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Web 2.0 and Beyond - Technology challenges, risks and rewards

Peter Wood
A webinar to answer these questions: Where is your security perimeter when many endpoints are mobile handheld devices? How do you enable good governance whilst taking advantage of the cloud? What are the legal, confidentiality and availability issues in the cloud and in Web 2.0? What happens when your interaction with customers is immediate and intimate through Web 2.0?
Dec 15 2010
61 mins
Web 2.0 and Beyond - Technology challenges, risks and rewards
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IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

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  • L’ambiente dei tuoi clienti è sempre più complesso, Backup Exec 15 permette loro di esguire backup e recovery in modo semplice ed efficace, sempre e ovunque.
    Segui questo webinar e scopri come Backup Exec 15 può semplificare e rispondere alle esigenze delle diverse infrastrutture.
  • If your organization is reliant on a rapidly aging version of SQL Server, you need to join SQL Server experts Michael McCracken from HOSTING and Rodney Landrum, a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, from Ntirety for this in-depth discussion of the hows, whys and whats of upgrading from Microsoft SQL Server 200X to SQL Server 2014. The interactive webinar will cover:
    •The benefits of upgrading
    •Considerations to understand
    •How to smooth the transition
    •Q & A
  • Ingesting raw data into Hadoop is easy, but extracting business value leveraging exploration tools is not. Hadoop is a file system without a data model, data quality, or data governance, making it difficult to find, understand and govern data.

    In this webinar, Tony Baer, Principal Analyst of Ovum Research, will address the gaps and offer best practices in the end-to-end process of discovering, wrangling, and governing data in a data lake. Tony Baer will be followed by Oliver Claude who will explain how Waterline Data Inventory automates the discovery of technical, business, and compliance metadata, and provides a solution to find, understand, and govern data.

    Attend this webinar if you are:
    --A big data architect who wants to inventory all data assets at the field level automatically while providing secure self-service to business users
    --A data engineer or data scientist who wants to accelerate data prep by finding and understanding the best suited and most trusted data
    --A Chief Data Officer or data steward who wants to be able to audit data lineage, protect sensitive data, and identify compliance issues
  • Targeted malware, zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced persistent threats are increasingly responsible for data breaches. Why? Because they work. Most security products have a hard time protecting from advanced malware. This problem is compounded because attackers can easily mass produce new malware variants. What’s an IT person to do?

    Join us to learn key techniques to stop modern malware the first time. We will discuss:
    •What tactics work
    •Where to apply them
    •How to optimize cost, staffing and security.
  • Software defined architectures are all the buzz, helping to start conversations about transforming customer data centers from cost centers into competitive advantages. But in today’s economy, no business can afford to stand still. And a business is only as agile as its IT organization allows. An agile data center and IT department can:

    •Protect the infrastructure and easily recover if faults are found or predicted
    •Control access to data while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
    •Deliver services quickly, resiliently, and cost-effectively

    Join us on at 10am GMT on 16th April 2015 and learn how Symantec’s view of the “Agile Data Center” covers delivering the right resources in the right way to the users. Whilst bringing a broader view on how you can introduce critical solutions and new revenues around disruptive customer events.
  • For years ClearCase was the standard for enterprise SCM. If you had a large number of developers and lots of projects ClearCase was a great choice, while ClearCase MultiSite provided basic support for distributed teams. Now industry trends are converging toward a new generation of development tools and processes. Today, continuous delivery brings agile development and DevOps together, promising much shorter development cycles and higher quality.

    Learn how moving from ClearCase to Subversion can improve your development processes and significantly reduce deployment cost and complexity. You'll also learn practical ClearCase to Subversion migration techniques.

    Topics Covered:
    • Differences and similarities between Subversion and ClearCase
    • How to merge in Subversion
    • Continuous delivery using Subversion: bringing agile and DevOps together for faster delivery and higher quality
    • ClearCase vs. Subversion in a distributed development environment
    • Migrating from ClearCase to Subversion
  • Recently cyber attacks against Industrial Control Systems (ICS) used by
    utilities and other Critical Infrastructure organizations have hit the
    newlines worldwide. Stuxnet is the best known cyber attack against an
    industrial installation, but it's not the only one.

    But what if cyber attacks were not the biggest threat to industrial
    networks and systems? Although malware is still a major point of
    interest, the sword of Damocles for critical industrial networks is
    represented by system misuse performed by disgruntled employees,
    contractors and vendors, as well as unintentional mistakes,
    network and system misconfiguration; all this could lead to the
    divergence or failure of critical processes.

    In this talk we will reshape the concept of ICS cyber security and will present our vision for a comprehensive approach to cyber security for ICS.
  • Adhering to international maritime sanctions requirements can be challenging in today’s regulatory landscape. Join Dow Jones Risk & Compliance and experts from HFW and Pole Star for a discussion on best practice in shipping compliance. Learn about regulatory developments -- including the latest UN Security Council communiques on "Sanctions compliance for the maritime transportation sector" -- and leverage case studies on the use of enhanced sanctions data and monitoring tools to mitigate sanctions risk.
  • As superfast connectivity becomes widely available, it will increase both data volume and velocity as well as new business opportunities. However, this dramatic leap forward will also result in new and potentially destructive activity online, which can affect an organisation’s defences both internally and within their supply chain. It has never been more important for businesses to assess and understand their critical infrastructure in an increasingly connected environment.

