George Socha, Chris Dale, Chad Pappenfuss, Caitlin Murphy, Tom Gelbmann
This free, one-hour webinar, presented by Gold Sponsor AccessData, will answer your questions about early data assessment & processing, with a focus on EDRM as a continual, iterative activity. Led by Apersee founders George Socha & Tom Gelbmann, “Early and Often” is sure to be an information-packed session.

The webinar was presented on May 30, 2012, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central.
May 30 2012
61 mins
Early and Often
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IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

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  • A new category of threat is emerging – a threat designed to evade traditional signature-based technologies such as Anti-Virus and Intrusion Detection. Attempting to meet the challenge is a new class of technology, “Advanced Malware Protection” or “AMP,” which is an industry term for technology designed to continuously monitor for, offload and detonate files in a sandbox - safely away from the main environment - to observe and detect malicious objects.

    If a security device produces an alert in the forest, who’s there to hear it?

    The challenge is these next generation advanced malware detection solutions produce so much detail about the suspicious activity that most organizations do not have the resources to thoroughly investigate/analyze. The best technology means nothing if you don’t have the right expertise to react to the alert, quickly decipher complex reports, investigate the threat, and determine the right response. And meanwhile, the threat actors aren’t standing still – they’re developing measures to circumvent controls in some traditional sandbox environments.

    You will learn:
    1.How the threat is evolving and how actors are employing evasive practices to overcome traditional and even some more sophisticated security defenses
    2.Why next generation sandboxing and full-system emulation are the keys to combatting evasive malware threats
    3.The expertise needed to accurately identify and diagnose the threat once the alert is received
    4.How to ensure your organization has the ability to respond effectively to the incident and close all the backdoors a threat actor may have opened
  • 2014 could have easily been called, “The year of the biggest security breaches since the beginning of forever.” But given current security practices and technologies, many of the breaches could have been prevented. So why weren’t they?

    Many of the affected companies fell into a very common trap, thinking that if a company goes to the trouble to be legally compliant then it will be effectively “secure.” Unfortunately, as with many kinds of regulations, legal compliance really represents the absolute least amount of effort required. If companies want to give themselves the best chance to avoid the very severe consequences that come with a major breach, there are five practices they need to put in place now.

    Join Adrian Sanabria, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research, and Amrit Williams, CTO of CloudPassage, on this webinar to learn
    · Possible gaps left by the compliance-first approach to security
    · How to limit vulnerabilities across traditional, virtual and cloud infrastructures
    · Five best practices to avoid a major security breach in 2015
  • The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has been a huge boon for businesses that put a premium on productivity. File sync and share solutions have emerged to help employees work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. In this BrightTALK exclusive, eFolder explores the top seven features that business should consider when adopting a file sync and share solution. Learn what is required for a file sync and share solution to improve collaboration, maximize productivity, and ensure security.
  • Join Tom Kellermann, Chief Cyber Security Officer for Trend Micro, in an informative webinar specifically tailored for corporate executives and directors who are ready to take the reins of a real and effective plan to secure their organization, their data, and their careers against targeted attacks.

    During this live webinar, you’ll learn:
    • How to identify, classify, and protect your valuable data assets
    • How to assess your organization’s vulnerability to attack
    • How to measure and mitigate cyber risks cost-effectively
  • Cutting down on the time taken to complete complex document review cycles allows the modern lawyer to operate at the pace required by their industry.

    Join our webinar to learn top tips for shortening these review cycles without losing document integrity and risking corruption. We’ll also cover what technologies are available to provide a quick and accurate way to improve document review efficiency.
  • FireEye recently released a new report that documents how and why governments around the world are turning to the cyber domain as a cost-effective way to spy on other countries, steal technology, and even wage war.

    Whether it’s sensitive military, diplomatic, or economic information, governments depend on the integrity of their data. If that data falls into the wrong hands, the consequences could be severe.

    In the wake of two apparent state- and government-sponsored attacks, APT1 and APT28, government agencies must understand why they are in attackers’ crosshairs, what attackers might be seeking, and how they can protect themselves.

