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IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Hunting Rogue Elements: Fighting the Insider Threat
    Hunting Rogue Elements: Fighting the Insider Threat Kevin Eley, LogRhythm & Jonathan Zulberg, LogRhythm Recorded: May 23 2018 43 mins
    Customer data falling into the hands of cybercriminals. It’s the stuff of nightmares for any organisation. Today the insider threat has the potential to pose a bigger risk to cybersecurity than external hackers.

    In this webinar, LogRhythm experts will take you through a real use case in which data worth millions of pounds was stolen. And they will explain how the incident could have been stopped with the right response and mitigation approach.

    Join the webinar to:

    • Learn how cybercrime has evolved so much that insider threats now rival external threats
    • See a live display of activity generated by an insider threat
    • Discover cybersecurity innovations that can detect and respond to insider threats in real time

    Join us to get a better understanding of the insider threat – and how to combat rogue elements in your organisation.
  • GDPR - Is Data Still the New Currency?
    GDPR - Is Data Still the New Currency? Primitive Logic CEO Jill Reber & President Kevin Moos Recorded: May 22 2018 37 mins
    Getting your company ready for GDPR isn’t about putting a few new processes in place — it’s about rethinking your entire approach to personal data, including how to get value from it. For decades, companies have collected and stored all kinds of personal information “just in case” they ever needed it.

    GDPR requires a different approach. You need to be proactive in thinking about how to get value from your data, and you need to understand exactly what your company is doing with personal data and why.

    Join Jill Reber and Kevin Moos of Primitive Logic to learn:
    - How to work with third parties who process personal data on your behalf
    - How preparing for GDPR helps you understand your data on a whole new level (and why that’s a good thing)
  • Which application security testing approach is the best?
    Which application security testing approach is the best? Patrick Carey, Director of Product Marketing, Synopsys Recorded: May 22 2018 35 mins
    Can one tool do it all?

    Applications are the #1 attack target of hackers, so application security should be an integral part of your software development tools and processes. At the same time, it's more difficult than ever before to pick an AppSec solution. It's easy to find yourself lost in sea of confusing 3 and four-letter acronyms. SAST, DAST, SCA, IAST, PEN, RASP - How do you know which one or ones to choose? In this webinar, we'll try to help simplify things to help you understand the strengths, weaknesses, and applicability of each of these approaches so you can build out your AppSec toolbox with confidence.
  • GDPR - Let’s talk legal, the implications of GDPR and your data
    GDPR - Let’s talk legal, the implications of GDPR and your data Nick Pollard, Head of Region, Southern & Eastern Europe, Emerging Markets at Nuix and Gareth Atkinson, StartRiskLab Recorded: May 22 2018 37 mins
    Organisations are still worried that they may still be open to GDPR legal issues and legal interpretation. Join our speakers Nick Pollard, Nuix and Gareth Atkinson, StartRiskLab who will explore where you should be right now with your GDPR preparations.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    1. How to cross-reference your preparations
    2. Understand the legal position on various GDPR schedules
  • Simplifying Data Access & Management for GDPR Compliance
    Simplifying Data Access & Management for GDPR Compliance Nathan Rowe, CPO & Co-Founder Evident Recorded: May 22 2018 45 mins
    D-Day is right around the corner. By now, most companies are nearly completed with putting the necessary steps in place to meet the requirements. However, it is suspected that many companies will end up spending significantly more money per year meeting these regulations. Also, it is most likely that most of these changes have added more complexity to their business operations.

    Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. This webinar will highlight the 10 key considerations that need to be made for controlling how data is accessed, stored, kept up to date, transferred and deleted. It will then breakdown methods to optimize the processes and technology used to address these requirements in a way that will significantly lower the effort and cost of your company’s operations.

    Join us to discuss:
    - How to assess the level of exposure your company has to this regulation
    - Recognizing the 10 key new data management requirements that have been put in place
    - Identifying processes and tools that will significantly reduce the effort required to meet regulations
  • 12 Practical Steps toward GDPR Compliance
    12 Practical Steps toward GDPR Compliance James R. Slaby, Senior Manager, Product Marketing Recorded: May 22 2018 42 mins
    With the effective date of GDPR only weeks away, many businesses are correctly concerned about their readiness to comply with its stricter standards for protecting the personal data of EU residents. This 30-minute webinar offers practical steps that your business or public-sector organization can take today to improve your GDPR compliance posture, with tips on how to:

    •Understand GDPR terminology and roles
    •Assess your inventory of personal data, its locations and movements
    •Honor your new obligations to users on handling their personal data
    •Deal with heightened regulatory scrutiny on data breaches
    •Reinforce your data storage, backup and security policies and infrastructure to support your GDPR compliance efforts

    The complexity and occasional ambiguity of GDPR regulations can freeze some IT organizations into inaction. But neither your management nor your customers will wait forever for evidence of your progress toward GDPR compliance. Learn how to get out of the starting gate with these pragmatic, actionable tactics.

    About the speaker:

    James R. Slaby works in product marketing at Acronis, where his focus includes security-oriented issues like ransomware and GDPR. Before Acronis, Slaby was an industry analyst covering IT security, cloud computing, and networking at Forrester Research, HfS Research, Yankee Group, and The Info Pro. With over 300 published IT research reports, he has been quoted in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and countless tech publications. Slaby has also held campaign, solutions, vertical and product marketing roles at a variety of tech vendors including Sonus, Acme Packet, Bay Networks and Motorola.
  • Analyst Insights: Trends Driving the Need for a SOC-as-a-Service
    Analyst Insights: Trends Driving the Need for a SOC-as-a-Service Mark Bouchard, Co-Founder and COO - CyberEdge Group & Narayan Makaram, Sr. Director, Product Marketing - Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: May 22 2018 57 mins
    Every company, regardless of size or industry, needs the advanced security capabilities provided by a security operations center (SOC). Until recently, only large enterprises had the means and resources to implement these essential technologies. So, where does that leave small to midsize enterprises (SMEs)?

