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Live monthly webconferences for IFAs

Schroder webcasts will be hosted by the fund managers. They aim to give you an in-depth, up to date view of our funds. You will have the opportunity to question fund managers on their holding, investment process and strategy going forward.

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Looking where others don't, won't or can't Ian Kelly and Jamie Lowry, Schroders Ian Kelly and Jamie Lowry, co-managers of the Schroder Global Equity Income Fund, will discuss the value-based total return approach used to manage their portfolio. They will outline their view of the danger of chasing yield for the sake of yield in the equity market and why they focus more on the overall valuation case of businesses rather than headline dividend yield numbers. Ian and Jamie will also share the team’s views on where they are currently finding interesting new ideas, and explain the rationale for significant deviation of the positioning of the fund versus the broad market index. Read more >
Oct 7 2015
46 mins
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