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Health IT

  • Dell Technologies and VMware Webinar: Succeeding in the New Era of Virtual Care
    Dell Technologies and VMware Webinar: Succeeding in the New Era of Virtual Care
    David DeAngelis, Suja Chandrasekaran, Scott C. Rissmiller, M.D., Michael Robinson, James Roxburgh Recorded: Aug 10 2020 60 mins
    This webinar, originally hosted by U.S. News and World Report on Thursday, July 30, 2020 features an introduction by David DeAngelis, Dell Technologies Global Healthcare General Manager and discussion with the following:
    * Suja Chandrasekaran - Sr. Executive VP, Chief Information and Digital Officer, CommonSpirit Health
    * Scott C. Rissmiller, M.D. - Executive VP and Chief Physician Executive, Atrium Health
    * Michael D. Robinson - Vice President, North America Healthcare, VMware
    * James Roxburgh - Chief Executive Officer, Telehealth, Banner Health
  • Identification of Approaches to Simulated Leachable Studies
    Identification of Approaches to Simulated Leachable Studies
    Jason Creasey, Managing Director at Maven E&L and Karen Pieters, Ir. Team Leader E&L at Nelson Labs Europe Recorded: Aug 7 2020 80 mins
    Full Title: Identification of Approaches to Simulated Leachable Studies: What are They? When to do Them?

    Presented by Jason Creasey, Managing Director at Maven E&L Ltd. Followed by an Industry Perspective presentation presented by Karen Pieters, Ir. Team Leader Extractables and Leachables at Nelson Labs Europe

    The term “Simulated leachable studies” is open to interpretation. I hope to provide a definition of this term and in doing so suggest when they can and should be used. The general aim of such studies is to provide an accurate qualitative and quantitative description of the substances which might be present as leachables in a pharmaceutical drug product (DP) derived from container closure system (and sometimes its manufacturing process) when the drug product is stored up to and including its shelf-life. Simulated studies provide an alternative to analysis of leachables directly in the drug product. A simulated study aims to avoid some of the downfalls of leachable analysis such as; inaccurate analysis of leachables due to interference from drug product and/or formulation elements, availability of stored DP samples, reaching required limits of detection in the DP and time / resource constraints associated with complex method development using DP.
    Simulated leachable studies must be able to accurately simulate the expected leachables in a DP and should be carefully crafted to achieve this. The system used for extraction must have similar propensity to leach from materials under study a drug product and care must be taken not to use system which either leach too much (potentially masking other substance) or too little.
  • The Power of Cloud for On-Premises Database Workloads
    The Power of Cloud for On-Premises Database Workloads
    Varun Verma, Database Solutions Architect, Nutanix & Chris Paap, Solution Marketing Manager, Nutanix Recorded: Aug 6 2020 52 mins
    Enterprises have become data-centered in order to gain a competitive edge and find alignment with their customers. This data focus has put an emphasis on data management, and with most enterprises having a highly varied database portfolio the complexity of managing database operations is continuously growing.

    Find out how Nutanix DBaaS provides the operational simplicity promised by the cloud in your data center and provides the best of both worlds.

    Attend to take a deep dive into how Nutanix DBaaS is simplifying and automating the time-consuming activity of database operations with automated provisioning and patching, where one-click simplicity allows you to clone/copy databases that are TBs in size in just a few minutes.
  • Let’s Tame Hadoop and Keep HDFS From Eating Your Budget and Data Center
    Let’s Tame Hadoop and Keep HDFS From Eating Your Budget and Data Center
    Ben Clifford, Ken Steinberg and Madhup Mishra, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: Aug 6 2020 44 mins
    How do you keep the power of Hadoop from overpowering your IT costs and data center overhead? You can’t toss it out but you can control while optimizing it for your company’s goals.

    In this session, we will discuss new strategies for Hadoop modernization by non-disruptively optimizing the data you use less frequently. We’ll guide you through a deep dive into Lumada Data Optimizer to show you how to enable exponential big data growth at a reasonable cost and without disrupting your application environments.
  • The next wave of Privacy, Security and Compliance - Integrated Risk Management
    The next wave of Privacy, Security and Compliance - Integrated Risk Management
    Keavy Murphy, Patty Patria, Deidre Diamond, Robert Pellerin Recorded: Aug 6 2020 47 mins
    Learn from our panel of experts as they discuss Privacy, Security and Compliance and how to effectively navigate the ever-evolving compliance mandates and regulations. - Learn how to make information security actionable.
  • Best Practices on Implementing Thermal Vision Solutions
    Best Practices on Implementing Thermal Vision Solutions
    Wayne Arvidson, Director, Dell Technologies and Ken Mills, CEO, Intellisite Corporation Recorded: Aug 6 2020 30 mins
    Welcome back to Dell Technologies Innovation Webinar Series. In this conversation we will have Wayne Arvidson interviewing Ken Mills CEO of Intellisite as he shares some best practices around implementing thermal vision solutions. The next generation of safety and security solutions such as thermal imaging and computer vision are being used in different ways in today’s world, and we believe this is only the beginning.
  • Plus de Clouds, plus de problèmes ?
    Plus de Clouds, plus de problèmes ?
    Stéphane Estevez, EMEA Senior Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Aug 6 2020 68 mins
    Entre 2017 et 2019, le taux de panne des applications et des services est passé de 25 à 34 %. Ce qui est alarmant, c’est que 80 % de ces interruptions auraient pu être évitées : elles ont été principalement causées par des erreurs humaines, des pannes d'électricité et des problèmes de réseau ou de configuration. Le manque de visibilité sur l’infrastructure IT peut créer un effet boule de neige. Avec l’isolement des équipes et des données dans des silos, la détection des problèmes, leur exploration et le rétablissement des services prennent plus de temps.

    Selon la dernière enquête de l’Uptime Institute, la moitié des applicatifs sont encore exécutés dans des datacenters privés, et 25 % des professionnels IT interrogés affirment qu’ils seraient plus enclins à transférer leurs applicatifs dans un cloud public s’ils bénéficiaient d’une meilleure visibilité. Aujourd’hui, les infrastructures IT sont plus complexes que jamais, et avec la multiplication des composants distribués qui modifient la pile technologique en permanence, de nouveaux risques d’interruptions de service apparaissent dans les infrastructures locales et cloud.

