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FireEye Next-Generation Threat Protection

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  • Mobile devices are ubiquitous in today's society. The number and types of devices used by physicians, nurses, clinicians, specialists, administrators, and staff – as well as patients and visitors – are growing at healthcare organizations across the country. Providing anywhere/anytime network access is essential, particularly when instant communication is required to ensure quality patient care. But the mobile devices are launched daily with upgraded versions of operating systems that are ripe for infection.

    FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention identifies and stops mobile threats. Rather than relying on signatures, which are powerless against today’s constantly changing threats, FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention executes applications within the FireEye MVX engine to protect mobile devices against compromise.

    During this webcast, we will discuss the benefits of a mobile security strategy and identify how FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP):

    - Offers real-time visibility of threats on mobile devices
    - Displays play-by-play analysis of suspicious applications
    - Provides an index of pre-analyzed applications
    - Generates threat assessments for custom applications.

    Join our webcast today to hear about the latest developments in mobile threats for healthcare.
  • Email is an essential tool of today’s business. In 2012, firms sent and received an estimated 89 billion emails every day. Email has also become a vector for cyber crime; phishing emails—with and without correct spelling—account for a significant portion of today’s attacks.

    What happens when a targeted victim falls for a phish email and the attacker gains access to a network? Alec Randazzo and DJ Palombo from the Mandiant incident response team will examine an attacker’s step-by-step process, using real world examples. Recommendations will be provided on how to limit an attacker’s success within a network.

    Join us for this webinar to gain critical insights from our experts in the field.
  • Triage and remediation of attacks utilizing zero-day vulnerabilities requires technology, intelligence, and expertise that is often beyond the capabilities of most security teams today. With Clandestine Wolf, the name our security team gave to a recent zero-day campaign exploiting an Adobe Flash vulnerability, our analysts were able to validate the alert and begin response within minutes after first observing the attack.
    In this webinar Ben Withnell, a FireEye as a Service (FAAS) incident analyst, will discuss how the Clandestine Wolf campaign was discovered, triaged, and remediated across the FireEye as a Service customer base. Throughout the webinar he will also share his insights into how our analysts handle APT threats, the attacker lifecycle, and remediation tactics.

    Register today for this exclusive insight!
  • Do you want to stop the complaints from upper management about malicious emails slipping through your current antivirus and antispam gateways? Has your IT team had enough of dealing with scourges such as CyptoWall? Are you tired of hearing that the “next big thing” from various IT security vendors will solve these problems only to see the products fail when put to the test? If you have any or all of these problems, this webinar is for you.

    According to Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, 77% of infections originate from emails containing malicious attachments or URLs–emails that should be stopped at the perimeter. FireEye can make that happen.

    Join us on August 13 for a demonstration of how our proven Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) technology can help protect your organization from known and unknown threats. The webinar will also cover the threat landscape and provide information on:

    •How FireEye’s MVX behavior analysis technology works
    •What differentiates FireEye’s MVX technology from the traditional signature-based antivirus approach
    •How FireEye can protect your email in the cloud and in your data center

    As always, we’ll leave plenty of time for Q&A. Register today.

    The FireEye Team
  • Traditional endpoint solutions were designed to deal with static, known threats. They accumulate large threat databases and signatures and when matches are found the threat is blocked. This approach simply does not work against today’s advanced and unknown attacks. And while organizations must protect every single endpoint, both traditional and mobile, an attacker only needs to compromise one to cause damage. Register now for this webinar where you will:
    • Learn why protecting the multitude of endpoints is an on-going challenge
    • Find out the importance behind detection and containment on all types of endpoints from PC to mobile
    • Hear how FireEye offerings can help proactively protect against unknown threats on the endpoint
  • How can your company ensure all threat vectors are protected? In this webinar you will:

    - Find out what it takes to secure your organization from today’s evasive advanced cyber threats
    - Discover how to detect blended attacks that point products miss
    - Learn how to safeguard your intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and customer records from multi-vector, targeted attacks
    - Understand how to respond to incidents faster by reducing the number of false positives your security team has to sift through
    - Get introduced to the FireEye products that can help achieve enterprise network security
  • In this webinar, we will discuss the healthcare industry threat landscape. In the past year alone, attacks against the healthcare industry have skyrocketed and the threat landscape has shifted.

    Join us as we discuss the following:

    •The current threat landscape
    •Observation on the security posture of the healthcare industry
    •Attacker tactics targeted at the healthcare industry
    •A case study of a healthcare breach
    •The threat horizon for the healthcare industry
    •Lessons learned from the latest healthcare breaches

    Register today!
  • Most of us rely on mobile apps for everything from banking to buying and messaging to mapping our route. Mobile devices are the go-to source to do work, watch videos, play games and—oh yes—even speak with another person.

    But every time we download or use a new app to simplify our lives, we run the risk of a hacker accessing our data. A recent FireEye Special Report, Out of Pocket: A Comprehensive Mobile Threat Assessment of 7 Million iOS and Android Apps – is a revealing look at today’s top mobile app threats on two of the most widely used platforms. The report outlines the real risks associated with mobile apps and their implications to privacy, corporate data and security.

    Join our industry experts for this interactive session to learn:
    -Key Android and iOS threats based on the analysis of 7 million
    mobile apps
    -Trends in mobile app behaviors
    -The impact of targeted malware and vulnerabilities
    -Takeaways security leaders can implement to make devices more
    secure in the workplace

    Be prepared for the next wave of mobile cyberattacks. Register today to gain insight from FireEye’s latest report and our mobile subject matter experts!

    The FireEye Team
  • Join FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering (FLARE) team members Matt Graeber and Dimiter Andonov for another exciting deep dive on new malware case studies found during Mandiant investigations. FLARE is dedicated to malware analysis and the development of tools to assist reverse engineering. The two malware they’ll dissect as part of this interactive discussion include:

    1.Steganogram Shellcode Backdoor - The malware is a downloader and launcher that uses steganography to extract shellcode, commands, and data from PNG images. Which results in advanced modular backdoor capable of collecting wide range information related to the compromised system and executing even more shellcode!
    2.Hybrid 32/64-bit Malware - The malware mixes 32-bit and 64-bit code to inject into the explorer.exe process depending upon the target architecture. We’ll show how this broke our malware tools and our solution.

    Register today!
  • Your adversaries are people: creative, nimble and persistent. They can bypass conventional security deployments almost at will, breaching systems in a wide swatch of industries and geographies.

    Technology alone will not defeat a determined attacker. You need a strategic defense partner that combines the most advanced technology platform with the leading cyber security expertise and the latest global threat intelligence from around the world. FireEye as a Service (FaaS) does exactly this, and allows you to detect, prevent, analyze, and respond to security incidents in minutes rather than months.

    Join FireEye, VP, CTO - Americas Josh Goldfarb, as he explores:

    - The current state of cybersecurity and the new threat landscape
    - The failure of traditional defense models in the face of a new adversary
    - The value of an Adaptive Defense strategy and working with a trusted partner
    - Real-world case studies

    As always, we will save plenty of time for Q&A. Be sure to register now to take part in this critical webinar.

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