Strategic Mobile Security: A Practitioner Panel

Chenxi Wang, Forrester; Anil Karmel, Los Alamos Nat'l Lab; Terrell Herzig, UA Medical Center
IT is forced with securing consumer-oriented devices which are accessing corporate email, networks, and 3rd party applications. This end-user panel will provide you with a look at how some of the top IT shops are dealing with this urgent issue and how you can leverage their best practices at your own organization. Moderator Chenxi Wang of Forrester will provide an overview of the trends she is seeing from both a practitioner and solution perspective, and will lead the end-user panel in a discussion of various strategies to successfully implement, manage, monitor and secure enterprise mobility. Attend live for the opportunity to ask your own questions, or feel free to tune in afterward on demand.

- Chenxi Wang, Ph.D., Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research (moderator)
- Anil Karmel, Solutions Architect, Los Alamos National Laboratory
- Terrell Herzig, Information Security Officer, University of Alabama Medical Center
Aug 16 2011
59 mins
Strategic Mobile Security: A Practitioner Panel
mobile security
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  • Assessing Cloud Apps Risk Mar 25 2015 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Mirror mirror on the wall who's the riskiest of them all?

    It's no secret that companies are adopting cloud applications like Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox and Salesforce to help improve their business. With the cost savings and increased scale and efficiency of the cloud, who could blame them? But what some companies tend to overlook is that there is a level of risk when it comes to each of these apps, and that it can differ based on each company's use case.

    Do you know what cloud applications are running in your infrastructure today? How about the ones putting your sensitive data at the most amount of risk? Do you have a way of finding out?

    In this webinar Chris Hines, Product Manager at Bitglass will teach you what's necessary when it comes to determining your company's riskiest cloud applications.
  • Healthcare Analytics in a Disconnected World Mar 18 2015 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Some of the most critical data required to solve analytical problems in the healthcare and life sciences world lack the type of keys that we rely on so heavily in other domains. This session will focus on solutions to the fundamental data connectivity challenges in this area and how to enable impactful analytics on a few high value but disconnected healthcare data sources.
  • Streamlining Deployment of Patient Record Systems Mar 12 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Deploying new patient record systems is more than just servers, networking, and storage. Specialized software applications, compliance and secure data management all need to be considered. Traditional technology vendors all offer partial solutions but you’re left with the hard work. Join Chris Bukowski, Product Manager from NexGen Storage to learn about a better way to deploy patient record systems that include new value-driven data management capabilities that ensure a superior end user experience.
  • Securing Office 365 Mar 11 2015 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    As much as Silicon Valley startup execs love to portray Microsoft as a dinosaur, the fact is that Office 365 adoption is accelerating in the enterprise. Office 365 offers a promising compromise for enterprises deciding, “to cloud or not to cloud": Bring cloud-based productivity tools under the company’s security umbrella so that people can work the way they want to, without sending sensitive company data astray. The idea that you can simply shift responsibility for your company’s data security to Microsoft, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. You can achieve Office 365 data security... but only through a partnership that involves, at its core, a comprehensive in-house security plan, together with Office 365’s built-in security functionality.

    In this webinar, Rich Campagna, VP Products at Bitglass, and Chris Hines, Product Marketing Manager, will help you understand where Microsoft’s security responsibility ends, and where yours begins, highlighting key gaps to keep in mind as you make the move to Office 365, and how to solve them.
  • Maintaining Security in a Mobile World Mar 4 2015 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The game has changed. Due to cost savings, and the privacy and mobility needs of employees, in just a few short years companies have loosened the mobile device leash. Enterprises are now shifting from traditional “company owned” devices, to allowing “Bring Your Own Device” in the workplace. According to Gartner, by 2017 fifty percent of companies will actually force employee to bring their own device to work.

    But if you’re tasked with securing devices, how do you accommodate BYOD? Where do you start and what kinds of security solutions should you be looking for?

    In this webinar, Chris Hines, Product Manager at Bitglass will teach you how to balance the needs of IT admins and employees when it comes to securing your mobile world.
  • Key Research Findings: How to Optimize Business Processes Recorded: Feb 26 2015 53 mins
    Based on recent research by analyst Bob Larrivee of AIIM, this webinar will address how organizations can leverage technology to identify, evaluate and optimize business processes to increase operational efficiency.

    Join us as we explore:
    - Drivers for problem-solving, tracking KPIs, process failures and workflow management
    - How technology can reduce errors and exceptions that lead to lost business and non-compliance
    - Increasing visibility to optimize processes, reduce costs and deliver a superior customer experience
  • Is your Healthcare Security Due for a Physical? Recorded: Jan 21 2015 31 mins
    Healthcare data is now one of the hottest commodities on the black market. In fact, it's valued at fifty times that of credit card data. This makes healthcare security even more crucial for institutions, who must be able to protect all patient PHI data, as stipulated by HIPAA regulations.