    Rejoignez ce webinaire pour comprendre :

    Pourquoi la supervision des infrastructures est plus complexe que jamais dans un monde distribué ;
    Comment votre entreprise peut moderniser ses pratiques de supervision pour les rendre compatibles avec le cloud ;
    Comment prévoir et prévenir les interruptions de service dans les infrastructures locales et cloud ;
    Pourquoi il est important de mesurer la disponibilité, les performances et le temps de réponse dans les architectures hybrides.
  • Live Demo Protect Your Data. Reduce Insider Threat Risk.
    Live Demo Protect Your Data. Reduce Insider Threat Risk.
    Shlomi Saki, Director & Damian Skeeles, Principle Sales Engineer, Proofpoint ANZ Recorded: Aug 6 2020 57 mins
    Insider threats are quickly becoming one of the biggest cybersecurity threats that organizations face today. According to the 2020 DBIR Report, 30% of all data breaches breaches originated with insiders in the past year.
    Insider threats are so common because anyone with legitimate, trusted access to an organization’s systems and data – whether it’s careless users, disgruntled employees or compromised accounts – can become an insider threat.
    Join Damian Skeeles and Shlomi Shaki from Proofpoint Insider Threat Management to discover how easy it can be to protect your data and reduce the risk of insider threats.
    In this webinar you will learn:
    • How to better understand and respond to insider-caused data breaches
    • What it takes to effectively prevent data loss in the modern enterprise
    • Methodologies to reduce investigation times by 60-90%
  • Aligning Security Analytics with MITRE ATT&CK for Threat Detection
    Aligning Security Analytics with MITRE ATT&CK for Threat Detection
    Mike Parkin, Technical Marketing Engineer, Gurucul Recorded: Aug 5 2020 30 mins
    Organizations are using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework to identify holes in defenses, and to prioritize them based on risk. Gurucul has aligned its Unified Security and Risk Analytics platform with the MITRE ATT&CK to detect and enable automated responses to MITRE adversarial tactics and techniques. This provides organizations with unprecedented visibility to increase security coverage and automate controls in real-time.

    What’s the big deal? The big deal is machine learning and AI. The MITRE ATT&CK Framework is made up of rules and policies. You can greatly enhance the effectiveness of these known rules with behavior analytics to detect unknown threat patterns beyond MITRE tactics and techniques.

    Gurucul has out-of-the-box machine learning models to address risks and threats across the entire threat landscape resulting in actionable risk intelligence. Attend this webinar to learn how you can automate cyber defenses with machine learning models on big data.
  • See How Database Visibility and Compliance Can Happen in Minutes
    See How Database Visibility and Compliance Can Happen in Minutes
    Roy Rodan, Solutions Architect, AWS; Ran Rosin, Director of Product Management, Imperva; Bal Heroor, CEO, Mactores Recorded: Aug 5 2020 59 mins
    When it comes to data and databases, security and compliance are essential. Solutions like Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) provide built-in security with features including network isolation, data encryption, and automated backups.

    Hear Mactores, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner, share why it deploys Imperva to provide evidence of compliance and gain visibility of its data for regulated industries. See a demo of how to protect Amazon Aurora MySQL and learn how quickly Imperva Cloud Data Security gets you in command of your data.

    Learning objectives:
    Quickly achieving compliance using a frictionless SaaS-based monitoring solution
    Automatic discovery of databases and classification of sensitive data
    Continuous visibility to track threats and data activity
    Machine Learning and AI to reduce risk of data loss
    Using at-the-ready, correlated reports for audits including HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR
  • Ask Me Anything: Modernizing IGA for Financial Services
    Ask Me Anything: Modernizing IGA for Financial Services
    Andrew Ehrlich, Senior Vice President of IAM at Jefferies, and Dave Culbertson, Senior Solution Strategist at Saviynt Recorded: Aug 5 2020 33 mins
    Simeio Coffee Talks were created to give IAM and IT professionals space to soundboard and troubleshoot problems related to remote work. Join us for 30 minutes to ask us anything about our next topic, modernizing IGA for financial services with Andrew Ehrlich, Senior Vice President of IAM at Jefferies, and Dave Culbertson, Senior Solution Strategist at Saviynt.
  • Reimagine, Refocus & Reboot:  Remaining Relevant During Rough Times
    Reimagine, Refocus & Reboot: Remaining Relevant During Rough Times
    Denise Castille Recorded: Aug 5 2020 45 mins
    No one could have imagined the immensity of COVID-19. The death toll, political divide, and the devastating impact to small businesses has felt daunting.

    There is an incredible bright spot --we have the opportunity to design the future of our nonprofits/businesses, by building on the lessons and practices we have learned and executed during this unprecedented time.
    In this webinar you will learn strategies to remain relevant.

    You'll learn:
    -Three essential steps to reimagine your nonprofit/business
    -Three areas your business should be focusing on, again
    -Three smart ways to reboot your business during a rough patch
  • More Clouds, More Problems?
    More Clouds, More Problems?
    Marc Serieys, Staff Consulting Engineer & Stephane Estevez, EMEA Senior Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Aug 5 2020 64 mins
    Between 2017 and 2019, the number of application and service outages increased from 25% to 34%. What’s alarming about these outages is that 80% could have been prevented — they were primarily caused by human error, power outages, network problems and configuration issues. Lack of visibility into the IT infrastructure can create a snowball effect of issues — siloed teams and data, and long times between detecting issues, investigating them and restoring services.

    According to the latest Uptime Institute survey, half of all workloads are still running on privately owned datacenters, while 25% of surveyed IT practitioners said they would be more likely to put workloads in a public cloud if there were more visibility. Today, IT infrastructures are more complex than ever, and with more distributed components altering the technology stack all the time, new opportunities for outages arise on premises and in the cloud(s).

    Join this webinar to get an understanding of:

    - Why infrastructure monitoring is more complex than ever in a distributed world
    - How your organization can modernize its monitoring practices to get them cloud-ready
    - How to predict and prevent outages on premises and in the cloud(s)
    - Why it’s important to measure uptime, performance and response time for hybrid architecture
  • Learning From Disruption – What Have We Learnt From COVID-19?
    Learning From Disruption – What Have We Learnt From COVID-19?
    Nick Hawkins, Senior Director, Product Management, Enterprise; Aseem Ahmed, Senior Product Manager, Cloud Security, Akamai Recorded: Aug 5 2020 63 mins
    The pandemic is driving lasting changes in the way we work, study, shop, and play. Meanwhile, cyber threat actors are targeting this sharp growth in online transactions and activities.