    In this upcoming webinar, Tuesday, May 22, at 11am PT/2 pm ET, Co-founder and COO of CyberEdge Group, Mark Bouchard, will share insights on the cybersecurity challenges facing small to midsize enterprises (SMEs), drawing on data from the recently published 2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report. We will also hear from Sr. Director of Product Marketing of Arctic Wolf Networks, Narayan Makaram, on the SOC options available to SMEs and will help to identify the top 10 capabilities to look for in a SOC-as-a-service.

    By attending this webinar you will learn about:

    • Cybersecurity challenges facing the IT organization in small to midsize enterprises (SMEs)
    • Insights into what is driving the need for managed threat detection and response
    • The top 10 essential elements of a SOC-as-a-Service

    To discover how SMEs can get access to a SOC in the form of a SOC-as-a-service, register today!

    About our key speaker:

    Mark Bouchard, CISSP, is the Chief Operating Officer at CyberEdge Group, an award-winning research, marketing and publishing firm serving the needs of high-tech organizations worldwide. Before CyberEdge, Mark founded AimPoint Group, an independent IT research and consulting company specializing in information security. Prior to AimPoint Group, Mark was a Vice President at META Group (acquired by Gartner) where he helped hundreds of organizations worldwide address their IT challenges. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Mark is passionate about ensuring the success of his clients.
  • 15 Failure Points in Kubernetes and How to Monitor Them
    15 Failure Points in Kubernetes and How to Monitor Them Jorge Salamero Sanz Recorded: May 22 2018 23 mins
    There is a lot of discussion nowadays on how to use containers in production - are you there already?

    When operating a production platform we should prepare for failure and in addition to monitoring working metrics, we cannot forget about the most common failure points. From an agnostic monitoring solution perspective, and following a use-case driven approach, we will learn the most common failure points in a Kubernetes infrastructure and how to detect them (metrics, events, checks, etc).
  • GDPR: Protecting Your Data
    GDPR: Protecting Your Data Ulf Mattsson, Martyn Hope, Mark Rasch, David Morris Recorded: May 22 2018 56 mins
    Find out why data protection and encryption is an essential component of preparing for your GDPR readiness process.

    Specifically, we will cover:

    What is considered "Personal Data" and why it needs to be "protected"

    The Legal Aspects of Data Protection under GDPR.

    The technical ways to protect/pseudonymization

    In this Session you will learn from the leading experts:
    - Ulf Mattsson: The father of database Encryption.
    - Martyn Hope: The Co-Founder of the GDPR Institut.
    - Mark Rasch: Former Chief Cybersecurity Evangelist at Verizon and led the DOJ's Cyber Crime Unit.
  • Security in the Age of Hybrid Cloud
    Security in the Age of Hybrid Cloud Ajay Uggirala and Marty Jost — Product Marketing, Imperva Recorded: May 22 2018 45 mins
    The advantages offered by a cloud-based environment make it an easy decision for most companies to have apps and data both on-premises and in the cloud. Still, there are numerous critical choices to be made that can transform the complexities of the migration process into a relatively smooth transition—especially regarding application and data security. In this session we will define hybrid cloud and talk about best practices to secure your company application and data assets as you start managing across both cloud and traditional IT environments.
  • Solving Mobile Security: Peer-tested Strategies That Work
    Solving Mobile Security: Peer-tested Strategies That Work Brian Duckering,Mobile Security Specialist, Symantec and Brian Jacome, Director of Applications and Controls, RBC Recorded: May 22 2018 60 mins
    Businesses of all sizes are wary of the added risk that comes from the use of mobile devices and are struggling to figure out the best strategies to protect their sensitive information.

    Attend this webcast to hear the advice from experienced security professionals who have successfully navigated the path to protect their businesses from mobile threats.

    Hear from Brian Jacome, Director of Applications and Controls from Royal Bank of Canada and learn about his journey and get answers to the following questions and more:

    - Why is it important to secure mobile devices?

    - What is your advice to your peers who are starting their mobile security journey?

    - What are the most important requirements of a mobile security solution?

    By the end of this webcast, you will have gained important advice and perspective from those who have gone before you and are able to sleep better at night.

    Register Today
  • The GDPR World Is Upon Us!
    The GDPR World Is Upon Us! Shawn Ryan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Imperva, and Timothy Yim, Senior Regulatory Counsel, Imperva Recorded: May 22 2018 45 mins
    With the deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance all but here, those companies that have taken the necessary steps are wondering “what’s next?”, while those lagging behind must quickly mobilize to eliminate gaps and mitigate the risks associated with failure to comply.

    This webinar will provide you with:

    - A refresh of the GDPR requirements and risks associated with the failure to comply.
    - An overview of the key actions and requirements for organizations that are already at, or near compliance, and those that are still ramping their compliance efforts.
    - A deep dive into how your data security program can facilitate GDPR compliance and the various solutions available to support organizational readiness efforts.

    About the presenters:

    Shawn Ryan, MBA is a Senior Product Marketing Manager within the data security team at Imperva, a cybersecurity company with leading data and application security solutions protecting business-critical information in hybrid environments. In developing and executing marketing strategies and content that support the company’s data security portfolio, and enabling various stakeholders and partners, Shawn keeps a close eye on global privacy and regulatory changes, and ever-evolving customer needs.

