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Help Desk and Support

  • Escaping the Storage Licensing Money Pit Escaping the Storage Licensing Money Pit Dave Wright - Vice President & General Manager, NetApp SolidFire and Tim Stammers - Senior Storage Analyst, 451 Research Recorded: Jan 18 2017 57 mins
    The tables have been stacked against storage buyers for decades, but a change is coming. Forget the endless refresh treadmill of monolithic storage systems, and licensing models that are not just inflexible, but also force you to pay again and again for the same technology. Join this webinar to learn how to liberate your storage budget, and pay for storage the way that suits your business rather than the vendors, with 451 Research senior analyst Tim Stammers, and NetApp SolidFire’s Vice President & General Manager, Dave Wright.
  • 2017 Trends in Services 2017 Trends in Services Kelly Morgan, Research Vice President - Services Recorded: Jan 18 2017 32 mins
    The next wave of cloud computing is coming, and it is going to take the shape of serving distinct enterprise needs in an on-demand fashion. It is normal for enterprise IT departments to provision or procure IaaS, PaaS or SaaS services now. That in turn means that a larger galaxy of business needs and operational complexities will be tackled as the next way to monetize cloud infrastructure. The trickle of specialized providers doing boutique services such as disaster recovery as a service, compliance as a service and database as a service could well become a flood.

    Join Kelly Morgan, Research Vice President for Services as she uncovers what service providers will need to change in order to gain a competitive advantage in 2017, and what the sources of demand for multi-tenant datacenters will be in the coming year.
  • The State of Incident Management The State of Incident Management Roy Atkinson and Vincent Geffray Recorded: Jan 17 2017 60 mins
    Lack of Automation Hinders Speed of Response to IT Outages and Incidents
    Incident management is one of the primary processes of a support center. In order to better understand the current state of this process—which gives insight into the state of IT in general—Everbridge conducted a survey of 152 IT professionals, seeking to better understand the frequency and severity of incidents.

    In this webinar, HDI’s senior analyst and an Everbridge practitioner will engage in an exchange of ideas and questions about the Everbridge survey and findings, also introducing elements of HDI’s own 2016 research findings. Some items under discussion will be:

    * The number of major incidents experienced
    * The effects of IT incidents and outages
    * The average cost of IT downtime
    * Response times for various support channels
    * Customer satisfaction with the support center
  • Does IT Asset Management Still have a Place in a Service Management World Does IT Asset Management Still have a Place in a Service Management World George Spalding, EVP from Pink Elephant Recorded: Jan 11 2017 56 mins
    We’ve been counting, measuring, assessing and reallocating IT assets since time began, or at least since IT time began. Now that we’ve moved into a world where Service Management is foundational to IT Asset Management (ITAM), do we still have to employ the resources (time, people, tools, etc.) involved in ITAM? After all, isn’t Configuration Management the same thing, only better? Do I need both disciplines? Isn’t ITAM really a function of Finance or Audit? As an ITAM professional, should I be worrying about my future employment prospects? Join George Spalding, EVP from Pink Elephant as he ponders the answers to these questions.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Implementing ITIL in Your Organization Do’s and Don’ts for Implementing ITIL in Your Organization Anthony Orr, ITIL Author & Examiner Recorded: Dec 15 2016 24 mins
    ITIL, also known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is the global standard for IT best practices. ITIL v3 Master Anthony Orr covers four areas of ITIL processes: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, and DevOps. Be sure to download the ‘How to Apply ITIL Processes’ guide in Attachments, which contains detailed lists of ITIL Do’s and Don’ts covered in this webinar, along with additional ITIL resources. This session is a compilation of the four short ITIL webinars on our BrightTALK channel.
  • Six Ways to Modernize the Contact Center in 2017 Six Ways to Modernize the Contact Center in 2017 Brad Snedeker, Director of Innovation, Calabrio & Nancy Jamison, Principal Analyst - Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Dec 15 2016 58 mins
    Millennials have been flooding the workplace for a number of years, and with them they have brought change. In particular, this emerging workforce has had a big impact on customer contact with different requirements, attitudes, and technology. Is your contact center ready to handle the changing needs of the new workforce?
  • How Make-A-Wish America Delivers Seamless Remote Support in a Connected World How Make-A-Wish America Delivers Seamless Remote Support in a Connected World Renee Dodson, Peter Zeinoun, Roy Atkinson (moderator) Recorded: Dec 13 2016 46 mins
    Make-A-Wish® grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich them with hope, strength and joy. In this session, Renee Dodson, Technical Support Specialist from Make-A-Wish America, and Peter Zeinoun from LogMeIn Rescue will present key trends impacting internal IT today and discuss real-world best practices to addressing top challenges through remote support, including:

    * How remote support helps enable Make-A-Wish® to fulfill its mission
    * Key trends of the mobile workforce
    * How to create seamless support experiences across channels and devices
    * Empowering tech support to deliver fast, efficient, and frictionless service
  • Who You Gonna Call? Arm the Service Desk to Ghost-Bust Issues Before They Occur Who You Gonna Call? Arm the Service Desk to Ghost-Bust Issues Before They Occur Chris Marsh, 451 Research; Chris Dunn, Easy Vista; & Bruce Aboudara, Scalable Software Recorded: Dec 13 2016 59 mins
    The Service Desk is at the frontlines of a changing landscape in IT. IT is now, more than ever, required to provide 100% uptime of their services, and provide them to users anytime and anywhere – thanks in large part to the growth in new consumer apps and services accessed through mobile devices.

    To support this demand the service desk must be aware of and prepared for several key trends:

    •Mobile. More and more, users are accessing their services through their mobile devices. Powerful trends are shaping the mobile world that will impact the Service Desk. We in the service desk must adapt, but what does that mean?

    •Service Availability. Users expect their services to always be up – just like they experience with their other mobile apps and should there be an issue, they expect it to be resolved immediately. What can the Service Desk to make this dream a reality?

    •New Technologies. Prompted by this need for always-on, mobile-available services, infrastructure teams are looking toward newer technologies such as public clouds, software defined networking (SDN), and hyperconverged architectures. How does this impact the Service Desk?

    Join, Chris Marsh, lead mobility analyst at 451 research, Chris Dunn, Global Director of Product marketing for EasyVista, and Bruce Aboudara SVP at Scalable Software as they discuss the key trends the service desk need to know about as well as actions the service desk can take to capitalize on those trends.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email Chris Dunn at cdunn@easyvista.com
  • Missing the Mark: IT and Building the Collaborative Office Missing the Mark: IT and Building the Collaborative Office Nick Cavalencia, founder of Techvangelism & Niel Levonius, 8x8 Recorded: Dec 13 2016 63 mins
    It's no secret your users tend to use the communications tools they are most comfortable with even when they are consumer tools unsanctioned by IT. Sure, you've researched, selected, implemented, and support the best of collaborative tools to give your users anytime, anywhere, any device connectivity to each other. But even so, they still ignore IT's efforts and run back to what they like, leaving IT with no visibility into how the business is collaborating, and no ability to enrich the user experience while improving business productivity.

    So, how do you build a collaborative office that allows IT to remain in control of it all?

    In this interactive webinar, join industry expert and founder of Techvangelism, Nick Cavalencia, along with Niel Levonius from 8x8, as they discuss:
    -It's not you, it's them - why the consumerization of IT continues in the face of fantastic enterprise-caliber collaborative solutions
    -Where IT's approach to solving the problem is off base
    -How to build the collaborative office users want
  • Use your data to Reduce Service Request Resolution Time Use your data to Reduce Service Request Resolution Time Dean Williams, President Block64 Recorded: Dec 7 2016 41 mins
    Case study examples of using better asset data to improve service, reduce cost & mitigate risk.

    Smash the silo: make your key asset data available across the organization, at all times. In this section, we’ll talk a bit about how organizations often silo their support/ticketing systems off from other systems containing key asset data, and why this would matter and introduce potential waste and headaches for an organization.

    The hidden costs of a long refresh cycle: Here I discuss the relationship between aged assets and the spike this can cause in support traffic. A look at gaps that can be exposed by having things like asset age, supportability, and current maintenance coverage can help with a refresh strategy.

    Proper maintenance coverage: a shortcut to eased support overhead.
    Here I’ll talk through a handful of real-world examples where a lack of asset oversight led to actual outages or over-payment by customers we’ve worked with.

    Pitfalls of popular maintenance platforms: Discussing some of the ways in which gaps that cause support headaches are systemically introduced by popular maintenance programs such as SmartNET.

    Using data to reduce Service Request Resolution Time: Lastly, talk about how to gauge and meter the soft and hard benefits of introducing better data during the support process
  • Service catalog in the app store era Service catalog in the app store era Narain Muralidharan, Freshservice Recorded: Dec 7 2016 29 mins
    The way we purchase has come a long way since the good old days. What used to be a cash based transaction was soon replaced by newer payment methods like wire transfers, plastic money, Bitcoin, Square, Apple Pay, etc. But enterprise service request management has remained the same even as consumer technology has evolved drastically.