    Join Akamai Technologies and (ISC)² on Aug 5, 2020 (Wed) at 1pm (GMT +8), we’ll share threat trends observed before and during COVID-19. We’ll then provide a deeper dive on attack vectors which have witnessed an increase in scale and frequency – (hint: malware, DDoS, script attacks). We’ll also share best practices to better protect your organization against these attacks.

    Presenter: Nick Hawkins, Senior Director, Product Management, Enterprise, Akamai Technologies
    Presenter: Aseem Ahmed, Senior Product Manager, Cloud Security, Akamai Technologies
    Moderator: Tony Vizza, CISSP, CCSP, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy, APAC, (ISC)²
  • HPE Apollo and Scality – A Seamlessly Scalable Secure & Modern Data Platform For
    HPE Apollo and Scality – A Seamlessly Scalable Secure & Modern Data Platform For
    Carol Bassett - WW Product Manager HPE Apollo - Scality, HPE; Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer, Scality Recorded: Aug 4 2020 29 mins
    Healthcare and medical imaging are at the cusp of a data-driven transformation. But it can result in ballooning of IT budget if this transformation doesn’t include a massively scalable data platform. Join this webinar and learn more about HPE Apollo 4000 storage server and Scality, an HPE partner, have come together to address this challenge. A software-defined storage solution based on Scality products on density-optimized Apollo 4000 hardware is the ideal data platform that hospitals and healthcare companies would want.
  • Success in a Rapidly Expanding and Evolving Infrastructure & Operations World
    Success in a Rapidly Expanding and Evolving Infrastructure & Operations World
    Mayank Gupta - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix Recorded: Aug 4 2020 53 mins
    The increasing complexity and scale of today’s clouds make automation tools a necessity—not just “nice-to-have”s. Scaling workloads and keeping up with application configuration are complex tasks prone to human error. Automation solves that.

    Automation enables Infrastructure and Operations teams to reduce costs, build a scalable infrastructure, and achieve operational efficiency. More specifically, machine learning (ML)-based automation lets you manage an enterprise cloud datacenter intelligently, detect and report unexpected infrastructure events, and remediate these issues before they occur.

    In this webinar, you’ll meet Nutanix’s answers to ML-driven automation: Prism Pro and Calm. See how they combine infrastructure automation with consumer-grade management—all while maintaining simplicity and supporting your high-value projects.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • How to leverage AIOps to manage infrastructure at scale
    • How to automate common IT Ops tasks and avoid disaster before it strikes
    • How to deliver infrastructures and services at the click of a button
  • LIVE TALKS: Threat Intelligence & Security Awareness for The New Normal
    LIVE TALKS: Threat Intelligence & Security Awareness for The New Normal
    Sherrod DeGrippo, Sr. Director of Threat Research & Detection and Robert Shields, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint Recorded: Aug 4 2020 32 mins
    Threat intelligence helps prevent attacks and reduce risk by helping you understand the historical context of where these threats originated, who is behind them, when have they attacked, what methods they used, and what they're after. Coupling that intelligence with security awareness training creates a strong counter-measure to people-centric attacks.

    Join us for our live video chat as our experts explore how organizations can harness threat intelligence in The New Normal to:

    - Better understand who is targeted in your organization especially during shelter-in-place
    - What tactics attackers are using to manipulate users into clicking malicious links and attachments
    - How you can leverage threat intelligence to adjust security awareness content and schedules to meet new threats
  • Learn How To Create Composable Data Lake on AWS in 90 Minutes
    Learn How To Create Composable Data Lake on AWS in 90 Minutes
    Mike Wilkerson, Hitachi Vantara and Andrea Boaventura, Amazon Web Services Recorded: Aug 4 2020 89 mins
    Hitachi Vantara can provide a comprehensive platform to manage your structured and unstructured data at scale while allowing the ability to perform analytics on data directly and derive insights for business decisions. We can help you create a data fabric for consistent and centrally-managed data operations.

    In this webinar, experts from Amazon web Services (AWS) and Hitachi Vantara show how you can create a composable data lake on AWS in 90 minutes that provides the following benefits:

    Standardization: Built from the ground up on a secure foundation of best practices.

    Speed to Value: Leverage best-of-breed tooling like Jupyter Notebook, RStudio, and a wide variety of cloud-native offerings.

    Composability: A modular, layered approach delivers the capabilities of a fully-integrated platform as well as the added benefit of flexibility to start with what you need today, and easily expand to meet future demands.
  • Key steps for election officials & campaigners to secure the 2020 elections
    Key steps for election officials & campaigners to secure the 2020 elections
    Michael Kaiser (DDC) Ethan Chumley (Microsoft) Joe Stocker (Patriot Consulting) Cody Hussey (Yubico) Ronnie Manning (Yubico) Recorded: Aug 4 2020 51 mins
    With the 2020 elections coming up, it’s more important than ever to ensure security and integrity of elections and related political processes. This 50 minute roundtable webinar featuring cybersecurity experts in the field of election security from Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC), AccountGuard services by Microsoft, Patriot Consulting and Yubico, will explore the current landscape of cyber attacks across the election ecosystem, and measures that political campaigners and election officials can take to ensure greater security and integrity from now through November. Participants are encouraged to submit questions through the interactive chat during the call.

    Attend this roundtable webinar to learn:
    -Current cyber threats to the political and election ecosystem along with ecosystem endpoints that need to be protected
    -Best practice cybersecurity detections and protection programs and solutions available today along with immediate steps officials can take to secure political campaigns and election ecosystems

    Confidentiality and Data Processing:
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  • Rapid Microbiology Applications in the COVID-19 Era
    Rapid Microbiology Applications in the COVID-19 Era
    Dr. Michael J. Miller, Ulrich Herber and Lori Daane Recorded: Aug 4 2020 110 mins
    The implementation of rapid microbiological methods (RMM) has gained significant momentum over the past few years. In particular, the ATMP segment has a desire to release cell and gene therapies using rapid sterility tests to accommodate patient needs and very short drug product shelf life. Additional rapid sterility testing needs are now being fueled by companies who are developing vaccines for COVID-19 clinical trials.

