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best practices for achieving enterprise IT efficiency

The Enterprise Architecture channel presents the next generation of enterprise IT: recognizing the strategic importance of the data center to make companies more nimble and competitive. These presentations will help demanding IT professionals achieve flexibility, scalability and performance with reduced risk and complexity.

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Rethinking Remote Office Backup Nick Kotterman, Product Marketing Remote office backup presents numerous challenges, including ever-increasing data volumes, network bandwidth constraints, overtaxed IT administrators and complicated, time-consuming backup processes. Compounding all this is a reliance on older technologies that are inefficient and costly. And the more sites your organization has, the challenges multiply.

It's time for businesses to rethink remote office backup; one that meets data and regulatory retention requirements, is easy to deploy and maintain, and is secure and cost effective. Its time to look to the cloud.

Join backup experts Druva to learn how remote office server backup has evolved. Discover how the cloud offers a new, and in most cases, a better approach. In this session you’ll learn:
- How the latest advancements in cloud storage technology scale globally for enterprises of all sizes
- Why advances in cloud security models are addressing stringent global security and data privacy issues, including data residency requirements and more
- How an 'infinite data snapshot model' combined with cost-optimized flexible retention eliminates traditional vendor restrictions.

Hear real-life use cases of how others are leveraging the cloud for remote server backup. Live Q&A will follow to answer your specific questions.
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May 6 2015 5:00 pm
45 mins
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