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  • S4 05 - Inclusivity and Collaboration in Asset Management & Financial Services
    S4 05 - Inclusivity and Collaboration in Asset Management & Financial Services
    Julia Streets Recorded: Mar 20 2019 31 mins
    Jane Welsh, Senior Investment Consultant and Project Manager for the Diversity Project, and Marissa Ellis, Strategy Consultant, Advisor and the Founder of Diversily, discuss what it takes to be truly inclusive. How can organisations attract diverse talent from non-financial backgrounds? They explore the power of collaboration and sharing best practice, growing pressures on senior leadership and middle management, how government and industry regulators are driving D&I up the agenda, improving diversity in Asset Management and why it’s more important than ever for senior leaders from diverse backgrounds to become industry role models.
  • More Than Loyalty: How the Open Economy is Changing Loyalty Programs
    More Than Loyalty: How the Open Economy is Changing Loyalty Programs
    Eric Grover (Intrepid Ventures), Thomas Tyree (FIS) and Bruce Parker (ModoPayments) Recorded: Mar 19 2019 60 mins
    Loyalty programs are nothing new, but opportunities to leverage them at the in-store and online checkout are. Innovations in payments and banking have ushered in the beginnings of the "open economy" and are bringing exciting new technologies to the market that will change the future of consumer engagement.

    Ty Tyree (FIS) and Bruce Parker (Modo) speak with Eric Grover (Intrepid Ventures) on the work they're doing in the payments and loyalty space, and what opportunities they see in the market.

    Join in to learn: Who are the major players in the "open economy"?, What are disruptors in the loyalty space doing (both banks, merchants, and payments players)?, What are new ways in which you can engage your end consumers to establish true brand loyalty?, What is the "open economy", and how are we going to see that playing out in the next 5 years?, and What is required in order to continue the "open economy"?

    Eric Grover, Principal at Intrepid Ventures

    Thomas (Ty) Tyree, VP of Loyalty Product at FIS
    Bruce Parker, Founder & CEO at Modo
  • Personal Shopper: Social Factors Behind Payment Choice
    Personal Shopper: Social Factors Behind Payment Choice
    Dr. Anne Lewis, Head of Product Development, Vaultex Recorded: Mar 19 2019 40 mins
    What determines how people pay for their goods and services? How might using cash instead of a debit card reflect your personality? Are you a utilitarian or hedonistic shopper?

    This webinar looks at how the way people behave could affect their choice of payment. Dr. Anne Lewis argues that an economic model is not enough to fully predict future consumer payment habits, and social factors have an important influence on whether people reach for notes or cards.
  • What is the Future for Cash?
    What is the Future for Cash?
    David Fagleman, Head of Policy & Research, Cash Services Recorded: Mar 19 2019 43 mins
    The cashless society has been talked about for decades and with the increased use of digital payments some believe it’s closer than ever. Despite this cash remains a popular method of payment for consumers and businesses, and is forecast to continue to play an important role in the payments landscape for years to come.

    Join this session for a discussion on the future of cash. This will include:

    · Data and forecasts on cash and non-cash payment methods
    · Research on the drivers behind consumer payment behavior
    · Analysis on the future of cash – it’s role as both a transactional and continuity method of payment
    · Country-specific examples
  • SkyStem: Seducing the Auditors with Internal Controls
    SkyStem: Seducing the Auditors with Internal Controls
    Nancy Wu, Sales and Customer Support, SkyStem Recorded: Mar 19 2019 57 mins
    With the auditors approaching (or maybe they just never left), the accounting team needs to put its best foot (and documentation) forward in order to avoid a long and drawn out affair with the auditors. Join us in this webinar, where we share the best ways to build and maintain your internal controls infrastructure to impress your auditors and make the year-end audit as quick and painless as can be.

    Please note: CPE credit not available for this playback.
  • Leveraging Machine Learning to Prevent eCommerce Fraud
    Leveraging Machine Learning to Prevent eCommerce Fraud
    Dave Klein (Guardicore), Trevor Anderson (Whitepages Pro), Ajay Andrews (Whitepages Pro) and Angie Dobbs (Wave Financial) Recorded: Mar 19 2019 35 mins
    Finding the balance between staying compliant and providing a frictionless eCommerce experience for your customers is a difficult task. Machine Learning has been touted as a game changer in validating information at speed, managing identities, and preventing and detecting fraud.

    Join this live-streamed session where our expert panel will discuss:

    -The latest trends in eCommerce
    -Is friction really a bad thing?
    -Best practices for using machine learning for pricing optimization, fraud prevention, and improving the customer experience

    Dave Klein, Senior Director Engineering & Architecture at GuardiCore

    Trevor Anderson, Director, Solutions Architecture, Whitepages
    Ajay Andrews, Senior Director, Product, Whitepages
    Angie Dobbs, Director of Risk, Wave Financial Inc
  • Ask the Machine Learning Expert: Best Practices for Reducing Fraud
    Ask the Machine Learning Expert: Best Practices for Reducing Fraud
    Bruce Parter, CEO, ModoPayments and Péter Marx, Data Scientist, Whitepages Pro Recorded: Mar 19 2019 31 mins
    Detecting and preventing fraud are challenges that organizations are continuously trying to solve.