    In this webinar, Dr. Michael J. Miller will present an overview of past and future microbiological methods, the current regulatory landscape for rapid sterility testing including recent policy changes, applicable technologies and validation strategies.
  • Mehr Clouds, mehr Probleme?
    Mehr Clouds, mehr Probleme?
    Ralf Walkenhorst, Senior ITOA Specialist Recorded: Aug 4 2020 68 mins
    Zwischen 2017 und 2019 stieg die Zahl der Anwendungs- und Service-Ausfälle von 25 % auf 34 %. Alarmierend ist, dass 80 % dieser Ausfälle verhindert hätten werden können. Sie waren nämlich vor allem auf menschliches Versagen, Stromausfälle sowie Netzwerk- und Konfigurationsprobleme zurückzuführen. Mangelnde Transparenz bei der IT-Infrastruktur kann nicht nur zu Team- und Datensilos führen, sondern auch für eine verlangsamte Erkennung, Untersuchung und Behebung von Problemen verantwortlich sein.

    Laut der neuesten Umfrage des Uptime Institute wird die Hälfte aller Workloads noch in privaten Rechenzentren ausgeführt. 25 % der befragten IT-Experten gaben jedoch an, dass sie Workloads mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit in eine öffentliche Cloud verlagern würden – aber nur, wenn die Transparenz besser wäre. Heutige IT-Infrastrukturen sind komplexer denn je. Und durch die zunehmende Zahl an verteilten Komponenten, die den Technologie-Stack laufend verändern, entstehen immer neue Möglichkeiten für Ausfälle bei lokalen Systemen und in der bzw. den Cloud(s).

    Registrieren Sie sich für dieses Webinar und lernen Sie:

    - Warum Infrastruktur-Monitoring verteilter Umgebungen heute komplexer denn je ist
    - Wie Ihr Unternehmen seine Monitoring-Verfahren modernisieren und auf die Cloud-Nutzung vorbereiten kann
    - Wie Sie Ausfälle bei lokalen Systemen und in der bzw. den Cloud(s) vorhersagen und vermeiden
    - Warum es in hybriden Architekturen wichtig ist, Uptime, Performance und Antwortzeiten zu messen
  • Addressing the Challenge of Third-Party Vendor Risk: Securing Your Supply Chain
    Addressing the Challenge of Third-Party Vendor Risk: Securing Your Supply Chain
    James McQuiggan Recorded: Aug 3 2020 59 mins
    Your customer data, intellectual property, and financials are the lifeblood of your organization. If lost or leaked, there could be significant implications to the viability of your business. Maintaining control of that data, especially with third-party services, can be extremely challenging and requires that you ask the right questions and enforce stringent security policies.

    In an environment of increased outsourcing, cloud computing adoption, and regulatory requirements, how do you manage vendor risk and ensure you have a consistent evaluation life cycle

    Join James McQuiggan, KnowBe4's Security Awareness Advocate, to get actionable steps you can use now to better manage your third-party vendor risk. You'll learn:

    The importance of securing your organization's critical data
    How to determine Supplier Security Proficiency
    Why it’s important to understand the source of third-party products
    The impact Vendor Questionnaires have on your Security Posture
    How leveraging a GRC platform can ease the burden of risk assessments and audits
  • Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Enjoys Greater Insights With Data Lake
    Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Enjoys Greater Insights With Data Lake
    Mark Kim, Chief Operating Officer, MSRB and Larry Bradley, Vice President, Digital Insights, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: Jul 31 2020 37 mins
    To stay ahead in the fast-paced financial sector, the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), needed to be agile and innovate to meet the evolving market conditions. The team needed to digitize and automate its market regulation, market structure and market transparency functions to move faster and maximize efficiency.

    As part of its cloud migration, the MSRB partnered with Hitachi Vantara to build a composable data lake and analytics platform in the cloud and witnessed the following outcomes:

    - Ability to report rapidly on the market impact of COVID-19
    - Better market insights with more transparency and real-time reporting
    - Greater agility to launch new capabilities faster
    - Improved efficiency through increased automation
  • Security Awareness: Securing the Human Layer
    Security Awareness: Securing the Human Layer
    Roger Grimes, Scott Lowe Recorded: Jul 30 2020 59 mins
    It’s common knowledge that humans are the leading cause of IT security incidents. Whether accidental or intentional, a human-centric root cause lies at the center of literally every security incident.

    You can’t just eliminate all the humans, so security professionals are left to find reasonable measures to ensure that the human element of their organizations can act as a bulwark of security rather than as a catalyst for disaster. This is easier said than done and requires constant vigilance.

    Human security is not a “one and done” effort. It’s an ongoing process often including automated security awareness training and simulated phishing. How do you make it happen? What steps can you take to get there? What are the real problems that need to be solved? Most importantly, do your employees really understand their critical role in protecting your organization?
  • Developing a Virtual Health Strategy
    Developing a Virtual Health Strategy
    David Houghton, MD, MPH and Dr. Natalie Pageler Recorded: Jul 30 2020 63 mins
    Leading health systems are finding that virtual care has become a necessity rather than a luxury, with new tools and platforms at their disposal, the payer market expanding its coverage guidelines, and the nation moving toward a “new normal.” Providers are developing virtual health strategies that incorporate telehealth and remote patient monitoring to advance value-based care, boost clinical outcomes, and improve provider workflows.

    In this on demand webcast, David Houghton, MD, MPH and Dr. Natalie Pageler discuss the development of enterprise-wide virtual care strategies and the evolution of virtual platforms. Additionally, the speakers delve into the connected health climate before COVID-19, the pandemic's impact on virtual services, and their response to new consumer demands and market forces.
  • Sampling Devices for In-line near Infrared Spectroscopy Monitoring of Powder...
    Sampling Devices for In-line near Infrared Spectroscopy Monitoring of Powder...
    Anders Sparén Associate Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca and Ed Gooding, MicroNIR Photonic Applications Specialist at VIAVI Aug 11 2020 4:30 am UTC 73 mins
    Sampling Devices for In-line near Infrared Spectroscopy Monitoring of Powder Blend Homogeneity in Continuous Manufacturing

    In continuous direct compression of pharmaceutical formulations, it is essential to assess the homogeneity of powder blends. This could preferably be done in situ, using fast spectroscopic techniques. In this study, near-infrared spectroscopy was used to study powder blend homogeneity at two positions in the continuous manufacturing process; after the first blender and in the tablet press feed-frame. The focus of the study was on sample presentation at the two positions, and several sampling devices were tested in a laboratory setting using a model formulation, aiming at improving the quality of the NIR measurements. The results for the sampling devices tested are compared and the future implementation in the continuous manufacturing equipment is discussed.

