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Forensic Science

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Join the BrightTALK forensic science community for access to online forensics training from respected professionals in the field. Study forensic science online to learn necessary skills for trace evidence in forensics, liquid and gas chromatography and sample preparation. You can also attend live webinars to interact with forensic scientists and have your questions answered.
  • Regardless of the colour of the next UK government that emerges as a result of the May election, the £30-£50bn NHS budget chasm is the abyss that all the parties fear in respect of its thereat to quality health service delivery and re-election.

    With political backs to the abyss, no hostages will be taken. It is not unrealistic to expect a well co-ordinated and concerted offence by politicians and patient organisations alike on industry pricing of innovative speciality and rare diseases medicines:

    With this scenario in mind pharmaphorum is once again working with IMS Health to bring you expert insight into what this means for the UK health system and more specifically market access for specialist treatments in the post-election environment.

    Angela McFarlane, Senior principal IMS Health Local Market Access and Sheela Upadhyaya, NHS Senior Manager and member of the NICE highly specialised technologies program with over 17 years of experience in the delivery of services and in commissioning of highly specialised services for rare and ultra rare conditions, combine with pharmaphorum's Paul Tunnah to deliver an accurate analysis and frontline insight as to the already complex roadmap for access is about to change again.

    This one hour event will include analysis of informed predictions which include:

    The NICE HTA criteria will get tougher post end to end review (IMMTreV)
    NICE and the NHS England will join forces to streamline access pre/post NICE
    Risk at local level will be shifted to Providers under the new marginal tariff arrangements; which could indeed see a close to the CDF as the PbR excluded drugs list becomes a thing of a glorious past
    Provider baselines will take the strain of innovation - the tough decisions will be softened by a drive to really accelerate uptake of NICE approved medicines

    How can industry prepare for these changes in what is already a tough and complex environment?
  • Improve Your Mass Spectrometry Workflows With the New NIST Software, Featuring the Wiley 10th/NIST 2014

    Hosted by Prof David Sparkman

    Release 2.2 is one of the most significant improvements in NIST’s MS Search software. Prof Sparkman will lead an online webinar providing insight into the latest improvements in the most popular mass spectrometry program on the planet, with insights into how you can improve and speed up your analyses by using the full suite of functions available in MS Search 2.2g and the power of using these with the broadest compound coverage available.
    -Compatibility and systems interface tips
    -Retention time workflow
    -LCMSn workflow
    -Accurate mass workflow
    -Search strategies
    -Compound coverage strategies