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  • The Analytics and AI Approach to the Customer Experience
    The Analytics and AI Approach to the Customer Experience
    Melanie Turek VP of Research and Fellow, Connected Work, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Feb 27 2020 47 mins
    With the rise of mobile and social technologies, customers are more knowledgeable and empowered than ever before. Their ability to access and share information gives them enormous control—and they know it.

    As a result, they expect data-driven, personalized interactions at every stage of the customer experience. Frost & Sullivan research shows that one of the clearest trends in customer engagement is the shift from traditional to digital interactions. Buyers like self-service, automated channels because they want easy access to information, on their time line, from anywhere. At the same time, agents want to discard the routine tasks that lower job satisfaction and lead to boredom and churn.

    AI and ML help companies leverage real-time and historical information to deliver a contextual, relevant and highly personal customer experience while improving agent morale. This webinar will show you how.
  • Transforming Compliance with Artificial Intelligence
    Transforming Compliance with Artificial Intelligence
    Elliot Burgess, Head of Product, CUBE Recorded: Feb 27 2020 49 mins
    Join our live webinar to learn which elements of AI are driving value for risk and compliance? (i.e. ML, NLP, RPA). Also learn about AI in practice - how regulated financial institutions are utilizing AI today, why
    why AI is the only answer to addressing big data compliance challenges, at scale. We will also go over what happened when RegTech met SupTech – how are regulators are applying AI to ease and accelerate compliance processes.
  • The Future of Consumption: Emerging Markets and the Digital Revolution
    The Future of Consumption: Emerging Markets and the Digital Revolution
    HANetf and Kevin Carter, Founder & Chief Investment Officier, EMQQ Recorded: Feb 27 2020 45 mins
    With the internet becoming increasingly affordable and accessible, billions of people in the developing world are now leapfrogging traditional consumption patterns and starting to consume online for the first time via smartphones. In this webinar we will discuss the following:

    •The rising middle-class consumer and their preference for online shopping via smartphones
    •The consumer growth story and how this is paving the way for new internet giants equal to, or even larger than their U.S. counterparts
    •How these internet giants including Alibaba, Tencent and MercadoLibre are leading the digital revolution in emerging markets
    •Accessing the future of consumption through targeted exposure to the rapidly expanding EM ecommerce sector: Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce UCITS ETF (EMQQ)
  • The Rise of Passive Fixed Income: Broad Exposures vs Precision Tools
    The Rise of Passive Fixed Income: Broad Exposures vs Precision Tools
    Allan Lane, PhD, Algo-Chain | Michael John (“MJ”) Lytle, Tabula IM | Jason Smith, CIO Tabula IM Recorded: Feb 27 2020 61 mins
    This week, You'll learn about

    -Why there is still scope for innovation in passive products
    -Using passive fixed income ETFs to make precise asset allocations
    -How to use ETFs to access alternative sources of return


    Allan Lane, PhD | Founding Partner, Algo-Chain
    Michael John (“MJ”) Lytle, │ Chief Executive Officer, Tabula Investment Management
    Jason Smith│ Chief Investment Officer, Tabula Investment Management
  • Introducing The Royal Mint Physical Gold Exchange Traded Commodity (RMAU)
    Introducing The Royal Mint Physical Gold Exchange Traded Commodity (RMAU)
    HANetf and Jatin Patel, Head of Wealth Management, The Royal Mint Recorded: Feb 27 2020 29 mins
    For a millennium, The Royal Mint name has been synonymous with precious metals and bullion. It has been the official provider of coins for the UK, and has become the world’s largest export mint. With a long history, heritage, expertise and capability in coins, The Royal Mint, through working in partnership with HANetf, is set to become the first Sovereign Mint in Europe to launch a physically-backed gold exchange traded commodity (ETC) – leveraging its unique 1,100-year reputation for trust and security to provide a compelling, new opportunity for investors. The gold ETC will become The Royal Mint’s first listed financial product and will launch via HANetf’s unique white-label platform.

    In this webinar, we will cover the reasons The Royal Mint is moving into this market and how this milestone moment is reinventing what it means to be a Mint in the modern age. We will also introduce The Royal Mint Physical Gold Securities ETC (RMAU), and hone in on its unique characteristic of storing all physical gold in The Royal Mint’s vault – one of the UK’s most secure sites.
  • Update on the Coronavirus and China’s Economy
    Update on the Coronavirus and China’s Economy
    Brendan Ahern Recorded: Feb 27 2020 75 mins
    Amidst headlines that much of China is still at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and travel in and out of the country is at a standstill, China's onshore market performance has been surprisingly resilient. Additionally, sectors such as healthcare, E-Commerce, and online education are experiencing significant demand.