    The App Store model has redefined the way we consume services. All it takes to purchase a new service is a tap of the thumb – the preferred method to purchase within the confines of your home.

    So what can we, as IT leaders, learn from the App Store to make the service request catalog experience better?
  • Creating a Consumer-Like Experience for Your Customers Creating a Consumer-Like Experience for Your Customers George Spalding, EVP of Pink Elephant, Jarod Greene and Daniel Cooper with Cherwell Recorded: Nov 18 2016 40 mins
    User Interface and User Experience are important in IT, especially in IT Service Management tools. Intuitive and easy-to-use tools will ensure that both your users and your staff are making the most of your investment and getting the best results. A generation of users expect consumer-like experiences at work and meeting their needs will promote higher self-sufficiency. In this webinar, George Spalding of Pink Elephant and Cherwell ITSM experts discuss how to choose the right ITSM tool to increase customer satisfaction and improve results.
  • An emergent approach to Continual Service Improvement An emergent approach to Continual Service Improvement Mark Smalley, The IT Paradigmologist, ASL BiSL Foundation Recorded: Nov 18 2016 40 mins
    Continual Service Improvement is usually based on the plan–do–check–act (PDCA) cycle. PDCA emerged in the manufacturing era with much emphasis on statistical control. But what if the nature of the environment is more emergent than deterministic? Can the PDCA cycle still be applied and if so, how?

    This presentation explores the diverse nature of (organisational) systems, focusing on the relationship between cause and effect. It is based on Dave Snowden’s sense-making Cynefin framework. Snowden distinguishes between 4 system domains. In the Obvious and Complicated domains, systems are predictable; whereas in the Complex and Chaotic domains, they are not.

    The main takeaway from this presentation is a better understanding of the nature of systems, and knowing how best to act within the PDCA cycle.


    Mark Smalley, also known as The IT Paradigmologist, is specialized in Application Management and Business Information Management. Mark is an IT Management Consultant at Smalley.IT and Ambassador at the ASL BiSL Foundation. He is also affiliated with AllThingsITSM, APMG International, BrightTALK, BRM Institute, GamingWorks, IT4IT Forum, ITPreneurs, Pink Elephant, Taking Service Forward, Topconf, and Van Haren Publishing. Mark has reached out to thousands of IT professionals at more than 100 events in more than 20 countries. Connect with him @marksmalley & www.linkedin.com/in/marksmalley.
  • How MSPs and IT Organizations can Empower High Growth w/ ITSM How MSPs and IT Organizations can Empower High Growth w/ ITSM William Guinn, Chief Technology Officer for ServiceAide and Anne Morello, Director of Software Engineering at TriZetto Recorded: Nov 17 2016 37 mins
    Join ServiceAide and our MSP partner: The TriZetto Group, a Cognizant Company
    Trizetto leads in the Healthcare industry with a grow of 12% CAGR through 2020.

    TriZetto delivers world-class, healthcare IT solutions that enable healthcare organizations to work more efficiently and collaboratively to deliver better health.
    TriZetto solutions reach 260,000 care providers, streamline processes for more than 350 payers and touch over half the U.S. insured population

    We will discuss how TriZetto manages to deliver high value ITSM services while reducing their costs and growing their business
  • LTE Network Technology: Bringing Seamless Connectivity to the Enterprise LTE Network Technology: Bringing Seamless Connectivity to the Enterprise Ken Rehbehn -451 Research, Mike Carper -Nokia, Amit Jain- SpiderCloud Recorded: Nov 17 2016 52 mins
    During this webinar, the MulteFire Alliance will provide an overview of MulteFire technology and detail how it provides a new wireless connectivity option for enterprises. MulteFire is an LTE-based technology that operates in unlicensed and shared spectrum, enabling an enterprise to deploy its own high-performance wireless network. 451 Research analyst Ken Rehbehn and Alliance members will discuss MulteFire in enterprise IT applications and share why IT decision makers should start planning to incorporate MulteFire into their networks.

    Attendees will learn how MulteFire:
    •Improves indoor and outdoor capacity
    •Delivers a neutral host to serve any user
    •Offers opportunity to cover more area and devices with fewer nodes than Wi-Fi
    •Leverages LTE’s strong security, authentication, and more
    •Supports features such as VoLTE, LTE broadcast, interface management, advanced radio resource management and more
    •Plans for the continued evolutionary path established for LTE
  • Sneak Peek: 2016 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Data Sneak Peek: 2016 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Data Roy Atkinson and Peter Zeinoun Recorded: Nov 15 2016 61 mins
    In this webinar, HDI’s senior writer/analyst, Roy Atkinson, will showcase new data from the 2016 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Survey. This data, previously unpublished, will take a look at the technologies and trends in desktop support, with a spotlight on the importance of remote control and assistance.