    Followed by Powder Blend Homogeneity Monitoring with the Viavi MicroNIR PAT-W

    The MicroNIR PAT-W wireless NIR spectrometer is used in monitoring blend uniformity in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The PAT-W is a rugged, IP65/67 rated instrument with no moving parts. The PAT-W, with >8 hours battery life, WiFi communication and onboard gravity sensor is well suited for use on tumble blenders in regulated facilities. Viavi’s Linear Variable Filter technology, optical fiber-free design and dual onboard tungsten lamps ensure excellent stability, long lifetime and minimal instrument-to-instrument variability. Viavi MicroNIR Pro software provides data acquisition and chemometric model building, and assures compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11, USP chapter 1119 and EP chapter 2.2.40. OPC communication and control are also available for use in process environments.
  • PANEL: Benchmarks & KPIs You Need to Know for Security Awareness Training
    PANEL: Benchmarks & KPIs You Need to Know for Security Awareness Training
    Shelly Epps, Alexandra Panaretos, and Moderator: Paul Down from various companies Aug 11 2020 1:30 pm UTC 64 mins
    The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and people continue to be the number one target for attackers. Having a comprehensive, data-driven security awareness program in place is more important than ever to reduce your people-centric security risk and build a strong last line of defense.

    Join us as we hold a live panel on how today’s enterprises are employing new strategies and measuring success with their security awareness programs. We’ll answer questions like – why is there more variance with user reporting rates than click rates? What percentage of users can you expect to use a VPN or password manager? With this webinar you'll get a better understanding of:

    - Today’s security awareness landscape and pressing topics for user
    - Best practices companies are employing today
    - KPIs companies are measuring for success
    - Key benchmarks you can use to understand program maturity

    August 2020: Best of Proofpoint Summer Series.
    This webinar was originally run in May 2020, but is one of the most entertaining and informative panel discussions of the past quarter, so if you missed it, we highlight recommend you give it a second look. Thanks in advance for your time, we hope you enjoy this webinar.

    *This session is eligible for one CPE credit with ISC(2). To claim your credit, please submit our online form here: https://go.proofpoint.com/webinars-submit-cpe-credit
  • Presentación general del portafolio Silent Knight
    Presentación general del portafolio Silent Knight
    Nelson Vargas Aug 11 2020 2:00 pm UTC 120 mins
    En este espacio podrán conocerse las características que hacen de esta marca una gran elección para el segmento medio, de la mano de un experto. Se presentará cada línea de productos que componen la solución de detección contra incendios y el cómo se integran para brindar valor al cliente final.
  • Operational & Regulatory Factors in Cross-Border Enrollment in Rare Disorders
    Operational & Regulatory Factors in Cross-Border Enrollment in Rare Disorders
    Hanna Wide Director, Program Delivery Rare Diseases & Pediatrics at Premier Research Aug 11 2020 3:00 pm UTC 19 mins
    Researchers are more focused than ever on finding treatments and cures for rare diseases, encouraged by a regulatory environment that is increasingly welcoming to innovation and collaboration. But even under these favorable conditions, the potential success of orphan drug development hinges on finding patients and getting them to trial sites.

    Patients for rare disease trials can be exceedingly hard to find, and because of variations in regulations, hospital capabilities, standard of care, and/or financial reasons, it’s often not practical to have trial sites in each of the countries where patients live. This webinar will examine challenges and solutions in cross-border trial enrollment, including:

    - Working with sponsors and investigators as well as patients, their caregivers, and local physicians to populate trials
    - Understanding the regulatory landscape for cross-border enrollment including submission requirements and informed consent as well as the requirements for visa and insurance
    - Ensuring anonymity of patient records, either by working with local healthcare providers or relying on information provided by the patient or caregiver
    - Paving the way for uneventful patient and caregiver travel by minimizing out-of-pocket costs and providing support for visa interviews, travel booking, local accommodations, and more
    - Carefully attending to the details of living in another country to maximize patient retention

    Premier Research’s rare disease experience spans more than 190 rare disease trials over the past five years. Our connections with patient advocates help us locate hard-to-find patients, even among extremely small populations. Register to get access to insights you can leverage in your rare disease drug development program.
  • Why Certificate Management is the Unsung Hero in the Digital Revolution
    Why Certificate Management is the Unsung Hero in the Digital Revolution
    John Murray, Vice President Sales, Americas and Mike Boyle, Manager - Technology Partners and Alliances Aug 11 2020 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The Digital Revolution Is Here - Is Your Business Prepared for this Opportunity?

    Digital Certificates have long been recognized as the most secure way of protecting identities and devices. With companies accelerating their digital transformation to stay competitive and meet worldwide challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are rushing to make sure their organization remains safe from cyber threats and data breaches while also meeting a variety of regulatory requirements. Tracking, securing, and managing all of the identities and endpoints in an ever-growing network is a top priority for today’s IT organizations.

    In this installment of our GlobalSign Partner Series, we’ll discuss the ways in which certificate lifecycle management tools are helping organizations stay agile and secure as they expand their digital footprint.

    Our 45-minute workshop will cover important topics for all Enterprise, Service Providers, Resellers and Technology Partners looking to meet the demands of their customers, including:

    • Key digital transformation insights and the impact on existing IT systems and resources
    • The importance of Certificate Lifecycle Management, Discovery & Provisioning
    • Tools to help enterprises maintain control of their organization’s digital identities

    Don't miss this opportunity to learn how better certificate management can empower IT departments and businesses as they race towards a fully digital future.
  • Use A.I. to Quickly Handle Sensitive Data Management
    Use A.I. to Quickly Handle Sensitive Data Management
    John Stegeman, Master Solutions Consultant, Hitachi Vantara Aug 11 2020 4:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    The growing waves of data you’re pulling in include sensitive, personal or confidential data. This can become compliance nightmare, especially with rules around PII, GDPR and CCPA. Especially as it takes simply too much time to manually decide what should be protected.