    In this webinar, Brendan Ahern will discuss the economic impact of COVID-19 on China, including:

    - The short-term economic impact of COVID-19 and the PBOC's policy response
    - What the economic data of the SARS epidemic may be able to tell us about how COVID-19 will impact China's economy
    - The impact by sector of COVID-19
  • How impact alternatives add value to well-diversified portfolios
    How impact alternatives add value to well-diversified portfolios
    Wouter van Maanen (Investor Relations Manager), Dirk Drukker (Investor Relations Manager) Recorded: Feb 27 2020 24 mins
    Alternative investments can play an important role in setting return expectations, diversification, and the overall risk profile of a portfolio. During the webinar we will take a closer look into how adding alternative investment funds benefits the risk-return characteristics of a broad investment portfolio.
  • Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund Update
    Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund Update
    Bryn Jones, Lead Fund Manager, Rathbone Ethical Bond Recorded: Feb 27 2020 5 mins
    Rathbone Ethical Bond Lead Fund Manager, Bryn Jones reveals why 2019 was a great year for performance, and the key themes he’s keeping an eye on in 2020. Watch now
  • Monitoring the global impact of COVID-19
    Monitoring the global impact of COVID-19
    Karen Ward, Chief Market Strategist for EMEA and Tai Hui, Chief Market Strategist for Asia Pacific Recorded: Feb 27 2020 52 mins
    The spread of the coronavirus and its impact on global economic activity are increasingly troubling investors. Trying to predict the final outcome is a fool’s errand. Instead, we consider the channels by which the virus will affect economic activity and markets.

    Join Karen Ward, Chief Market Strategist for EMEA and Tai Hui, Chief Market Strategist for Asia Pacific for a special call tomorrow at 2pm GMT / 3pm CET on this important topic.
  • How AI is Powering the Fight Against Financial Crime
    How AI is Powering the Fight Against Financial Crime
    Charles Delingpole, CEO & Founder ComplyAdvantage Recorded: Feb 27 2020 46 mins
    There’s much hype and excitement around how AI and machine learning could transform the world of finance. But a key area of development growing behind the scenes of talking robots and automated assistants is how these new technologies will have a seismic impact on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-terror Financing (CTF) back-end compliance processes. AI can dramatically improve AML risk data collection; spotting new risks faster and digging deeper for hidden risks.

    It will also shift customer onboarding & KYC processes from ‘name matching’ to contextual ‘identity matching’ to reduce false positives and false negatives. Unlike other industries, the training data required to make this a reality with machine learning techniques are available today.

    AI-driven compliance will ultimately have an enormous impact on how financial services will work - increasing automation, reducing manual overheads and helping prevent financial crime.

    Presented by Charles Delingpole, CEO & Founder ComplyAdvantage

    Charles Delingpole founded ComplyAdvantage in 2014, and as CEO leads the product development and growth of the company. Charles set up his first company, The Student Room Group, now the world’s largest student discussion forum, when he was 16. After completing his MA in Politics at Trinity College Cambridge, and then an MSc in Management, Strategy and Finance from the LSE, he became an associate at J.P. Morgan Cazenove. He then went on to co-found FinTech firm MarketInvoice, a peer -to - peer financing company which uses customer data to digitise the approach to financial risk analysis.
  • UK Small Caps: Investing for the Long Run
    UK Small Caps: Investing for the Long Run
    Dan Green, Manager, Franklin UK Smaller Companies Fund Recorded: Feb 27 2020 35 mins
    Dan Green, co-lead manager of the Franklin UK Smaller Companies Fund, shares his outlook for UK smaller companies. He also covers the themes that underpin his portfolio, recent portfolio changes and how he’s positioned for the opportunities and risks of post-Brexit Britain.
  • Nikko Asset Management Global Credit Outlook 2020
    Nikko Asset Management Global Credit Outlook 2020
    Holger Mertens, Head Portfolio Manager – Global Credit Recorded: Feb 27 2020 16 mins
    Holger Mertens, Nikko AM Head Portfolio Manager, shares his Global Credit Outlook for 2020. With valuations near historic highs, trade wars simmering in the background and central banks returning to the markets, Mertens shares how his team has positioned their portfolio for 2020. In addition to a strategic allocation to Asian Credit and an overweight to non-cyclical corporates, there are several areas of opportunity identified by Nikko AM’s Global Credit team.
  • Rathbone Income Fund Update
    Rathbone Income Fund Update
    Carl Stick and Alan Dobbie, Co-Fund Managers Rathbone Income Fund Recorded: Feb 26 2020 9 mins
    Co-Fund Managers, Carl Stick and Alan Dobbie reflect on 2019 and the how the Rathbone Income fund has performed over the last decade. Together they discuss their plans and focus for 2020. Watch now
  • Impersonation and Personal Data: Securing and Protecting Financial Services
    Impersonation and Personal Data: Securing and Protecting Financial Services
    Jonathan Williams (Mk2 Consulting Ltd), Rowenna Fielding (Protecture), Sarah Rutherford (FICO) Recorded: Feb 26 2020 59 mins
    Legislation is placing an increasing burden on the financial services industry both to know its customers and to minimise personal data held. How do providers resolve that apparent contradiction and ensure that their accounts are safe, both for consumers and businesses? What are the key approaches and how can financial service providers keep up with the rate of technological progress and criminals?
  • Applying AI and Machine Learning to Fight Fraud at Scale
    Applying AI and Machine Learning to Fight Fraud at Scale
    Julian Wong, VP of Customer Success, DataVisor Recorded: Feb 26 2020 45 mins
    With large-scale data breaches in the news almost every month, financial institutions are becoming increasingly vulnerable to synthetic identity fraud, account takeovers and other types of malicious activity.

