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Frost & Sullivan Analyst Briefing Series

Through Frost & Sullivan's Healthcare Growth Partnership Services program, clients receive a continuous flow of actionable market, technical, and econometric research, along with applications for growth (our TEAM methodology). Our global team of industry experts continuously monitors the following Healthcare market sectors: pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, drug discovery technologies, clinical diagnostics, healthcare IT, medical imaging, and medical devices, and provides local expertise along with a global perspective.

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2015 Healthcare Industry Outlook Reenita Das and Venkat Rajan The healthcare industry is entangled in a transitory phase where therapeutics, products and services are sold into traditional care settings that are saturated and exhausted. Yet, the opportunities for new services and care, like ambulatory, mobile, and home care, lack the appropriate level of maturity to provide robust revenue streams.

As a result, Frost & Sullivan’s experts are predicting a year full of big disruptions, transformations and innovations. What’s in store for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, medical imaging, mobile health, healthcare IT, etc.? This briefing will provide an in-depth discussion examining at what degree we can expect the impact to take hold and transpire over the upcoming year.

Attend this webinar to discover:
•Insightful analyst predictions and probative analysis of the global healthcare industry in 2015.
•Key strategies and initiatives executed by companies and organizations to capture opportunities for solutions in health, wellness, and prevention.
•Track the progress of key macro level industry trends and their projected milestones for 2015.
•An interactive Q&A session with Frost & Sullivan’s senior industry thought leaders.
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Jan 27 2015
55 mins
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