    Join this technical deep-dive where data scientist Péter Marx will talk about:
    -How Machine Learning can help customers detect fraud faster and more efficiently when its placed “top of waterfall” in their workflows
    -The biggest data challenges that professionals face
    -Dissecting a Machine Learning infrastructure
    -How to evaluate your model performance and make sure it actually works
    -How to solve common challenges in productionizing machine learning
  • The Email Security Goal: ONE Single Solution
    The Email Security Goal: ONE Single Solution
    Ken Bagnall, Vice President, Email Security, FireEye, moderated by Christopher Porter, Chief Intelligence Strategist, FireEye Recorded: Mar 19 2019 50 mins
    FireEye research recently indicated that an average of 14 thousand malicious emails per month were being missed by most email security solutions. Email is the number one threat vector and with impersonation and credential phishing or URL-based attacks on the rise your email security solution must keep up with the evolving threat landscape. In this webinar:

    -Get a brief overview on the latest email threat trends
    -Learn about the must haves for email security solutions and the benefits of having one provider
    -Find out about additional email security capabilities that can help you have an adaptable solution
    -Hear about a use case where FireEye helped detect and block impersonation techniques that the incumbent solution missed
  • How Advisors Can Leverage Data Visualization To Enrich the Customer Experience
    How Advisors Can Leverage Data Visualization To Enrich the Customer Experience
    Philipp Zerhusen and Michael Diefenthäler, FactSet Recorded: Mar 19 2019 30 mins
    As part of FactSet’s Digital Wealth Management Thought Leadership series, we are excited to take the discussion further on the key topics of optimization, visualization and personalization, in our three-part webcast series: Digital Wealth Management Applied.

    Listen to the second of these 30-minute live sessions, and hear from industry experts on how advisory can utilize visualization techniques to win with clients in the era of hybrid advice. As industry professionals and consultants to financial advisors, our speakers share their insight on how the five tactics discussed in the second part of our eBook, Disrupting Advisory Through Design, can be applied to the client experience to develop an online wealth platform that adds value - to the firm, to your high net worth investors, and to your book of business.
  • Account Takeover Fraud: How To Protect Your Business
    Account Takeover Fraud: How To Protect Your Business
    FinTech Futures and OneSpan Recorded: Mar 19 2019 56 mins
    The financial industry considers Account Takeover Fraud as the most common cause of loss to their digital business. Fraudsters gain unauthorized access to accounts using many different techniques. Financial institutions need to take proactive measures and a multi-layered approach to monitor, detect and block fraudulent transactions.

    How can you prevent Account Takeover Fraud and protect your business?

    Join us for a FinTech Futures webinar, in association with OneSpan, on Tuesday, 19 March 2019, to hear experts discuss:

    - Different techniques leading to account takeover attacks (real cases)
    - How to effectively protect your users without compromising on user convenience
    - How to select and implement security tools to improve authentication, protect the mobile channel and monitor fraud
    - How to accurately analyze risks based on artificial intelligence and machine learning

    Don’t miss out on this informative webinar. Register today and secure your seat!

    Ralitsa Miteva, Business Solution Manager – Risk Analytics and Fraud Detection, OneSpan
    David Vergara, Director of Product Marketing, OneSpan
  • Intelligent Fraud Management – Banking and Insurance
    Intelligent Fraud Management – Banking and Insurance
    Ritika Sehgal Director Pre-Sales Analytics and Alain Martens Analytics Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software Recorded: Mar 19 2019 54 mins
    A perfect storm of legislation, market dynamics, and increasingly sophisticated fraud strategies require you to be proactive in detecting fraud quicker and more effectively.

    TIBCO’s Fraud Management Platform allows you to meet ever-increasing requirements faster than traditional in-house development, easier than off-the-shelf systems, and with more control, because you’re in charge of priorities, not a vendor.
    All this is achieved using a single engine that can combine traditional rules with newer predictive analytics models.
    This webinar will cover:

    - Why is a fraud management platform necessary
    - How to gain an understanding of the components of a fraud management platform
    - The benefits of implementing a fraud management platform
    - How TIBCO’s platform has helped other companies
  • Learn How to Seamlessly Connect Cloud and Hybrid Applications
    Learn How to Seamlessly Connect Cloud and Hybrid Applications
    Paul Varley, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Mar 19 2019 17 mins
    TIBCO Cloud™ Integration makes it easy for anyone to integrate business applications. From developers, to IT specialists, to daily business operations participants, everyone is involved with integration. One of the newest additions to TIBCO Cloud Integration is TIBCO Scribe® Software capability.
  • Manufacturing Intelligence: Keep Your Processes Under Control
    Manufacturing Intelligence: Keep Your Processes Under Control
    Alessandro Chimera, Manufacturing Industry Expert, TIBCO Software Inc. , Danny Stout, Sr. Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Soft Recorded: Mar 19 2019 30 mins
    The current trend in manufacturing is towards tailor-made products in smaller lots with shorter delivery times. This change may lead to frequent production modifications resulting in increased machine downtime, higher production cost, product waste—and the need to rework faulty products.