    Fraudsters today have access to powerful computing resources and tools, giving them the ability to launch large-scale sophisticated attacks. This has led to an increasing number of businesses turning to more advanced methods for identifying suspicious activity and mitigating risk.

    Tune into this session to learn about new fraud trends and to also find out how AI and big data technology can be applied to uncover new fraud patterns early before they have time to do serious damage.
  • Towards the SDGs: The Growing Trend Toward Regulation
    Towards the SDGs: The Growing Trend Toward Regulation
    Kate Larsen, SupplyESChange | Martina Macpherson, Moody’s Investors Service Assessments | Dr. Reiner Hengstmann Recorded: Feb 26 2020 58 mins
    This podcast discusses for Investors the recent and emerging new regulations requiring companies to undertake Human Rights (Social) and Environmental Due Diligence, and on their global supply chains, and the ESG implications.

    Our speakers include two with significant experience managing and reporting on the Environmental and Social risks in supply chains, especially Asia, for large listed companies, dealing with Modern Slavery risk and reporting, and participating in various industry initiatives and inputting to sector standards, guidelines and laws, and one with significant experience from the Investor side. The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) outlined the steps companies should take to show respect for human rights, and this was further outlined in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct and OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct, and sector specific due diligence guidance. These standards have been further referenced in the Guidance for relevant business to implement it’s obligations under the UK Modern Slavery Act Transparency in Supply Chains clause, and similar Australian legislation. France requires large companies to publish regarding their Business Human Rights Due diligence steps and there are now discussions for similar law in Germany or at the EU level. When Supply Chain Environmental and Social/ Human Rights Due Diligence is implemented effectively, the positive outcomes can include Social Impacts such as contributing to delivery of many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs), particularly SDG 8 Decent Work and SDG 1 No Poverty.

    This podcast will look into potential new regulations and the drivers behind it, discuss other ESG and investor related emerging legislation, and provide tips for how Investors might analyse ESG and related HRDD reporting by companies to assess ESG risk management and impact.

    BrightTALK Linkedin Group:
  • Solving Fraud and Risk Challenges using Machine Learning Threat Detection
    Solving Fraud and Risk Challenges using Machine Learning Threat Detection
    Ron Wise Recorded: Feb 26 2020 27 mins
    Machine learning can help process the enormous volume of data that is overwhelming traditional IT security infrastructure and human researchers. It automates and scales cybersecurity to meet these
    growing challenges.

    Leveraging the capabilities of machine-learning enabled systems is critical for organizations that are highly targeted for cyberattacks. This presentation will examine the benefits machine learning provides to reduce fraud and manage risk.
  • You Bought into Cyber & Robotics – Now is the Time to Invest in the Cloud
    You Bought into Cyber & Robotics – Now is the Time to Invest in the Cloud
    HANetf and Anthony Ginsberg, Founder, GinsGlobal Investment Management Recorded: Feb 26 2020 43 mins
    The growth in reliance on the Cloud, is one of the biggest megatrends that is going to define our lives in the next 20 years. The cloud computing industry continues to expand rapidly as more businesses continue to shift their physical, on-premise infrastructure over to the Cloud to reap the many benefits, and while it is not a new technology, businesses are redistributing existing IT expenditures over to the Cloud. What’s more Cloud revenues are predicted to grow at 16% annually outperforming both the Robotics and Cybersecurity sectors.

    In this webinar, we discuss the following:

    • The fundamentals behind Cloud and why analysts are upbeat on the future growth potential of the Cloud

    • The megatrends driving the demand and growth of the Cloud

    • Cloud Computing vs Robotics and Cyber Security – a comparison

    • The companies that are dominating the Cloud space?

    • How can European investors gain exposure to this generationally important theme?
  • The Future of Financial Services Security
    The Future of Financial Services Security
    Paul Crichard (BT Security), Saso Mickov (Sparkasse Bank), Melike Belli (Cybertonica Ltd), Seema Khinda Johnson (Nuggets) Recorded: Feb 26 2020 57 mins
    Data breaches have risen 480% within Financial Services firms in the UK. With the Financial Services industry being plagued by constant risks and regular threats, professionals need to be at the top of their game to thwart criminals.