    In this session, we will show how AI-driven data catalogs can identify sensitive data and share that identification with your data security platforms to automate its discovery, identification and security. You will see a demonstration of how this dramatically reduces your time to onboard data and make it safely available to your business communities.
  • Assess Your Certificate Management Maturity: A Workshop with PKI Experts
    Assess Your Certificate Management Maturity: A Workshop with PKI Experts
    Sami Van Vliet, Principal Product Manager and Ryan Yackel, VP Product Marketing Aug 12 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As SSL/TLS certificate usage continues to reach extreme levels, other factors like the shorter certificate lifespans, expanding use cases, and the rise of quantum have put pressure on certificate management practices.

    However, the broad scope of certificate management makes it hard to know how mature your current practices are today and where they need to be for the future. The transition from manual spreadsheet-based tracking to full certificate lifecycle automation often comes with significant bumps in the road, but in our experience, it is well worth the effort.

    That’s where this model comes in to help.

    Join Sami Van Vliet, Principal Product Manager, and Ryan Yackel, VP Product Marketing as they walk through each level of a practical guide on how to scale and automate certificate management.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    -How to self-assess your team’s progress against five maturity levels
    -Common scenarios experienced at each level
    -Tips for implementing required process changes that will get you to your next level in certificate management maturity
  • Building an Executive Cyber Risk Dashboard w/ Brinqa & Slalom
    Building an Executive Cyber Risk Dashboard w/ Brinqa & Slalom
    Syed Abdur, Pezhman Nikpour, Adrian Hoffman Aug 12 2020 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Executive cyber risk dashboards present a high-level view into the cybersecurity and risk posture of an organization. Commonly used by cybersecurity executives to get a quick window into the state of their programs or to identify problem areas that need more attention, these dashboards are also invaluable when communicating the state of cybersecurity initiatives to non-technical audiences like the c-suite, boards, and other executive leadership. The good news is that most organizations already have programs and security toolsets in place that capture the information necessary for building such a view. The bad news is that these data sources are often highly technical, siloed, and intractable.

    Join us for this webinar as we welcome Pez Nikpour and Adrian Hoffman of Slalom Consulting to discuss how they use Brinqa to leverage customers' existing cybersecurity controls monitoring programs and create an Executive Cyber Risk Dashboard that clearly and concisely communicates cybersecurity and risk posture to executives and cybersecurity leadership in large enterprises.
  • Scality and Cisco TechTalk – Broadcast Media Asset Storage. Always available.
    Scality and Cisco TechTalk – Broadcast Media Asset Storage. Always available.
    Dave Desroches, Cisco Technical Solutions Architect, and Greg DiFraia, Scality General Manager Aug 12 2020 5:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    Is your media asset storage meeting the needs of your business? Register for this webinar to gain practical knowledge on how to make media assets accessible from anywhere at anytime. Dave Desroches, Cisco Technical Solutions Architect andGreg Difraia, Scality General Manager will share: -Why object storage is better than LTO for media archives -Simple steps to follow to determine the approach that meets your requirements -How to integrate object storage with media asset management (MAM) -How you can benefit from a Scality + Cisco solution for media storage -Gain the guidance you need to leverage object storage to better utilize archived assets.
  • Employee Mental Well-Being: Where Are We and What's Next?
    Employee Mental Well-Being: Where Are We and What's Next?
    Chandra Osborn, PhD and MPH & guest Arielle Trzcinski of Forrester Aug 12 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mental well-being is center stage in the wake of an ongoing pandemic, social unrest, and the strained economy. From essential workers being mentally and physically taxed to home-bound parents juggling work and caregiving, the need for mental health services has never been more critical.

    The prevalence of depression and anxiety has skyrocketed, but there is no aggregated, one-size-fits-all solution to address these new challenges at an individual or global level. Mental health challenges are unique from one person to the next, as are the reasons for seeking or not seeking treatment. Shared and individual barriers (e.g. stigma, denial, lack of social proof, competing demands, and more) have and continue to prevent employees from using employer-sponsored mental health services, even when they need it most.

    Companies must reconcile factors like availability, privacy, and cost with the individualized needs and engagement challenges of their employees. Employees, in turn, want leadership to be responsive, sensitive, and proactive when it comes to removing barriers around mental wellness and accessing services. So, how can a company take care of their employees while ensuring the continuity of their business? Where do they start?

    Join Lirio's Chief Behavioral Officer, Dr. Chandra Osborn, PhD, MPH and guest speaker Arielle Trzcinski of Forrester Research, as they discuss current trends in employer mental health, the particular challenges of employee burnout, how to match resources to dynamic demand, and how to engage individual employees on the path to mental wellness.
  • Tech Bite: Moving to 1-year validity TLS certificates
    Tech Bite: Moving to 1-year validity TLS certificates
    Dean Coclin, CISSP - Sr. Director Business Development, DigiCert Aug 13 2020 1:00 am UTC 12 mins
    From Sept. 1, 2020, browsers will no longer accept publicly trusted TLS webserver certificates valid for longer than 398 days. This announcement made in February by Apple and followed by Chrome and Mozilla will significantly change the way domain owners and businesses will have to administrate their TLS environment. In this bite-size session, our host Dean Coclin, CISSP, will help you understand this browser announcement:

    - What it is and how it happened
    - Which certificates are affected
    - Mitigation strategies for shorter certificate lifetimes
  • State of Ransomware
    State of Ransomware
    Jim Hung, Assad Dahan Aug 13 2020 10:00 am UTC 61 mins
    Ransomware continues to evolve and despite what many in the industry had thought was a lull in the use of ransomware by cyber criminals; it hasn’t gone away and has returned with a vengeance. The “tried and true” source of revenue, projected at $17B in 2020, for cyber criminals now comes with capabilities and new tactics to ensure money is paid by the victims it has been inflicted upon.