    Timothy Yim, CIPP/US/E, CIPT, CIPM, FIP, is Senior Regulatory Counsel at Imperva, a cybersecurity company with leading data and application security solutions protecting business-critical information in hybrid environments. He leads Imperva’s global data privacy program and other compliance initiatives. Timothy speaks frequently on data privacy at conferences and events, and is often quoted on current privacy events by the media.
  • [Panel] The New Business Models & Technologies that Drive Family Offices
    [Panel] The New Business Models & Technologies that Drive Family Offices Marc DePaul, Stephen Wall, Michael L. Kalscheur Recorded: May 22 2018 60 mins
    While Family Offices do rely extensively on the human touch to create and nurture relationships, technology can enable humans to do jobs that need to be done but still low-value.

    Indeed, this is becoming a selling point, but how can you know what tech is worth it vs. what tech is just fun to say you have?

    Further, what new business models exist that are driving value for clients?

    This webinar will explore;
    * Future tech that will enable increased output: BlockChain, AI & Automation
    * Non-office technology that enables human connection: health & travel hacks
    * What the best Family Offices are using to service their clients
    * How to identify where you can be more efficient in your operations

    You'll leave this webinar with an understanding of what technology exists to streamline operations, cut your work in half, and make you physically able to work more effectively, and what new business models exist.

    Marc A. DePaul, J Jack Family Office
    Michael L. Kalscheur, CFP®, Senior Financial Consultant, Castle Wealth Advisors, LLC

    Stephen Wall, The Wealth Mosaic
  • DFLabs IncMan SOAR Platform Overview
    DFLabs IncMan SOAR Platform Overview Mike Fowler, Vice President of Professional Services at DFLabs and John Moran, Senior Product Manager at DFLabs Recorded: May 22 2018 49 mins
    Learn how DFLabs IncMan Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform can help to automate, orchestrate and measure your security operations and incident response processes and tasks.

    Join this webinar and take a look at the latest version of IncMan SOAR, including a range of new features and integrations, and discover how we can help you to leverage your existing technologies and streamline your workflows.

    Keep your cyber incidents under control by orchestrating the full incident response and investigation lifecycle, automate actions, fuse security intelligence and share knowledge with machine learning:

    - Minimize Incident Resolution Time by 90%
    - Maximize Analyst Efficiency by 80%
    - Increase the Amount of Handled Incidents by 300%
  • The Future of GDPR: Compliance beyond Deadline Day
    The Future of GDPR: Compliance beyond Deadline Day Brian Rutledge (Spanning) | Kalani Enos (FARO Technologies) | Heather Stratford (Stronger.tech) Recorded: May 22 2018 60 mins
    May 25th 2018 is the deadline day for achieving General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. It is also only the beginning of GDPR.

    Discover what GDPR means for your organization, how it affects US businesses and why it's important to be GDPR compliant.

    Join this interactive Q&A panel discussion with industry experts to learn more about:
    - The intersection of GDPR, privacy and cybersecurity
    - How GDPR affects data governance, breach disclosures and overall data protection
    - Recommendations for improving your organization's cyber resilience

    - Brian Rutledge, Principal Security Engineer at Spanning
    - Kalani Enos, IT Security Manager, FARO Technologies
    - Heather Stratford, CEO of Stronger.tech
  • Understand the Performance of Customer Facing Applications
    Understand the Performance of Customer Facing Applications Heather Abbott, SVP of Corporate Solutions, Nasdaq Barry Russell, GM, AWS Marketplace Recorded: May 22 2018 35 mins
    Come learn how NASDAQ used AWS Marketplace to purchase and launch AppDynamics unified Application Performance Management (APM) and business performance monitoring solution for their migration to AWS.

    With AppDynamics, NASDAQ was able to move their critical applications to AWS and used AppDynamics to accelerate, visualize and validate the migration process. This allowed NASDAQ to improve their applications in AWS with business performance monitoring and make clear, understandable correlations between the quality of their customer experience with their applications.
  • GDPR: Identifying and Responding to a Data Breach
    GDPR: Identifying and Responding to a Data Breach Duncan Brown IDC, Ilias Chantzos, Sunil Choudrie and Giampiero Nanni,Symantec Recorded: May 22 2018 63 mins
    With GDPR coming, businesses are endeavouring to change how they collect and use personal data with more accountable and compliant processes. However, the GDPR’s data breach notification requirements continue to present a challenge for many.

    Join Duncan Brown, IDC and Ilias Chantzos, Senior Director, Global CIP and Privacy Advisor, Symantec and panel hosts to discuss

    •Findings from the current IDC GDPR Assessment
    •Gain practical advice on GDPR breach notification rules
    •Guidance issued from European Data Protection Authorities
    •Data transfers and how a breach can affect multiple locations and jurisdictions.
  • Applying Innovative Tools for GDPR Success
    Applying Innovative Tools for GDPR Success ForgeRock's Eve Maler, Nick Caley and Carlos Scott Recorded: May 22 2018 61 mins
    The GDPR's enforcement date is finally around the corner: May 25th. Have you successfully conceived of this groundbreaking EU regulation as a business opportunity? Have you addressed the challenges of both compliance and customer trust in a more comprehensive fashion? In this webcast, ForgeRock experts Nick Caley, VP of Financial and Regulatory, and Eve Maler, VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology, and Carlos Scott, Digital Risk Consultant will:

    - Discuss the GDPR in the context of regulatory compliance, digital innovation, and "ripped from the headlines" tensions in consumer trust and the personal data economy