    Join us for a dynamic discussion with subject matter experts where you will learn:

    •What makes your government-related organization an appealing target – whether you’re a political opponent, business, agency or vendor
    •Why it’s important to determine who could be planning an attack, their motives, and how they might carry out their goals
    •How to assess your level of preparedness and how to protect yourself if you are not ready for this new era of cyber warfare
  • From unobtrusive advanced malware detection technologies to automated threat response and actionable mobile-friendly dashboard – manage security from any device, any time, ESET will present new solutions for securing your endpoints and new ways to manage them.
  • Organizations are having to cover more ground than ever when it comes to security. Yet businesses often lack the in-house skills and resources, so security leaders are turning to MSSPs to help bear the burden to ensure every area of risk is adequately attended to.

    Join us for an interactive discussion with guest speaker, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst, Ed Ferrara, to learn how MSS is changing the conversation for businesses to achieve security goals. Help drive the conversation by submitting a question for Ed in advance so we can tackle your biggest security concerns such as:

    • Overcoming the skills shortage
    • Where to focus the budget – spending trends across industries
    • The value of security – pitching it as an investment not a cost to business leaders
    • Improving business outcomes – leveraging MSSPs as a tactical arm to optimize IT security, efficiency and value
  • A recent analyst study found that 88% of organizations are “doing Project and Portfolio Management (PPM).” This finding could lead many to believe all is well with this critical business process so essential to strategic success. This is hardly the case as studies also show PPM is still generally immature in enterprises today. The lack of maturity is largely due to the fact that most organizations are addressing only a subset of PPM capabilities. So though almost every organization can lay claim to doing PPM, few are actually doing PPM for all its worth. Many of these organizations will continue to miss out on the incredible possibility and promise of this essential business capability until they grasp and appreciate the full scope and potential of PPM.

    One of the greatest barriers to realizing the full potential of PPM is an enterprise-wide awareness of the span of PPM and the likely gap that must be overcome to achieve it. There is a plethora of great PPM insight contained in the numerous books, methodologies, and frameworks available today, but using this volume of information to get everyone on the same page is a daunting challenge. The key is to use a simple approach and model to quickly establish a common understanding of this critical business discipline and to easily foster the conversations and discussions to drive the endeavor to raise PPM proficiency.

    This brief webcast will present a PPM model that is easy to remember, easy to communicate, and proven to quickly illuminate the gap between existing immature PPM processes and the full scope and potential of comprehensive Project and Portfolio Management.
  • Portfolio planning activities have struggled to gain respect in most businesses. Lack of enterprise-wide orchestration arises from a lack of effective involvement and intimate business knowledge – not simply of operations and processes, but of business imperatives, obstacles and desired outcomes. And the information systems aspects continue to be planned in splendid isolation from the business, causing IT people to mistakenly celebrate victory when a new IT system goes live. However a project only really starts when the IT goes live, and so the planning needs to be fully integrated. This can only be accomplished first by building strong relationships with business peers that will result in measurable value creation. The next step is to implement a sophisticated PPM system that can handle the extreme complexity of orchestrating all the business and related technology portfolio of initiatives, capable of optimizing the plans (and the outcomes) as the business environment changes.

    To achieve this, a new PPM model needs to be created to look at portfolio management in a holistic way, enterprise-wide. Planners need a capability that will generate multiple scenarios and real-time decision support. This dimensionality and complexity is well beyond the capacity of the human brain. By implementing such a tool, IT would be positioned as a critical partner with the business – not just in implementing mainstream information systems, but also in helping the business with a much better way to plan and manage all of its key initiatives effectively

    This session focuses on how enterprise leaders and divisional leaders and IT leaders should be working in harmony to orchestrate great business outcomes, rather than looking after their parochial interests.
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  • Getting Cloud Data from the New Big Three: Google, iCloud & MS Office 365 Recorded: Mar 4 2015 61 mins
    EDRM Webinar Sponsored by Zapproved

    Digital data has moved and is continuing to move to the cloud. Individuals, businesses, and corporations find cloud sourcing to be a compelling value proposition. How can counsel manage not only traditional office documents now created, hosted and shared in the cloud but social media and social communications. Google has not integrated social messaging and video messaging into its basic suite of business productions. How can this digital information be requested, delivered and analyzed? The questions for E-Discovery are how can information be easily harvested from cloud locations and reviewed seamlessly.

