International Green IT Week 2011

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International Green IT Week 2011 - Inspire, Minimise, Empower

International Green IT Week is an initiative hosted by FFITS.ORG from 1st-7th June, which aims to:
Motivate individuals and businesses to take action
Support each other locally, regionally and globally in Green IT innovation
Share experiences and learnings

Reduce the environmental footprint of technology
Reduce travel associated with typical conferences

Providing access to the latest in research and practical implementation
Collaborating with professionals and specialists globally
Promote the use of technology for environmental initiatives

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Green IT Week - How GreenIT is driving organisational change Scott Evans Summary - an overview of GreenIT business drivers and benefits, GreenIT capability at an industry sector level, GreenIT roadmap...includes 6 case studies
Credentials - author of AIIA GreenIT eBook, AIIA GreenIT Whitepaper, and VECCI GreenIT eBook (to be released May/June)
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Jun 3 2011
30 mins
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