    Join this panel where our experts will discuss:
    -What is the current state of Financial Services security?
    -How can organisations prevent and detect threats?
    -What are the key questions FIs should be asking their security teams?
    -Are new regulations doing enough to keep FIs and their customers safe?
  • Transforming Payment Security from a Burden to a Competitive Advantage
    Transforming Payment Security from a Burden to a Competitive Advantage
    Matt McBride, Modo | John Brown, NS8 Recorded: Feb 25 2020 49 mins
    With every transaction, merchants are learning more and more about their customers. And with those learnings come data and lots of it - a breach of that payments data is a nightmare for any merchant. Consumers are trusting you with their sensitive data, and losing that trust also equates to lost business. Is security simply a must-do, or can you turn it into a competitive advantage for your business? Listen in to information security and cybersecurity experts in the payments space as they discuss the minimum requirements as well as the next steps you can take to create a better customer experience while maintaining the highest levels of security.

    Some questions we'll answer:
    - What is the burden on merchants to maintain compliance?
    - How are current security measures causing friction in the payments experience?
    - What are some tokenization options for merchants?
    - What are other measures past the minimum security requirements that will elevate your business?

    Moderator to come*
    Panelists: Matt McBride, CISO at Modo
    John Brown, Solutions Consultant, NS8
  • Payments Strategy is the New Marketing Strategy
    Payments Strategy is the New Marketing Strategy
    Michele Tivey, Co-Founder & CEO, Payometry Recorded: Feb 25 2020 44 mins
    Having a great product and a slick marketing campaign isn’t enough anymore.

    In the age of Uber and order-ahead, customers crave convenience, and payment options and methods help companies attract and keep customers.

    What is your payments strategy?
    Does it involve hardware and software?
    What can you do to be on the cutting edge in payments to assist with customer retention and increase profits?
  • Panel Session: Big Data and AI in Banking
    Panel Session: Big Data and AI in Banking
    Bharat Bhushan | Valentina Kristensen | Richard Price | Marie Measures | Mitesh Soni Recorded: Feb 25 2020 60 mins
    Any process and interaction that can be digitised is being digitised - either for customer convenience or, for operational efficiency and costs. But, what happens when every bank and every possible process is digitised. What next? How can banks differentiate themselves? What role can data and AI play in creating value?

    In this session, we will hear from industry leaders on their views on this topic and pragmatic recommendations on how to get started on this journey.

    Moderated by:
    Bharat Bhushan, CTO Banking & Financial Markets, IBM
    Marie Measures, CIO, Coventry Building Society
    Richard Price, Sales Director, TIBCO
    Valentina Kristensen, Director, Growth & Communications, OakNorth
    Mitesh Soni, Senior Director - Innovation and Fintech, Finastra
  • Professional Trustee Accreditation
    Professional Trustee Accreditation
    Gareth Tancred, CEO, Pensions Management Institute Recorded: Feb 25 2020 10 mins
    Gareth Tancred, CEO, Pensions Management Institute joins Mark Colegate to discuss why professionals should consider using the PMI's platform for accreditation.
  • Trends in eCommerce, Mobile and Cross-Border Payments
    Trends in eCommerce, Mobile and Cross-Border Payments
    Monique Morrow, Alberto Azevedo and Mehran Zarrebini Recorded: Feb 25 2020 48 mins
    Speakers will present trends in the E-Commerce, Mobile and Cross Border Payment Systems. The speakers will provide examples of these trends and present a view of where the market is going.

    At the end of the webinar, the attendees will have be able to assess opportunities in the payments innovation space.
  • Bitesize 30-minute update: JPM UK Equities Webconference
    Bitesize 30-minute update: JPM UK Equities Webconference
    Callum Abbot, portfolio manager of the JPM UK Equity Plus Fund Recorded: Feb 25 2020 29 mins
    The UK stock market’s mix of domestically-focused and multinational companies provides compelling long-term investment opportunities, allowing investors to build strong and internationally diversified portfolios.

