EMEA: Are you struggling to manage your encryption keys?

Mike Smart, EMEA Solutions Director, SafeNet
Implementing encryption is fundamental for solving compliance mandates and to manage risks and ensure the protection of data. However, security teams struggle with the administrative efforts of managing encryption deployment, with multiple disparate encryption systems and the associated key lifecycle operations.

Join your fellow security professionals to find out how you can:
• Reduce the risks of data loss through increased visibility and control of cryptographic keys across multiple vendor systems
• Centralize key administration to create, maintain, protect, and control the use of cryptographic keys through their lifecycle
Nov 9 2011
54 mins
EMEA: Are you struggling to manage your encryption keys?
Data Protection
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  • How Encryption Key Management Enables Data Center Transformation May 15 2014 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In the past, companies had limited options for encrypting data, and the products that managed the encryption keys were complex, single-purpose, and expensive. Today, a virtualized data center requires a more nimble approach: new encryption solutions have been developed to encrypt data, and more powerful solutions for managing all of the necessary keys are required.

    Blair Semple, CISSP-ISSEP, Director of Business Development at SafeNet, will discuss the role of key management in the enterprise storage ecosystem, best practices, and the recommended characteristics of solutions.

    With this session, you can prepare for a key management system that meets your needs for security, scale, flexibility, and operational efficiency—both today and well into the future.
  • Whose Cloud Is It Anyway? Exploring Data Security, Ownership and Control May 14 2014 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Forget the geeky analysis of cloud security; risk is driven by people involved and the approach to adoption. This discussion will tackle the complex issues around data ownership and control in the hands of customers, providers, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and a pantheon of adversaries.

    If data is destiny, then too many people are in charge of your fate.

    We discuss how to get it back.
  • Multiple authentication solutions, but are they all equal? May 8 2014 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    How to map the Ideal Authentication Solution to your IT Environment

    Today’s IT environments have become the sum of multiples: Multiple applications to protect; multiple identities to manage and multiple endpoints to secure. Doing the math about how you secure access to numerous applications, the time you spend on provisioning tokens and the overhead invested in managing users may lead you to re-calculate how you would ideally like to run your authentication environment.

    Join your fellow professionals to understand how you can map the Next Generation Authentication solution to your IT environment, equating the key factors that determine your authentication needs with the ideal authentication solution.

    Then we will discuss:

    •Current market trends around collaboration, cloud and security
    •Vulnerabilities associated with unsecured file sharing tools
    •The role of strong authentication in securing collaboration and file sharing tools
    •Authentication Case study
  • Secure payment vulnerabilities with Point-to-Point encryption Apr 24 2014 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Everyday consumers assume that when making a purchase, online or in-store, their card data is handed off to a trusted source, with security in place to protect them. However protecting these transactions and the retail payment ecosystem has become increasingly complex, with recent data breaches of large retailers testament to the vulnerabilities.

    In addition, compliance with PCI DSS fails to address some of these vulnerabilities resulting in potential exploitation with disastrous consequences. To address these security gaps the scope of security needs extending from the merchant, acquirer, switch and bank or card issuers to include the manufacturers of payment terminals at the point of sale and developers of payment application software.

    Join your fellow professionals to understand how by using Point-to-Point Encryption, card data is encrypted from the earliest possible moment of its capture, and ensures that data remains in an encrypted state consistently until it arrives at the payment gateway.

    Then understand why many merchants are considering P2PE not only to secure vulnerabilities, but also because it can effectively remove some of the merchant’s own security infrastructures from the scope of compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS. Lastly understand why encryption is only as secure as the encryption keys as when cryptography is used to protect valued data, the risk is transferred from the data to the keys.
  • Secure NAS file sharing – limit the risks and secure the critical data Recorded: Apr 2 2014 45 mins
    The savings with NAS file sharing are compelling – but not without risk. Deployed in virtually every large enterprise, NAS file sharing technologies are now ubiquitous—but there are still many untapped opportunities for organizations to expand their NAS file sharing deployments. Often, it is security and regulatory compliance concerns that have inhibited more widespread usage of NAS file sharing technologies.

    Learn how solutions from SafeNet enable enterprises to secure their NAS file sharing infrastructure that house the most business-critical and sensitive data assets, while at the same time maximizing compliance, availability, usability and security

    Join your fellow professionals for this technically focused webinar with the Product Line Manager for SafeNet Storage Secure.

    REGISTER TODAY to join this informative webinar
  • A Keychain for the Cloud: Best Practices for Private and Hybrid Cloud Encryption Recorded: Mar 13 2014 48 mins
    As organizations move to virtualize their environments they must rethink how the secure their data. Encryption will play a key role in protection of data as perimeter defences become less relevant and traditional security mechanisms struggle to keep threats at bay.

