Making Best Practice Learning Easy

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When it comes to certified training, the Manta Group focuses on certain best practices - Service Management, Governance, Project Management and Emerging Technologies.

Attend this webinar to find out why we focus on these best practice areas, and the different training delivery methods available - with a particular focus on why self-paced eLearning is a great learning option.

As a special bonus, you will get a sneak peak into what the new CobiT 5 training will include.
Jun 26 2012
44 mins
Making Best Practice Learning Easy
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IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

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  • You are invited to register for our upcoming COSO webinar, COSO 2013: Mapping Controls to Principles. Transitioning to the New COSO Framework is top of mind for many organizations. How do you get started? How do you map controls to principles or vice versa? What are some of the preliminary findings organizations are seeing as they head down the path to implement the framework?

    Please submit top-of-mind questions during the webinar registration process.

    CPE credits will be provided to qualifying attendees.
  • *On this webcast we're giving away a pass to our partner event: the Chicago Cyber Incident Response Summit, between June 21-23, 2014*

    Let’s face it, there’s unrelenting pressure on IT to enable competitive advantage through new technology and use of data assets‒-but the business is driving initiatives that can push sensitive production data into more and more exposed areas. The key question is ‘How can you enable the business to be agile AND take a more proactive, programmatic approach to security at the same time?’ With the advanced threats that are pervasive today, it’s becoming increasingly dangerous for organizations to deploy new technologies and processes, and then reactively address the implications for data security in the ecosystem. You need a blueprint to reverse this trend in your organization.

    In this webinar, William Stewart, Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton and Jeff Lunglhofer, Principal of Booz Allen Hamilton–a leading management technology and consulting firm driving strategic innovation for clients–will discuss the top trends in cyber threat mitigation, data privacy, data governance, and data security, with Mark Bower, VP Product Management and Solutions Architecture at Voltage Security.

    Attend this webinar to learn more about how to:
    •Increase responsiveness and security in your IT environment and architecture
    •Fight pervasive threats from inside and outside attack with data-centric technologies
    •Raise your organization’s overall data privacy, compliance, and security profile
    •Implement a new data de-identification framework across production, test & dev, and analytics use cases
    •Proactively enable critical business initiatives
    --Can't attend live? Register below to receive a link to the recorded webcast.
  • This webinar is presented by McAfee and Intel to help customers understand their Data Protection solution from McAfee and to get the most business value out of their Intel based endpoints. Products that apply to this webcast include McAfee Complete Data Protection Suites, featuring Endpoint Encryption, and EPO Deep Command to extend the reach of your IT department to lower your total cost of ownership. The webinar will include a special highlight on Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors and associated technologies that increase productivity and hardware-assisted security in the enterprise. This webcast is provided as a 35-40 minute overview and includes 5-10 minutes of Q & A.

    Join this webinar on Data Protection and learn about:
    • The key features of Data Protection and how it can provide you with the security you need
    • Use cases on utilizing the synergy between Intel® vPro™ and McAfee Data Protection technologies to reduce your overall TCO
    • How you can extend the reach of your IT team with the ability to remotely wake up or even power on PC’s, remediate “disabled” endpoints and remotely reset pre-boot passwords
    • How to securely manage your endpoints from a single console while simultaneously providing self-service features for your end-users
  • Modulo Director of Technical Services John Ambra walks Risk Manager users through the latest version 8.4, and answers user questions at the end.
  • Mobile workers are increasingly demanding access to mission-critical data and apps from personal smart phones, tablets and laptops. However, co-mingling of personal and business data and apps on mobile devices creates risk of business data loss and introduction of malware. What are the risks and what technologies can businesses deploy to enable productivity while protecting from these threats ?

    •Learn about the risks introduced when personal and business data and apps co-mingle on mobile devices
    •Learn about available technologies and technology trends to address these risks.