    Join Callum Abbot, Portfolio Manager of the JPM UK Equity Plus Fund, for an update on how the fund can take both long and short positions in the UK stock market to enhance alpha opportunities.
  • Budget Speech 2020
    Budget Speech 2020
    Johann Els Feb 28 2020 6:30 am UTC 45 mins
    OMIG Chief Economist Johann Els shares his views on the 2020 Budget Speech with a scene setter of the fiscal situation that is made up of wide deficits and a deteriorating debt profile. A rating downgrade from Moody’s has been priced in. An outcome likely to materialize, unless the budget moves the dial substantially on stabilizing the debt ratio through combined expenditure and revenue measures.
  • Bonds: mad, bad and dangerous to own? Or the greatest opportunity for alpha?
    Bonds: mad, bad and dangerous to own? Or the greatest opportunity for alpha?
    David Roberts & Phil Milburn Feb 28 2020 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Fixed income markets are expensive, investors are buying negative yielding bonds and there are worries about liquidity. In this webinar, David Roberts and Phil Milburn of Liontrust will explain why there is not only still a role for bonds in client portfolios but the opportunity for alpha has arguably never been greater. David and Phil will discuss where these opportunities are in fixed income markets, especially high yield, and how investors can take advantage of them.
  • Rathbone High Quality Bond Fund Update
    Rathbone High Quality Bond Fund Update
    Noelle Cazalis, Fund Manager, Rathbone High Quality Bond Fund Mar 2 2020 2:00 pm UTC 7 mins
    Noelle Cazalis, Rathbone High Quality Bond Fund Manager reflects on extremely good performance for a relatively new fund and the key driving factors on what has been a stellar first year. Watch now
  • Protection 2020 with Zurich
    Protection 2020 with Zurich
    Tracey King, Paul Murphy, Ronan O'Neill Mar 3 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Join Paul Murphy, Head of Claims at Zurich, for a review of the latest claim statistics - and hear about Zurich's new Pre-Sales Report for Protection.
  • Introducing the Sustainable Universal MAP range
    Introducing the Sustainable Universal MAP range
    Keith Balmer and Simon Holmes Mar 3 2020 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Tune in for the latest views on economies and markets from our Multi-Asset team.  Updates on portfolio positioning and performance across the range plus an introduction to our new Sustainable Universal MAP funds – an option for clients looking to achieve long-term investment outcomes whilst driving positive change in the world we live in along the way.
  • Rathbone Strategic Bond Fund Update
    Rathbone Strategic Bond Fund Update
    Bryn Jones, Fund Manager, Rathbone Strategic Bond Fund Mar 3 2020 2:00 pm UTC 5 mins
    Watch Bryn Jones, Rathbone Strategic Bond Fund Manager discuss how learnings from 2019 will inform his investment decisions throughout 2020 and key investment themes he’s identified for the future.
  • EdenTree Insight: The Future of Road Transport
    EdenTree Insight: The Future of Road Transport
    Esmé van Herwijnen, Responsible Investment Analyst Mar 3 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Esmé van Herwijnen, Responsible Investment Analyst at EdenTree Investment Management, takes us through our latest piece of EdenTree Insight research.
  • Rathbone Global Sustainability Fund Update
    Rathbone Global Sustainability Fund Update
    Carl Stick, Executive Director, Rathbone Global Sustainability Fund Mar 4 2020 10:00 am UTC 7 mins
    Carl Stick, Executive Director, stands in for fund manager David Harrison to discuss one of the hottest topics of the moment ESG, and how the Rathbone Global Sustainability fund has performed throughout 2019 and how 2020 is likely to shape up. Watch now
    Lydia Sandner, ISS ESG | Hernando Cortina, ISS ESG | Fredrik Fogde, ISS ESG Mar 4 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins

    Manage Risks and Seize Opportunities Associated with the Low-Carbon Transition

    On September 30, 2019, the European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance released a landmark report that laid out the requirements for two new climate benchmarks: the ‘EU Climate Transition Benchmark’ and the ‘EU Paris-aligned Benchmark’.

    As many investors are still struggling to understand and determine how and to what extent they have to act and respond to the evolving requirements, ISS ESG would like to invite you to an informative webinar that addresses the current state of play.

    Moderator: Janina Lichnofsky, Head of Client Success Germanic Markets, ISS ESG


    · Lydia Sandner, Regulatory Affairs Manager, ISS ESG

    · Hernando Cortina, Head of Index Strategy, ISS ESG

    · Fredrik Fogde, Head of Climate Research, ISS ESG
  • Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund Update
    Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund Update
    Alexandra Jackson, Fund Manager, Rathbone UK Opportunities fund Mar 5 2020 10:00 am UTC 9 mins
    Alexandra Jackson, saw her Rathbone UK Opportunities fund outperform the sector, in what was a turbulent year of highs and lows. She looks to the future, and explores whether we’ve seen the last of the Boris Bounce. Watch now
  • Suitability reports
    Suitability reports
    Ben Heffer and Richard Hulbert Mar 5 2020 11:00 am UTC 7 mins
    Join us for a webinar focusing on suitability letters, the regulatory requirements and how they are enabled in Engage Core.

