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IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • In this webinar, learn about the new capabilities in the Informatica PowerCenter 10 editions and how they will increase your development agility.

    Through the eyes and daily routine of typical developers and business analysts you will discover how this new release:
    . Enhances the collaboration between IT developers and business analysts
    . Delivers more powerful visualization for data profiling
    . Delivers a new monitoring dashboard to view service health and system usage
    . Increases your productivity with up to 50X faster data lineage rendering
    . Enhances your project reach with new connectors and real time capabilities
    . Includes new capabilities for parsing semi-structured and unstructured data

    Watch this webinar to accelerate your deliver of data integration-based value to your organization.
  • The use of third parties is unavoidable in today’s global economy. The growing use of third party suppliers and business partners, whilst bringing significant business advantages, also exposes organisations to substantial risk, such as financial loss, reputational damage, regulatory prosecution and fines from major breaches of security. In the last few years we’ve witnessed many of these risks being realised; examples have included major breaches of security and costs to recover escalating into millions of dollars, as a result of the third party supplier being comprised. Changes in regulation, the evolving threat landscape and policy changes globally further complicate matters, generating further risk and expense for business.

    Despite considerable efforts from many industries to address these issues, it remains difficult to manage. As well as the risks described, companies perceived as the ‘weakest link’ in the supply chain could end up not having third party contracts renewed. These challenges are discussed in more detail, and some suggestions put forward to help tackle the increasing burden on teams and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Although we shall witness many strides in cybersecurity in 2016, there will still be a narrow margin between these and the threats we’re foreseeing. Advancements in existing technologies—both for crimeware and for everyday use—will bring forth new attack scenarios. It’s best for the security industry as well as the public, to be forewarned to avoid future abuse or any monetary or even lethal consequences.
  • IT organizations today are under constant pressure to deliver better services more quickly and with lower cost. Traditional approaches are being rapidly replaced with enabling technologies such as virtualization, software-defined architectures, and cloud computing, introducing more complexity while the relentless growth of data pushes the limits of scalability. As IT undergoes this transformation, backup and recovery services must transform with it, and together can enable a greater transformation for your business.

    Join our upcoming webcast to:
    •Identify three ways NetBackup 7.7 reduces the complexity of enterprise data protection
    •Understand three ways NetBackup 7.7 helps you scale with growth
    •Realize three ways in which NetBackup 7.7 can make your organization more agile
    •Learn about the latest capabilities added in the 7.7.1 release.

    Find out how you can improve enterprise backup and recovery and ultimately move faster and take bigger risks trusting that your information is safe.
  • In recent days we have heard from CEO’s about the challenges they face when a breach occurs in determining what data has been lost. Was it sensitive customer data? If so, how many customers are impacted? Not knowing this information immediately causes further damage to customer confidence and significantly increases the cost of dealing with the breach itself.

    In this webinar Informatica will introduce a new generation of Data Security Intelligence capabilities which will provide insight into exactly where company and customer sensitive data resides, how it is moving through the organization and what security measures are in place to protect it. We will also look at some of the proactive measures that can be quickly put in place at the database layer to prevent even authorized staff credentials from making unusual data requests, which are often the precursor to a costly breach.

    We hope you can join us for what promises to be an informative and highly topical webinar.
  • Trinity Health is an 86-hospital system that recently completed a large merger with Catholic Health East. With demand for analytics across the enterprise growing faster than ever before, Trinity Health was in urgent need for gaining easy access to high quality, trusted data. One of the most pressing challenges for Trinity Health was to manage the inconsistent data from variety of applications as it was being moved in and out of different data warehouse systems. In order to extend their analytics platform beyond financials to include clinical, operational, and third party data, they needed to deliver connected, safe, and clean data. This meant adding data quality and master data management capabilities to their architecture. In addition to technology, Trinity Health relied on an enterprise-wide, comprehensive data governance and data investigation program to ensure the overall success of the analytics initiative.

    This webinar will cover how the Trinity Health team achieved consensus for this program, collaborated with business and technical colleagues, and advanced data governance as a best practice to support advanced analytic initiatives.