    This webinar will give you the lay of the land when it comes to the current healthcare data security situation. It will teach you how deploying Bitglass, a cloud access security broker, can help institutions secure healthcare data, while giving clinicians the privacy and mobility that they require.
  • How the Software-Defined Data Center Helps Ease the Epidemic Crisis Recorded: Dec 16 2014 56 mins
    Global health crises are making headlines daily and the medical industry’s ability to respond effectively depends on rapid access to data storage for archival and analysis. Data management has always been a healthcare challenge; today’s data stores are growing exponentially, and the requirement for responsiveness is accelerating.

    Join this presentation to hear from industry expert Skip Snow of Forrester Research on the big trends in healthcare data management and Eric Rife, subject matter expert from Nexenta on the compelling Software Defined Storage solutions to meet these requirements. VM Racks CEO Gil Vidals will continue the conversation by showcasing how SDS helps meet HIPAA compliance and healthcare’s unique requirements.

    Attend to learn more about:
    - The unique challenges of data management in healthcare, the importance of communication across the continuum of care, and why infrastructure is key
    - Why storage is increasingly burdensome to healthcare organizations, how to drive down the complexity and cost of solutions, and the positive impact on response time
    - How Software Defined Storage solutions help healthcare organizations get to solutions faster, with hardware that is easier to procure
    - Why HIPAA compliance hosting provider VM Racks chose SDS to support delivery of rapid, reliable, cloud-based healthcare solutions to its public sector customers
  • Disaster Recovery for Healthcare: How to Maintain 100% Uptime and Compliance Recorded: Dec 12 2014 47 mins
    If your healthcare company does not have a disaster recovery plan in place, you are putting your business, customers and data at risk. Fire, flooding, hurricanes, power failure, theft, cyber attacks and more can all have devastating effects. If your company cannot afford the downtime, loss of revenue and productivity associated with a disaster, be it natural or manmade, now is the time to form a disaster recovery/business continuity plan that leverages a data center provider to maintain your IT operations.

    Join OnRamp’s Founder Chad Kissinger for this 45-minute presentation and Q&A on disaster recovery, and learn how to create a plan for 100% uptime.
  • Process Intelligence: Delivering New Business Value for Insurance Companies Recorded: Dec 4 2014 45 mins
    Every insurer has business intelligence (BI) tools in place, but many carriers find that traditional BI is no longer enough. Today's faster speed of business, more complex processes, and increasing compliance and E&O exposures require that insurers take advantage of process intelligence – advanced analytics providing a new, deeper level of insight down to the business process level – step by step, system to system, from start to finish.

    In this webinar, discover how process intelligence goes far beyond legacy BI to pinpoint potential issues in your underwriting, claims and other key processes, allowing you to achieve new business excellence and success:
    - Underwrite more lucrative business opportunities through optimized “triage” of new risks
    - Minimize error rates and exceptions in underwriting and claims processing that lead to lost business, non-compliance and higher costs
    - Ensure compliance with external regulations and internal policies with new actionable data visualizations
    - Do all of this and more with no BPM or process modeling tools required

    This webinar features Ed Gray, a 30-year veteran of the insurance industry who's risen to C-level positions and provided leadership in IT and business operations. Through his consulting business, Mr. Gray now helps insurance carriers and solution providers develop the vision, strategy, architecture and practical programs of initiatives to transform themselves and their market positioning and effectiveness. His experience has allowed him to see what does - and does not - deliver real value to the insurance organization.
  • Keeping the Business Running Through an Ebola Outbreak or Other Disruption Recorded: Dec 3 2014 43 mins
    Contrary to conventional wisdom, the people responsible for plans that keep business running during and after disasters and other disruptive events - "business continuity planners" - really do sleep well at night. Despite the relatively constant flow of new and more virulent threats to business and society in general, good business continuity plans transcend the "threat du jour" by focusing on basics. That said, there's a distinct difference between confidence and complacency or smug overconfidence. Join the discussion on what good BC plans contain, how to properly leverage new threats to improve those plans and why hope and doing nothing are imprudent options easily avoided.
  • Hybrid Hosting: How to Ensure Data Availability, Security and Compliance Recorded: Nov 19 2014 40 mins
    The ability to seamlessly blend colocation with cloud services offers many distinct advantages, but also presents a series of challenges that you must be consider before hopping on the hybrid bandwagon.