    Watch this webinar to learn how TIBCO’s Smart Manufacturing solutions can help you overcome these challenges. You will also see a demonstration of TIBCO technology in action around improving yield and optimizing processes while also saving costs.

    What You Will Learn:

    -Applying advanced analytics & machine learning / AI techniques to optimize complex manufacturing processes
    -How multi-variate statistical process control can help to detect deviations from a baseline
    -How to monitor in real time the OEE and produce a 360 view of your factory

    The webinar also highlights customer case studies from our clients who have already successfully implemented process optimization models.
  • Why Brexit will hurt productivity in Financial Services the most...
    Why Brexit will hurt productivity in Financial Services the most...
    Mark Elwood - Marketing Director, TeleWare Recorded: Mar 19 2019 44 mins
    ... and the technologies that will prevent it.

    Join this webinar to hear how technology is creating a mobility-enabled workforce to increase productivity in financial services and the lessons other sectors can learn.

    In the words of Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman ‘productivity isn't everything, but in the long run it is almost everything.’

    Creating a modern workforce that has access to the technology that will improve productivity is key to ending the productivity crisis. TeleWare, working with Financial Services clients are helping create a mobile-enabled workforce designed to improve productivity. These lessons can be adopted in many vertical sectors, particularly in a post-GDPR and Brexit world.

    Find out:
    • Why you should be focusing on increasing productivity in your business
    • How enabling your employees to use the latest technology with no cost to your business can improve employee satisfaction and create growth
    • Why mobility is the secret weapon in the fight against stagnant productivity growth
    • Which technologies you should be thinking about to create a mobility-enabled workforce

    Join us for this insightful webinar that explores the technologies firms are adopting to help increase productivity and to beat their competition.
  • Fintech news weekly round-up – 18 March 2019
    Fintech news weekly round-up – 18 March 2019
    FinTech Futures Recorded: Mar 18 2019 3 mins
    FinTech Futures and KAE, a strategic marketing consultancy firm, bring you short and sweet round-ups of the week’s selected news stories.

    This week's video covers:

    - Banks facing PSD2 catch-up if not API-ready
    - PayPal to invest $750m in Argentinian e-commerce giant MercadoLibre
    - Stash piles on rewards with stock-back launch
    - Mastercard acquires Ethoca for e-commerce fraud protection

    For more fintech news, please visit www.bankingtech.com or sign up to our daily newsletter here: http://bit.ly/2JmBdpZ
  • Why is PCI compliance like the Death Star?
    Why is PCI compliance like the Death Star?
    Donald E Hester & Robert DeRoeck Recorded: Mar 18 2019 61 mins
    If you think you are PCI compliant you’re probably not. A single thermal vent allowed the rebel to destroy the death star. What seemingly insignificant hole do we have that will lead to a payment card data breach? Can we plug every small hole? Why is PCI compliance so difficult for local governments and small to medium sized businesses? Lessons from the Jedi can help us understand PCI compliance. Join this session to here from an auditor what are some of the pitfalls and what can be done to achieve and maintain PCI compliance.
  • Fraud Reduction: A Canadian Approach
    Fraud Reduction: A Canadian Approach
    Keith Ward, Fraud Analyst, Canadian Anti Fraud Centre Recorded: Mar 14 2019 58 mins
    The presentation will provide an overview of the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, highlight trends in Mass Marketing Fraud and current scams, and discuss alternative measures to disrupting fraudulent operation through public/private partnership.

    About the Speaker:
    .Keith is a Fraud Analyst with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre's Operational Support Unit. The CAFC is Canada's central repository for data, intelligence and resource material as it relates to fraud. The CAFC commits to providing timely, accurate and useful information to assist citizens, businesses, law enforcement and governments in Canada and around the world. The CAFCis coordinated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police and the Competition Bureau of Canada
  • Trends in AML and KYC for Financial Services
    Trends in AML and KYC for Financial Services
    Edwina Johnson (Alloy), Andres Betancourt (Scotiabank), Bo Oney (Coinsource), Raz Abramov (EverCompliant) Recorded: Mar 14 2019 58 mins
    Sufficient AML and KYC processes are critical in ensuring banks and FIs can not only protect themselves from being unknowingly involved in financial crime, but they are also integral in having a better understanding of their customers and providing them with a better experience.

    Join this panel where our speakers will discuss:

    -How can organisations improve existing AML/KYC requirements?
    -What are the common mistakes made when it comes to compliance
    -Which new technologies can help detect and prevent fraud and ensure FIs stay compliant?
    -What are the key compliance issues for the Financial Services industry?
    -How can organisations track financial crime with AI?
  • Digital Collaboration and the Future of Work
    Digital Collaboration and the Future of Work
    Bill Haskins, Sr Analyst and Partner, Wainhouse Research, Paul McMillan, Director Digital Transformation, Tata Communications Recorded: Mar 14 2019 61 mins
    Digital Collaboration technologies are emerging as the primary enabler of Digital Transformation within the enterprise. Today’s leading collaboration solutions connect users to the information they need the most – insight from other users, teams, partners, and customers. Further, a properly implemented Digital Collaboration solution serves as a platform that can extend the experience past the enterprise walls – integrating with internal and external systems, providing access to advanced AI solutions, and automating a wide range of enterprise workflows. When done right, these solutions serve as a foundational platform, driving enterprise-wide transformation.