    Our expert panel will take you through the nuts and bolts of cloud E-Discovery with practical examples and demonstrations.

    * Ian Campbell, President & CEO, iCONECT Development, LLC
    * Jason A. Pill, Associate, Phelps Dunbar LLP
    * Andrew Wilson, CEO, Logikcull

    * George Socha, Co-Founder, EDRM
    * Tom Gelbmann, Co-Founder, EDRM
  • EDRM webinar, "Cross Border Issues in eDiscovery," sponsored by UBIC Recorded: Feb 18 2015 61 mins
    Join us on Wednesday, February 18 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central when we present the free EDRM webinar, "Cross Border Issues in eDiscovery," sponsored by UBIC.

    For any organization dealing with litigation that spans international boundaries, cross border issues can make eDiscovery an even more challenging concern. Our speakers will help you better understand the issues you may face, processes you can use to address those issues, and tactics and strategies to help reduce the risks and costs associated with cross-border eDiscovery.


    * Brian Corbin, Vice President, Discovery Program Manager, Legal Discovery Management, Hogan Lovells International LLP, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    * Matthew Davis, Litigation Support Lawyer, Hogan Lovells International LLP
    * Paul Starrett, General Counsel, UBIC


    * George Socha, EDRM
    * Tom Gelbmann, EDRM
  • EDRM webinar, "Assembling the Team to Complete the eMSAT" Recorded: Feb 11 2015 60 mins
    Join us on February 11 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central when we present the free EDRM webinar, "Assembling the Team to Complete the eMSAT."

    This webinar is the third in a series of four practical sessions in which the creators of the eMSAT-1 will work together with participants as they undertake their own self-assessment.


    * Tiana Van Dyk, Litigation Support Manager at Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP
    * Evan Benjamin, EDiscovery Consultant, Protiviti/Robert Half Legal
    * Matthew Knouff, eDiscovery Counsel, Complete Discovery Source
    * Brett Livingood, eDiscovery Consultant, Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services


    * George Socha, Co-founder, EDRM
    * Tom Gelbmann, Co-founder, EDRM
  • Audio, Chat & Mobile Recorded: Dec 10 2014 61 mins
    Join us on Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014 from 10:00 to 11:00 am Central when we present the free EDRM webinar, "Audio, Chat & Mobile – Tips for Effectively Managing Non-Traditional Data Types," sponsored by Consilio.

    At this webinar, the speakers will address:

    • Exploring and understanding unique data types specifically created by financial services institutions;

    • Determining why certain data types are less compatible with standard eDiscovery technology and workflow techniques;

    • Designing review processes that accommodate non-traditional data types such as Bloomberg chat and audio recordings; and

    • Making technological improvements that accelerate the review process, saving time and money.


    * Dera Nevin, Director of eDiscovery Services, Proskauer Rose LLP
    * Drew Macaulay, Managing Director, London Office, Consilio
    * Ben Rusch, Senior Director, London Office, Consilio


    • George Socha, Co-founder, EDRM
    • Tom Gelbmann, Co-founder, EDRM
  • Summation 5.6 - Setting the Bar for Legal Review Recorded: Nov 18 2014 61 mins
    Join us on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central when we present the free EDRM product demo webinar, "Summation 5.6 - Setting the Bar for Legal Review," sponsored by AccessData Group.


    Since its creation, Summation has set the bar for the e-Discovery industry. In today's market, you need to be able to offer clients combined comprehensive data processing, early case assessment, transcript management and final review features just to be competitive. Summation allows you to process any part of the EDRM model in a seamless platform, saving time and money for your organization and customers.

    Join this live webinar to get ahead of the curve and set the e-Discovery bar for your organization.

    Webinar highlights will include:

    • Advanced Data Loading
    • Robust ESI Processing
    • Early Case Assessment
    • Near-native Review Functionality
    • Unsurpassed Production capabilities
    …and more


    • Keith Schrodt, Director, Product Marketing & Strategy, AccessData


    • George Socha, Co-founder, EDRM
    • Tom Gelbmann, Co-founder, EDRM
  • EDRM's eMSAT-1: Building the Business Case for the eMSAT-1 Recorded: Nov 13 2014 61 mins
    Join us on November 13 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central when we present the free EDRM webinar, "EDRM's eMSAT-1: A Case Study," sponsored by Zapproved.


