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Financial Regulation

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Effective financial management strategies can help organizations meet their business objectives. The financial management community on BrightTALK is made up of engaged finance and accounting professionals. Find relevant webinars and roundtable discussions featuring financial planning advice from industry thought leaders and insights into optimizing financial reporting, accounting, risk management and value measurement.
  • During this webinar, Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo, will introduce you to some of the key features that the Openbravo Web POS solution provides, allowing associates and customers to enjoy a great in-store shopping experience. Web and mobile POS with assisted sale and inventory visibility capabilities. Empowered associates and delighted consumers in today’s omnichannel reality.

    What Will You Learn?
    - 6 key features a web POS solution should have for great in-store shopping experiences.
    - Latest new capabilities included in the Openbravo Commerce Platform web POS module.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • Digital Identities have become the new perimeter in the fight against cybercriminals. Businesses need to come together to coordinate an effective defence and real time sharing of internet scale intelligence.

    * Explosive Cybercrime growth comes from criminals leveraging the internet – how can we use that same leverage to our advantage?
    * We can’t trust the endpoint and we can’t trust the user credentials – how do we operate in this new world?
    * How can real time sharing of anonymous Digital Identity behavior provide a new type of protection while offering improvements in end user experience?
  • During this webinar, Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo, will explain the keys to how to effectively create loyalty and what to expect from your commerce solution. Today, engaging customers goes beyond traditional loyalty programs and she will develop on this topic.

    What Will You Learn?
    - Keys to effectively create a loyalty program.
    - What to expect from commerce solutions in regards to loyalty management.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • During this webinar, Maarten Tromp, Director of Product Management at Openbravo, will review the benefits of truly modular ERP platforms compared to traditional ERPs, focusing on the main keys for growing business for both customers and partners.

    What Will You Learn?
    - Benefits of modular ERP platforms.
    - Keys for growing your business based on ERP platforms modularity.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • Paul Hodder from Bitesize Learning will take you through some of the essential skills required to win business in an extremely competitive landscape.
  • In the ever-changing role of the CFO, one thing will never change—the need to lead and manage an effective finance team. Successful CFOs collaborate closely with their controllers in defining strategies to impact key areas including operational efficiency, enterprise-wide data visibility, leadership acumen, and internal controls.

    Join us as we discuss the 5 essential questions CFOs should be asking their controllers and finance teams to establish best practices around:
    -Internal controls
    -Operational efficiency
    -Visibility and reporting
    -Financial leadership
  • Pressed for time but interested in seeing Intacct's comprehensive financial management system? Check out this quick one hour product tour and see Intacct's key features and functionality.

    See how Intacct provides:
    -Real-time business visibility via easy-to-create dashboards and reports.
    -Comprehensive accounting and financial management that speeds your processes through time-saving automation.
    -A streamlined quote-to-cash process that bridges sales and finance and eliminates manual data re-entry.
    -Automated procure-to-pay with custom defined workflows that reduce errors and processing costs.
  • During this webinar, Xavier Places, Product Marketing Director at Openbravo, will make a review of the main trends POS solutions are showing to effectively respond to the new omnichannel imperative and help stores succeed on achieving the required operational excellence.

    What Will You Learn?
    - Trends POS solutions are showing to succeed in today's omnichannel reality.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • Desktop computers have been in existence for over 30 years, but the innovation in the last 10 years has fundamentally transformed the way we use them. The desktop is now increasingly found in the cloud, thanks to the technological advancements leading to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). While VDI has been in existence for the past 8 years or so, it has become more relevant in the banking and insurance industries in recent years. Insurance agents and Wealth Managers work in a heavily regulated industry. While adhering to heavy regulations, the Insurance Agents and Wealth Managers have a critical need to access important information in real time to better serve their clients.

    Now with VDI they’re able to break free from the limitations of the traditional infrastructure, being able to access real time information any time anywhere, enabling them to focus on their clients’ needs. Join us in this session to learn from Craig Beattie from Celent and Muthu Somasundaram from VMware, how VDI has helped accelerate the pace of innovation in the Insurance and Wealth management industry, while maintaining compliance with all regulations.
  • Alternative payment options, including mobile payments and virtual currencies, are gaining traction among consumers. Smartphones and other mobile devices are increasingly used to make payments to businesses and other consumers. Banks and non-bank providers of payment services that seek to innovate in the mobile space are well served by considering the vast regulatory regime that applies to consumer payments.

    Virtual currencies also introduce legal considerations for banks and other entities active in the space. For example, anonymity – viewed as central by some to virtual currency transactions – creates particular challenges, such as the risk of money laundering, for banks and other regulated entities (eg non-bank money transmitters).

    This webinar will provide an overview of the legal issues related to mobile payments and virtual currencies, highlighting trends in the market and related regulatory developments.

