, Metrix411; Phillip Marangella, EdgeConneX; Limor Schafman, TIA Recorded: Nov 8 2017 75 mins
    The high speeds expected from future 5G networks and the demands of dense data over those networks is leading to communications network densification. Data centers, a key component of high speed delivery, are redefining their role, becoming a part of the fog and moving increasingly to the edge. This webcast will cover the role micro data centers will play in community network communications infrastructure; their configuration and structure; use of artificial intelligence and virtualization; control systems and operations; and workforce needs.

    >> Don Byrne, Managing Director, Metrix411
    >> Phillip Marangella, VP of Business Development, Cloud and IoT Solutions, EdgeConneX

    NOT BICSI accredited.
  • Smart Communities and Autonomous Vehicles
    Smart Communities and Autonomous Vehicles Jill North - DOT City of San Jose; Robert Grant - Lyft; Jeff Stewart - AT&T: Tim Weisenberger - SAE Int'l;Limor Schafman, TIA Recorded: Nov 1 2017 74 mins
    Level 5 autonomy for automotive and the broader intelligent transportation industry will require hyper broadband connectivity. Smart communities and corporations developing products and services for ubiquitous connectivity understand that it requires a holistic vision of a fully 5G-connected environment.

    This webcast will discuss the work cities, and automotive suppliers and OEMs are doing to build infrastructure and transportation vehicles that will move from human driven, through connected to autonomous capabilities.

    >> Jill North, Innovation Program Manager, Department of Transportation, City of San Jose
    >> Robert Grant, Senior Director of Public Policy, Lyft
    >> Jeff Stewart, Assistant Vice President, Global Public Policy, AT&T
    >> Tim Weisenberger, Project Manager, Technical Programs, Ground Vehicle Standards, SAE International

    NOT BICSI accredited.
  • IoT and Smart Buildings: The New Construct
    IoT and Smart Buildings: The New Construct Yann Palmore, JLL; Ray Moya, COO/CTO, Argent Associates, Inc., Moderated by Limor Schafman, TIA Recorded: Sep 20 2017 61 mins
    Real estate developers, owners and tenants are rethinking the office building experience. Not only are buildings becoming increasingly efficient in in-door energy management and operations, they are also beginning to interact with the people who work within the walls, and with the out of doors environment.

    This type of sentient building design is making use of increased connectivity to and in buildings, as well as the use of sensors and IoT applications. This webcast will discuss communications and connectivity infrastructure that is being deployed in and to current real estate developments; what buiding owners, operators and tenants expect; the impact smart community development is having on smart buildings; and sample smart building IoT applications.

    Yann Palmore, Vice President, Smart Building Solutions, JLL
    Ray Moya, COO/CTO, Argent Associates, Inc.

    >> Yann Palmore helps CRE investors, owners, and operators understand how to rethink building system infrastructure to support Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and drive smart building strategies. Yann’s key responsibilities are to guide clients through a structured process that prioritizes program goals, defines specific smart building strategies, specifies appropriate technologies, and oversees program implementation.

    >> Ray Moya has over 25 years of network engineering and organizational management experience. His specializations include, wireline and wireless voice and data networks, network security, software development, and finance. He has designed, engineered and installed hundreds of Fortune 500 Company and Government networks. He leads network-consulting teams in LAN/WAN, software development, wireless technologies, and Network security.

    For more about the speakers, please visit: http://www.tiaonline.org/webcast-iot-and-smart-buildings-new-construct
  • Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Pentaho Trial
    Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Pentaho Trial Jason Bachman, Sales Engineer, Pentaho Recorded: Aug 31 2017 22 mins
    Want to learn more about the Pentaho Trial? Then attend this recorded webcast that focuses on big data and data integration best practices as well as how to get the most out of your Pentaho 30-day trial.

    Other topics include:

    * A review the components that are part of your trial and best approach to get started
    *A discussion on the best way to connect to your data and manage your analytical pipeline
    * A showcase our library of videos, tutorials and documentation for a smooth trial
    * Highlights of proven best practices to make the most of your 30-day download
  • Big Data Integration & Analytics: Learn More About Pentaho's End-to-End Solution
    Big Data Integration & Analytics: Learn More About Pentaho's End-to-End Solution Jorge Villamariona, Sr. Technical Solutions Manager, Pentaho Recorded: Aug 31 2017 41 mins
    Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about how Pentaho can help you with big data integration and analytics. Other topics include:

    * Pentaho's flexible enterprise-grade platform for blending data across diverse sources, such as Hadoop, NoSQL, relational databases, and enterprise applications

    * Our flexible and interactive business analytics solutions for data exploration, visualization and consumption

    * Embedding Pentaho's full array of business analytics seamlessly into your existing applications to drive data monetization and a better customer experience

    * How customers like Caterpillar leverage Pentaho's end-to-end platform to drive transformational business results and ROI
  • Challenges in Building Connected Communities
    Challenges in Building Connected Communities Kate Garman, Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Peter Marx, Limor Schafman Recorded: Aug 21 2017 76 mins
    Creating a seamless connected environment that supports smart community citizen services, streamlines operations, supports economic development is already a challenge for community officials. There are many different needs and directions to begin the conversion to an “intelligent” environment. Communities are also planning and building not just for current needs, but also for future connectivity infrastructure that will be used by autonomous vehicles, smart buildings, connected homes, AR/VR, eRetail, eHealthcare, smartgrid and more.

    This webcast will discuss such questions as:
    > What issues are city officials prioritizing for resolution through smart community applications?
    > How are communities planning for and deploying small cell infrastructure?
    > Which departments are involved in communications infrastructure?
    > How can suppliers navigate the multiple departments involved in decision making?
    > What business models are cities negotiating with their technology product partners?
    > What are some of the lessons learned from cities that you can translate into your own business offering?

    Jascha Franklin-Hodge, CIO, Boston, MA
    Kate Garman,Smart City Coordinator, Seattle, WA
    Peter Marx, former CTO, City of Los Angeles, currently in the position of VP, GE Digital