A Review of the ETP Market in 2011 and a Look Forward Into 2012

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Morningstar European ETF Analysts
Topics Include:
•2011: The Year in Figures
•The Year of the ETP Bogeyman
•What Investors Told us About ETPs in 2011
•A Look Forward Into 2012
Jan 25 2012
56 mins
A Review of the ETP Market in 2011 and a Look Forward Into 2012
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  • ETF Managed Portfolio Landscape: When Alpha meets Beta Recorded: Jun 26 2013 26 mins
    ETF managed portfolios are funds or mandates that invest at least 50% in ETFs.

    In this webinar, Morningstar analyst Gordon Rose will remind listeners of the growth seen in the European ETF market and provide an overview of ETF managed portfolios. In particular, he’ll discuss:
    -Strategies that have attracted the most inflows year-to-date;
    -What the fund managers say about ETF managed portfolios;
    -What he sees for the development of the ETF market in the future.
  • The Smart Beta ETF Landscape Recorded: May 29 2013 32 mins
    Al Kellett
    Morningstar senior fund analyst Al Kellett will provide an introduction to what the term ‘smart beta’ means, and start off this webinar by taking a look at the smart beta ETF landscape, how big this subset of the ETF market is and how it’s been growing. He’ll then illustrate why it’s hard to define and discuss some of the ways that this strategy is being carried out right now in the marketplace.
  • We Answer All Your ETF Questions. Recorded: Apr 24 2013 58 mins
    Morningstar ETF experts Hortense Bioy, Jose Garcia-Zarate, Al Kellett and Gordon Rose will answer all your ETF questions, no matter how big or small. Submit your questions in advance at ETFQueries@morningstar.com or live on the day via the BrightTALK webinar platform. We’ve already got a list of your questions to address, including how dividends are treated in ETFs and what impact this could have on performance; what costs are associated with ETFs beyond the total expense ratio; how to tell how actively traded an ETF is; and how to decide which ETF to buy when faced with several products tracking the same index.
  • ETFs and Smart Beta Strategies Recorded: Mar 27 2013 57 mins
    Hortense Bioy <Hortense.Bioy@morningstar.com>
    Smart beta strategies have gained a lot of attention in recent years, and more and more smart beta ETFs are being launched in Europe. This live panel discussion between Morningstar analysts and users of smart beta strategies will address these questions:
    What exactly are these alternative beta strategies?
    Are they better than the traditional market cap-weighted approach or just different?
    What are the pitfalls?
    How can these strategies be integrated into one’s investment process?
  • Tracking Efficiency in European ETFs Recorded: Feb 27 2013 28 mins
    Al Kellett <AL.KELLETT@morningstar.com>
    The agenda will be to define the terms Tracking Error and Tracking Difference and talk about why they are important; to present the results of our study into the tracking efficiency of a sample of ETFs; and introduce a new Morningstar data point for measuring tracking efficiency, Estimated Holding Cost.
  • ETFs: The Year that Was and the Year that Will Be Recorded: Jan 23 2013 50 mins
    Jose Garcia Zarate
    •A Round-Up of Where Assets Flowed in 2012
    •Regulatory Changes for the ETP Industry
    •Consolidation and Closures in the ETP Industry
    •Expectations for the ETP Industry in 2013
  • Generating Income with ETFs Recorded: Nov 28 2012 37 mins
    Ben Johnson, Director of Passive Fund Research
    •How we got to a low-yield world
    •Income, not for its own sake
    •Theory of yield relativity: why the highest-yielding investments don’t pay
    •What’s cheap, what’s not
  • Investing in Corporate and High Yield Bond Markets via ETFs Recorded: Oct 31 2012 45 mins
    Jose Garcia-Zarate, Senior European ETF Analyst, Morningstar
    •Why corporate and HY have become the fixed income flavour of the year
    •The outlook and the risks
    •Exploring the ETF menu
  • Investing in Alternative Asset Classes via ETFs Recorded: Sep 26 2012 49 mins
    Ben Johnson, Director of Passive Fund Research Europe and Asia, Morningstar
    Why even consider the alternatives?
    Why use ETFs to access alternative asset classes?