    - Obrea Poindexter, Morrison & Foerster
    - Jeremy Mandell, Morrison & Foerster
    - Danielle Myles, IFLR (moderator)
  • Attributes that make a good leader
    Leadership styles
    Preparing for a leadership role
    Engaging mentors to aid you in your journey as a leader
    Tracking your progress
  • During this webinar, Xavier Places, Product Marketing Director at Openbravo, and John Fandl, Director of Development and Technology at AgilityERP (Gold Certified Partner Openbravo), will elaborate on the benefits of the flexibility concept behind the Openbravo ERP Platform.

    What Will You Learn?
    - How the flexibility concept can help your company through real examples like SAIC, Johnson Controls, or Grupo Eulen.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • During this webinar, Xavier Places, Product Marketing Director of Openbravo, will show how the Openbravo Commerce Platform helps retailers to progress in their omni-channel implementation. Being customer-centric, having product and pricing consistency as well as unified commerce and organizational alignment are critical capabilities for omni-channel.

    What will you learn?
    - Specific critical capabilities that have been identified as driving successful omni-channel retailing.
    - Openbravo Commerce Platform features that support omni-channel progress.

    Who should attend?
    - Business areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • This holiday season is bringing an onslaught of fraud and cybercrime attacks to financial institutions, payment processors and online merchants alike. Sophisticated cybercriminal groups exploit increased traffic and transaction volume to launch new attack methodologies.

    Fraud prevention and security professionals can stay ahead by knowing the latest attack trends. Attend this webinar for an analysis of findings from the ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report. This front-line view of the global war against cybercrime is based on actual cybercrime attacks detected by the ThreatMetrix Global Trust Intelligence Network during real-time analysis and interdiction of attacks. This session will review data gathered from over 850 million monthly transactions, including findings from the recent Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend.

    Attend our complimentary webinar, “Leveraging Cybercrime Intelligence Data to Stop Fraud”, to learn the latest methods being used by fraudsters and how you can stop attacks in real time – without impacting trusted customers.

    Topics to be covered include:

    * Attack trends by transaction type and industry
    * Analysis on mobile vs. desktop attacks
    * Detection and prevention of attacks without adding friction
    * Why global shared intelligence is essential
  • Year-end tax activities can be overwhelming and put extra stress on you and your tax team. Corporations are often challenged to clarify what their priorities need to be when planning for year-end tax activities. As 2014 comes to a close, there are a number of important items that should be taken into consideration as part of your planning efforts. This 60-minute webinar will update participants on the latest federal, state and international tax developments.

    By attending this session, participants will:

    - Learn about international tax updates including corporate inversions legislation, transfer pricing, and income tax accounting issues and the potential impact on your organization.
    - Understand the latest developments in federal tax requirements including uncertain tax benefits, recent FASB tax accounting agenda and tax accounting considerations for the new revenue recognition rules.
    - Be aware of critical state income tax legislative modifications and plan how to address these changes.
  • A free to view live debate on 11th December 2015, 12pm GMT

    With the massive take up of cryptocurrencies around the world, we present a live discussion and debate on the current state of the nation for cryptocurrencies around the world.

    An update from our previous webinar earlier this year, the live debate will take place between three of the most respected and engaging experts in cryptocurrencies:

    Robert Courtneidge, Global Head of Cards and Payments, Lock Lord

    Ben Regnard-Weinrabe, Partner, Paul Hastings LLP

    Ashley Winton, Partner, Paul Hastings LLP

    Join the debate! We encourage you to field your own questions to the presenters during the webinar and challenge them on their assumptions!

    Remember here you can ask those questions you were afraid to ask!
  • During this webinar, Xavier Places, Product Marketing Director of Openbravo, and Stephane Monsallier, CEO of System in Motion (Openbravo Master Distributor in China), will present the best practice that will help you to better define your Omni-Channel Roadmap and Execution Plan from a very practical perspective and find out how IT can help retailers to achieve these goals. At the end of the presentation you will know about some customers that have progressed in their Omni-Channel strategies, like the case of Home’s Up from Groupe Adeo and their implementation of a complete Retail Order Management System to integrate all of its on-line and off-line channels.

    What will you learn?
    - Best practice to define your Omni-Channel Roadmap.
    - Practical cases of integration of online and offline channels.

    Who should attend?
    - IT Administrators
    - CIOs
    - Business areas Directors
    - Consultants
  • Join this short 20 minute webinar to learn about some of the incredible benefits you can gain by implementing a Corporate Card Program in your business.

    These include how you can:
    • Help positively impact your bottom line
    • Streamline expense payment and offer benefit to your travelers
    • Help simplify and improve your expense reporting process

    Who should attend: Finance leaders (best suited to companies with annual revenue >$4 million)
  • Many investors are increasingly seeking to align their financial goals with their social objectives. Various legal entity structures have evolved, such as benefit corporations.

    Similarly, certain financial instruments have developed that may be structured in order to align financial and social goals. An example of these trends can be seen in the development of the market for green bonds, which has grown as issuers of debt securities reach a broader investor audience that seeks to promote sustainability and related initiatives.

    The session will provide an overview of the green bond market, the considerations in structuring and offering green bonds, and the disclosure and reporting requirements. In addition, the speakers will provide an overview of the Green Bond Principles.