    In this webinar, we will cover:
    • the overall guidelines for suitability letters as required by the COBS rulebook
    • Defaqto’s approach to suitability letters
    • how this is enabled in Engage Core
  • PCAF: Harmonising data for finance's fight against the climate crisis
    PCAF: Harmonising data for finance's fight against the climate crisis
    Triodos IM | James Niven and Andrea Palmer Mar 6 2020 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Join James Niven, Triodos Bank's Head of Impact Assessment, and Andrea Palmer, Product Specialist at Triodos Investment Management, for an introduction to the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF). PCAF is a global partnership of financial institutions that work together to develop and implement a harmonised approach to assessing and disclosing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their loans and investments. This webinar explores the PCAF carbon accounting methodologies and explains why this streamlined approach is enabling financial institutions to find common ground on action against the climate crisis.
  • Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund Update
    Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund Update
    James Thomson, Fund Manager, Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund Mar 6 2020 2:00 pm UTC 8 mins
    James Thompson, who has managed the Rathbone Global Opportunities fund for over 15 years, deep dives into another successful year which saw the fund outperform the sector, with a first quartile positioning. Watch now
  • The journey to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    The journey to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    Ama Seery, ESG Analyst, Janus Henderson Mar 10 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals that can be considered a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. In this webinar, Ama Seery, ESG analyst at Janus Henderson, will discuss the journey that the Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity Strategy embarked upon to produce its first Annual Sustainability Report. Ama has ten years of sustainability experience and hold the Chartered Environmentalist designation. Prior to joining Janus Henderson, she worked as a sustainability professional in the property sector, certifying and constructing green buildings.

    The webinar will include the following:

    - Background on the Fund
    - Drivers for the report
    - Initial planning and drafts
    - Final Report
    - SDG Analysis
    - Questions
  • ESG Investing in China – An Overview of KESG, KraneShares MSCI China ESG Leaders
    ESG Investing in China – An Overview of KESG, KraneShares MSCI China ESG Leaders
    Xiaolin Chen and Saurabh Katiyar Mar 10 2020 10:00 am UTC 120 mins
    China’s economy is moving from manufacturing to services. Typically, companies aligned with the “New China” economy experience greater growth than companies from China’s legacy sectors.

    With the launch of KraneShares MSCI China ESG Leaders UCITS ETF (Ticker: KESG) in February, investors are now able to invest in more socially responsible businesses while capturing companies that are aligned with China’s future growth trajectory.

    Tracking the MSCI China ESG Leaders 10/40 Index, a capitalization-weighted index that provides exposure to companies with high Environmental, Social and Governance ratings relative to their sector peers, KESG's Index consists of large and mid-cap companies domiciled in China.

    In this webinar Xiaolin Chen of KraneShares and Saurabh Katiyar, Executive Director of Index Solutions Research at MSCI will provide insights on:

    - Macro China policy
    - An overview of KraneShares MSCI China ESG Leaders UCITS ETF (Ticker: KESG)
    - The structure of the MSCI China ESG Leaders 10/40 Index
  • ESG Risk & Reporting for Alternative Investments & EU Institutional Investors
    ESG Risk & Reporting for Alternative Investments & EU Institutional Investors
    Jegor Tokarevich, CEO, SOF (Substance Over Form Ltd.) Mar 10 2020 11:00 am UTC 45 mins

    - Various ESG regulations and guidelines are currently under development on different EU and national levels
    - On the EU level “the big 4” is under development including the EU taxonomy, the benchmarking regulation, the disclosure regulation and the Green Bond Standards
    - EU supervisors (EIOPA, EBA, ESMA) are developing ESG guidelines for insurers, pension funds, banks and asset managers on the EU level
    - National supervisors (e.g. BaFin in Germany, PRA in UK) are also developing guidelines for the national undertakings
    - All regulations have in common that they distinguish between ESG-related financial risks (loss in market value of an asset) and the (positive / negative) impact on the environment and society
    - ESG risk management will become an obligatory requirement for all asset classes and will be part of the regular investment and risk processes for all asset owners and asset managers
    - Illiquid asset classes are very different from liquid asset classes due to the lack of data
    - Therefore, ESG risk management approaches have to be implemented that take into account the lack of publicly available data for alternative investments
    - This can be done through an ESG input management process where GP’s and portfolio companies deliver the relevant ESG data on a regular basis
    - LP’s can use such ESG data for the standardised ESG risk reporting enabling them to compare different GP’s and asset classes in terms of the ESG risk and fulfil their regulatory requirements
    - Concrete case studies will be discussed

    CV Jegor Tokarevich

    - CEO of SOF, a risk and reporting service provider focused on risk management and reporting for alternative investment and alternative investments
    - Head & Initiator of professional development programmes (CAS AI / DAS AI) for alternative investments at the University of Oldenburg
    - Co-Head of the BAI Working Group on Investor Regulations
    - Member of the FinDatEx Working Group developing Solvency II reporting templates
  • SFTR Webinar Series – Ask the Experts
    SFTR Webinar Series – Ask the Experts
    UnaVista | London Stock Exchange Group Mar 10 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This webinar will give viewers the chance to ask the hard unanswered questions on SFTR reporting to a panel of experts. The webinar agenda will be created by the viewers. Register and we will build the conversation around your questions. You will also get a chance to ask questions live to the panellists and participate in a series of polls with your peers to benchmark your preparations for SFTR against the rest of the industry.