    The eMSAT is a self-assessment tool recently released by the EDRM Metrics group. Organizations can use the eMSAT-1 to understand and evaluate their processes related to eDiscovery. This webinar will take participants through the value proposition of a self-assessment, how to build a business case to obtain internal buy-in to allocate the necessary resources and how to encourage the various parts of an organization to work together to derive value from the self-assessment.

    Panellists will discuss the reasons for taking a self-assessment, why the eMSAT-1 self assessment is valuable, and how your organization can gain better understanding and control of its evolving ediscovery processes.

    This webinar is the first in a series of four practical sessions in which the creators of the eMSAT-1 will work together with participants as they undertake their own self-assessment.


    * Tiana Van Dyk, Litigation Support Manager at Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP
    * Evan Benjamin, eDiscovery Consultant, Protiviti/Robert Half Legal
    * Matthew Knouff, eDiscovery Counsel, Complete Discovery Source
    * Brett Livingood, eDiscovery Consultant, Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services


    • George Socha, Co-founder, EDRM
    • Tom Gelbmann, Co-founder, EDRM
  • Dark Data Recorded: Nov 5 2014 60 mins
    Join us on Wednesday, November 5, 2014, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central when we present the free EDRM webinar, "Dark Data," sponsored by UBIC.


    Dark data. You’ve heard the term, but what does it mean? What does it mean to your organization? How can you better identify it, work with it, and derive value from it? And how does it factor into your litigation strategy, your discovery needs, and your responses to governmental inquiries? Our panel of speakers will address this issues and more - and field your questions as well.


    * Bennett Borden, Chair, Information Governance and eDiscovery, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
    * David Kessler, Partner & Co-Chair, E-Discovery and Information Management Group, Norton Rose Fulbright
    * George Socha, Co-Founder, EDRM


    * Tom Gelbmann, Co-Founder, EDRM
  • Don't Let Smartphones Outsmart Your Mobile Device Discovery Needs Recorded: Oct 23 2014 59 mins
    Join us on October 23 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central when we present the free EDRM webinar, "Don't Let Smartphones Outsmart Your Mobile Device Discovery Needs," sponsored by AccessData.


    So what does the ‘Smart’ in smart phone mean? What it means to enterprises and Law enforcement agencies is an ever growing treasure trove of discoverable information: your call history, contact lists, IMs, social media, voicemail, videos, chats, browsing histories, apps, GPS location data, e-mail, and images (with identifying metadata). This means that mobile devices and the data they hold are going to continue to grow in importance and being unaware of mobile e-discovery is not a good strategic position.

    Yet even with this valuable information so close many criminal and civilian investigations are threatened because there are just too many types of devices, too many mobile apps, and too many data types for some to handle. Join AccessData for an in-depth discussion on the challenges associated with collecting from these devices and how you can gain insight into the treasure trove of available information.


    • Lee Reiber, Vice President Mobile Forensic Solutions, AccessData Group


    • George Socha, Co-founder, EDRM
    • Tom Gelbmann, Co-founder, EDRM
  • End-to-End eDiscovery with Nuix - Product Demo Recorded: Oct 16 2014 61 mins
    "End-to-End eDiscovery with Nuix," sponsored by Nuix.

    Are you seeking to improve speed, reduce costs and increase quality in your eDiscovery process? That’s Nuix’s goal. Combining Nuix's latest release, Nuix 6, with the Nuix Director and Nuix Web Review & Analytics gives you access to a wealth of new features and performance improvements. But not everyone knows how to use these capabilities to their full potential. Join experienced Nuix engineers Simon Bayangos and Matthew Geaghan for an informative webinar showing you how Nuix’s new applications and capabilities form part of a complete eDiscovery workflow.

    You’ll discover how you can:

    • Avoid the drudgery and complexity of moving or exporting data
    • Use advanced new features such as quality control and collaborative web review
    • Conduct rapid processing, analysis, review and production from any web browser
    • Define and automate your workflow to minimize errors, simplify operation and make the hard work easier


    • Simon Bayangos, Head of Engineering, NNA, Nuix
    • Matthew Geaghan, Nuix


    • George Socha, Co-founder, EDRM
    • Tom Gelbmann, Co-founder, EDRM
  • eMSAT-1: Understanding the EDRM eDiscovery Maturity Self-Assessment Tool Recorded: Oct 15 2014 61 mins
    The EDRM Metrics group recently published a revolutionary eDiscovery Maturity Self-Assessment Tool, eMSAT-1.