    Exploring the menu of alternative asset classes accessible via the ETF wrapper:
    - Commodities
    - Currencies
    - Property
    - Hedge Funds
  • Securities Lending in Physical ETFs: A review of Practices Recorded: Aug 29 2012 45 mins
    Hortense Bioy, CFA, Senior ETF Analyst
    - Examining the benefits and risks of securities lending
    - What safeguards are put in place to protect investors?
    - How much of your physical ETF is out on loan?
    - Due diligence checklist
  • Hot Commodities: Investing in Commodities via ETPs Recorded: Jul 25 2012 44 mins
    Ben Johnson, Director of European ETF Research
    •Are commodities a diversification goldmine?
    •Examining the sources of commodity returns
    •Are some commodity indices better than others?
    •Tips for transacting in commodity ETPs
  • Spain: Challenges and Opportunities in Troubled Times Recorded: Jun 27 2012 59 mins
    Jose Garcia-Zarate (Senior ETF Analyst)
    The macro review
    Would Spain be better off outside the Euro?
    Investment opportunities
  • Best Practices in ETF Trading Recorded: May 30 2012 57 mins
    Gordon Rose
    •Understanding ETF Liquidity
    •Common pitfalls in ETF trade execution
    •Best practices in ETF trading
  • A Roundtable Discussion with ETF Power Users Recorded: Apr 25 2012 55 mins
    Al Kellett, ETF Analyst
    The April edition of monthly ETF webinar focuses on discussing the philosophy behind using ETFs as portfolio building blocks, how to choose the right ones, and understand Best Practices when Trading ETFs
  • So Happy Together: Combining Active and Passive Vehicles Recorded: Mar 28 2012 47 mins
    Ben Johnson, Director of European ETF Research, Morningstar
    The March edition of Morningstar's monthly ETF webinars focuses on combining these passive investment vehicles with their active counterparts in a diversified portfolio.
  • What is an ETF? Recorded: Feb 29 2012 40 mins
    Ben Johnson, Director of European ETF Research, Morningstar
    In the February edition of Morningstar's monthly ETF webinars, director of European ETF research Ben Johnson goes back to basics and provides essential knowledge for all investors considering these exchange-traded products. Topics to be covered include:
    Topics include:
    •ETFs Defined
    •A 21st Century Investing Technology
    •Definition via Juxtaposition:
    oETFs vs. Funds
    oETFs vs. Individual Securities
    oETFs vs. Investment Trusts
    oETFs vs. Other ETPs
  • A Review of the ETP Market in 2011 and a Look Forward Into 2012 Recorded: Jan 25 2012 56 mins
    Morningstar European ETF Analysts
    Topics Include:
    •2011: The Year in Figures
    •The Year of the ETP Bogeyman
    •What Investors Told us About ETPs in 2011
    •A Look Forward Into 2012
  • The Truth About Mid-caps Recorded: Nov 23 2011 33 mins
    Gordon Rose, ETF Analyst, Morningstar
    Morningstar invites you for a discussion about mid-caps: are they really under-researched and offer superior returns?

    - Mid-Caps Defined
    - Do Mid-Caps Offer Attractive Risk/Return Characteristics?
    - Are Mid-Caps Under-Researched And Under-Represented?
    - What drives mid caps performance relative to large caps?
    - How can I access mid caps?
  • Accessing Emerging Market Debt via ETPs Recorded: Oct 26 2011 39 mins
    Jose Garcia-Zarate, ETF analyst, Morningstar
    Morningstar invites you to discuss accessing emerging market debt via ETPs. Topics include:

    - The general case for emerging market debt
    - The specific case for local currency
    - The offering of emerging market debt ETPs in Europe
    - Key risks
  • Counterparty Risk in ETPs Recorded: Sep 28 2011 33 mins
    Ben Johnson, Director of European ETP Research, Morningstar
    Morningstar invites you to discuss counterparty risk in ETPs:

    - What are the sources of counterparty risk in ETPs?
    - How are investors being protected from this risk?
    - How are they being compensated for assuming this risk?
    - How is the industry addressing concerns over these risks?
    - What more can be done to further illuminate and mitigate this risk?
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  • Title: A Review of the ETP Market in 2011 and a Look Forward Into 2012
  • Live at: Jan 25 2012 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Morningstar European ETF Analysts
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