    Get your questions answered. Submit a question on this link

    • Leonard Ng – Partner, Sidley Austin LLP

    Expert Panel:
    • David Broadway – Investment Operations Lead at The Investment Association
    • James Stacey – Regulatory Business Analyst at LCH
    • Catherine Talks – Product Manager, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange
    • Que Phuong Dufournet-Tran – Director, Trading Services & Analytics, Regulatory Affairs at IHS Markit
  • Engineering performance through analytics and behavioural science
    Engineering performance through analytics and behavioural science
    Magdalena Smith, Founder, Behaviour Lab Mar 10 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    A great decision-making process provides a clear competitive edge and enables learning that drives sustained performance, yet most fund managers still pay insufficient attention to this critical source of alpha. So how can investors capture this opportunity?

    Join Magdalena Smith, founder of Behaviour Lab, in discussions on how analytics and behavioural science is being used to improve investment decisions to;

    · Identify where there is value left on the table as a result of subjective decision-making

    · Enable systemised and transparent decision-making processes

    · Ensure sustained changes to behaviour, leading to improved annualised performance, typically in the range of 125-200bps

    The team at Behaviour Lab of expert investors, data scientists, change management consultants and academics have helped, and continue to help, organisations worldwide and across the investment industry to become recognised leading players in their fields. They do so by reshaping the way individual investors, teams and organisations make decisions and facilitating them in maintaining this change.
  • The Cloud Phenomenon Continues
    The Cloud Phenomenon Continues
    Gregg Guerin, Senior Product Specialist Mar 10 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As a leader in thematic investment solutions, First Trust offers pure play access to the Cloud Computing market.

    In this webinar, Gregg Guerin, will discuss some of the most powerful elements of Cloud Computing, how the technology is allowing computing to be accessed like a utility, how it is positively impacting our environment, and how attractive Cloud Computing companies new business models are to investors.

    With Oracle indicating that only 20% of enterprise computing is in the cloud so far, and Gartner continuously updating their worldwide cloud revenue projections to be higher (now at $354.6bn for 2022), we feel Cloud Computing is an exciting investment area that can offer the long-term investor a well-diversified array of companies in which to invest.
  • Sustainability metrics that drive impact – not the why and what - but the how
    Sustainability metrics that drive impact – not the why and what - but the how
    Ian Huggard, CFA - Founder & CEO - Etoile Advisory Mar 10 2020 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    This webinar is focused on “how” to integrate sustainability in strategy, processes and communication, as the “why and what” is well understood. The goal is to demystify the so-called alphabet soup of frameworks and acronyms, showing how each can be used in a co-ordinated fashion. This will allow the organisation and stakeholders understand the material topics, actions and metrics that drive impact.

    - Understand the context
    -- View society’s goals through the lens of the UN SDGs
    -- Understand inputs using the IIRC 6 Capitals
    -- Sustainability value drivers
    -- GRI framework to define issues

    - Identifying and engage with stakeholders
    -- Include stakeholders
    -- Documented and robust process

    - Defining material topics and impacts
    -- Peer and media review
    -- SASB Materiality Map
    -- Stakeholder engagement

    - Establish baseline, targets and timelines using TCFD approach for major topics
    -- Governance
    -- Strategy
    -- Rick management
    -- Metrics and targets
    -- Scenario analysis

    - Implement action plans as part of integrated strategy
    -- Governance structure
    -- Executive responsibility
    -- Compensation linked to non-financial factor performance
    -- The learning organisation

    - Measurement and validation
    -- The need for transparency using the GRI Content Index
    -- Validation with a recognised assurer
    -- Assess management approach

    - Report and communicate
    -- Relate outcomes to the SDGs and IIRC 6 Capitals
    -- Tie performance to long term financials

    Ian Huggard is a senior business development and investor relations specialist with 30 years’ experience in Capital Markets. A trusted advisor to institutional investors and company management teams on issues relating to sustainability, strategy and financial analysis. After spending 15 years in the US and 15 years in Europe building successful businesses and leading high-performance teams within Investment Banks, he established Etoile Advisory in 2019.
  • Opportunities in Emerging Markets Today, a Sweet Spot for Quants
    Opportunities in Emerging Markets Today, a Sweet Spot for Quants
    Arup Datta, Head of Global Quantitative Equity Team, Mackenzie Investments; Nick Fitzpatrick, Editor, Funds Europe Mar 10 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Despite the current global environment of extreme market volatility amid numerous geopolitical and macroeconomic issues, emerging markets remain intriguing for institutional investors looking to add a compelling and low-correlation component to their portfolio.

    Join our webinar on March 10, when Arup Datta, Head of Global Quantitative Equity Team at Mackenzie Investments, will share his expert insights, from the perspective of a disciplined, risk-aware quantitative investor, on emerging market trends.

    Arup Datta has more than 27 years of experience in quant equity investing, with significant exposure to emerging markets. While there are additional layers of complexity to consider when investing in emerging markets, he can help investors navigate this challenging space to enhance their potential for generating alpha.

    In this webinar, Arup Datta will:

    • Compare quant and fundamental approaches to emerging market investing and why he favours a quant approach to uncover specific opportunities in emerging markets.