    With this webinar you will get a chance to learn about eMSAT-1 and how it can help your organization understand its eDiscovery risk areas. Our speakers will step you through how to use the self-assessment tool and how to interpret the results you obtain.


    * Tiana Van Dyk, Litigation Support Manager at Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP
    * Evan Benjamin, eDiscovery Consultant, Protiviti/Robert Half Legal
    * Matthew Knouff, eDiscovery Counsel, Complete Discovery Source
    * Brett Livingood, eDiscovery Consultant, Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services


    • George Socha, Co-founder, EDRM
    • Tom Gelbmann, Co-founder, EDRM
  • Easing the pain of document review Recorded: Jul 30 2014 51 mins
    EDRM Webinar Sponored by LexisNexis

    Where is the pain? Increasing challenges associated with rapid data growth and the need to find and produce responsive documents quicker and cheaper.

    There is still much debate on electronic document review and the points to consider are extensive, often unique to each organization and can even vary per matter. In this webinar find out the top pain points that’s driving their document review purchasing decision and specific features they are requesting. Please join us and hear what the market is telling us and how Concordance Evolution, the next generation of document review software is doing to address those needs.
  • Cyber Security 101 for Legal Professionals Recorded: May 21 2014 61 mins
    Sponsored by AccessData

    Law firms are a well-known point of weakness for the world's most sensitive data. While their clients go to great lengths to protect data and are required by regulation and statute to do so, firms often do little to shield their clients' information from breach and in fact actively engage in practices that expose it unnecessarily. Join this panel to learn the legal lay of the land and to see if you (or the law firms you work with) are the weakest link. We'll also discuss how you can implement simple practices and technological solutions to shield yourself not only from breaches, but from sanctions and lost business.
  • Tales from the Trenches: Blue Shield In-House Team Recorded: Jan 30 2014 61 mins
    Sponsored by AccessData.

    Tales from the Trenches: Blue Shield In-House Team uses Forensics and Mobile Device Discovery Techniques to Optimize E-Discovery

    Join Blue Shield of California's legal IT department for a discussion of the real-life practices and workflows that have led them to save over $1million in legal services costs. Using forensics tools, mobile device investigation tools and e-discovery tools together, Blue Shield has realized a more thorough analysis of case data, improved efficiencies and is inventing new investigation techniques along the way. Attend the webinar to learn how the team:

    • Tracks information/data across the entire case life cycle
    • Collects from a large variety of data sources
    • Uses forensics techniques to perform a deeper analysis of documents, social media, keywords, photos and more
    • Analyzes mobile devices as an important source of case data

    * Jon A. Johnson - GSEC, MCSE, CCNA; Security Engineer Lead, IT Security; Blue Shield of California
    * Mark Menz; Security Engineer, IT Security; Blue Shield of California
    * Caitlin Murphy; Director, Product Marketing & Strategy; AccessData

    * Tom Gelbmann
    * George Socha
  • Evolving eDiscovery Workflows for the Future Recorded: Jan 23 2014 60 mins
    Sponsored by Nuix.

    The increasing volume and complexity of data involved in eDiscovery are making it harder for law firms and litigation support vendors to deliver timely, error-free services while still maintaining profitability. Legal service providers are increasingly facing pressure to complete larger volumes of work, faster – but achieving accurate, timely and defensible results requires a high level of technical skill and legal knowledge to prevent errors and rework.

