EV Charging Stations: New Revenue Stream for Municipalities?

Richard Lowenthal, Founder and CTO, Coulomb Technologies
EV charging stations are being deployed in cities across the US. Thanks to grants from the US Department of Energy, municipalities have the opportunity to receive infrastructure and technology from multiple companies at no cost.

Listen to Richard Lowenthal, Founder and CTO of Coulomb Technologies discuss his company's ChargePoint EV charging station, the role it can play in your municipality and how it is amping up the nation's EV movement.
Jul 27 2011
47 mins
EV Charging Stations: New Revenue Stream for Municipalities?
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    Remember here you can ask those questions you were afraid to ask!
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    Taking the pulse of your constituents and finding ways to communicate with them directly is not easy. Join EfficientGov, Grant Communications and Votifi in this 45-minute webcast discussing new options for enhancing communication with your constituents.

    Grant Communications specializes in enabling municipalities to deliver messages (about school systems, ecoonomic development, etc.) directly to the public. Getting your message through to voters and taxpayers is not easy. Grant will provide a brief case study on its work with communities large and small.

    Votifi is an online polling company providing constituents with the opportunity to communicate through a "polling widget."
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    AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners (APWIP) provides expertise in reducing the risk associated with managing cell sites. Whether turning existing leases into cash for immediate use, increasing site revenue, or, helping to manage cell carrier relationships, APWIP brings years of expertise to your municipality.

    Listen in as Orange Village, Ohio's lead counsel talks about the details of why Orange Village chose AP Wireless to manage its tower business resulting in a $231,000 lump sum check to the municipality.

    Learn how monetizing cell site rents protects the municipality from the risks of contract termination, rent reduction, and technology changes. Hear why other cities have decided to monetize their cell sites. Understand the different transaction structures that are available to you and how to evaluate cell site lease buyout offers.

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    This 60-minute webcast will demonstrate the RFx Legal solutions and process.
  • EV Charging Stations: New Revenue Stream for Municipalities? Recorded: Jul 27 2011 47 mins
    EV charging stations are being deployed in cities across the US. Thanks to grants from the US Department of Energy, municipalities have the opportunity to receive infrastructure and technology from multiple companies at no cost.

    Listen to Richard Lowenthal, Founder and CTO of Coulomb Technologies discuss his company's ChargePoint EV charging station, the role it can play in your municipality and how it is amping up the nation's EV movement.
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  • Title: EV Charging Stations: New Revenue Stream for Municipalities?
  • Live at: Jul 27 2011 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Richard Lowenthal, Founder and CTO, Coulomb Technologies
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