    - Describe important privacy, consent, and trust innovations made in recent times, including in the standards world (OAuth, UMA, and more)

    - Demonstrate capabilities of the ForgeRock Identity Platform that address GDPR requirements, including a Profile and Privacy Management dashboard

    As the band aptly named Europe said:

    We're leaving together
    But still it's farewell
    And maybe we'll come back
    To earth, who can tell?
    I guess there is no one to blame
    We're leaving ground
    Will things ever be the same again?
    It's the final countdown
  • Securing the banking industry: Detecting threats and mitigating cyberattacks
    Securing the banking industry: Detecting threats and mitigating cyberattacks Amardeep Sachdev, LogRhythm & Tony Masse, LogRhythm Recorded: May 22 2018 43 mins
    The banking industry is a lucrative target for cybercriminals and the increase in attacks is a huge concern for CISOs in the industry. Threats are evolving, getting more sophisticated and insider threats are increasing. In particular, payment fraud is key concern for the industry and pressure is mounting on security teams to avoid breaches as well as complying with more and more regulations and frameworks.

    With attackers more determined and sophisticated, we must be able to detect anomalous activity, such as fraud, quickly to reduce the risk of suffering a damaging consequence/breach. This is especially true within the SWIFT environment and its security controls framework aims to establish a security baseline for the SWIFT community to help maintain a secure environment for all its users.

    In this presentation, LogRhythm experts will focus on specific security controls from the framework and outline how SIEM and UEBA can be used to detect anomalous activity in a user’s local environment and how it can be stopped with the right response and mitigation approach. We will also outline how to automate compliance and other processes to help free up time to focus on real, higher risk alerts.

    Join this session to:
    •Understand what a typical cyberattack on a user’s local environment would look like with a real use case.
    •Discover how the SWIFT security controls can be supported by SIEM solutions.
    •How compliance automation can enable your organisation to meet regulatory and compliance demands efficiently.
  • The SIEM That Gives SIEM a Good Name
    The SIEM That Gives SIEM a Good Name Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services EMEA, (ISC)², Avi Chesla, CTO and Founder, empow Recorded: May 22 2018 59 mins
    In their attempt to defend against the increasing volume of advanced attack campaigns, organisations are buying more and more security solutions, unwittingly creating a complex and cumbersome cybersecurity architecture.
    SIEM systems were supposed to be the industry’s solution to this problem, but they have failed miserably. Today’s SIEM systems create more problems than they solve, are very expensive, and ultimately ineffective.

    This webcast led by Avi Chesla, empow founder and CTO, will review the evolution of SIEM technology over the years, the fundamental flaws in its design, and why it has failed. He will then dive into the technology behind next-generation SIEM, and the major role played by AI in it, so that InfoSec teams can cut through the noise in the cybersecurity arena and effectively evaluate the next wave of solutions: SIEM that finally works for you, instead of the other way around.
  • The Death of the B2B Salesperson
    The Death of the B2B Salesperson Mike Wilkinson – MD of Advance Recorded: May 22 2018 34 mins
    In this webinar, Mike reflects on Forrester’s forecast that 1 million US B2B salespeople will lose their jobs by the year 2020 and how disruptive technology is changing the game. Do you have the right sales model and skills to adapt? He will discuss what customers are demanding, plus the skills and behaviours required for B2B sales professionals to thrive.
  • De-Mystifying Consent Under the GDPR
    De-Mystifying Consent Under the GDPR Kristy Gouldsmith, Sr. Data Protection GDPR Consultant & Managing Director of Sapphire Consulting Group Recorded: May 22 2018 51 mins
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th, 2018. The GDPR changes the way that consent is sought and managed and it sets a high standard for consent. Consent means offering people genuine choice and control over how you use their data. When consent is used properly, it helps you build trust and enhance your reputation.

    The changes from the GDPR reflect a more dynamic idea of consent: consent as an organic, ongoing and actively managed choice, and not simply a one-off compliance box to tick and file away. This webinar will help you to decide when to rely on consent for processing and when to look at alternatives. It explains what counts as valid consent, and how to obtain and manage consent in a way that complies with the GDPR.

    About the Speaker:
    Kristy Gouldsmith, CIPP/E, LLB, LLM, PGCE, BA, is a senior data protection GDPR consultant and the managing director of Sapphire Consulting Group, a leading UK data protection consultancy. Sapphire Consulting Group provide GDPR services such as audits, policies, data sharing agreements and training. Kristy is also the Data Protection Officer for a number of organisations including a multi-national software-as- a-service company, a large London-based serviced-office company and several firms of solicitors.
  • Securing Your Cloud Applications
    Securing Your Cloud Applications Joakim (JK) Lialias, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Cloud Security, Forcepoint Recorded: May 21 2018 38 mins
    Managing Risk - Making the Invisible, Visible​

    Today, the average enterprise customer uses over 1,000 cloud applications, including SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), or even homegrown cloud applications. To mitigate security risks, IT leaders need to ensure assets housed in these cloud environments are secure.

    According to a recent Forcepoint security survey, 56% of business decision-makers stated that it’s difficult or very difficult to promote innovation through a move to cloud while maintaining corporate security and governance.

    The art of managing cloud application risk today is critically centered on making the invisible visible, while also applying the necessary control and governance. Watch this webcast to learn how Forcepoint CASB, along with DLP for Cloud Applications and Web Security solutions, can help with:

    - Discovery – insight into what cloud apps are being used by employees
    - Enforcement – automated threat prevention and context-aware policy enforcement
    - Risk Assessment – contextual risk of applications, users, and security configurations
  • Der Stichtag. Die DS-GVO Umsetzung fängt jetzt erst richtig an.
    Der Stichtag. Die DS-GVO Umsetzung fängt jetzt erst richtig an. Thomas Hemker and Alexander Peters May 23 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Die DSGVO ist da! Wenn Sie jetzt nicht vorbereitet sind, kann Sie das teuer zu stehen kommen.