    Join your fellow professionals for a best practice session, to first learn the detail on how encryption is expanding as organizations or all shapes and sizes, and from a wide range of industries, migrate to virtual environments. Then discuss several key management best practices to complete "the keychain" for organizations considering a move to the cloud. Finally we look at specific use cases to demonstrate the use of these best practices for encryption and key management in the enterprise.
  • How to Say “YES” to Dropbox for Sensitive Data in the Enterprise Recorded: Dec 5 2013 46 mins
    How to Say “YES” to Dropbox for Sensitive Data in the Enterprise (And feel good about it)

    Dropbox isn’t coming to your enterprise someday. It’s here, now. BYOD(ropbox) has happened, as employees try to make it easy to collaborate and access documents on the go. While this transition may have happened without your IT organization’s involvement or buy in, IT teams still have a critical role to play when it comes to protected sensitive corporate documents. You may have even implemented other file sharing or storage applications internally-but are your employees using them?

    The reality is that enterprises can begin to say YES to Dropbox usage for sensitive documents, while eliminating the associated security risks. This webinar will show you how, and provide recommendations on what to look for in order to help you embrace Dropbox within your organization to secure the workloads that you need protected.
  • Utilizing Strong Authentication for Secure File Collaboration in the Enterprise Recorded: Nov 20 2013 57 mins
    Managers tasked with leading IT and security today find themselves having to navigate fundamental changes in their professional environment.

    In the process they are being overtaken by business units, groups and even individual employees who are taking an off-road approach by procuring IT services on their own, whether by subscribing to a SaaS offering, buying their own computing equipment, downloading a productivity application, or renting cloud storage. From here, the slippery road toward unauthorized file sharing and leakage of sensitive corporate data is short.

    Join your fellow professionals for a best practices session on “Utilizing Strong Authentication to Encourage Collaboration in the Enterprise”. In this webinar executives from SafeNet and WatchDox will discuss how strong authentication combines with file sharing to facilitate and enable secure collaboration in the enterprise.

    In this webinar we will discuss :

    •Current market trends around collaboration, cloud and security
    •Vulnerabilities associated with unsecured file sharing tools
    •The role of strong authentication in securing collaboration and file sharing tools
    •Case study discussion
  • Risks and Strategies: Managing Enterprise File Data Securely Recorded: Nov 14 2013 49 mins
    Every enterprise has secret, compliance-related, or otherwise confidential data contained in the data center.

    The management and control of these files especially in a distributed and mobile world is fraught with hidden dangers and risks. Encryption alone cannot solve all of these problems.

    So join Chris Winter and fellow data center professionals for this insightful discussion on the issues involved, and discover the preventative actions and technologies needed to manage your enterprise file data securely.
  • Authentication Made Easy. Automating Authentication. Recorded: Nov 1 2013 3 mins
    Automating authentication management services with SafeNet Authentication Service. Learn how to reduce your management costs by up to 60% and free up IT admin time.
  • Virtualization and Changing the Approach to Data Encryption Recorded: Oct 10 2013 25 mins
    The advantages of virtualization are well publicised, as are the many security concerns.
    At the end of the day, the security of these solutions will determine the willingness of organizations to move sensitive workloads to the cloud.
    One thing is clear; encryption will play an important role in bridging the gap between the security of traditional systems, and the advantages of the cloud. For that to happen new encryption technologies need to be introduced and legacy encryption technologies need to evolve.

    Join your fellow professionals on this insightful session to learn more.
  • Your Cloud or Mine? Exploring Data Security in the Cloud Recorded: Oct 9 2013 49 mins
    This discussion will tackle the complex issues around data ownership and control in the hands of cloud users at the consuming organization, cloud administrators at the cloud provider, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and a pantheon of adversaries.

    When sensitive information exists outside of the traditional internal IT environment, it has the potential to deprecate the ability to properly protect and monitor it for indicators of compromise. Whether it’s the virtualization layer in a private cloud or the APIs and management layer of a public cloud, there is an entire new class of privileged infrastructure and privileged users—creating additional opportunity for failure. Adversaries clearly see cloud as an area of opportunity—all the eggs in one basket! Rather than optimally addressing these issues, most organizations try to (unsuccessfully) map legacy controls from traditional data centers into the cloud.

    This session will cover the real issues and ideas in how we assess and manage security in these environments. If losing control and ownership of your data in the cloud is slowing down your cloud consumption, we discuss how to retain control in these new environments.
  • Layer 2 Network Encryption – where safety is not an optical illusion. Recorded: Sep 25 2013 55 mins
    Corporate and government espionage is real and set to intensify, with high profile fibre tapping cases, such as UK’s GCHQ extensive fibre tapping becoming public news. These all contribute to the real need to protect data in motion from cyber-threats. By protecting the data itself with encryption you render it useless to a 3rd party, but can it keep up with your network?

    Data network growth, increasingly sensitive data and bandwidth demands are creating a shift to the more efficient encryption of sensitive traffic at Layer 2 where secure encryption is up to 50% more efficient than competing technologies such as IPsec. Encryption of data at L2 moves at speeds of up to 10 Gbps with little or no impact on network performance.

    Join your fellow professionals to see a demonstration of how these CAPS, FIPS and Common Criteria certified solutions can be used on a Layer 2 network to protect data in motion for government and military organizations, as well as financial and other commercial enterprises.

    With proven reliability, high throughput, and low latency, network encryption security devices ensure safety is not an optical illusion.