    This session will examine case studies of legal service providers that completed workflow and automation projects during the identification, preservation and processing stages of the EDRM. These projects resulted in lower costs of eDiscovery, reduced risk of errors, shared work across teams and offices; and made the output more defensible. The panel of eDiscovery experts will examine the processes these firms went through, the benefits they achieved and the lessons they learned along the way.
  • Inside the Newest E-Discovery Software Integrations: LexisNexis Early Data Analy Recorded: Dec 17 2013 60 mins
    During this one hour complimentary webinar you will see the latest integration and functionality offered within LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer 1.5 and LAW PreDiscovery 6.5. We will explore how you can easily identify, index, filter, and search data at the source in LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer. Then process, pre-review and cull hundreds of native document types and emails prior to scanning and reviewing in LAW PreDiscovery. Learn first-hand about the integrations within these two powerful software programs, how they work together and with other discovery software.
  • Information Governance by Design Recorded: Dec 12 2013 61 mins
    Sponsored by IBM.

    There is no question that information volume, cost, and risk will continue to grow. There is also no question that a proactive information governance program is required. The issue is no longer why an organization needs one, but rather how to strategically design and implement one successfully with sustainable outcomes. Join this webinar hosted by leading industry groups to hear about what is new in information governance, why the time is now, and how to drive it forward - the strategy and the practice.
  • Summation 5.0 Showcase - see the modern Summation in action! Recorded: Nov 19 2013 61 mins
    If you haven't seen the new Summation yet, now is the time. Join AccessData and to see a live demonstration of the modern Summation!

    Driven by the AccessData technology core, Summation 5.0 offers ground-breaking new functionality including Predictive Coding and visual analytics and is fully interoperable with market-leading digital forensic investigative solution, FTK™.

    Watch the webinar to see Summation 5's integrated processing engine and streamlined review with improved email threading & cluster analysis. The presentation will also feature real-time transcript review, our concordance migration tool and AccessData’s proprietary document viewer, which eliminates the need to TIFF in order to redact and annotate.

    We'll also feature live Q&A, so Register Today!

    Caitlin Murphy, Director of Legal Marketing for AccessData
    Scott Lefton, Sales Engineer for AccessData

    George Socha
    Tom Gelbmann
  • E-Discovery Processing Made Simple Recorded: Nov 7 2013 62 mins
    Join us on Thursday, November 7 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Central when we present the free UF Law / EDRM webinar, “E-Discovery Processing Made Simple” – sponsored by Nuix.

    To find critical electronically stored information in a large body of data, you often first need to process the data. And when you process data, you better do so in a way you can defend. With the help of Nuix’s new e-discovery Director, the University of Florida E-Discovery Project team will de-mistify processing and walk the audience though data processing from document input to output for review. Learn the critical processing events you need to know and watch how processing can be managed with intuitively understandable graphics, charts and reports.

    Speakers and Moderators:

    * Martin Audet, Nuix
    * Bill Hamilton, UF Law E-Discovery Project
    * George Socha, EDRM
    * Tom Gelbmann, EDRM
  • Introducing Concordance® Evolution 2.2.1 Recorded: Oct 3 2013 60 mins
    During this one hour complimentary webinar you will see the latest integration and functionality offered within Concordance® Evolution 2.2.1. This is the next generation of a fully installed enterprise review software product for electronic discovery and litigation document management. Learn first-hand how the integration of LAW PreDiscoveryTM and LexisNexis® Near Dupe work within Concordance Evolution to help you save money and time while reducing your risk for errors.
  • New Ways of Seeing: Visual Analytics Comes of Age in E-Discovery Recorded: Sep 12 2013 61 mins
    Sponsored by AccessData.

    For the past few years, e-discovery tools have been propagating new
    "visualization" technologies. While these have enlivened display monitors at technology fairs, they have not been incorporated into daily workflows. As workloads have grown, however, and as the tools have evolved, practitioners have begun to appreciate the practicality of quickly assessing relationships, emphases and activity-levels using timelines, graphical representations, and the ability to "zoom in" on important needles in their electronic haystacks. Join our panel as we describe ways to redesign your workflow to make the most of these new tools.

    * April Miller, Paralegal, Tennessee Attorney General’s Office
    * Ray Bernal, Litigation Paralegal/Litigation Support Analyst, Solomon Ward
    * Eric Killough, Product Marketing Manager, AccessData

    * Tom Gelbmann, Co-Founder, EDRM & Apersee
    * George Socha, Co-Founder, EDRM & Apersee
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Creating practical resources to improve e-discovery and information governance.

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  • Presented by: George Socha, Chris Dale, Chad Pappenfuss, Caitlin Murphy, Tom Gelbmann
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