    Am 25. Mai endet der Countdown für die DSGVO-Umsetzung. Ab dann gelten neue gesetzliche Bestimmungen zum Schutz sensibler Kundendaten – und zwar für alle Unternehmen, die personenbezogene Daten von EU-Bürgern verarbeiten, speichern oder weitergeben, unabhängig davon, ob ihr Sitz in oder außerhalb der EU liegt. Die DSGVO definiert strenge Regeln für den Umgang mit kritischen Daten, und es ist alles andere als einfach, Compliance sicherzustellen. Hinzu kommt, dass die Bestimmungen sofort in Kraft treten – und bei Verstößen hohe Bußgelder drohen.

    Sprechen Sie mit den Symantec-Experten!
    •Erfahren Sie, was die DSGVO für Sie bedeutet – und was Sie bei einem Angriff tun müssen
    •Wir helfen Ihnen, Risiken richtig einzuschätzen, und geben Ihnen Tipps für die Zeit nach der Einführung.
    •Was kommt noch auf Sie zu? Alles über die anstehenden gesetzlichen Neuerungen
    •Bleiben Sie durchgehend auf dem Laufenden
  • [Panel] GDPR & Cyber Security
    [Panel] GDPR & Cyber Security Julian Saunders (PORT.im) | Bob Honour (SonicWALL) | Raef Meeuwisse (ISACA) May 23 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a key legislation going into effect in May that it will affect all organizations that handle, store or pass through data of EU citizens.

    Join this panel of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security experts for an interactive Q&A as they discuss the importance of being GDPR-compliant:
    - What GDPR means for cyber security
    - GDPR requirements around data collection and governance, exposure and breach disclosure
    - Evaluating your cyber risk
    - Recommendations for achieving compliance post-deadline day
    - Other regulation on the horizon

    - Julian Saunders, CEO, PORT.im
    - Bob Honour, EMEA Marketing Director, SonicWALL
    - Raef Meeuwisse, CISM, CISA, ISACA Governance Expert & Author “Cybersecurity for Beginners”
  • Cryptocurrencies: Trends and Threats
    Cryptocurrencies: Trends and Threats David Grout, Technical Director for Southern Europe, FireEye May 23 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Cyber criminals have always been attracted to cryptocurrencies, which provide a certain level of anonymity and can be easily monetised. In recent years, criminals have gone beyond using cryptocurrencies as a payment method for illicit tools and services. Seeing their value and growing popularity, many actors are targeting cryptocurrency operations and exchanges with attacks such as malicious cryptocurrency mining, collection of cryptocurrency wallet credentials and extortion.

    Join your host David Grout, Technical Director for Southern Europe, for a 45-minute webinar to discuss the latest cryptocurrency threats and trends.
  • The Black Report
    The Black Report Chris Pogue, Head of Services, Security and Partner Integration May 23 2018 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The second edition of The Nuix Black Report has been released including new insights and information on the source of the threat, the attackers and penetration testers themselves. Join Chris Pogue, Head of Services, Security and Partner Integration, discuss the true nexus between attacker methodology and defensive posture in this live webinar.

    You will gain a deeper understanding of the nexus between attacker methodology and defensive posture, including

    1. Which security programs and countermeasures will improve your security posture? They’re not the ones you think
    2. What’s the best spend for your security dollar and why?
    3. If hackers could speak to your organization’s leaders, what would they say?
  • Building Out your Cloud B2C in a Way that Scales
    Building Out your Cloud B2C in a Way that Scales Jerry Combs, Principal Architect, Pointblue Technology and Kent Purdy, Micro Focus May 23 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Implementing an access management system that provides services to the public presents many challenges that are not found in typical enterprise implementations. Chief among these are issues of scale as public facing systems typically serve many thousands or even millions of end users. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Government-to-Citizen (G2C) systems require processes, tools, and methodologies that allow a high degree of automation and self-service. Manual administration of such large numbers of user identities is simply not practical.

    In this webinar we will describe the challenges typical of public facing access management systems and an approach to solving them.
  • Cisco ASA to Firepower Migration: A Simplified Solution
    Cisco ASA to Firepower Migration: A Simplified Solution Joe Schreiber, Technical Director, Business Development, Tufin and Dan Rheault Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin May 23 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Are you a Cisco ASA customer eager to migrate to Firepower next generation policy?
    You are not alone!
    Join this webinar on May 23 at 11am EDT/4pm BST to learn about a migration solution that leverages policy optimization and automation for the most efficient adoption of Cisco Firepower. The solution is based on Tufin proprietary technology and on a longstanding relationship with Cisco. Tufin policy search and analysis capabilities simplify policy browsing and selection, while an API-to-API integration streamlines the selected policy migration from ASA to Firepower.

    Don’t miss this session presented by Dan Rheault, Product Marketing and Joe Schreiber, Technical Business Development, as they uncover the added value of Tufin automated migration solution:
    •Optimize rule sets prior to migration
    •Align rule sets to Firepower Access Control Groups
    •Ensure the most efficient migration process with automation
  • Remediation & Mitigation: How To Find The Best Fix Location
    Remediation & Mitigation: How To Find The Best Fix Location Glenn Whittemore, CA Veracode Solutions Architect May 23 2018 3:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    Learn how you can fix more than 2.5x the average number of application flaws.