    Join Dell to understand the risks introduced when personal and business data co-mingle on mobile devices and technologies to consider to protect corporate data.
  • Forty-four states, DC and four territories have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This means that school districts across the country are planning for 100% online assessments during the 2014-2015 school year. One of the most important conditions needed for being able to administer online assessments is network infrastructure readiness.
    Attend this 30-minute webinar and join Gavin Lee, Senior K-12 Business Development Manager at Juniper Networks, to discuss the critical network must-haves that all school districts should consider when looking to deploy a robust and supportable network. You will also receive practical guidance on how to get the most out of your network infrastructure and how to best prepare for the CCCSS assessments:
    • Consortia network infrastructure
    • Wired and wireless network capabilities
    • Robust network security
    • Network support readiness
    • Juniper Networks network infrastructure readiness resources
  • Jack Madden converses with James Rendell to get the CA perspective on Enterprise Mobility Management’s (EMM) future potential. EMM must not for get BYOD but also go beyond it into Mobile App Management (MAM) and find ways to keep users personal information and employers information separated and find a way to embrace the Internet of Things.
  • Jack Madden discusses Enterprise Mobility with Arun Bhattacharya to get the CA perspective on the way it should be. This means going beyond BYOD and MDM, and embracing MAM, MEM, MCM, and IoT. For many companies, finding the balance between employers and users privacy and security has been a problematic issues.
  • Heartbleed is not an exploit you want to ignore as an IT professional. It exposes passwords and cryptographic keys, and requires not only that you patch OpenSSL for each of the services using the OpenSSL library, but also that you replace the private keys and certificates so that attackers won’t be able to use any of the data compromised by the vulnerability. The simplicity of the exploit makes it powerful. It appears that over a half million websites are vulnerable.
    In this session we'll cover:
    What you need to know about the Heartbleed vulvnerability
    How to detect it using AlienVault USM
    How to investigate successful Heartbleed exploits
  • In this webcast we will show:
    1. The Heartbleed vulnerability in detail, how it occurred with examples of how it can be used against your organization
    2. How you can identify your business exposure and what systems are vulnerable
    3. How Tripwire’s solutions work together to help you close the detection, remediation and prevention gaps around Heartbleed
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  • CobiT 4.1 to CobiT 5 - How Has It Changed? Recorded: Sep 27 2012 44 mins
    Are you currently using CobiT 4.1 and want to determine whether to adopt CobiT 5?

    Register now to join Manta Consultant, Peter Kingsman, as he takes at look at the changes and improvements in CobiT and how this affects Manta's approach to governance assessments.

    In this 45 minute webinar you will learn about the following key aspects of CobiT 5:
    - Understand the significant changes in CobiT 5
    - Obtain some idea whether using CobiT 5 would be advantageous, depending on your role and your organization
    - See how Manta will utilize CobiT 5
  • CSI: A Practical Perspective Recorded: Jul 24 2012 45 mins
    Have you been using ITIL for years and want to understand how to optimize your practices? Or are you just beginning with ITIL and want to know more about CSI?

    Register now to join Manta Director, Derrick Hazel, as he takes at look at ways to leverage CSI to drive operational efficiency, sustainment and customer satisfaction.

    Continual Service Improvement (CSI) supports changing business objectives by providing a consistently-applied set of processes, procedures and tools to measure, analyze and report on improvement opportunities ensuring maximum benefit and minimum risk to the business.

    In this 45 minute webinar we will explore how to integrate CSI into your organization to:
    - Improve business operations and staff productivity
    - Improve customer satisfaction and relationships
    - Optimize costs and industry best practices
  • Making Best Practice Learning Easy Recorded: Jun 26 2012 44 mins
    When it comes to certified training, the Manta Group focuses on certain best practices - Service Management, Governance, Project Management and Emerging Technologies.

    Attend this webinar to find out why we focus on these best practice areas, and the different training delivery methods available - with a particular focus on why self-paced eLearning is a great learning option.

    As a special bonus, you will get a sneak peak into what the new CobiT 5 training will include.
  • Optimizing Delivery in Project & Program Management Recorded: May 22 2012 34 mins
    Everything you've always wanted to know about improving efficiencies and throughput with your PMO, but were afraid to ask.

    Using a Lean Six Sigma Project approach, Manta Director Gary Grandin provides insight to identify the gaps and increase efficiencies by using IT best practices.

    Attend this webinar to:
    - Learn about techniques used to drive efficiences, decrease cost and increase throughput
    - Increase the effectiveness of your team through the use of analysis tools
    - Develop the appropriate process controls, risk management and ensure the right people are in the right roles
  • Maximizing Your ITIL Investment Using CobiT, Lean Six Sigma or ISO Recorded: Apr 17 2012 45 mins
    Do you find your IT organization in one of the following situations?
    - “I tried to implement ITIL, but it’s fallen apart every time”
    - “I thought implementing ITIL would solve all of my problems”
    - “ITIL solved some of my problems, where do I go from here?”

    Register now to join Manta Consultants Peter Kingsman, Eden Roberts and Craig Dewey as they present three key approaches to ensure your investment in ITIL and SM initiatives are addressing your key problems.

    In this 45 minute webcast you will learn how to incorporate 3 key approaches to maximize ITIL:
    - Risk based approach
    - Management system approach
    - Process optimization approach
  • The Sponsor Perspective: Project Strategies for Success Recorded: Mar 20 2012 46 mins
    Project managers have long faced the triple constraints of scope, schedule and cost. Yet too often when these hurdles have been overcome, the project might STILL be deemed a failure. Or the project might not add to the project manager'€™s reputation. Why not?

