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Frost & Sullivan's Energy & Environment webcasts focus on smart buildings, the rise of renewables, the shale gas boom, and other key industry issues.

Further, our in-depth coverage of global Mega Trends and emerging markets prepares Energy & Environment market participants to confront a zero-carbon economy, the growing economic importance of BRIC (as well as the Next Eleven) countries, and growing international interest in energy independence.

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Integrating Renewable into Utilities: Lessons Learned Globally Ravi K, Vice President, Energy & Environment On a given day in January 2014, renewable energy generation, accounted for more than 105% of Denmark's power demand. This was more than what the existing network could handle, creating voltage and frequency management issues. As the proportion of renewable energy increases in a country's energy mix, it creates significant technical, regulatory and business challenges. Globally, utilities are spending nearly $25 billion in maintaining and modernizing their power grid infrastructure. With the need to integrate more renewable, this will only increase. Is there a risk of these increased investments becoming stranded assets for utilities?

Key Takeaway from the presentation:

1. Understand the challenges and consequences of integrating large amount of renewable into utilities
2. Learn about the Increasing role of energy storage technologies in integrating renewable into utilities
3. Case studies from early adopters like Germany and Denmark
4. What are the best practices and key success factors for integration
5. Role of disruptive technologies and policy makers
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Aug 19 2015 3:00 am
60 mins
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