    As you embark on the mission to tackle the flaws and vulnerabilities found after scanning, you need to prioritize and optimize your approach. You know you cannot let potential system flaws or weaknesses in your application be exploited to compromise the security of your organization’s most critical assets.

    Join this 20-minute webinar to see how Veracode can help you prioritize and find the best location in which to fix and remove the vulnerabilities and flaws that can put your organization at risk. Recognized as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader since 2010, Veracode provides on-demand application vulnerability testing to detect and offer solutions for vulnerabilities and other security issues.
  • Accudata + Forcepoint Security Series | Risk-Adaptive Protection
    Accudata + Forcepoint Security Series | Risk-Adaptive Protection Bharath Vasudevan, Senior Director May 23 2018 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    What comes to mind when you hear “decision making based on calculated behavioral analytics”? It’s a pretty exciting concept–one that’s new to cyber security and one that Forcepoint does very well. Join our webinar to learn how risk-adaptive protection is helping organizations:

    - Continually improve security effectiveness through machine learning and AI
    - Better understand risky behavior
    - Automate policies
    - Dramatically reduce the quantity of alerts
    - Streamline and accelerate investigation of those alerts

    Tune in May 23!
  • GDPR is Here! Now What?
    GDPR is Here! Now What? Theresa Abbamondi (Arbor Cloud & Services, NETSCOUT) & Azar Khansari Silver (NETSCOUT) May 23 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25, 2018. While GDPR is a regulation enacted by the European Union, if your company has global operations or reaches a worldwide audience, your company is also likely subject to GDPR. This session will help you build your GDPR preparation checklist based on the key elements of a GDPR compliance program for companies based outside the EU, explain GDPR provisions most relevant to the use of security solutions, and discuss questions you should be asking your security team and service providers to understand the features available within your solutions to help you comply with GDPR.

    - Theresa Abbamondi, Director, Product Management, Arbor Cloud & Services, NETSCOUT
    - Azar Khansari Silver, Associate General Counsel, NETSCOUT
  • Accelerating Incident Response with Intelligence-Driven Security Orchestration
    Accelerating Incident Response with Intelligence-Driven Security Orchestration Al Cooley,Director Product Mgmt, Symantec / Meny Har, VP Product, Siemplify / Nimmy Reichenberg, CMO, Siemplify May 23 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Security operations teams are modern-day detectives, combing through clues to thwart cyberthreats. But the deluge of alerts from disparate technologies, manual processes and multiple consoles often hinder teams from building the story they need to respond to truly malicious activity.

    Join Symantec and Siemplify on Wedensday, May 23, to see how intelligence-driven orchestration helps SOCs overcome these challenges by enabling deeper, higher quality investigations and expediting incident response.

    During this session you’ll learn:

    - The vital role context plays in security operations and how it powers incident investigation and response

    - How threat intelligence and security orchestration provide deeper insights to streamline alert validation, incident prioritization and response

    - How Siemplify and Symantec DeepSight Intelligence integrate, drive a standardized workflow and improve security incident response

    Register Today
  • Transform Your Business with Intelligent Information Management: Mobius 8
    Transform Your Business with Intelligent Information Management: Mobius 8 Greg Wilson, Director, ASG & Jack Marcus, Solutions Engineer, ASG & Jarein Vlesveld, Director, ASG May 23 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Digital information is the lifeblood of every enterprise business. You need content services that integrate with your existing on premise and Cloud technologies to ingest your content and store that information in accessible pieces so it can be found, managed and viewed across the globe in real time. Join ASG’s Product and Solutions Consulting team to discover how the powerful content services offered by Mobius can help transform the way you do business and access information.

    During this 30 minute webinar, you’ll explore the granular policy management that lies at the foundation of Mobius’ architecture and see how Mobius allows your teams to manage content easily through regulations and corporate policies while ensuring your business remains competitive.
  • Advancing Healthcare Cybersecurity | Epic Hyperspace Security Monitoring
    Advancing Healthcare Cybersecurity | Epic Hyperspace Security Monitoring Julian Crowley and Vaughn Adams May 23 2018 5:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    The health care industry is increasingly threatened and the target of cyber attacks as the value of their patient records, infrastructure and services grow. With an expanding attack surface due to cloud infrastructure, it's critical the health care industry continues to mature its security capabilities for it's most valuable data and apps.

    Epic Systems is a market leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) vendor widely used by large hospitals and health systems to access, organize, store and share patient medical records. Given the volume and sensitivity of personal data on Epic platforms, it’s critical to ensure threats to patient privacy are detected and mitigated quickly.

    In this webinar, learn how organizations in health care are using LogRhythm’s Epic Hyperspace App combined with traditional security data to provide greater value and network visibility. Members of LogRhythm’s Strategic Integration team and Health Care Sales Engineering team will show you how LogRhythm’s Epic Hyperspace App provides a focused point solution for real time visibility, as well as detection of suspicious activity within an Epic deployment. See how this app provides:

    · Real-time visibility (including alarms and reports) into:
    · Inappropriate access or access attempts to patient medical records
    · Inappropriate attempts to record or download patient medical records
    · Users and systems trying to access the EHR
    · Context of the user who is accessing the patient records
    · Logic or reasoning behind the attempted access to medical records

    If you have Epic and LogRhythm, this is a must-see webinar. If you use another EHR, use the information from this webinar as a template on how and why to monitor your EHR platform.