    Join us as Bill Haskins, Senior Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research, and Paul McMillan, Head of Global Digital Workplace at Tata Communications discuss Digital Collaboration as an enabling platform, using data and insight gained from enterprises using their Digital Collaboration platform to transform key elements of their business.

    This is an interactive webinar, and you’ll have a chance to ask our presenters the questions that apply to your organization. All attendees will receive the presentation materials and a complimentary eBook exploring this topic in detail.

    Key Topics and Takeaways:

    • The Digital Iceberg – the critical elements to a Digital Collaboration experience
    • Digital Reality – common enterprise roadblocks slowing the transformation effort
    • Digital Journey – best practices and key milestones from the transformed enterprise
    • Transformation Use Cases – examples of real-world and leading-edge transformation
  • TIBCO Cloud Integration: Fastest Results & Lowest TCO Per AppVance Research
    TIBCO Cloud Integration: Fastest Results & Lowest TCO Per AppVance Research
    Frank Cohen, Development Expert and Founder of Appvance Recorded: Mar 14 2019 37 mins
    Modern application architectures, Agile and DevOps SDLC, and supporting multiple channels like web, mobile, and IoT require you to reevaluate how you interconnect your systems and services.

    Noted development expert Frank Cohen, founder at Appvance, has recently released the 4th iteration of the PushToTest Integration Knowledge Kit. This Kit is a free open-source vendor evaluation guide comparing MuleSoft, Red Hat, Spring Boot, TIBCO, and others. You can get a copy of it in the attachments section.

    Join Frank for this short webinar (with Q&A) as he walks through the Kit and shows you how to use it to compare the top technologies for integrating your systems leveraging a modern architecture.

    This 30-minute on-demand webinar includes Q&A and covers:
    -Which integration approach is most efficient in terms of developer productivity?
    -Which approach allows you to make changes most quickly?
    -Key considerations for selecting an integration approach to support your microservices and serverless initiatives
    -Lessons learned on these platforms and how you can avoid pitfalls in going serverless with microservices
  • 5 Ways Fraudsters Fake IDs and how your face can stop them
    5 Ways Fraudsters Fake IDs and how your face can stop them
    Kevin Trilli, Chief Product Officer at Onfido and Karen Webster, CEO at PYMNTS Recorded: Mar 14 2019 57 mins
    Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the U.S. Globally, one in 60 online transactions are fraudulent. So, if you fail to catch that fraud, the cost to your business – both reputational and financial – can be catastrophic

    PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster and Kevin Trilli, chief product officer at Onfido, discuss the current trends in fraud techniques, and reveal how risk and fraud managers can utilize new technologies to catch them.

    Attendees will learn:

    - The most common identity document fraud techniques and how to spot them
    - The challenges of tackling 3D fraud in digital, 2D environments
    - How AI and biometrics are changing the face of online security and access
    - Why fighting fraud will require a mix of human and machine expertise
  • ESG on BrightTALK: The Podcast
    ESG on BrightTALK: The Podcast
    Ryan Ross | Ben Yeoh Recorded: Mar 14 2019 55 mins
    The goal of this podcast series is to introduce to investors what the long-term benefits are derived by investing in ESG-related initiatives.

    This episode features Ben Yeoh, a Senior Portfolio Manager of Global Equities, and a playwright.

    We discuss:
    3:00: being integrated in your thinking.
    3:35: what integrated means.
    7:38: Ways to title ESG:
    33:17 - how institutional investors should consider ESG.

    Much more!
  • M-Trends 2019: Trends Behind Today's Cyber Attacks
    M-Trends 2019: Trends Behind Today's Cyber Attacks
    Chris Nutt, Managing Director, FireEye Mandiant and Nick Bennett, Director, FireEye Mandiant Recorded: Mar 14 2019 58 mins
    Explore the latest developments behind today’s attacker techniques, behaviors, and motivations sourced from this year’s M-Trends 2019 Report, our annual publication based on FireEye Mandiant’s frontline investigations of the most interesting and impactful cyber attacks in 2018.

    Join us for this webinar, as experts, Chris Nutt, Managing Director, FireEye Mandiant and Nick Bennett, Director, FireEye Mandiant discuss highlights and case studies from this year’s edition, including:

    • Evolving attack trends in today’s threat landscape
    • New advanced persistent threat (APT) groups that emerged in 2018
    • Hidden risks found across M&A business activities
    • Best practices lessons learned from the front lines of incident response

    Register for the webinar NOW!
  • Breaking Down the PCI SSC’s New Guidance for Protecting Telephone-Based Payments
    Breaking Down the PCI SSC’s New Guidance for Protecting Telephone-Based Payments
    Wayne Murphy, Senior Security Consultant (QSA), Sec-1 Ltd.; Ben Rafferty, Chief Innovation Officer, Semafone Recorded: Mar 14 2019 46 mins
    Over the last seven years, the technologies used by call and contact centers to communicate with customers and complete card transactions have changed drastically. Networking methodologies like VoIP have since become widely adopted, while the number of applications organizations employ to process customer information has risen dramatically. For this reason, the PCI SSC recently released their highly anticipated updated “Guidance for Protecting Telephone-Based Card Payments” for the first time since 2011, offering several much-needed clarifications for organizations looking to achieve PCI DSS compliance inside their contact centers.