    During this webinar, you'll learn how to:

    • Implement the best health information management technology
    • Boost your agility to gain insight from healthcare data for better patient outcomes
    • Facilitate patient data centricity for reduced costs with clean, safe data
  • Join us for our webinar to learn the insights into effective McAfee Email Security migration and improving protection effectiveness.

    Email-based attacks have become more targeted—and harder to detect with conventional tools. That’s why today’s email security does so much more than filter spam and bulk email. Modern businesses need a solution that helps them stop threats, protect information, and respond to security events quickly and effectively. As Intel Security retires its email products, Proofpoint Enterprise Protection can help keep your organization secure.

    Join us for a live discussion on November 19, at 1:00 pm PT, and learn why Proofpoint is Intel Security’s exclusive McAfee Email Protection transition partner and the recognized market leader in stopping advanced threats.
  • You're invited to join us on Thursday, Nov. 19, to be among the first to see how ThreatSecure Network, which detects advanced threats and network anomalous behavior, is integrating with Splunk to make powerful big data capabilities a reality for your security team.

    The webinar will demonstrate how this integration will enable teams to:

    · Decrease the time of incident detection and reporting
    · Analyze data and make informed decisions on threat severity via a single interface
    · Demonstrate and determine the impact of malware across the network
  • It’s everywhere. From your phone to the enterprise, open source software (OSS) is running far and wide. Gartner predicts that by 2016, 99 percent of Global 2000 enterprises will use open source in mission-critical software. While it’s free, easy to find, and pushes software to the market faster, it’s vital to understand how to use OSS safely.

    Join Richard Sherrard, director of product management at Rogue Wave, for a live webinar reviewing the top five OSS trends of 2015. From OSS discovery, to risk, and governance, we’ll take a deep dive into the trends we’ve noticed this year while providing you with some predictions for 2016.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

    -Discover the OSS in your codebase to ensure that code is free of bugs, security vulnerabilities, and license conflicts

    -Implement controls on OSS usage at your organization

    -Create a multitier approach to OSS risk reduction with open source tools, static code analysis and dynamic analysis
  • Modern enterprise archiving is no longer about the long-term storage of data you’re required to keep and serves limited utility to the business. New cloud architectures are transforming what once was simply a means to protect corporate data to a more valuable information resource that helps address corporate compliance and litigation support needs.

    Join analysts from Blue Hill Research for this live event and learn how progressive organizations are gaining greater value from their archive of user data, converging data availability, archiving and governance to increasingly meet their wider corporate needs. During this webinar, the panel will review real life use cases and discuss:

    • The risks of decentralized and dispersed enterprise data
    • How unifying data availability and governance is bringing increased utility to organizations
    • Key considerations for designing a modern enterprise archive strategy

    Registrants will receive a complimentary copy of the full Blue Hill Research white paper on the subject.

    David Houlihan researches enterprise risk management, compliance and policy management, and legal technology. He is an experienced advisor in legal and technology fields with a unique understanding of complex information environments and business legal needs. As an attorney, he has held roles in the United States Attorney’s Office and more.
    For more: http://bluehillresearch.com/author/david-houlihan/

    James Haight focuses on analytics and emerging enterprise technologies, including exploring the business case development and solution assessment for data warehousing, data integration, advanced analytics and business intelligence applications.
    For more: http://bluehillresearch.com/author/james-haight/
  • We know that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is not a winning network security strategy. Yet how would you know what happens on the Internet when your employees are off the corporate network? If you’re thinking VPN? Think again. Why would employees VPN when they’re working in Office 365 or Google Docs?

    We need visibility everywhere. It is the foundation for security. We also need consistent enforcement of our policies and protections. But we’ve lost both these days, now that employees work anywhere, anytime.