    In this on-demand webinar, OnRamp Founder Chad Kissinger examines this evolving trend in the IT industry and provides his thoughts on the best way to ensure data availability, security and compliance in a blended environment.
  • Addressing the Top 3 Storage Challenges in Healthcare Recorded: Nov 19 2014 42 mins
    IT departments in healthcare institutions are facing tremendous challenges such as maintaining 24x7x365 operations, managing explosive data growth and ensuring high performance from applications. By listening to Hanover Hospital’s firsthand experience and best practices using DataCore’s software-defined storage, in this webinar you will learn how to:

    • Safeguard data by eliminating downtime
    • Store optimally all the data being produced
    • Accelerate access to data and applications

    Hanover Hospital has accomplished all these goals while controlling costs and adhering to the strict regulatory demands of the healthcare industry.
  • Powerful Data Integration for Every Business Recorded: Oct 23 2014 27 mins
    Do you feel data integration is out of your reach? Many mid-market companies assume that EAI and B2B integration is beyond their budgets. But Liaison’s integration suite brings sophisticated data integration solutions to every business, regardless of size or budget.

    Join Jason Blanton, Sr. Solution Engineer at Liaison Technologies, for a discussion of this robust on-premise integration suite that consists of Liaison Delta, our any-to-any translator, and Liaison ECS, our communications server. You’ll discover:

    - The rich feature set that makes Delta and ECS so powerful
    - How others are taking advantage of Delta and ECS to improve business processes
    - The inner workings of ECS OpenAPI, a full-featured API implementation that offers expanded information access and update capabilities
    - And more!
  • Top 10 Myths of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Recorded: Oct 23 2014 23 mins
    Desktop-as-a-Service, also known as cloud-hosted desktops and hosted virtual desktops, provide a myriad benefits for organizations who want to scale rapidly: Fast & flexible, no CapEx, desktops hosted in data center nearest to you.

    But there's still a lot of confusion in the marketplace about DaaS. Attend this presentation to clear away the FUD and learn the truth about:

    - MS Licensing
    - BYOD management
    - Shared session desktops
    - The actual cost
    - End user experience
    - Security
    - On-premise asset compatibility
    - User migration
    - Bandwidth issues
    - Disconnected use case
  • VMware vCloud Hybrid Service: Compliant Hybrid Services with BAA Recorded: Oct 17 2014 34 mins
    Hybrid cloud is emerging as a way for healthcare organizations to transform legacy healthcare systems into robust, agile environments. VMware vCloud Air™ is a secure, infrastructure-as-a-service hybrid cloud, built on the trusted VMware vSphere® foundation. Join us for this webinar and discover how you can take advantage of the agility and flexibility of hybrid cloud for the unique needs and compliance requirements of your healthcare information.

    Attend this webcast and learn:

    - An introduction to vCloud Air
    - HIPAA BAAs to meet security controls and breach notification requirements
    - Use case opportunities for adopting hybrid cloud to support healthcare IT initiatives
  • Public Vs Private Cloud: The Disservice of Definitions Recorded: Oct 17 2014 43 mins
    When you think private cloud, do you think only of on-premises deployment? It's time to re-think traditional definitions of public and private clouds. Thanks to the availability of private cloud as a service (PCaaS), no longer does it require huge operational burden to consume private cloud. This presentation will discuss:

    - An expanded definition of private cloud
    - How Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) is changing the game
    - Why many benefits of public clouds can now be found in PCaaS
    - The reality of DIY private clouds and when to consider a service-based approach
    - A real-world example of PCaaS
  • HIPAA in the Cloud: What You Need to Know to Be Compliant Recorded: Oct 17 2014 56 mins
    Healthcare businesses are rapidly adopting new Cloud technologies to more effectively address their business’ data requirements but are finding that the flexibility delivered by these technologies often obscures the traditional boundaries used to secure sensitive information.

    In this on-demand webinar, OnRamp Founder Chad Kissinger discusses how to ensure data availability, security and compliance when moving your IT operations to a Cloud hosted environment.
  • IBM FlashSystem 840 for enterprise reliability Recorded: Oct 14 2014 1 min
    Get reliable access to the data you need when you need it most. That's what one pediatric hospital was able to do with IBM.
  • Using IBM FlashSystem to Better Patient Care Recorded: Oct 13 2014 4 mins
    "Your doctors for life" is the motto of the Texas based healthcare organization, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. To ensure excellent care to nearly half a million patients at over 20 clinic locations with 375 physicians and as many as 50 different specialist, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic utilizes IBM FlashSystem to run virtual desktops for all doctors and their full time staff of nearly 3,000 employees. IBM FlashSystem is used to dependably deliver EMR's and patient information to clinics throughout the Houston, TX area. Kelsey-Seybold Clinic uses IBM FlashSystem in conjunction with other IBM solutions to save energy, decrease rack space, and provide resilient and reliable IT.
Information technology best practices for the healthcare IT pro
The healthcare industry presents its own unique technology challenges ranging from infrastructure and storage to security and compliance.

Join this BrightTALK Channel to view a variety of webinars from analysts, associations, end-users and vendors describing the latest IT trends and best practices.

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  • Title: Strategic Mobile Security: A Practitioner Panel
  • Live at: Aug 16 2011 5:30 pm
  • Presented by: Chenxi Wang, Forrester; Anil Karmel, Los Alamos Nat'l Lab; Terrell Herzig, UA Medical Center
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