    Join Semafone and Sec-1 Ltd. for this insightful webinar into the most pertinent changes, featuring two of the members of the PCI SSC’s Special Interest Group – Ben Rafferty, Chief Innovation Officer at Semafone, and Wayne Murphy, Senior Security Consultant at Sec-1 Ltd. We’ll cover the following:

    • How to avoid scope-creep inside the contact center during PCI DSS compliance
    • How Pause and Resume call recording solutions create more problems than they solve
    • How most 3rd party services are now in scope for PCI DSS compliance
    • How devices that control SIP Redirection are now also in scope
  • Part 2 SQL & Win Server End of Support : Migration Options and Cloud Migration
    Part 2 SQL & Win Server End of Support : Migration Options and Cloud Migration
    David Bloxham - SoftwareONE; Kaz Traverso - SoftwareONE; Paul Manaton - RiverMeadow Mar 21 2019 10:00 am UTC 26 mins
    With support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ending on 9th July, 2019 and Windows Server January 2020, what are your upgrade options?

    End of support means the end of security updates, which can cause security and compliance issues and put applications and business at risk so it’s important to create an upgrade transition plan.

    SoftwareONE and migration acceleration specialists, RiverMeadow, will discuss the key considerations to ensure a successful transition including:

    •What are the available options: on-premise upgrades, migrate to cloud or do nothing?
    •Best practice methodologies
    •Cloud tooling options for migration acceleration
    •Cloud migration framework for success

    Organisations have options. Each is worth exploring and you may use multiple options to move workloads from SQL Server, depending on the workload.

    This webinar will primarily focus on cloud migration.
  • The digital disruption butterfly effect across European industries in 2019
    The digital disruption butterfly effect across European industries in 2019
    Angela Vacca, Giulia Carosella Mar 21 2019 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    The European vertical market digital scenario is more vibrant than ever, – with some industries that are on the edge of technological change, and others that are rapidly catching-up and showing interesting pockets of growth.
    In this IDC Web Conference Angela Vacca and Giulia Carosella from the IDC Customer Insights and Analysis team will discuss how European industries, such as transportation, finance, public sector and others, are ripe for the 2019 digital evolution, answering questions such as:
    •What are the key vertical trends that are driving IT spending in Europe?
    •How to spot technology hypergrowth pockets?
    •What is the digital disruption ‘butterfly effect’, and how will it affect European industries?
    Our webinar will help you improve your vertical go-to-market strategy and tactical planning, – highlighting what is under the spotlight for European industries, learning about real-life examples, and charting out a successful vertical digital roadmap for 2019.
  • Reimagining Identity Management
    Reimagining Identity Management
    Husayn Kassai (Onfido), Jeremy Grant (The Better Identity Coalition), Nathan Spanier (Remitly), Neil Chapman (ForgeRock) Mar 21 2019 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Our panelist will discuss:
    -The benefits of a secure digital identity system
    -Where does blockchain come into play?
    -Cutting through the hype: real use cases
    -Reducing risk and mitigating fraud
    -New advancements in biometrics
  • Lessons Learned from an Enterprise-Scale Migration Project
    Lessons Learned from an Enterprise-Scale Migration Project
    Lars Muller, CRM Partners AG, TIBCO MVP Mar 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    Data migration projects are growing more complex. With companies adopting more applications, especially cloud applications, and using more data sources than ever before, migrating just one system to the cloud can be a high-stakes, risky project. CRM Partners AG has a history of implementing successful migration projects, such as a recently completed project for a global manufacturer. Their methodology for data migration projects is designed to reduce the cost and risk they may encounter.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    - The advantage of using the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration cloud-based (iPaaS) integration platform for your migration project vs. custom code
    - Key decisions you need to make at the outset of your project that will minimize risks
    - How to prepare your data for a successful migration
    - How to test and execute your migration to ensure a smooth launch
  • Blockchain: Flying the Friendly Skies
    Blockchain: Flying the Friendly Skies
    Nelson Petrack, CTO, TIBO Software Mar 26 2019 10:00 am UTC 36 mins
    According to the newest research released by SITA, Blockchain is fast emerging among airports and airlines as the priority technology for making the travel experience more efficient. The most commonly expected use of blockchain is for passenger identification, with 40% of airlines saying it would offer a major benefit, and more use cases around passenger experience and airport operations are emerging.

    Watch this webinar with TIBCO CTO Nelson Petrack presenting:

    -A new business model where the traveller is highly connected. Can a blockchain be used to streamline airport operations and improve the customer experience? Increase security?
    -How can blockchain play a role in passenger identity management? What about issues like privacy, GDPR, and blockchain’s immutable behaviour (meaning no deletes)?
    -What is the role of consensus in an enterprise/permission blockchain deployment? What are some examples?

