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  • Navigating a Perfect Storm of Payments Disruption hosted by PYMNTS.com Navigating a Perfect Storm of Payments Disruption hosted by PYMNTS.com Carol Alexander, Sr Dir Product Marketing PaySec, CA; Hannah Preston, Solution Strategist PaySec, CA; Karen Webster, CEO MPD Recorded: Jul 4 2016 55 mins
    Brace yourself, there's a storm coming. Soon you will see more and more global regulatory changes that could impact your payment security strategy. In fact, you may not even be aware that some changes are already underway.
    Find out how to leverage innovative, already-available payment technologies during this evolution in the payment industry.
    Join our distinguished panelists as they discuss regulatory disruption. Learn the steps you should be taking - right now - to help implement best practices in your fraud prevention strategies:
    •Are you future-proofing your e-Commerce operations?
    •Is your data at the center of your security strategy?
    •Are you tracking the predictions for next 18 months?
  • You've Got Basic Identity Governance Working. Now What? You've Got Basic Identity Governance Working. Now What? John Hawley, CA Technologies Recorded: Jun 28 2016 54 mins
    Your identity and governance practices are well established, but they might not be as comprehensive as they need to be. Going beyond the basics is critical to greatly reduce security risk and improve efficiencies.

    Join CA Technologies security expert, John Hawley, to examine how to broaden the scope of governance to include privileged users, contractors, and business partners, as well as controlling access to physical assets. You’ll also learn the important role of identity performance analytics in a governance deployment.

    Register Now.
  • Breaking the Data Breach Kill Chain Breaking the Data Breach Kill Chain Dale R. Gardner, CA Technologies PAM Recorded: Jun 21 2016 60 mins
    Cybercrime costs the global economy $445 Billion a year, more than the worldwide illicit drug trade, and even the GDP of many countries. And, targeted breaches are increasingly a tool of nation-states seeking intellectual property, dossiers on influential individuals, and devastating disruptions of business operations.

    But for all their variety, each of these attacks share a common thread — a kill chain that exploits privileged users and their credentials to gain access to sensitive systems. Privileged access management is the most direct means of disrupting the kill chain and stopping attackers before they ever get started.

    Join CA Technologies Dale Gardner and ISACA in an informative discussion on how to break the kill chain.

    You will learn:
    • How risks from system breaches — and the potential for long-lasting damages — are increasing
    • How attackers exploit privileged users and their credentials in an ongoing string of data breaches and security incidents
    • How to master the processes and tools needed to easily disrupt the kill chain, stopping attackers in their tracks and preventing breaches.
  • Enable eCommerce with Security? You Bet! Enable eCommerce with Security? You Bet! Rob Marti - CA Security and Jeremy Britton - Deloitte, Managing Director of Cyber Risk Services Recorded: Jun 15 2016 43 mins
    Digital is everywhere—big data, cloud, mobile, social, the Internet of Things – and its changing the way we all work and play. Today, retailers are facing three major challenges: digital transformation initiatives, abandoned online shopping carts, and online identity fraud and data breaches. The common thread for success is to ensure that security becomes synonymous with a frictionless user experience.

    Join security experts from CA Technologies and Deloitte in a discussion on how leading retailers are addressing these challenges and how a comprehensive Omnichannel Access solution can enable you to engage your customers in a secure and frictionless fashion across multiple devices and channels.
  • 3D Secure: It’s All About the Data - Hosted by CardNotPresent.com 3D Secure: It’s All About the Data - Hosted by CardNotPresent.com Jonathan D. Hancock, TSYS; James Jenkins, CA; Paul Dulany, CA; Steve Casco, CardNotPresent Recorded: May 31 2016 56 mins
    3D Secure is “primed for ignition” … especially in the U.S., where the migration to EMV chip cards has resulted in an upward trend of card-not-present (CNP) fraud. In fact, it is estimated that in the U.S. alone, CNP fraud will reach approximately $7 billion by the year 2020.

    What many card issuers may not know is that 3D Secure is an ideal solution to combat this specific type of fraud. What’s more, card issuers can leverage the enhanced data set available with 3D Secure to support a broader fraud strategy across CNP, brick and mortar, and even omni-channel segments.

    Want to learn more? Join us to explore:

    • How 3D Secure has evolved since its introduction and common misconceptions about this protocol
    • Where to properly utilize various types of data available within 3D Secure and how it can enhance an overall fraud strategy
    • What industry experts say about the impact of 3D Secure data and existing partnerships to support U.S. issuers

    •Jonathan D. Hancock, Fraud & Risk Management Solutions Director, TSYS
    •James Jenkins, NA Sales Director, CA Technologies
    •Paul Dulany, Data Science VP, CA Technologies
    •Steve Casco, Founder, CardNotPresent.com
  • Closing Network Backdoors: Best Practices to Control Third-Party Risks Closing Network Backdoors: Best Practices to Control Third-Party Risks Dale Gardner, Director, CA Technologies Recorded: May 25 2016 60 mins
    In up to two-thirds of security breaches, stolen or compromised user credentials belonging to a privileged user with wide-ranging access to sensitive systems, served as the initial attack vector. In this way, attackers can steal sensitive data and wreak havoc. While you must provide access to third parties, you must also manage such high-impact security risks. Join us to learn the top five best practices for regaining control of third-party access, and the processes and technology necessary to stop unauthorized access and damaging breaches.

