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IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

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Increasing expectations for good governance, effective risk management and complex demands for corporate compliance are presenting a growing challenge for organizations of all sizes. Join industry thought leaders as they provide you with practical advice on how to implement successful risk and compliance management strategies across your organization. Browse risk management resources in the form of interactive webinars and videos and ask questions of expert GRC professionals.
    • Network Security

    • Upcoming Apr 8 2015
    • DDoS attacks and stolen credentials are still a huge problem. If hackers can take down the NASDAQ, how can ordinary organizations stay safe?
    • 18 webinars
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    • Advanced Threat Protection

    • Live Mar 4 2015
    • How have advanced threats evolved in over the last year and what if any trends are we seeing? This summit will address how industry experts are dealing with advanced threats.
    • 46 webinars
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    • Security Analytics and Threat Analysis

    • Recorded: Feb 5 2015
    • Join this summit to learn how to optimise your security infrastructure to make data more useful and easy to understand, as well as how to address security threats using data analytics.
    • 38 webinars
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    • Risk-Based Security

    • Recorded: Jan 7 2015
    • Understanding and effectively managing risk and threat intelligence is key to making the right security investments and defending your organization’s network, data and people. A risk based security mindset allows security teams to move from reactive to proactive security against evolving threats which can seriously undermine an organization's bottom line. This summit will focus on how to leverage risk-based security tactics and cutting-edge technology to effectively secure your network in an age or rapidly evolving threats.
    • 32 webinars
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    • Emerging Threats and Hacker Prevention

    • Recorded: Dec 2 2014
    • 2014 has been the year of the breach. Over the last 12 months, hundreds of thousands have been left vulnerable after having their sensitive data stolen. Snapchat, iCloud and JP Morgan were all hacked within a matter of weeks this fall, and the world’s media has latched onto the surrounding fear, placing hacking at the forefront of the security conscious. This summit will assess the threatscape through the eyes of the experts. Industry thought leaders will share best practices on detection and recovery, along with actionable insights you can use to make your organization safer today.
    • 40 webinars
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    • Cloud and Mobile Security

    • Recorded: Nov 4 2014
    • The business benefits of moving to the cloud and adopting a mobile-friendly work environment are easy to see, however these growth trends are posing a serious challenge from a security perspective. While the efficiency of adopting cloud solutions can excel growth, dealing with internal and third party security concerns can be a headache. Increased mobility and a greater number of devices are adding innumerable endpoints and opportunities for threats to penetrate into your network and your data. So how are today's security teams coping with these challenges? Join some of the industry’s most prominent experts and thought leaders as they share the latest trends and best practices for sustaining an impenetrable security posture while allowing your employees the flexibility needed for continued growth.
    • 36 webinars
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    • Risk-Based Security

    • Recorded: Oct 8 2014
    • With security attacks becoming more sophisticated seemingly by the day, the threat landscape is changing constantly. Recent high-profile data breaches have caused CIO’s and CISO’s all over the world to re-think their security strategies and adopt a more risk-based approach. In this summit, industry thought leaders will share best practices for adopting a risk-based security strategy, identify today’s most prevalent risks and security controls you can implement to ensure business continuity and stay one step ahead of today's threats.
    • 42 webinars
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    • Advanced Threat Protection and Risk Management

    • Recorded: Aug 22 2014
    • According to the 2014 ISACA Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness Study, 1 in 5 organizations have become victims of attacks from advanced threats. With staggering statistics like that, it's obvious that even the largest organizations with the most well funded security teams could be potential targets. So what can your organization do to mitigate the risks associated with ever-evolving advanced threats? In this summit, industry experts will discuss how advanced threats have evolved and how organizations can maximize tools currently available on the market to best protect their organizations from threats that just won't quit. Join this summit to learn what you can do to maximize your organizations threat detection and recovery abilities as well as how you can help mitigate the risks of attack against your organization.
    • 56 webinars
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    • Next Generation Network Security

    • Recorded: Aug 5 2014
    • 2014 came like a slap in the face to network security best practices. It seems like everyone who should have known better became a victim of a network attack. So what are security professionals across the industry doing to stay ahead? This summit will take an in-depth look at best practices in network security. Industry experts will discuss the security practices and technology that are keeping our networks secure and how we can eliminate the ones that leave our networks alarmingly vulnerable.
    • 43 webinars
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    • Advanced Threat & Malware Detection

    • Recorded: Jun 25 2014
    • Attackers can be amazingly resourceful and persistent, changing tactics often to bypass IT security countermeasures. They have a clear advantage: they choose when to attack, how to attack, and are capable of surprising any prevention technology deployed. As a result, constant monitoring is required to detect and remediate malware. Tune in for this webinar series from AlienVault to learn about some of the latest threats, and how to detect them anywhere in your network.
    • 4 webinars
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