    The Cybereason research team, Nocturnus, continues to follow the latest ransomware trends based upon what is happening in the underground and the Cybereason Incident Response team has first hand experience and lessons learned based upon what customers have encountered. Please join this webinar to get insights from Cybereason experts on the current state of ransomware and what you can do to prepare for the next ransomware attack.

    Some highlights of the ransomware discussion will include:

    Evolution of ransomware
    Current trends and new tactics
    Lessons from the field
    How to better protect your organisation from ransomware
    We look forward to having you attend this engaging and in-depth discussion with our experienced cyber security speakers. Be sure to register so you can gain a better understanding of what is happening with ransomware and how you can better protect your organisation from the latest ransomware attack.
  • Archiving Innovations: Meeting today’s Compliance and e-discovery needs
    Archiving Innovations: Meeting today’s Compliance and e-discovery needs
    Michael McGrath, Senior Director, Compliance and Digital Risk, Proofpoint Jen Gough, Competitive Specialist, Proofpoint Aug 13 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Economics, social and regulatory pressures have fundamentally changed the demands on archiving solutions. This creates new challenges and opportunities for the enterprise – from need of supervision to help ensure regulatory compliance and provide proof of compliance, to broader application of the technology. For instance, the monitoring of business digital communications for opportunities for training or targeted actions can help improve employee performance, reduce policy violations, and much more.
    Welcome to the next wave in Archiving Compliance technologies.
    In this Live Webinar, we’ll discuss how archiving has evolved to address today’s information management challenges and unveil how you can improve information governance, compliance and financial position by:
    Streamlined e-discovery to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
    Refined insights expand visibility for mitigating risks.
    Enhanced regulatory compliance supervision to improve review accuracy across email, social, and enterprise collaboration data.
    As an added bonus, we’ll wrap up the webinar with a live demo of Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, including key features in E-Discovery Analytics and Intelligent Supervision.
  • HIV-related haematological malignancies
    HIV-related haematological malignancies
    The Lancet Haematology and The Lancet HIV Aug 13 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Since the earliest days of the HIV epidemic, haematological malignancies have been a defining feature of illness caused by the virus; individuals with HIV are living longer and contending with the challenges of treating cancer while on ART, now, work on haematological cancers is providing insights into how a cure for HIV might be achieved. Join Peter Hayward, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet HIV, and the Series authors as they introduce and explore the findings from this new joint Series on HIV-related haematological malignancies from The Lancet Haematology and The Lancet HIV.

    About the Speakers:
    - Satish Gopal, National Cancer Institute Center for Global Health, Rockville, MD, USA
    - Ariela Noy, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer and Weill Medical College, New York, NY, USA
    - Thomas S. Uldrick, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA, USA
    - Peter Hayward, The Lancet HIV, London, UK
  • Normaliza el bienestar de tus ocupantes y continuidad de tu negocio
    Normaliza el bienestar de tus ocupantes y continuidad de tu negocio
    Eduardo Soto Aug 13 2020 3:00 pm UTC 120 mins
    Ante la nueva normalidad, los negocios necesitan adaptarse y minimizar riesgos para los ocupantes de las instalaciones y espacios públicos. Hoy Honeywell es líder en sistemas de tecnología que generan ambientes sanos en los edificios. Conoce las tendencias, nuevos lineamientos y regulaciones que han cambiado. Descubre el sistema de administración de instalaciones que permitirán la continuidad de tu negocio mediante el control calidad del aire y la salud de las instalaciones. Únete a los expertos y generemos juntos los cimientos de la nueva normalidad.
  • How to manage access control with Zero Trust
    How to manage access control with Zero Trust
    Tawnya Lancaster, Lead Product Marketing Manager & Theresa Lanowitz, Head of Evangelism Aug 13 2020 3:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    A perspective from the AT&T Cybersecurity and the AT&T Chief Security Office (CSO)

    Alongside NIST CSF, Zero Trust (ZT) principals for information security have become one of the main cybersecurity frameworks organizations refer to when developing their security architecture. Access control has always been a part of ZT, however in 2019 Forrester formalized the requirement to “limit and strictly enforce access control” into a core, critical pillar of the framework — of equal importance to network security. Controlling and maintaining access to the business without disrupting operations has reached a new level of importance. Especially now that businesses are dealing with the needs of a sudden, remote workforce and increasingly embrace mobile, cloud, and edge computing.

    Join us in a conversation with the AT&T Chief Security Office (CSO) as we discuss its current point of view on how to manage access control using ZT principals, including best practices. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

    -What steps you can take to help improve access control and move closer to a ZT environment
    -Why network segmentation and virtualization are so important
    -How to use automation and orchestration for managing and dynamically enforcing access
    -Why you should define security policy by network components (versus IP addresses) and how to extend multi-factor authentication

    Meet Your Hosts:
    Tawnya Lancaster
    Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Cybersecurity
    Steve Sekiguchi
    Director, Cybersecurity for AT&T Chief Security Office (CSO)
    Rich Bowman
    Lead Member of Technical Staff for CSO
  • NSA & CISA Alert AA20-205A, How To Meet Recommended Actions For OT Systems
    NSA & CISA Alert AA20-205A, How To Meet Recommended Actions For OT Systems
    Nadir Izrael, Co-Founder & CTO at Armis and Curtis Simpson, CISO at Armis Aug 13 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    NSA and CISA issued an urgent joint cybersecurity advisory to all critical infrastructure and services operations that rely upon OT systems to deliver core services with Alert AA20-205A. Jointly, two US government entities with the greatest visibility into system attack surfaces and exploitation in the wild have issued recommendations that corresponding operations act with urgency to rapidly assess and manage the holistic set of security exposures placing such environments at risk.

    Join Curtis Simpson, CISO at Armis (former CISO for Sysco Foods) for this in depth review of Alert AA20-205A, including:
    -Rise in threats to OT systems
    -The six recommended mitigation techniques proposed in AA20-205A
    -The need for a complete view of every device - OT, IT, and IoT
    -How to understand and evaluate Cyber-risk on “As-operated” OT Assets
    -How to implement a continuous and vigilant system monitoring program

    All IT and OT professionals responsible for OT security for critical infrastructures and industrial operations are encouraged to attend.
  • How To Extract More Value from Your IoT Devices
    How To Extract More Value from Your IoT Devices
    Shiva Mogili, Senior Product Manager, Lumada Edge Intelligence, Hitachi Vantara Aug 13 2020 4:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    Succeeding with Internet of Things (IoT) hinges on your ability to collect, analyze and act on data. With evermore sensors, videos feeds and OT systems, effective edge data management is more important than ever, and can even become critical to your ability to compete. You need to implement the right strategies and technologies to collect, transport, store and process IoT data, to drive the ROI your business expects.

