Mobile Security: From a Management Perspective

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Steven Ackx, Director, Ascure (a subsidiary of PwC Advisory Services)
Welcome to a growing market! By 2013 there will be a penetration grade of mobile devices of 112,46%, this means that every person will have 1.13 mobile devices. This indicates that there is a bigger and faster growing market ahead of us than the Internet (e-business, e-banking, e-payments, etc). Mobile penetration will be higher than desktop penetration by 2013. Mobile business is getting more and more important by the day.
Today mobile suppliers, developers and implementers are mainly looking at functionality and features. Their mobile challenges are: network connectivity, battery life, bring your own device (byod), commingling personal and business data, ownership & revocation and costs. But where is the security challenge? Everything has to go fast, anywhere, anytime and anyhow, but are we still aware of the insecurities, risks and threats?

Steven Ackx is a director of PwC Technology with extensive experience in Operational Risk Management, IT Security, Information Security and Mobile/Payments. He has been involved in projects on a strategic, tactical and operational level.
Today he is leading the PwC Technology offering on Mobile Security and is involved in Mobile Business/Payments.
He started his career in the Media/Movie-theatre sector, where he worked on the introduction of new technologies, like e-payments, e-ticketing and e-business. After this he joined Ubizen where he continued his career starting as a security pre-sales consultant/engineer. Two years later he was promoted to technical product manager of two high-volume security products, which were developed in-house by Ubizen, the EasyPayment and MultiSecure products (DMZShield and TrustedChannel). After being a technical product manager at Ubizen for more than two years, he worked for Ascure as an Information Security Consultant, Operations Director and Director Ascure Academy.
Jul 11 2012
48 mins
Mobile Security: From a Management Perspective
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  • SIEM Detection & Response Cases Recorded: Jun 30 2015 32 mins
    Tom Clare, Director, Arctic Wolf
    Before tackling a SIEM project to improve detection and response, learn from these case studies as their scenario likely matches yours. To firebreak your network brings together technologies, processes and people in the right balance across four phases. More than a security point solution or another box, you need to turn craft into a discipline to improve detection and response.

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    In this webinar hosted by Advisen, Tracie Grella, Global Head of Professional Liability at the world's largest insurer, AIG, Neeraj Sahni, Vice President, FINEX North America—Cyber and Technology Risks at Willis, and Ira Scharf, General Manager of Cyber Insurance at BitSight Technologies, to learn how underwriters, brokers and technology firms are working together to bring risk mitigation services to their clients

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    - How the insurance market is bringing value related to cyber risks
    - How risk mitigation services lower expected costs and help insurers do a better job of underwriting
    - Why risk mitigation services and cyber insurance create a safer cyber ecosystem
  • DDoS Attacks: More Dangerous to You; Never Easier to Launch Recorded: Jun 30 2015 56 mins
    Christina Richmond, Program Director, IDC and Joe Loveless, Product Marketing, Neustar
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    · Where attacks can have impact across your organization
    · How you can take steps to thwart DDoS threats
  • Modern Data Center High Performance Firewall: The Benefit of Hardware Innovation Recorded: Jun 30 2015 51 mins
    Jose Grandmougin, Fortinet Director of System Engineering
    Enterprise data centers are evolving to deliver higher performance and agility, driven by rapid adoption of mobility/BYOD, big data, cloud and SaaS. At the same time, data center security needs to guard against ever more sophisticated attacks, while keeping up with rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements.

    In this session Jose Grandmougin, Fortinet Director of System Engineering, will focus on the absolute need for high performance, hardware based firewalls in today’s data center and why yesterday’s data center firewalls cannot meet today’s challenges.
  • Panel: Information Security Policy Management for the IOT Recorded: Jun 26 2015 51 mins
    Expert Panel
    Our expert panel will discuss upcoming trends and best practices in infosec policy management for the IOT. The panel will include:

    Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO, Interos Solutions
    Robert Brese, Executive Partner, Gartner
    Ryan Gillis, VP of Cybersecurity and Global Policy, Palo Alto Networks
    Gary Hayslip, CISO, City of San Diego, Co-Chair, CyberTECH
    Paul Rosenzweig, Principal, Red Branch Consulting
  • Next Generation Firewalls Will Change How You Protect Your Organization Recorded: Jun 25 2015 41 mins
    John Kindervag, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester
    Join Forrester Vice President, Principal Analyst, John Kindervag and Fortinet to learn about how next generation firewalls (NGFW) are changing the way organizations protect themselves. Get a look at the latest research on how IT professionals are using NGFWs to combat today’s threat environment and the requirements for an effective NGFW.
  • Extend enterprise application-level security to your AWS environment Recorded: Jun 25 2015 55 mins
    Chris Grove, Director of Solution Architecture, Imperva; Matt Yanchyshyn, Sr, Mgr of Solutions Architecture, AWS
    It’s not if, it’s when you will expand your enterprise footprint into Amazon Web Services (AWS). When organizations shift to a public cloud environment, security and compliance must remain top of mind. While AWS provides robust infrastructure-level protections, today’s attackers target the applications themselves.

