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  • Organizations are concerned about how to protect data and manage access on the cloud. The data that is pushed to the cloud needs to be reported on; where is my data, who was on it, what they did, etc. There are also many different clouds that are password protected including the public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. How can I use the same password across all types of the cloud? The cloud can be embraced by centralizing cloud sign in services and encompassing all clouds into one.

    This webcast proposes best practices for:
    • Learning how to protect data and manage access on the cloud
    • Enabling could reporting so activity in the cloud can be viewed
    • Maximizing security by centralizing different cloud spaces into one secure cloud
  • There are three major attack vectors which must remain secure. Insider threats are related to users who interact with data. Opportunistic attacks deal with understanding the threat scape and global threat intelligence. Targeted attacks are related to internal intelligence; for example, where are my critical assets? What are they vulnerable to? Where are my counter measures? With a strong security connected framework we can begin to address all of these with one centralized security solution that is capable of looking at everything from endpoint, network, to data security. This webcast proposes best practices for:
    • Understanding and protect against insider, opportunistic and targeted attacks
    • Integrating the threatscape with one security solution that incorporates all types of attacks
    • Bringing together endpoint, network and data security into one unified control

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