    Learn more about Project Dovetail™ at https://www.tibco.com/resources/community/project-dovetail.
  • Ask the Experts – Challenges & Opportunities with Mobile Workforces & UC
    Ask the Experts – Challenges & Opportunities with Mobile Workforces & UC
    Mark Elwood - Marketing Director, TeleWare Mar 26 2019 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Mobile working is happening in increasing numbers of businesses. The prize is enormous for businesses who get mobile working right in terms of productivity improvements and happier employees. However recent research carried out on behalf of TeleWare highlight several challenges employers and employees face with increasingly mobile workforces.

    So, why aren’t more businesses and employees getting more benefits out of mobile working?

    Join our panel discussion to find out more about these insights and toget all your questions answered live on how to overcome these challenges.

    Topics we plan to cover:
    • The top 3 challenges employees face when working remotely
    • Is GDPR holding you back unnecessarily?
    • Which types of applications, unified communications and collaboration tools are making an impact
    • Why cloud communication technology is crucial to mobility, productivity and connectivity

    As well as sharing exclusive content, there will be opportunities to ask our expert panellists about any burning issues around mobile working beforehand or during the webinar. So, if there is anything you would like to cover, please get in touch.

    Marketing Director, Mark Elwood will host the session and he will be joined by experts:

    • Steve Haworth – TeleWare CEO
    • Nigel Simpson – Sales Manager
  • IT Org Transformation – Seven Strategies We Can Implement This Week
    IT Org Transformation – Seven Strategies We Can Implement This Week
    Joe Pucciarelli / Marc Strohlein / Cora Carmody Mar 26 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Many enterprises and their IT teams continue to struggle with the accelerating pace of change being brought about by the new digital technologies, business model innovation and increased competitive tempo. This challenge is more than “change management”; this is a broader problem – a need to accelerate organization transformation and evolve cultural norms. During this IDC web conference, our analysts will share both cultural frameworks and specific, tangible tactics for executive IT leaders, noted within our research, that have been found to power IT’s broader organizational transformation.
  • How to Prepare for Your HubSpot-CRM Integration Project
    How to Prepare for Your HubSpot-CRM Integration Project
    TIBCO Mar 26 2019 4:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    Any integration project can have gotchas, such as custom fields or duplicate records that can slow you down. Proper up-front planning can help you successfully manage the gotchas, reduce the time needed and achieve better results.

    In this presentation, integration experts from LyntonWeb discuss:

    - How to prepare for your HubSpot-Dynamics CRM integration project to get the results you want
    - How to apply this advice to other marketing automation-CRM integration projects, including Salesforce integrations
  • Gender Equality
    Gender Equality
    TBD Mar 26 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Gender Equality
  • AI-based Fraud Detection & Verification: Why Identity is the Key to Access
    AI-based Fraud Detection & Verification: Why Identity is the Key to Access
    Husayn Kassai (Onfido) & Marianna Rossell (BrightTALK) Mar 26 2019 4:00 pm UTC 28 mins
    Identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes across the globe. Financial institutions are at an even greater risk due to the sensitive data and assets that they protect. Join this session where we will discuss:

    -What are the problems with current methods of identity verification?
    -How can a hybrid human-AI approach mitigate common risks?
    -How will we be able to use our identities in future?
    -What are the benefits of biometrics, machine learning, and facial liveliness?
  • Throwing IoT in the Trash (literally)
    Throwing IoT in the Trash (literally)
    Shane Swiderek, Brett Orr, Peter Girgis, Gavin Adams Mar 26 2019 5:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    Innovative IoT solutions are solving real-world problems, with data serving communities in ways you would never expect. Who would have predicted the hidden insights and cost savings waiting to be uncovered in our trash? Well, Bigmate! This IoT solutions provider turns real-time sensor data into insights.

    Realizing the trash collection process was outdated and inefficient, Bigmate developed a system with IoT sensors providing location, temperature, and bin level monitoring to optimize trash pickup. Saving money, streamlining operations, and optimizing processes, IoT sensor data can help your business discover new ways to solve old problems.

    Join our interactive webinar panel with Bigmate and AWS to learn:

    -How city-wide IoT implementation is optimizing trash pickup
    -How to translate raw data into actionable insights for users
    -The ins and outs of Bigmate’s IoT platform

    Presented By:

    -Gavin Adams, Sr. Solutions Architect, IoT at Amazon Web Services
    -Peter Girgis, Chief Technology Officer, Bigmate
    -Brett Orr, General Manager, Bigmate
    -Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Jaspersoft
  • Off-The-Shelf Hacking Products
    Off-The-Shelf Hacking Products
    Gilad Israeli Mar 26 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cyber threat actors find a seemingly limitless supply of hacking tools and products in deep and dark web markets and forums. How far can an attacker go with a ready-made hacking tool that was bought on the dark web? Where would the attacker be from? And what are the most popular off-shelf hacking product these days?
  • Invoice Audit with AI: 15 1/2 Real World Use Cases
    Invoice Audit with AI: 15 1/2 Real World Use Cases
    David Wishinsky Mar 27 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Invoicing and payments problems can take a variety of forms: fraudulent invoices, invoices that don't represent negotiated terms, or just plain duplicates.