    Julian Crowley, Strategic Integration Engineer | Vaughn Adams, Enterprise Sales Engineer
  • Finding Out Your Cybersecurity Posture Doesn’t Take a Genius
    Finding Out Your Cybersecurity Posture Doesn’t Take a Genius Mukul Kumar, CISO & VP of Cyber Practice May 23 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    3.5 million unfilled security jobs in the coming years coupled with increasingly sophisticated attacks doesn’t paint a pretty picture. As Cisco’s SVP security said at RSA this year, ‘we are completely screwed.’ But we don’t have to be, and you don’t have to be a genius either!

    Join us, as we share results of recent surveys from ESG, Cybersecurity Insiders, and Cavirin that look at key concerns when migrating to the hybrid cloud, things like DevSecOps, container monitoring, and continuous compliance.

    We will then provide you a sneak peek into Cavirin’s CyberPosture Intelligence and its simplicity which provides you with a real-time view across your hybrid cloud, both account security posture as well as workload continuous compliance. One button assessments and immediate comparisons to your desired ‘golden posture’ help you maintain control without hiring more security experts.
  • GDPR: Responding to a Breach
    GDPR: Responding to a Breach Ray Ford, Ian West, Mark Rasch, David Morris May 23 2018 5:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    When a Breach occurs, what are the best practices to comply with the GDPR's notification requirements. This session will cover:
    Breach Notification rules
    Who, what and when to notify?
  • Get Started Fast: How to Create Reserved Instance Purchases
    Get Started Fast: How to Create Reserved Instance Purchases Kevin Buschle, CloudCheckr Support May 23 2018 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Thank you for watching our Get Started Fast with CloudCheckr series.

    CloudCheckr Support Expert Kevin Buschle takes the reigns on this live demo to show you everything you need to know about Reserved Instances (RIs). Watch Kevin walk through lifecycle tracking and notifications, purchasing on the AWS console, checking advanced reports, and optimization techniques.

    You will learn:
    - The purpose of an RI
    - Benefits of having RIs
    - Fees and costs related to different purchasing options

    Be sure to ask Kevin questions along the way, and feel free to offer up feedback at the end.
  • Building a Governed Data Lake in the Cloud
    Building a Governed Data Lake in the Cloud Rajesh Nadipalli May 23 2018 6:00 pm UTC 120 mins
    The three V’s of big data (velocity, volume, variety) continue to grow. There are more data types than ever, arriving faster, in sizes that traditional storage can barely keep up with. This is where transitioning to the cloud makes sense.

    With its on-demand processing, storage scalability, and potential financial savings, the cloud is now a data-oriented organization’s dream. But what model is right for you? What challenges should you look out for? How do you migrate effectively?

    Join Zaloni’s Director of Professional Services and Support, Raj Nadipalli, as he answers these questions - diving into cloud-based data lake use cases, a cloud-based data lake architecture, and more.

    Topics covered include:
    - Benefits of a cloud-based data lake (including hybrid and multi-cloud)
    - Concerns with moving your data lake to the cloud
    - Why metadata matters
    - Cloud use cases
    - A reference architecture
  • Ransomware:  The Not So Good, Really Bad and Truly Ugly!
    Ransomware:  The Not So Good, Really Bad and Truly Ugly! Erich Kron CISSP, Security Awareness Advocate May 23 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ransomware is spreading at an alarming pace and infecting networks across all industries and company sizes, primarily through phishing attacks. The cyber criminals behind the attacks are furiously innovating and keeping ahead of the defenses. In this session, we will have an interactive discussion related to the latest in ransomware threats and how to best protect your organization and yourself against this growing threat.
    This session will educate attendees about the newest features of ransomware strains designed to evade detection and spread in new and creative ways. It will also discuss recent attacks and how the organizations could have better protected themselves.
    The session will examine:
    •         Current phishing trends
    •         Ransomware and how it is infecting networks
    •         Effective mitigation strategies
    •         Recovering from an attack
  • Subject Access Rights: GDPR Implementation Guide
    Subject Access Rights: GDPR Implementation Guide Brian Philbrook, Privacy Counsel at OneTrust | Dr Andreas Splittgerber, Partner, Reed Smith May 23 2018 8:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    The GDPR grants data subjects new rights including: data portability, access to their data, erasure or “the right to be forgotten”, and rectification. For data controllers, there are specific record-keeping requirements around the time to respond, the ability to request an extension, the requirement to validate the identity, and securely transmitting the response to the individual.

    Join us for this educational web conference to hear about the new rights of data subjects and how organizations can use privacy management software to streamline and automate requests, validation, and notification processes.

    About the presenters:

    Brian Philbrook serves as Privacy Counsel at OneTrust where he provides guidance on global privacy regulations to assist compliance efforts and drive product innovation. Philbrook also conducts training and workshops on the GDPR and contributes to various publications and web-conferences on a regular basis. Prior to OneTrust, Philbrook served on the Privacy Team for RxAnte, a leading predictive analytics and clinical services company committed to improving medication use. He also worked as an extern on the IAPP’s training and publications teams. Philbrook earned his JD from the University of Maine School of Law, where he was the first recipient of the Certificate in Information Privacy Law.

    Dr Andreas Splittgerber is a partner in the Munich office of Reed Smith and member of the IP, Tech & Data Group.

    Andreas specialises in IT law, data protection/privacy, social media law and internet law (Germany and EU). He is passionate about technology and privacy and thought-leader when it comes to legally evaluating new technologies (e.g. internet of things, artificial intelligence).
  • Cybersecurity Trends & Impacts in 2018 and Beyond
    Cybersecurity Trends & Impacts in 2018 and Beyond Dan Waddell, President, ISC-2 Northern Virginia Chapter May 23 2018 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join this expert panel as they discuss their thoughts and predictions for the remainder of 2018 and beyond about how the cybersecurity arena is impacting, and is impacted by, human and workforce behavior, machine learning, threats and procedures, software assurance, supply chain risk, and more.