    Project managers deal with delivery, procurement, and people puzzles, to name a few. While real, these are not necessarily aligned with the pain points of a Project Sponsor. The project is merely the cross section where the project manager's and sponsor'€™s interests are temporarily aligned.

    We will explore the perspectives of the Project Sponsor, and assist project managers with strategies for working with sponsors of varying aptitude. This sometimes unwritten world may well hold the keys to project success, and the real results the PM is expected to deliver.

    In this 45 minute webcast you will learn:
    • The traits of a good Sponsor
    • Types of Sponsors and how to work with each
    • What Project Managers can do to line up Sponsor success

    Attendees can also collect a PMI PDU credit for attending this webcast through a Category B entry. Contact for more information.
  • Optimize Your Service Desk Recorded: Feb 15 2012 44 mins
    Join Russ Conwath, Manta Consultant and Will O'Brien, CEO of The Manta Group, as they discuss the best way to create an efficient and effective service desk.

    Manta's assessment methodology is centered around four lenses: Services, Organization, Process and Technology. You will see proof of this methodology in the results from a case study where a service desk was improved at a financial institution.

    In this 45 minute webcast you will take away:
    • Why it is important to look at more than just people, process, tools - The four lenses approach to assessment
    • Common areas to look for service desk optimization opportunities
    • Case study examples of service desk optimizations

    “Optimize Your Service Desk” is co-sponsored by The Manta Group ( and MSI Inc (
  • Lean Thinking and Principles: Turning Waste into Work Recorded: Jan 24 2012 36 mins
    Are you looking for ways to improve the efficiency of IT services in your organization? Attend this webinar to see an example of Lean principles and how it can help your organization become more efficient and effective.

    This webcast provides an example of how Lean Thinking and Lean Principles were not only used to reduce waste and improve efficiency, but also as an approach to effective organizational change within a financial services company.
  • Achieving Green Data Centres Through Better Process Recorded: Dec 13 2011 44 mins
    As the amount of power consumed by IT continues to rise, the associated cost and environmental impact is becoming increasingly alarming. Power is already the single biggest operating expense in the data centre. However, much of this power is wasted, resulting in unnecessary heat, expense, and upstream carbon emissions.

    In this 45 minute webcast, learn about specific steps you can take to help combat this problem. Learn why having efficient equipment and facilities is not enough and why a holistic program which also encompasses good processes and governance produces the best results. Attendees will review:
    - The problem of power consumption in the data centre, and why a holistic approach is important for achieving the best results
    - Some key elements of process and governance critical to a successful Green IT program and how they impact power consumption
    - Specific steps you can take to help start a Green IT program or advance an existing one
  • Clouds are Fluffy & Safe? Get Better Cloud Governance Recorded: Nov 22 2011 39 mins
    More and more companies are turning to the Cloud to host their confidential data, but are they taking the time to ensure the correct level of governance is in place?

    In this 45 minute presentation, learn about Cloud governance for success and risk reduction. In addition to any questions raised by participants, you will take away the following:
    Market trends and Model shifts
    Know what SAS 70 really means when selecting a cloud provider
    The need for effective cloud governance
    How to build an effective governance framework using ITIL or COBIT

    Get answers to your questions about Cloud governance in this interactive webcast.

    "Clouds are Fluffy and Safe?" is co-sponsored by The Manta Group and MSI.
  • The Best Practice Ecosystem: How to Leverage Best Practices for Optimal Results Recorded: Oct 18 2011 43 mins
    A best practice is a method or technique used to maintain quality as an alternative to mandatory legislated standards, and can be based on self-assessment or benchmarking. In the IT industry ITIL, COBIT, Lean, 6 Sigma, ISO and PMBoK are frequently implemented.

    For best practices to thrive, an environment must be created where best practices complement each other and the system of practices is in balance - The Best Practice Ecosystem.

    In 45 minutes, learn how to get the most out of your investment in IT best practices. In addition to any questions raised by participants, you will take away the following:
    - For best practices to thrive, an environment must be created where best practices complement each other and the system of practices is in balance - The Best Practice Ecosystem.
    - Organizations that invested in best practices recognize significant growth and profit results compared to their competitors who did not invest in best practices.
    - Observe a case study of how a financial organization used the Best Practice Ecosystem to transform their IT organization.

    Service Management, Project Management, Risk Management and other operational disciplines will be examined.
Series focused on optimizing & transforming your IT organization
The Manta Group's free monthly webinar series is a valuable way to discover how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT organization. By watching our webcasts, you qualify for 1 CPD credit (per webcast) claim directly to priSM.

Over the course of this series we will present insights on topics based in IT Business Performance, IT Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance and Enterprise Architecture.

The Manta Group has been a trusted management consulting partner since 2003. Today our focus is on optimizing business operations, managing transformation and measuring performance over time. We look forward to realizing what's possible for you.
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