    In this webcast, you’ll learn:

    - The identity, access, and security governance processes needed to protect your network
    - How to ensure positive user identification to prevent credential theft and misuse
    - Techniques to limit access to only those resources required to satisfy work or business requirements
    - Preventing the unauthorized commands — and inadvertent mistakes — threatening your network
    - Establishing monitoring procedures that flag violations and speed forensic investigations
  • Protecting the Software Defined Data Center Protecting the Software Defined Data Center Dale R. Gardner, CA Technologies PAM, and Jeremiah Cornelius, Senior Security Architect, VMware Recorded: Apr 14 2016 62 mins
    Virtualized network systems are inherently more secure than physical networks, since what is deployed can be known with absolute certainty – and therefore can be precisely identified and secured. And because the network is defined in software, connections can be securely defined only as a consequence of policy – rather than trying to add policy to physical network links after they’ve been deployed. Security is built in, rather than bolted on after the fact.

    Network virtualization platforms for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) bring the operational model of a virtual machine to your data center network, transforming the economics of network and security operations. This allows you treat your physical network as a pool of transport capacity, with network and security services attached to VMs with a policy-driven approach. Adding specialized protections to monitor and control the activities of privileged users, and to protect and secure the credentials they use are critical to achieving comprehensive security.

    Join us for this informative webcast to learn the key components required for protecting the Software-Defined Data Center.
  • The Rise of the User – Key Identity Mgmt Capabilities to Transform your Business The Rise of the User – Key Identity Mgmt Capabilities to Transform your Business Derek Brink, VP and IT Research Fellow at Aberdeen Group & Sumner Blount, Director, Security Solutions at CA Technologies Recorded: Mar 24 2016 57 mins
    The world of security has changed. Security must now be extended to a larger, and more diverse user population. These extended users (partners and consumers in addition to employees) demand a simple, frictionless, and business-oriented user experience, but without sacrificing the confidence that their private information is secure. Aberdeen has shown that organizations that can meet the needs of this increasingly diverse user population can gain significant benefits – up to 60% gain in user productivity and an 80% increase in user satisfaction!

    Join Aberdeen Group and CA Technologies for an informative webcast to learn how these results were achieved and how you can leverage these principles in your own environment. We will also explore a major bank’s experience and how they are leveraging identity management and governance capabilities to help transform their business - securely!
  • CA Part 6 - Identities in 2016 – More of the Same, or a New Identity Landscape? CA Part 6 - Identities in 2016 – More of the Same, or a New Identity Landscape? John Hawley, VP, Security Strategy, CA Technologies; Brandon Dunlap, Brightfly Recorded: Feb 4 2016 60 mins
    The Identity Management market continues to be heavily influenced by several important trends – cloud, mobile, the rise of the user, and increased app velocity, among others. These trends have dramatically shaped the identity landscape, and changed the security strategy and tactics that many companies have adopted. How will these trends continue to impact the identity landscape, and what should organizations do to prepare for it? Join CA Technologies and (ISC)2 on February 4, 2016 at 1:00PM Eastern as we look at the next phase of identity management, and how these and other emerging trends will continue to shape the role of Security. We will also offer best practice guidelines for dealing with these continuing changes.
  • Are You Getting the Most Out of Your IAM System? Four Ways to Find Out Are You Getting the Most Out of Your IAM System? Four Ways to Find Out Derek Brink, VP and IT Research Fellow at Aberdeen Group & Sumner Blount, Director, Security Solutions at CA Technologies Recorded: Jan 27 2016 57 mins
    Identity and access management (IAM) initiatives with a focus on users can enable your business, while still supporting their traditional role in the important areas of security, compliance, and reliability.

    In the research report "IAM for Everyone: How A Broader Strategic Focus on Users Pays Off," Aberdeen Group’s Derek Brink describes four high-level attributes that can help you quickly assess whether your organization’s IAM initiatives are on a path to achieve similar results:

    - IAM is viewed not only as the technical means for control, compliance, and cost efficiencies, but also as an essential strategic business enabler
    - Both rewarded risks (eg. enablement) and unrewarded risks (eg, protection) are among the top drivers of your IAM investment
    - There is a strong focus on a convenient, streamlined, and personalized user experience
    - The performance of your IAM investments are being measured and are helping to produce the desired business value

    Join CA Technologies and Aberdeen Group for this highly informative on-demand webinar on IAM as a strategic enabler.

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