    As your business grows and your vendor list gets larger, how do you stay on top of the validity of each invoice?

    Join David Wishinsky, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at AppZen, as he reveals 15 critical invoice audit and contract compliance use cases that AI makes possible.

    Register to learn how AI can help you to
    - Reduce spend by proactively finding invoice errors and fraud
    - Comply with regulations
    - Stay ahead of auto-renewals and early discount opportunities
  • Smart City Solutions: Futuristic or Feasible?
    Smart City Solutions: Futuristic or Feasible?
    Ritika Sehgal Director PreSales Analytics and Ashwin Datla Senior Solution Consultant TIBCO Software Mar 28 2019 10:00 am UTC 29 mins
    How does a modern city transform into a smart city? A city that would like to function as an integrated orchestration of people, processes, services, organizations and technologies to enhance living conditions has some challenges.

    What’s needed is an agile AI and machine learning-enabled ecosystem that can provide intelligent, connected and predictive services in healthcare, utilities, and/or transportation.

    Watch this short webinar on smart cities for real-life customer examples of how TIBCO’s Connected Intelligent solutions can help:

    - Make use of data sources for informed decision-making
    - Monitor and manage change through streaming analytics
    - Realize new revenue streams and engagement models for modern urban environments
  • Digital Transformation Next Steps, from the Analyst
    Digital Transformation Next Steps, from the Analyst
    Henry Peyret, Principal Analyst, Forrester Mar 28 2019 3:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    Today’s enterprises are now required to evolve into the next phase of their digital transformation journey. This next step is driven by value transformation—and integration plays an important role. During this thought leadership session, guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst, Henry Peyret, author of The Forrester Wave™: Strategic iPaaS And Hybrid Integration Platforms, Q1 2019, discusses what this evolving landscape looks like, its key drivers, and what enterprises should consider to be successful.

    Watch this webinar to learn more about:

    - Evolving from digital transformation to values transformation
    - The integration challenges and drivers in this transformation
    - Integration trends: iPaaS, strategic iPaaS, and API-led hybrid integration
    - What the next IT evolution looks like, and why you should care
    - How to design your next enterprise organization
    - Key recommendations
  • The Unknown Hero In Financial Services: Hybrid Faxing
    The Unknown Hero In Financial Services: Hybrid Faxing
    Jim Wieser, Senior Strategic Manager, Opentext Mar 28 2019 4:00 pm UTC 18 mins
    Meeting the ever-changing requirements of regulations is an increasing and costly challenge for all organizations in the Financial Services sector. All the while, customers demand faster transaction times and highly available information from financial institutions. Today, fax remains at the core of many Financial Services information exchange processes. Paperless digital fax solutions mitigate the compliance and security risks involved in document exchange, while driving customer service.

    This webinar discusses how digital fax helps automate and integrate faxed content – and its data – with the applications that power business processes. Learn how a hybrid fax deployment, combining integrated on-premises fax software with the cloud for fast and scalable transmissions, decreases compliance risk, reduces transaction times and improves customer satisfaction – all in a single solution.
  • Real-time CDD/EDD Risk Scoring & Identity Verification
    Real-time CDD/EDD Risk Scoring & Identity Verification
    Guardian Analytics and Alloy Mar 28 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    De-Risking Customer Onboarding is a challenge, current legacy tools are inflexible leading to very long onboarding time and a lot of tedious manual processes. Guardian Analytics modern AML CDD/EDD and Alloy real-time identity verification bring leading-edge technologies to:

    - Automatically check a customer’s background against various databases and sanction lists
    - Simplify the onboarding process
    - Helps banks respond faster to any changes in regulatory laws
  • Connected Intelligence for AI and ML - Smart Energy
    Connected Intelligence for AI and ML - Smart Energy
    Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer - TIBCO Software, Inc. Hosted by: Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director - Data Science Apr 2 2019 9:00 am UTC 61 mins
    TIBCO Connected Intelligence solutions connect data, systems, processes, and people—and it delivers predictive analytics, AI, and data visualizations for all aspects of asset management, customer information, distribution, forecasting, production, and supply chain.

    Wouldn’t it be great if you had a one-stop-shop, a single platform to connect data, systems, processes, and people? What if this solution could also incorporate predictive analytics, data visualization, and analytic actions for applications such as asset management, customer engagement, risk investigation, and supply chain management?

    We’ve got you covered!

    Watch this webinar hosted by Data Science Central to learn how the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence portfolio helps you:

    Reduce costs and downtime
    Increase output, and
    Improve customer retention

    With TIBCO Connected Intelligence you can easily construct and embed visual analysis and machine learning models into business processes—and even into field equipment—for responsive batch and on-demand software action.
  • PCI DSS Compliant Payments: A Prescription to Secure Healthcare Contact Centers
    PCI DSS Compliant Payments: A Prescription to Secure Healthcare Contact Centers
    InstaMed and Semafone Apr 2 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    For any healthcare organization, the contact center is a major hub for patient communications, whether it’s processing a great deal of Protected Health Information or collecting payments for billing purposes. With healthcare organizations suffering the most data breaches of any industry, it’s never been more important to take the proper precautions to protect the contact center and prevent fraudsters from stealing this sensitive information.