    The Green Bond Principles are best practices for issuances and outline an approach for designating, disclosing, managing, and reporting on the proceeds of a Green bond.


    Anna Pinedo, Morrison & Foerster
    Susan Mac Cormac, Morrison & Foerster
    Lindsay Beck, NPX
    Danielle Myles, IFLR
  • This Webinar will cover top tips for faster working, easy efficiency improving techniques and common frustrations.
  • Behind a company like Openbravo there is a great business opportunity. Our products meet critical customers’ demands and our partner business model based on an ongoing service from all sides, ensures a sustainable, profitable and growing business. This is something already enjoyed by more than 150 partners worldwide. During 45 minutes, Xavi Places, Product Marketing Director and Pablo Rueda, Channel Marketing Manager, will talk about this topic.

    Who is this webinar for?
    - Companies: Resellers, Partners, IT companies, IT consultancies and system integrators.
    - Profiles: General Manager, Consulting, IT Systems and Business Development.

    What will you learn?
    - Trends and needs of customers in the ERP environment: why our products meet the demands of today.
    - The importance of services: how the vendor can help ensure project success.
    - Service partners: the importance of an organization 100% focused on their partners.
  • Financial institutions face regulatory change and pressure from many directions. Managing in the environment requires more than a nimbleness to respond. Organizations need to meet current requirements while simultaneously building efficient compliance structures that can be sustained over time.

    Join us as we provide real-world examples of how to address these challenges in Audit, AML/BSA operations and financial reporting. After participating in this 60-minute session, you'll be able to:

    • Apply real-world lessons for meeting current and rapidly changing requirements from a General Auditor who has met these challenges
    • Describe how to deploy AML risk assessments, program governance and systems validations to strengthen required programs, and
    • Identify the impact of the new revenue recognition accounting standard and other recent changes to GAAP and leverage a simple, practical approach to implementing the new financial reporting requirements.

    Our Presenters:

    1. Janine Pappas, General Auditor, EverBank
    2. Robert Colatarci, Engagement Manager, AML/BSA Team Leader
    3. Michelle Search, National Director, Technical Accounting & Financial Reporting, Experis
  • Across the UK & Europe, Card Not Present (CNP) transactions are experiencing record high levels of fraud. In a recent study by TechValidate, 58% of companies that had deployed a Frictionless Authentication solution saw a 5-25% increase in business; with the cost of managing fraud and chargebacks had been reduced by up to 80%. Marc Lee will host a discussion around how frictionless authentication solutions can enable you to do more business online whilst cutting fraud and fraud management costs.
  • Traditionally, most public companies in the US were organised as C-corporations. However, tax developments in recent years have given corporate planners a wide range of new tools to structure a public company. For example, tax pass-through MLP and REIT structures are spreading into new asset classes. Also, traditional double taxed ‘C’ corporations are using tax pass-through entities, including REITs and partnerships, to reduce or eliminate entity-level taxes as well as optimise their internal structures with tax ‘disregarded entities’. These new tools lead to a variety of tax choices in deciding how to structure a public company.

    During this briefing, which is intended for a general audience, the speakers will explain the structures, restrictions and pitfalls in this evolving hybrid world of C-corporations mixed with tax pass-throughs. Specifically, they will discuss:

    - master limited partnerships
    - REITs and alternative assets that may qualify as ‘real estate’
    - using REITs to unlock real estate currently held in corporate form
    - Business development companies
    - Consolidated groups of corporations and disregarded entities
    - Up-C structures

    - Remmelt Reigersman, Morrison & Foerster
    - Tom Humphreys, Morrison & Foerster
    - Tom Young, IFLR (moderator)
  • Hear from Dennis Vogt, EMEA Evangelist and industry expert as he talks through insights from ThreatMetrix' Global Trust Intelligence Network and how they demonstrate that Mobile is increasingly becoming a new home for fraudsters especially related to New Account Creation and Payments.
  • During this webinar, Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo, and Victor Gaspar, Project Manager at GMV (Openbravo Certified Partner), will explain how retailers can help enable their stores to be smarter and which technologies are helping them today to make this happen.

    What Will You Learn?
    - The concept of smarter stores and how it is related with the convergence of technologies like mobility and the Internet of Things.
    - The importance of physical smarter stores in today's omnichannel reality.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) has now been adopted in the EU and most of its provisions were required to become effective in member states as from January 1 2015.

    The BRRD harmonises the range of resolution tools available to supervisory authorities in the EU in the event of the failure of major financial institutions. A key cornerstone of the new legislation is the introduction of a new “bail-in” power available to regulatory authorities enabling them to require the write-down or conversion into equity of a wide range of unsecured senior debt as part of the resolution of a failing institution. Uncertainty remains as to the full extent of the bail-in powers and the range of instruments it is likely to apply to and finalised guidance and rulemaking is still awaited on various issues during the course of 2015.

    We will consider the scope of the bail-in power and how it might be applied in practice, as well as discussing how this might affect the structuring of financial instruments issued by banks and the possible attitudes of investors in bank liabilities.