    Learn how:
    OpenDNS Umbrella restores visibility and enforcement easier than any other solution.
    Unlike VPN’ing, we do not add latency, hog memory, or burden the end-user.
    Unlike endpoint protections, we block threats before the first victim is hit.
  • The holiday season is approaching and for cyber criminals, this period is typically a feeding frenzy to hunt and exploit vulnerable businesses and employees. The statistics are staggering:

    – 64% of organizations report an increase in cyber-crime on cyber Monday*
    – 30 million malicious tweets are sent daily*
    – Phishing links skyrocket by around 336% during Thanksgiving**
    – Organizations get hit with losses of about $500k per hour when compromised***

    The overall cost to an organization, including damages to reputation and brand, can be as high as $3.4M per hour. And yet, only 70% of companies take extra precautions in anticipation of these higher risks.*** How confident are you that your employees will not be used as a Trojan horse to compromise more sensitive company information?

    Join Patrick Foxhoven, VP & CTO of Emerging Technologies, Zscaler, Inc., for a compelling webcast that will address:

    – 5 key ways cyber criminals will target your employees and infiltrate your organization
    – Key insights into holiday activity from Zscaler’s Security-as-Service platform
    – Tell-tale signs that you have been compromised
    – Guidelines and best practices to stay safe this holiday period

    *Inc. - How Hackers Will Attack on Cyber Monday
    **Huffington Post Tech - Five Ways You'll Be Hacked on Cyber Monday
    ***Computer Business Review - Cyber Monday attacks could cost organizations up to $3.4m per hour
  • In this webinar, learn about the new capabilities in Informatica Data Quality 10 and understand how they will improve data steward productivity while also enhancing the enterprise-wide scalability and agility of your data quality programs.

    Through the eyes and daily routine of typical data stewards, you will discover how this new release:
    . Enhances the collective agility and collaboration between IT and business stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of their data assets
    . Helps data stewards visualize and share the health of data assets with exec sponsors and other stakeholders
    . Accelerates business rule and business term definition and deployment
    . Improves ability to quickly respond and resolve data issues

    From the perspective of data architects, developers and other IT practitioners responsible for facilitating enterprise-wide data quality programs, you will learn how this new release:
    . Helps keep up with increasing volume, diversity and rates-of-change in their data assets
    . Enables applying data quality best practices to next-generation data platforms such as Hadoop and NoSQL
    . Facilitates implementing enterprise-wide best practices via reuse, scaling and monitoring of data quality rules and workflows

    Watch this webinar to learn how to accelerate and scale your data quality implementations enable your data stewards’ success.
  • To help enterprises integrate data, accelerate mobile development and create secure, revenue-generating, digital ecosystems - CA is introducing three new products in the API Management family at CA World 2015.

    Join this webcast to be one of the first to receive an inside look into the next evolution of API management and mobile development tools which which directly help API Owners, Developers, Enterprise Architects, and Chief Digital Officers succeed in their roles.

    Watch this webcast to discover:

    - What new CA API Management products are being announced at CA World 2015
    - What challenges they solve in mobile & IoT development
    - How they expand the role of API Management in the API lifecycle
    - How they fit into an enterprise architecture
  • Addressing information security threats isn’t always easy, especially with different technologies providing different solutions. How can you prove a solutions value to your business even before taking it on?

    Join experts from Boldon James and Forrester Research Inc. as they discuss the business case for Data Classification and how to measure the value it can offer to your business.

    The latest data classification solutions can help protect data, reinforce good behaviour and transform security culture. It can even optimise and enhance existing technologies such as DLP. Using this best practice approach can help you protect your most sensitive data, ensure you stay compliant and help identify risky user behaviour.

    Register now and find out more in this live, interactive webinar.

    Topics discussed include:

    - Knowing your data is a critical business imperative
    - Demonstrate the value of data classification
    - User-Driven Data Classification: what is it and what are the benefits to the business?
    - Optimising DLP through metadata – the foundation for effective DLP
    - Negligent Insiders: identifying risky user behaviour before a data breach occurs
  • Watch this webinar and learn how to transform Big Data into insights. We’ll focus our discussion on how to:

    •Avoid common Big Data project pitfalls
    •Discover hidden insights within Big Data to detect patterns and root causes
    •Improve outcomes by enriching information for decision makers
    •Operationalize big data to make it an integral part of everyday workflows
    •Enable a more agile and analytics-driven business culture


    Parag Pathak – Director of Product Marketing – Lavastorm
    Roger Yeh – Senior Sales Engineer - Lavastorm
  • Le rapport FireEye sur les menaces persistantes avancées (APT) se base sur nos observations pour établir le bilan des APT ciblant les réseaux informatiques en zone EMEA au cours du premier semestre 2015.