    • Highlight his team’s approach to quant investing, with its focus on alpha over asset gathering, and how they are well-positioned to thrive in today’s emerging markets.

    • Shed light on why it’s particularly attractive to invest in emerging markets now, as they remain a relatively overlooked or misunderstood category by many institutional investors.
  • The investor growing expectation for impact metrics
    The investor growing expectation for impact metrics
    Pierrick Arnault, Product Manager and Sustainable Finance Expert | Grégoire Hug is Co-Founder and Head of Product, WeeFin Mar 10 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    WeeFin is a hybrid advisory firm whose purpose is to build the finance of tomorrow: transparent and collaborative. In a financial world seeking for meaning, WeeFin supports financial institutions in the execution of their transformation toward new sustainable business models, by leveraging the most recent technologies (big data, machine learning, ...)

    By studying sustainability impact metrics from both the consumer side and producer side, WeeFin shows that investors are desperately seeking for impact metrics that do not exist yet.
    Pierrick Arnault and Grégoire Hug will share their insights based on the most recent studies WeeFin research team have conducted.
    The first one reviewed the investment practices of major French institutions using the information available in climate reports related to the French climate disclosure law -so-called "Article 173". The second study is a review of ESG metrics provided by more than 20 extra-financial data providers, market leaders as well as market challengers. Based on these experiences, they will provide their recommendations to investors willing to go forward.

    Pierrick Arnault is Product Manager and Sustainable Finance Expert at WeeFin.
    Grégoire Hug is Co-Founder and Head of Product at WeeFin.
  • Do You Care: How AI Accelerates Sustainable Investment in Cities
    Do You Care: How AI Accelerates Sustainable Investment in Cities
    Ed Sewell, CEO and Founder, Velocity AI Mar 10 2020 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The idea of a “smart city” has grown from a novel idea into an innovative way to solve many environmental, social and governance (ESG) problems around the world. During this webinar, we will discuss how AI can help accelerate return on investment (ROI) in ESG investments. We will also examine use cases that have enabled diverse stakeholders to create value for customers. Research has shown, a common barrier to solving problems linked to sustainability is a lack of private sector funding. Funding is needed to invest in critical infrastructure and care for basic human needs everyone has in common - for example - access to clean energy, healthcare and housing to name a few. To that end, private sector collaboration in smart city initiatives require a simple, market - based approach with incentives aligned to profitability. This is the clear path to achieve our shared goal of sustainability, global scale and impact.

    - Reasons for investors to care about ESG issues
    - How to use AI to accelerate return on investment (ROI)
    - Examination of smart city use cases that create value for stakeholders

    About the presenter:
    Ed is regarded as a pioneer in the field of AI as well as a thought leader in global growth market development. Velocity AI is a venture studio that help clients design innovative ways to accelerate returns for smart city and ESG investors. His team’s focus is designing intelligent ecosystems to create innovative business models that generate billions of dollars in revenue for customers. Ed is on the board of advisors for the Voice Summit sponsored by Amazon Alexa and Google. He is also a member of the NVIDIA Inception community for founders creating revolutionary AI companies.

    Ed is the Founder of the Mobile Health ID Initiative which was launched to provide access to healthcare for mothers & newborns in emerging markets. Ed was also the founder and chief architect of Virtual DNA - a global cybersecurity innovation firm.
  • The Third Era of Integrating ESG Into Investment Processes
    The Third Era of Integrating ESG Into Investment Processes
    Bahar Gidwani, CFA, FSA Co-founder & CTO, CSRHub Mar 10 2020 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    We appear to be entering the third era of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) investment integration. Existing data sets have been broadened to improve their coverage and their providers have clarified their methodologies. New data sets are available that offer insights that were not previously available. A wider range of asset owners are requesting investment products that have sustainability-related claims. This has prompted the creation of passive ETFs, single theme funds (e.g., gender lens, decarbonized), and various types of hedge funds (including long-short and short-only offerings).
    The first generation of ESG investors used data on topics such as product involvement (alcohol, tobacco, gambling) or business practices (anti-union, involvement in Burma) to screen out “bad” companies. The second generation of ESG investors decided that a company’s sustainability performance should be related to its riskiness and/or its financial performance. Third generation investors appear to be looking for:
    -A consistent signal. Investors want to integrate as much of the available ESG information as possible into factors that are comparable across all companies, industries, and countries.
    -Broad coverage. ESG data influences investment in large cap, small cap, and emerging market equities. It is also increasingly important in fixed income investment processes.
    -Many years of data history. Most portfolio management and quantitative analysis systems perform better when at least five years (and ideally ten years) of history is available.
    -Integration with other sources of data. Investors would like ESG piped to their desktop and already linked with the other financial and market return data they normally use.
    New ESG data providers are emerging that seek to meet these needs. The leader of this webinar, Bahar Gidwani, is a co-founder of one of these providers.