    The panel will consist of the Board of Directors of the Northern Virginia Chartering Chapter of (ISC)2, including:
    * Dan Waddell, President, NoVA (ISC)2 and Senior VP at Zeneth Technology Partners
    * Ed Covert, Lead Enterprise Security Architect, Deutsche Bank
    * Joe Jarzonbek, Director for Government, Aerospace & Defense Programs at Synopsys, Inc.
    * David Rubal, Sr. Account Executive, DoD Modern Infrastructure, Dell Technologies
  • M-Trends 2018: セキュリティ最新動向ウェブセミナー
    M-Trends 2018: セキュリティ最新動向ウェブセミナー FireEye Japan May 24 2018 2:00 am UTC 45 mins
    このウェブセミナーでは、M-Trends 2018レポートのキーポイントを解説いたします。ぜひご参加いただき、今後のセキュリティ対策にお役立てください。


  • Human Factor 2018 - Cryptocurrencies, Ransomware and Cloud Based Attacks
    Human Factor 2018 - Cryptocurrencies, Ransomware and Cloud Based Attacks Adenike Cosgrove, Cybersecurity Strategist and Davide Canali, Senior Threat Analyst May 24 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    ‘The human factor’—the instincts of curiosity and trust that lead well-meaning people to click, download, install, move funds, and more—is simply more reliable and lucrative than exploits with increasingly short shelf lives.

    Join our speakers, Adenike Cosgrove and Davide Canali, as they discuss the findings from our Human Factor 2018 report. We’ll talk through the many ways in which threat actors continue to refine their approaches to social engineering with well-crafted lures and schemes that regularly trick even savvy users.

    During the webinar, we’ll cover:
    -- Trends in volume and type of attack providing useful insights for both defenders and organizations.
    -- Ransomware and Email Fraud - how effective have they become and who is being targeted the
    -- How bad actors are using cloud services to their benefit
    -- Live Q&A with the speakers
  • GDPR: Dealing with a Data Breach
    GDPR: Dealing with a Data Breach Rob Shapland, Principal Security Consultant, First Base Technologies May 24 2018 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    We all know that even the best of plans can go wrong, and that any organisation can have a data breach. Dealing with a data breach is one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to do – you’ll be up against the clock in a rapidly evolving situation. It is important that you know the consequences as soon as possible, to do what you can to minimise the effects of a breach quickly, and to mitigate the effects of the incident.

    • Learn how to effectively and quickly investigate a breach

    • Understand how to assess the consequences, including fines, legal actions and reputational damage

    • Discover what you can to minimise the effects of a breach quickly

    • Find out how to mitigate the impact on your organisation

    About Rob Shapland BSc (Hons) OSCP OSWP CRT Principal Cyber Security Consultant, First Base Technologies

    Rob Shapland is an ethical hacker with 9 years’ experience conducting penetration tests for hundreds of organisations, from small businesses to major international organisations.
    He specialises in simulating advanced cyber attacks against corporate networks, combining technical attacks with his other hobby of dressing up and tricking his way into company headquarters using social engineering techniques.
    He is also a regular speaker at events and conferences around Europe, and has appeared on both BBC and ITV as a cyber security adviser. He holds qualifications from SANS, Offensive Security and CREST, and has been trained in social engineering techniques by Chris Hadnagy, one of the world's leading practitioners and researchers.
  • GDPR: An Evolution, Not a Revolution
    GDPR: An Evolution, Not a Revolution Nicola Howell, Senior Compliance & Privacy Attorney at Dun & Bradstreet May 24 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Feel prepared, not panicked, with our GDPR “need-to-knows” and tips for staying compliant beyond 25th May.

    Join our interactive session (part of the BrightTALK GDPR Deadline Day & Beyond Summit), to hear Nicola Howell, Senior Compliance & Privacy Attorney at Dun & Bradstreet, and Tash Whitaker, Head of Compliance at Moorcrofts LLP lead discussion on the following key topics:

    • Why the GDPR should be treated as an evolution, not a revolution, of current data protection laws

    • The crucial “need-to-knows” for compliance as the deadline approaches

    • Guidance on ongoing compliance monitoring and risk assessment – how to stay compliant past the 25th May deadline

    • Plus - live Q&A with our GDPR experts
  • M-Trends 2018 – Rétroviseurs sur les grands faits 2017 et leurs impacts futurs
    M-Trends 2018 – Rétroviseurs sur les grands faits 2017 et leurs impacts futurs David Grout, Directeur Technique, South EMEA May 24 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chaque année, les experts FireEye à travers les équipes Mandiant répondent à une grande variété d'incidents informatiques à travers le monde, ces attaques sont dans la plupart des cas orchestrées par des groupes d’attaquants avancés. Ce retour d’expérience, fruit d’heures d’analyses et d’investigations, est résumé dans le rapport annuel M-Trends qui d’années en années nous donne une visibilité sur le changement et l’évolution de la menace et des techniques utilisées lors des attaques mais aussi sur les progrès et les capacités que les entreprises mettent en place pour y répondre.

    Au cours de ce webinaire, notre Directeur Technique, David Grout, discutera de plusieurs sujets incluant :

    • Les tendances dans le paysage actuel des menaces et ces évolutions
    • Les principaux groupes APT ayant fait parler d’eux en 2017
    • Les risques de récurrence d’attaques
    • Mais aussi de sujets plus ouverts comme la recherche de talents et la complexité de recruter, les architectures ciblées et leurs faiblesses ou encore la préparation possible à travers des exercices de type Red Teaming.