    While there isn’t a cure-all solution just yet, there are a number of steps healthcare organizations can take to secure their contact center and cut down the risk of a data breach. Join Semafone and InstaMed for an insightful webinar where we’ll offer a prescription to cure the data breach epidemic and better protect healthcare contact centers. We’ll cover:

    - Common insider threats found within healthcare contact centers
    - Prevalent vulnerabilities unique to healthcare organizations
    - Innovative solutions to secure payments within your contact center

    Register now to reserve your space!
  • Guidelines for Metadata Injection
    Guidelines for Metadata Injection
    Mark Monroe, Solution Architect Apr 2 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This webinar covers some best practices for using template-driven designs and navigating and operating levels of Metadata Injection. We’ll go over examples of how to build the data-driven rule Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) transformation, making it flexible so that it can be added to, changed, or removed without adding development cycles.

    We’ll also cover some tips on building the metadata layer that Pentaho Interactive Reports uses, along with a few recommendations to consider while in the design phase.
  • How women can prepare for financial risk (and take control)
    How women can prepare for financial risk (and take control)
    Jana Hlistova, Founder, The Purse Ltd. Apr 3 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Women are exposed to more financial risk over the course of their life.

    We have a different life trajectory compared to men which exposes us to more financial shock. Women not only have more career interruptions, we work in part-time, temporary or insecure employment and live longer than our male partner.

    Despite this women are less engaged when it comes to money and tend to save less and invest less. However report after report states that women want to learn more about money and investing.

    So what is going on? And how can women take control of their financial future?

    This webinar will outline how women can start to engage around money and what we need to do to build financial resilience. The aim is for the 'money conversation' to become accessible, fun and inspiring. At the same time we want to support women in having courage, clarity and confidence when it comes to money and investing.

    The Purse is dedicated to empowering women financially so they can build the life of their dreams. We provide coaching, training, a community and tools so we can all support, learn and grow together.
  • Predictions to Action in 2019
    Predictions to Action in 2019
    Jim Marous, Jeffery Kendall Apr 3 2019 4:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    Trends to transformation; get insights from the most anticipated and influential reports in the banking industry, the 2019 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions, published by Jim Marous, owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report.

    In this :30 minute webinar with Jim Marous and Jeffery Kendall, senior vice president and general manager, Kony DBX, you will walk away with 5 smart strategies for digital transformation in 2019 and an exclusive discount code for your copy of the 2019 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions Report.

    Join the conversation online by using the hashtag #bankingtrends2019
  • Part 3 SQL & Win Server End of Support : Licensing and Commercial Options
    Part 3 SQL & Win Server End of Support : Licensing and Commercial Options
    Simon Matthews, Microsoft Licensing Consultant - SoftwareONE Apr 4 2019 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    As part of any technology migration or upgrade it is highly recommended to also consider the licensing and commercial options with the technical planning.

    SQL & Windows Server can be one of the most challenging products to upgrade or migrate due to the mission critical data that is typically being processed on the machines – and SQL’s licensing rules only adds further complexity!

    Simon Matthews, an experienced Microsoft licensing consultant from SoftwareONE, will help you navigate the key licensing and commercial considerations, including:

    •New licensing rules since SQL 2008 and overarching changes such as ‘Passive’ and ‘Licence Mobility’
    •The role and importance of Software Assurance
    •Licensing for staying on-premise
    •Licensing for cloud migrations

    After this session you will have greater clarity on how to plan your migration and upgrade strategies.
  • Panel Discussion: 3 Game-Changing Innovation Models in Financial Services Today
    Panel Discussion: 3 Game-Changing Innovation Models in Financial Services Today
    Pat Patel, Money20/20 | Drew Graham, Standard Chartered Bank | Megan Caywood, Starling Bank Apr 4 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Innovation has quickly become an overused and distorted word. At Money20/20 Europe expect to cut through the hype, explore what measurements we can use to benchmark innovation and get to the heart of sustainable and commercial step change. A key question which has moved back up the C-Level agenda of established; banks, tech companies and payments companies is:

    "How can incumbents deliver meaningful game-changing innovation?"

    There are three options available for incumbents, and at Money20/20 Europe we’ll be developing deeper into each one:

    1. Can organisations transform their cultures to execute true innovation internally within their organisations? (cultural transformation)

    2. Perhaps tech transformation is the way forward, partnering or acquisitions to do so?

    3. Or do they need to achieve business model transformation by building something entirely new outside of the organisation?

    These options are being heavily debated in boardrooms throughout Europe, with a number of high profile banks recently announcing plans to build brand new subsidiaries. Some of the traditional banks, payments and tech companies are pursuing a few or all of the options while others are sitting on the fence. Which is most effective and why? What are the dynamics at play that determine success for different types of companies? Hear from the leading companies in our industry as they share their incisive insight on the successes but also the failures and the lessons learned.

    Drew Graham, Director, Fintech Strategy & Engagement, Standard Chartered Bank
    Megan Caywood, Chief Platform Officer, Starling Bank,

    Hosted by Pat Patel, Content Director - Europe + Asia, Money20/20