    During this webinar Steve Durbin, Managing Director of ISF Ltd, will discuss how businesses can update their resilience along with examining the role in securing the network boundary that investments in technology and third party provider programmes can play. This will necessarily include an assessment of cloud-based systems and the use of robust risk assessment methodologies.
  • An overview of how businesses can gain visibility into B2B transactions to speed decision-making, respond to changing customer and market demands, and optimize business processes.
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  • Panel: Leveraging Security Analytics in the Fight Against Cyber-Threats Recorded: Feb 17 2015 60 mins
    Peter Wood (moderator); Prof. John Walker, James Brown (Alert Logic), Bernd Jaeger (Cloud Security Alliance)
    Join this exciting panel session with some of the industry's leading thought leaders including:

    Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies
    Prof. John Walker, Researcher, Feature Writer for SC Magazine UK & International Speaker
    James Brown, Director of Cloud Computing and Solution Architecture at Alert Logic
    Bernd Jaeger, Co-Chair to the Telecom Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance

    The panelists will discuss topics ranging from predictive security, real-time threat intelligence, combining structured and unstructured data sources and more.
  • Risk-Based Security Testing Recorded: Jan 20 2015 47 mins
    Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies
    Risk-based security is a popular concept, but what about applying it to penetration testing, reporting and remediation? Pete Wood and his team have been working on this concept. Blending threat and risk analysis with traditional penetration testing to produce techniques, results and guidance tailored to an individual organisation’s risk profile and attack surface. Learn more with case studies and real-world results.

    Peter is a world-renowned security evangelist, speaking at conferences and seminars on ethical hacking and social engineering. He has appeared in documentaries for BBC television, provided commentary on security issues for TV and radio, and written many articles on a variety of security topics.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Lessons from a Red Team Exercise Recorded: Sep 17 2014 47 mins
    Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies
    Ethical hackers from First Base Technologies conduct red team tests to help organisations understand where they are vulnerable to advanced attacks. This presentation describes each step of a real-world exercise: planning and recon, spear phishing, telephone social engineering, building access, network exploitation and data exfiltration. As the story develops, you will discover how an attacker thinks, why they choose a particular strategy and what you can do to minimise your organisation’s vulnerability to advanced threats.
  • Pragmatic Network Security: Avoiding Real-World Vulnerabilities Recorded: Aug 12 2014 46 mins
    Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies
    Peter Wood and his team analysed the results from a series of network penetration tests over the past two years, in a variety of sectors including banking, insurance and retail. They identified the most common vulnerabilities, how they can be exploited and the consequences for each business. This presentation demonstrates in detail how criminals can take advantage of these weaknesses and how you can secure your networks using straightforward techniques.
  • An Ethical Hacker’s Casebook: Tips to Protect Your Organisation Recorded: Jun 18 2014 47 mins
    Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies
    We spend millions every year on security products, but still we get hacked, have our critical intellectual property stolen, and suffer public embarrassment and loss of revenue. Pete will demonstrate how some fundamental issues continue to leave organisations vulnerable, using real case studies to illustrate the information security risks to your business. Using the same models that criminals use, he will illustrate how to minimise your vulnerabilities using pragmatic, people-focused solutions
  • 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Understanding the Modern Range of Complex Threats Recorded: May 20 2014 2 mins
    Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies
    Peter Wood highlights the need to keep on top of IT Security, and how the people in your organisation can really make the difference.
  • Cloud Security and Risks: An Ethical Hacker’s View Recorded: May 13 2014 46 mins
    Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies
    Preventing loss and theft of data is key to corporate survival. Criminals and competitors don’t want your network - they want your data! Cloud provides them with unprecedented opportunities for theft and fraud. The gaps between partner organisations and the absence of any real possibility of audit and control, gives thieves potential access to corporate information and sensitive data. Peter Wood will show you some real-world threats posed by cloud and suggestions for mitigating the risk.
  • Risk-Based Security: An Ethical Hacker’s View Recorded: Jan 21 2014 46 mins
    Peter Wood, Partner & CEO, First Base Technologies
    Peter Wood will discuss the techniques he uses to identify the real threats to some of the largest and most agile organisations. His presentation will describe how risks can be identified and prioritised, how likelihood and impact affect decision making, and what skills are required to ensure a secure enterprise in 2014. Combining over 40 years of experience with cutting-edge techniques, Pete’s presentation will help you make the best risk-based decisions.
  • Web 2.0 and Beyond - Technology challenges, risks and rewards Recorded: Dec 15 2010 61 mins
    Peter Wood
    A webinar to answer these questions: Where is your security perimeter when many endpoints are mobile handheld devices? How do you enable good governance whilst taking advantage of the cloud? What are the legal, confidentiality and availability issues in the cloud and in Web 2.0? What happens when your interaction with customers is immediate and intimate through Web 2.0?
Webcasts from the leading ethical hacking firm
Ethical hacking case studies and real-world security issues

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  • Title: Web 2.0 and Beyond - Technology challenges, risks and rewards
  • Live at: Dec 15 2010 3:00 pm
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