    This webinar will:
    · Discuss inherent AWS security capabilities

    · Review attack types that target the applications and why traditional security approaches can’t stop them

    · Illustrate how Imperva SecureSphere for AWS stops these attacks and enables you to use the security infrastructure on-prem and in the cloud
  • “Triple-A” Security Approach to Network Security - Empowering Your Business Recorded: Jun 25 2015 37 mins
    Florian Malecki, International Director of Product Marketing
    Triple-A ratings are normally associated with chief financial officers keeping a tab on John Moody’s bond credit rating. But, in the technology world, how can a chief information officer or IT decision maker rate the efficiency of an IT security implementation?

    A comprehensive security approach should encompass three factors. It should be adaptive to threats, business requirements and the ever-evolving use of the internet within the corporate network, have adapted to meet the specific requirements of an organization and have been adopted fully by end users.

    These factors can be summarized as a “Triple-A” security approach. If you achieve this, you can strengthen your overall security posture.

    Attend our webcast to see how your organization can have the best security possible, and use IT security to drive innovation – instead of blocking it.
  • Today's Mobile Threat Landscape Recorded: Jun 25 2015 33 mins
    Tyler Moffitt and Cameron Palan, Senior Threat Research Analysts at Webroot
    With the mobile platform now outpacing desktop users it's important to be informed on what type of threats utilize the smartphone as a vector of attack. This presentation will look at the mobile threat landscape at a glance with statistics over the past couple years as well as its growth to what it is today. We'll also take a few specific threats and take an in-depth look to show the differences compared to PC that have been developed to take advantage of the Android.
  • Everything you need to know about Windows 2003 End of Support Recorded: Jun 25 2015 54 mins
    Sebastian Goodwin, Director of Product Marketing, Palo Alto Networks
    Microsoft has announced Windows Server 2003 End of Support (EOS) on July 14, 2015. Many businesses will be forced by circumstances to leave these systems in service for some time. Retiring a major enterprise component has always been a challenge for IT departments. In addition to various logistical issues, an out-of-support component is vulnerable to attack and may leave the business vulnerable to significant security and compliance risks.

    Learn how you can use Advanced Endpoint Protection as a compensating control, so that businesses can keep Windows Server 2003 systems compliant and secure, even after EOS.
  • How Splunk + Digital Guardian Protect Data from Advanced Threats Recorded: Jun 25 2015 41 mins
    Tony Themelis, VP Product Strategy, Digital Guardian
    Attacks may be inevitable, but with Digital Guardian loss of sensitive data is not.

    This webinar will explore several customer use cases and show how Security Analysts and Incident Responders can harness the power of Splunk® Enterprise search across Digital Guardian event data to:

    - Detect threats
    - Prioritize threats
    - Respond to threats

    Examples include insider attacks and APTs, and will show how Digital Guardian data can provide valuable context for correlation with threat data from other security solutions in Splunk.
  • Cyber Security: The Millennium's Hot Career Recorded: Jun 24 2015 55 mins
    Christopher Simpson, National University
    Join ESET and National University as we explore options for education and career advancement in the field of cybersecurity. Christopher Simpson, the Director for the National University Center for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program will look at the evolving technology job field and what specific cybersecurity related skill sets employers will want to look for.
  • Protect Privileged Accounts with SIEM Recorded: Jun 24 2015 38 mins
    Troy Lehman, Technical Strategist, SolarWinds
    Both insider and external threats will attempt to exploit highly privileged administrative accounts to perform unauthorized tasks that could lead to data theft or sabotage. In this session we will demonstrate how a SIEM can enable organizations to adopt best practices for managing privileged user activity such as:

    Least Privilege
    Separation of Duties
    Audit Privileged Sessions
    Forbid All Access Accounts
    Real Time Response to Suspicious Privilege Escalation
  • An Inside Look at a Sophisticated, Multi-vector DDoS Attack Recorded: Jun 24 2015 45 mins
    Orion Cassetto, Director Product Marketing, Imperva Incapsula
    This webinar will explore the current DDoS attack landscape, it will cover the basics of DDoS attacks, current trends including the most recent trends from the newly published 2015 Imperva Incapsula DDoS Report. We will also discuss a detailed analysis of one of today’s modern, multi-vector DDoS attacks. While dissecting this DDoS attack, the talk will explore the anatomy and timeline of the attack, as well as the steps used to mitigate each phase of the assault.This session will close with a review of the aspects of effective DDoS protection solutions used to combat these sophisticated denial of service attacks.
  • Understanding - and Stopping - Data Breaches Recorded: Jun 24 2015 62 mins
    Ben Butler, John Suit
    Over a billion records were leaked last year in online cyberattacks. While the specifics of each breach vary, in-depth analysis of successful attacks reveals a common thread – the compromise of privileged users and the thousands of accounts and credentials they rely on to manage increasingly complex hybrid enterprises. In this webcast, we’ll examine several of the highest profile breaches of the last few years, reveal the steps attackers took to gain access – and how cybersecurity teams can leverage privileged identity management to defend their environment and stop breaches.

    Join us to learn:

    -Who are privileged users?
    -How attackers exploit and compromise privileged users to gain access to sensitive systems and data
    -How to prevent attacks from succeeding through privileged identity management

    Our Panelists:

    - Ben Butler, Vice President of Business Development and Solutions Architecture, Rean Cloud
    - John Suit, Chief Technology Officer, Xceedium
  • Move up to 802.11ac wireless. Just remember to keep it secure Recorded: Jun 23 2015 62 mins
    Scott Grebe, Product Marketing Manager, Wireless Security
    High-speed 802.11ac wireless has arrived, with up to 3X the speed of older standards. And while high-speed WiFi is vital to the productivity and success of today’s organizations, you need make sure it is secure against emerging threats.

    Attend this webcast to learn:
    • The benefits of the 802.11ac wireless standard
    • Why your wireless network security needs to be as strong as your wired network
    • What you need to consider when choosing a wireless security solution
  • A Payment Breach Prevention Plan Recorded: Jun 23 2015 59 mins
    Dr Branden Williams; Stuart Hince, HP Security Voltage; Chris Merritt, Lumension; Merritt Maxim, Forrester
    The total number of fraudulent payment card transactions has grown every year since 2006, and experts are calling 2014 "the year of the breach." The Ponemon Institute found that each breach cost the average retailer $8.6 million in related expenses, and the price tag connected with a data breach increased across the board, reaching $20.8 million for financial service firms, $14.5 million for technology companies and $12.7 for communications providers.

    With attacks continually on the rise, it's more important than ever that merchants protect themselves from the potentially huge financial losses and damages to their brand and customer loyalty associated with a data breach. Join this educational session to gain insights and some key steps to prevent payment card breaches across your organization.
  • Five Things Every CISO Should Know About Metadata Recorded: Jun 23 2015 31 mins
    Joon Choi, Vice President Product Management and Marketing and Rob W. Lundy, Director of Marketing
    Organizations today face a security awareness shortfall despite being awash in more data than ever before. The question, as always, is how to get actionable information without adding even more noise.

    In this presentation we look at the most efficient and reliable source of information available to network analysts - network metadata.  We will provide an overview of metadata, discuss its pros and cons versus full packet capture and log data, and finally provide examples of how network metadata can provide security insights relevant to APT. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the technical and financial tradeoffs related to this information source and will
    be better equipped to make business decisions going forward.
  • Hunting Today: Using existing technology to hunt cyber threats Recorded: Jun 23 2015 28 mins
    Jeff McGee, HP Solutions Innovation Data Scientist
    The idea of a "hunt team" is becoming quite popular. Everyone building a hunt team wants the best and fastest data stores, visualization engines, and pre-canned data science algorithms to magically (and very quickly) find needles in haystacks. But let’s be honest, we can’t afford to get exactly what we want. And if we could afford it, what we exactly want doesn’t even exist for us to buy at this time. In this talk, we'll look at how you can use visualizations and basic statistics with your existing tools to catch more bad guys.
  • Know Your Adversaries: Think like the bad guys Recorded: Jun 18 2015 49 mins
    Matt Johansen, Director of Security Services & Research and Robert Hansen, VP of WhiteHat Labs, Advanced Technology Group
    As our adversaries continue to gain speed and surpass the technologies
    that protect our assets, we must change our mindset to think like the
    bad guys.

    In this webinar, Robert Hansen and Matt Johansen will cover:
    - Ways to counteract new rapid-paced hacking techniques
    - How adversaries are gaining pace with new tools and tactics
    - Why the old mantra of quarterly scanning to detect and patch may not work in the future
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  • Presented by: Steven Ackx, Director, Ascure (a subsidiary of PwC Advisory Services)
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