    Join our experts and learn how Lumada Edge Intelligence can help you address this challenge and simplify data-driven business decisions in industries such as manufacturing, energy / utilities, and transportation.
  • Practical Advice to Uplevel your Insider Threat Program Today
    Practical Advice to Uplevel your Insider Threat Program Today
    Peter Draper, Technical Director - EMEA, Gurucul Aug 13 2020 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Insider Threats are not new. In the old days, you'd just sit someone down and have "the talk". What's new are the threat vectors that have presented themselves in recent months. Work from home employees, staff reduction, reduced hours, or furloughed insiders; the unfortunate reality is that insider risk is certainly on the rise. The expansion of work from home policies means more employees accessing corporate networks and data over public networks using personal devices. Every organization needs to update its Insider Threat Program or at minimum, implement basic monitoring controls.

    Attend this webinar to learn from a security practitioner perspective: What should you be doing? Gurucul has spent the last decade helping organizations globally to deter, predict, detect, and remediate insider risk. We have excellent experience to share as well as a framework we have used with many large, global companies. We can help you get a mature insider threat program up and running.
  • Run your datacenters from your anywhere
    Run your datacenters from your anywhere
    Allan Waters, Solutions Product Marketing at Nutanix Aug 13 2020 5:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    Kick back in your coziest sweats and unleash the power of your datacenter. Whether you’re on your couch, at the kitchen table, or in your home office, initiate upgrades and manage your environment with ease anywhere you are.

    Nutanix simplifies and streamlines your environment to make hypervisor and infrastructure management as easy as checking your email.

    In This Webinar Event You’ll Discover:
    - How easy it is to administer your infrastructure using Nutanix
    - Find out how to perform common administrative tasks from anywhere!
    - Discover what's new in the Nutanix web-based administrative portal that makes remove administration easier than ever before!
    - Get all your questions about remote administration answered from a Nutanix expert!
  • Capturing and Managing Communications Data in the Modern Enterprise
    Capturing and Managing Communications Data in the Modern Enterprise
    Amanda Anderson, Product Marketing Manager & Dave Ely, Dir. of Product Management Aug 13 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Employees depend on digital communication tools to collaborate more than ever before. Chat and collaboration apps, text messaging, and social media have made it possible for employees to communicate, but they can also put the firm at risk. As they adopt new communication tools, firms must ensure that they continue to comply with regulations and corporate policies.

    In this webinar, we will take a deep dive into the challenges that firms face with capturing and managing content and strategies for staying compliant.

    You’ll learn:

    - How the business communications landscape is evolving
    - Key considerations for capturing and managing your content
    - How Proofpoint Content Capture can help
  • Discovering and Securing IoT and Unmanaged Devices with ExtraHop and Keysight
    Discovering and Securing IoT and Unmanaged Devices with ExtraHop and Keysight
    Karen Crowley, Sr. PMM, ExtraHop, Kurt Skowronek, SE, ExtraHop & Greg Copeland, VP Business Development at Keysight Aug 13 2020 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    A lack of visibility into IoT and an inability to monitor unmanaged devices expands your attack surface, posing a threat to the security of your hybrid networks. Because IoT devices can't be instrumented with agents and generate a high volume of data, traditional approaches to security cannot be implemented. With Keysight and ExtraHop, you can discover and monitor all devices in context of the rest of your network , to detect and respond to attacks before they become a breach. Viewers of this webinar will learn:

    • How attackers exploit IoT and unmanaged devices to gain unauthorized access.

    • How network detection and response and machine learning play a significant role in investigating incidents

    • How together ExtraHop and Keysight provide comprehensive visibility into all devices to stop attacks before they cause damage.
  • Gigamon #2: What Zero Trust Networking Means for Network Visibility
    Gigamon #2: What Zero Trust Networking Means for Network Visibility
    Ollie Sheridan, Principal Sales Engineer, Security, (EMEA) Gigamon; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator Aug 13 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    There is much talk in the Industry with regards to Zero Trust Networking (ZTN) - but what does it involve and what does this mean for Network Visibility? In this Webinar we will explore the reason for ZTN, some of the current ideas surrounding the implementations of ZTN and where Network Visibility plays a key role in securing such environments. With one of the key concepts of ZTN being the encryption and authentication of data in motion, we will also discuss the need for Metadata and why this can be an advantage over traditional methods of monitoring. Join Gigamon and (ISC)2 on August 13, 2020 at 1:00PM Eastern for an examination of:

    - Understanding the ZTN trust model at a high level

    - See which components are important within ZTN and why

    - Understand why the perimeter is changing and why the need for segementation goes beyond physical devices

    - How Metadata can play a key role in understanding the activity of applications on your network
  • Managed Services for Modern Identity
    Managed Services for Modern Identity
    Brad Stocker, Simeio & Jennifer Galvin, CIAM Team Lead, Partner Field Enablement Architect-Okta Aug 13 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rapid changes in technology require future investment decisions to provide simplicity, scalability, and seamless integration of on-prem and cloud applications. This presentation will provide a case study describing how we achieved a full migration to Okta in five months, with 90% of the use cases completed under 60 days. The environment included SAML, WS-Fed, and OpenID. The results centralized SSO applications, lowered operational costs, increased vendor support, and utilized an extensive library of pre-built integrations.
  • Jamf Protect : Conformité, détection des menaces et prévention des logiciels mal
    Jamf Protect : Conformité, détection des menaces et prévention des logiciels mal
    Matthieu Castel, Systems Engineer, Jamf Aug 17 2020 9:00 am UTC 41 mins
    Le succès d’une entreprise dépend de sa stratégie de sécurité informatique. Alors que les employés continuent de choisir le Mac, une solution de sécurité Windows n’est pas suffisante pour les protéger. Il est temps de se tourner vers une solution conçue pour et par des utilisateurs Mac.