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Highlights from fact-based market research on IT Security topics

What separates "Best-in-Class" (top 20%) organizations from their "Industry Average" (middle 50%) and "Laggard" (bottom 30%) counterparts when it comes to various topics in IT Security? Aberdeen's unique, fact-based approach to market research provides a framework for end-user organizations to benchmark their own strategies, capabilities and use of enabling technologies against companies with top performance. Areas of coverage in Aberdeen's IT Security practice include topics in Identities and Access, Data Protection, IT Infrastructure Security (including Endpoints, Delivery Platforms, Applications and Databases, Networks, and Storage), Physical Infrastructure Security, Policies, and Security GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance). Complimentary access is provided to the full benchmark research reports, for a limited time after initial publication.

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Implementing a Business-Driven Security Strategy Dave Anderson (Voltage Security), Derek Brink (Aberdeen Group) **At the end of the session we're giving away a $2,950 guest pass to the Cyber Security & Digital Forensics Exchange (http://www.cyber-securityexchange.com). The pass is for the entire 3 day event, and includes meals and two night hotel accommodation. The winner will be chosen at random. To be entered into the draw you must attend this live webcast.**

Today’s corporate leaders face multiple challenges, including the need to innovate in extremely competitive business climates, address highly dynamic regulatory and compliance challenges, and secure the enterprise against a wide barrage of new and evolving sophisticated threats. Security is a major consideration in the way that business and information technology systems are designed, built, operated, and managed. Organizations often take a bottoms-up approach to security and continually build on top of their existing security investments. This technology-centric approach often creates an excessively complex and disjointed security infrastructure that is difficult to manage and prone to operational inefficiencies which can escalate IT costs.

The need to be able to integrate security with business functions and operations exists more than ever. A Business-Driven approach can achieve end-to-end security that supports business goals such as driving innovation and reducing organizational costs, as well as operational requirements to address compliance measures, protect against internal and external threats, and prioritize the security risk management activities that make the most sense for their organization. In this webcast presentation we will address how to implement a solid Business-Driven security strategy within your organization.
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Oct 17 2013
66 mins
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