    REGISTER TODAY to join this informative webinar.
  • Navigating Your Way to The Cloud and Steering Clear of The Security & Compliance Recorded: Sep 19 2013 59 mins
    Organizations have benefited from the tremendous cost savings possible with virtualized and cloud infrastructures, but they often run into issues when considering the security and compliance implications of further virtualization or migration to cloud environments. One critical issue is the storage of sensitive and regulated data – What is the best tool to protect this data, what approaches exist and what are the pros and cons of each?

    Join Rich Mogull from Securosis who will detail:
    •How data storage differs in virtualized, private and public cloud infrastructures
    •Existing approaches to volume and object encryption
    •What you need to know about encryption key management
    •How a lawful seizure at your service provider can impact your data

    SafeNet and NetApp will cover:
    •Customer case studies of successful cloud storage encryption
    •Key criteria to consider for storage encryption
    •Solutions available today

    Learn how to separate security from virtualized and cloud infrastructures without sacrificing the advantages of cloud computing. Make encryption an enabler for the move to lower cost, more scalable models of data storage.
  • Performance AND Security at the Speed of Your Business Recorded: Aug 22 2013 56 mins
    Performance AND Security at the Speed of Your Business – Since the advent of modern networks there has always been an uneasy tug of war of either having a high performance network or a high security network, but you could not have both. It was a tug of war between the security and the network folks for getting “their way”. With today’s high speed networks and the convergence of mission critical video, voice and data having to make that choice of choosing one or the other is simply not an option.

    On this webcast, we will profile the environments and also present new models and deployment options where you can have both security AND performance that scales to the speed of your business.
  • ABC's of Securing Your AWS Cloud Recorded: Jul 24 2013 33 mins
    The savings of using public cloud is compelling – but not without risk.

    Learn how SafeNet ProtectV encrypts your virtual instances and virtual storage to secure your infrastructure from common hacker attacks, rogue admins and unauthorized copies of proliferating data snapshots.Own your data and control your keys, even in the multi-tenant Amazon Web Services cloud environment.

    Join your fellow professionals for this technically-focused webinar with the Product Line Manager for SafeNet ProtectV.
  • Next Gen Authentication: Walk the security tightrope without losing your balance Recorded: Jul 11 2013 45 mins
    Achieving the Convenience /Security Balance with Next Generation Authentication:

    A recent SafeNet IT security survey shows a clear trend toward the broader adoption of two-factor authentication and its implementation across a wider range of use cases. This trend reflects acknowledgement among IT professionals that secure access to enterprise and cloud resources is a number one priority. The challenge for IT is balancing security necessities with the need to keep costs down, and making sure that users are not overburdened with inconvenient security routines.

    Join your fellow professionals for an IT best practices session on Next Generation Authentication in which we will discuss how you can walk this security tightrope without losing the balance between security and the user experience

    Then we will discuss how the latest innovations in two factor authentication can help you successfully traverse the convenience / security balancing act and still come out ahead on cost, without having to compromise between security or convenience.
  • Securing payments with Point-to-Point Encryption Recorded: Jul 10 2013 46 mins
    Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) is a standard from the Payments Industry Council aimed at reducing the burden of compliance with PCI-DSS regulations.

    Join your fellow professionals for a discussion on P2PE, the P2PE domains, the steps involved in gaining P2PE compliance and the applicability of P2PE to merchants today, and then understand how HSM’s form part of the solution of the PCI mandates.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance in a virtual infrastructure with SafeNet ProtectV Recorded: Jun 26 2013 31 mins
    The savings with virtualization and cloud are compelling – but not without risk. Deployed in virtually every large enterprise, virtualization technologies are now ubiquitous—but there are still a number of untapped opportunities that organizations can exploit by expanding their virtualization deployments. Often, it is security and regulatory compliance concerns that have inhibited more widespread usage of virtualization technologies.

    Learn how solutions from VMware and SafeNet enable enterprises to virtualize the infrastructure that houses the most business-critical and sensitive applications and assets, while at the same time maximizing compliance, availability and security.

    Join your fellow professionals for this technically focused webinar with the Product Line Manager for SafeNet ProtectV.
  • Cyber Security Management in a Highly Innovative World Recorded: Jun 13 2013 49 mins
    Cyber attacks are reaching pandemic levels. State-sponsored groups and organized crime are successfully stealing valuable intellectual property—including critical infrastructure and operational readiness information, businesses’ and consumers’ financial data—often without anyone realizing the attack has occurred. But preparedness cannot be delegated solely to the IT department. The involvement of the entire enterprise, armed with an understanding of the highly dynamic landscape, is vital for warding off potential threats.

    Join your fellow professionals to discuss these trends, and, more importantly, some new perspectives on how to address them:


    Impacts on risk from evolving adversaries
    Risks driven by changes in the changing technology landscape
    (including cloud, virtualization, consumerization and mobile)
    The ever empowered privileged user


    Adversary centric security models
    Applying security without infrastructure control
    Designing for the secure breach
Protecting Data, Identities, Transactions & Communications
SafeNet is the only company trusted to protect the world’s most sensitive commercial and government assets. We do this through solutions that persistently protect throughout the information lifecycle and evolve to support changing business and market requirements without disruption.
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