    Ce webinaire vous invite à revenir en détails sur les conclusions de ce rapport, avant de faire le point sur les risques potentiels pour les entreprises de la région.

    Animés par les mobiles les plus divers, les attaquants redoublent d’ingéniosité pour faire main basse sur des données personnelles et secrets commerciaux, prendre un avantage concurrentiel ou perturber les capacités opérationnelles de leurs cibles.

    Ce webinaire s’appuiera notamment sur les données recueillies par la plate-forme FireEye de cyberveille dynamique (DTI) pour aborder différents sujets :

    - Pays les plus touchés
    - Secteurs d’activités les plus ciblés
    - Tendances actuelles des APT
    - Relation entre outils APT et secteurs d’activités
    - Recommandations et mesures de protection pour votre entreprise
  • Although we shall witness many strides in cybersecurity in 2016, there will still be a narrow margin between these and the threats we’re foreseeing. Advancements in existing technologies—both for crimeware and for everyday use—will bring forth new attack scenarios. It’s best for the security industry as well as the public, to be forewarned to avoid future abuse or any monetary or even lethal consequences.
  • While many Cloud Service Providers are scrambling to respond to the latest decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), at Syncplicity it is business as usual for customers that wish to store data locally, in their region of choice.

    Join this special webinar to learn how Syncplicity’s hybrid cloud architecture and robust security policies enable us to meet European Data Protection standards. You will also be the first to learn about upcoming product enhancements that further our European Data Protection controls.
  • There are plenty of good ideas for improving the testing process, but many teams struggle to put these ideas into practice. How can a QA team make the most of testing practices that span multiple teams and development phases, utilize different technologies, address different objectives and include automated and manual workflows?

    Listen in to learn how Synopsys can help your team take practical steps to improve testing by:
    -Enabling developers to improve code quality and security, early
    -Prioritizing testing runs based on business risk and the impact of product changes
    -Addressing important testing gaps while avoiding redundant testing
  • Preventing credential theft in today’s threat landscape requires far more than strong authentication and malware detection. The majority of breaches now start with credential phish, and there is a reason why most advanced threats start with phishing – because it works!

    Catching credential phish is still not easy. Email remains the easiest way to reach almost all people, and tools like social media and mobile applications are broadening the attack surface – enabling phishing attacks to be even more complex and targeted. It is more vital than ever for organization to elevate their ability to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

    Proofpoint has unparalleled visibility into the advanced threats, including credential phish and polymorphic attacks, that are aimed at leading global organizations today. Only Proofpoint provides a product suite and advanced threat platform that is aimed at protecting the way people work today.

    Join Jennifer Cheng, Director, Product Marketing, Proofpoint for this webinar to learn:
    • The anatomy of credential phish
    • The top phishing lures seen in today’s threat landscape
    • The modern techniques that Proofpoint uses to catch credential phish and empower organizations
    to protect people from handing over the keys to your corporate data

    An Information Week Dark Reading webinar with UBM sponsored by Proofpoint
  • Mobile devices are ubiquitous in today's society. The number and types of devices used by physicians, nurses, clinicians, specialists, administrators, and staff – as well as patients and visitors – are growing at healthcare organizations across the country. Providing anywhere/anytime network access is essential, particularly when instant communication is required to ensure quality patient care. But the mobile devices are launched daily with upgraded versions of operating systems that are ripe for infection.

    FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention identifies and stops mobile threats. Rather than relying on signatures, which are powerless against today’s constantly changing threats, FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention executes applications within the FireEye MVX engine to protect mobile devices against compromise.

    During this webcast, we will discuss the benefits of a mobile security strategy and identify how FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP):

    - Offers real-time visibility of threats on mobile devices
    - Displays play-by-play analysis of suspicious applications
    - Provides an index of pre-analyzed applications
    - Generates threat assessments for custom applications.

    Join our webcast today to hear about the latest developments in mobile threats for healthcare.