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The CA Technologies IT Security solutions help CSOs and security professionals move the business forward by facilitating growth, innovation and collaboration, and driving IT operational excellence, all while managing risk and compliance. CA Technologies will show you how businesses can gain the control they need over physical, virtual, and cloud IT environments—so they can protect the business and the information on which it relies.

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Enabling and Securing Multi-Channel Customer Interactions Today's organizations are moving more interactions online through web, mobile and API-enabled web services to empower their customers and increase revenue. Managing the high volume of customer identities and enabling secure interactions across a set of web, mobile and hybrid apps, from a variety of different devices can be challenging.
On April 24th at 1pm ET, please join David Gormley, Director, Security Solutions for CA Technologies, to learn how you can securely accelerate the delivery of new applications and services, while improving the customer experience across multiple channels of interaction.
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Apr 24 2014 5:00 pm
60 mins

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  • Dynamic forces such as cloud, mobile and social media are forcing IT leaders to change their approach to security. This raises an important question: how should you manage identity and access effectively while juggling business objectives of speed, cost effectiveness and positive customer experience?

    With identity as the new perimeter, single sign-on can be the foundation of both managing risk and reaping the benefits of these new business strategies.

    Please join Ken Ang, Security Solution Strategist for CA Technologies, to learn more about management of user identities throughout their lifecycle and access rights across multiple platforms, with a single, scalable and reliable solutions.
  • Providing convenient user access to systems and applications, while managing risk and governing access, remains the key challenge that IT and Security need to overcome to support critical business functions. As the number of users multiplies and devices, systems and platforms grow increasingly diverse, sophisticated identity management capabilities such as automated provisioning and end-user self-service functions are required to support business growth in the emerging open enterprise.

    Please join us for this webcast, when Merritt Maxim, Director, and Bob Burgess, Advisor, Security Solutions from CA Technologies will discuss how identity management and governance solutions from CA Technologies can facilitate the common identity-related tasks such as provisioning, entitlements certification and access requests to enable secure business growth and a simplified user experience.
  • The multi-channel organization is here and you can thank the Application Programming Interface (API). While the Web has served as the primary form of user engagement, the mobile channel has expanded how organizations reach consumers and employees, with the API acting as the fundamental connectivity point. As your organization rolls out multi-channel environments, can you avoid siloed management and security, or are there practical steps you can take to achieve unified access?

    Please join Cheng Jang Thye, Principal Business Tech Architect for CA Technologies, to discuss how unified access can be achieved by leveraging your existing web application management investment when deploying API security and management solutions. You will learn the opportunities APIs can provide to your business, the required components of an API solution, how CA Layer 7 API solutions integrate with CA SiteMinder web access solutions, and get an overview of the recently available policy integration with the release of CA Layer 7 API Gateway 8.0.
  • When requesting access to systems or applications, business users need to know the potential risks of such actions to enable compliance with internal business policies and government regulations. The cost for non-compliance can be high. As a result, organizations are seeking solutions that combine automated Segregation of Duties (SoD) risk analysis with robust capabilities for user provisioning and user management, to manage user access and prevent out-of-policy activities.

    Please join Bob Burgess, Solution Strategy Advisor at CA Technologies, and James Rice, Director of Customer Solutions at Greenlight Technologies, to learn how you can obtain better visibility into your SAP/GRC environments and manage the risk of over-privileged users and SoD violations.
  • Session Hijacking is a serious security threat where the cookie used to authenticate a user to a remote server is stolen and then used by an attacker to assume the victim’s identity and take over their session. Since the user session appears to be valid, it is difficult to detect once the hijacking has occurred, so pre-emptive steps need to be taken upfront.

    Please join Chris Wraight, Director, Security Solutions and Aaron Berman, Security Solutions Advisor at CA Technologies to learn why this security gap exists and explore solutions to assist in preventing such attacks.
  • Opening up the enterprise to enable new, revenue generating ways of engaging employees, partners, and customers, while still protecting the business, intellectual property and customer privacy continues to present new opportunities and challenges for security professionals.

    As 2014 starts out, it’s time to review which important trends have emerged or shifted in the last year, what we learnt from them and also predict what we expect will happen in the world of identity and cyber-security in the next 12 months.

    Our takeaways and predictions are based on gathering thoughts and ideas from many customers, practitioners and industry experts, and synthesizing it down to a key set of insights that provide a clear and practical guide for your enterprise security strategy and roadmap.

    Please join Reuben Koh, Director, Security Strategy for CA Technologies, for a thought provoking, actionable discussion on where we’ve come and where we are heading.
  • Quite often what makes an organization unique can be found in the volumes of data it has stored and hidden from the outside world. But while access is prevented and data is protected, new revenue streams are prohibited. Please join us to learn how securely externalizing your core Big Data assets through a Secure API Data Lens can result in new business models and revenue streams never attainable until now.
  • When it comes to managing privileged identities, it’s ok to be a “control freak” in order to prevent harmful results such as data loss and destruction, malicious damage, fines, and lawsuits. Auditors are also requiring that their clients proactively demonstrate the ability to control privileged users and report on their activities. Managing passwords for privileged accounts is a starting point, but there is more you can do to help secure your IT environment.

    In this webcast, join Russell Miller, Director, Security Solutions and Steven McCullar, Advisor, Solution Strategy, Security Solutions for CA Technologies, to learn how you can help ensure that your environments are protected by implementing least privilege access and fine-grained access controls.
  • Webinar 2 builds upon the information presented in the Webinar 1: SaaS Versus On-Premise…What Are My Options? In Webinar 2, we take a deeper dive into the decision making process that leads to the right model for your enterprise systems or utility services.

    Some of the issues that need analysis when making a cloud/no-cloud decision include analysis of the costs, understanding the use cases, looking at security and governance, and the value of time-to-market and agility. The idea is to weigh the positives and the negatives, understand the core metrics, and then make a decision based upon the best available information.

    We’ll explore how to understand the deployment realities when considering an on-premises versus SaaS solution. We’ll suggest a decision model and step-by-step process to define the core metrics for the decision, and provide some helpful experiences from the trenches from those who have made these critical calls in the last several years.

    Topics covered include:

    •Step 1: Comparing Costs
    •Step 2: Understanding Use Cases
    •Step 3: Considering Security and Governance
    •Step 4: Considering Time-to-Market and Agility
    •Step 5: Pulling the Trigger
    •Step 6: Considering Operations
  • APIs are quickly becoming the hacker’s new favorite attack vector. Why wouldn’t they? They offer a direct path to critical information and business services that can be easily stolen or disrupted. But there’s a new wrinkle. As demonstrated during the widely publicized Snapchat data breach, a private API can be exploited just as easily as a public API. So what measures can you take to strengthen your security position?

    In this webcast, Francois Lascelles, Chief Architect, CA Technologies Layer 7, will discuss recent high profile API data breaches, the top 5 API security vulnerabilities that are most impactful to today’s enterprise, and the protective measures that need to be taken to mitigate API and business exposure.

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