    Some of the data featured include:
    * Frameworks and methodologies desktop support teams align with include ITIL, the HDI Support Center Standard, Lean, COBIT, and this year, DevOps
    * On average, customer satisfaction with desktop support exceeds customer satisfaction with the support center overall
    * The top five must-have technologies for desktop support include alerts and monitoring tools, and remote control
    * Remote control is used almost equally by the support center (81% of organizations) and by desktop support (80.6% of organizations)
    * 51% of organizations track desktop support tickets separately from other tickets
    * Nearly one-third of desktop support organizations are resolving 51-75% of tickets through remote support
  • Enterprise Mobility as a Service for the SMB Market Enterprise Mobility as a Service for the SMB Market Chris Marsh, RD of Enterprise Mobility from 451; Craig Riegelhaupt, Director of Product Marketing at Tangoe Recorded: Nov 15 2016 45 mins
    The door is open for the savvy business to get more bang for their buck due to the increased choice from mobile carriers. But increased choice can be paralyzing for the SMB market when it is still coming to grips with some of the basics of enterprise mobility.

    In this webinar, 451 Research will discuss the market trends in enterprise mobility for the SMB market, and how organizations can support remote and mobile workers when carriers are pushing for a return to corporate-liable arrangements. To help focus on this underserved market, Tangoe will provide examples of simple services that can help overcome common hurdles to value creation through Mobility as a Service
  • Where’s the value in CSI if your customers don’t recognise it? Where’s the value in CSI if your customers don’t recognise it? Ian MacDonald FBCS CITP FISM Recorded: Nov 15 2016 50 mins
    In this session we explore the concepts of ‘value’ and the challenges facing IT service providers in conveying the value being provided from their IT services and the capabilities of their people. Where customers are unsure of the value provided, then this brings into sharp focus cost and value for money.

    A CSI strategy based on a ‘Marginal Gains’ approach recognises that with existing IT services there are always opportunities to add value to the customer from low or no cost enhancements. However, there is no value in CSI if your customers don’t recognise it.

    The benefits of CSI need to be communicated and explained in business and customer terms to all relevant stakeholders. This requires the IT service provider to recognise the strategic importance of managing customer perception and developing a communications strategy that provides timely, targeted and relevant information to customers on the value being provided.
  • Value of Call Recording in the Cloud Value of Call Recording in the Cloud Mike Berlin, Senior VP Global Sales & Business Development, TelStrat Recorded: Nov 10 2016 24 mins
    This webinar introduces Engage WFO SaaS™ (Software-as-a-Service), a managed service from TelStrat providing advanced call recording, quality management, analytics, and workforce management. We will describe the benefits of moving to a cloud-based subscription model, explore deployment options and multiple use cases. Learn how you can lighten the workload for your IT department while always having access to the most current software features. If you need to do more with less, increase productivity and customer satisfaction, and provide a clear view of performance, don’t miss this webinar.
  • Get self-service of passwords with HPE Service Anywhere – FREE Version! Get self-service of passwords with HPE Service Anywhere – FREE Version! Finn Jensen, FastPassCorp Recorded: Nov 10 2016 46 mins
    Service Desk Institute has just published a new report on corporate self-service of passwords. The report reveals significant difficulties for a majority of large companies when introducing self-service of passwords for end-users. At least 5 major problems cause users to reject self-service.
    This Webinar will highlight the results, and present the successful best practices from FastPassCorp, which enables customers to reach 75-90% adoption.
    The FastPassCloud solution can be delivered together with HPE Service Anywhere and Service Manager.
  • Preparing ITSM for Digital Business Preparing ITSM for Digital Business Matt Hooper Recorded: Nov 10 2016 56 mins
    All facets of the business demand innovation from IT, but preparing for it requires scope, timing, vision, understanding the competitive landscape, and innovative business processes. This will require new roles, new approaches to funding special projects, value-based metrics, and controls to ensure that the shifts aren't seismic. In this session we'll look at examples of businesses that used big data and analytics, mobile, social media, IoT, or other disruptive technologies to revolutionize their business model, and we'll provide steps that can assist your journey.
  • Top 10 Best Practices for WFO Top 10 Best Practices for WFO Brad Snedeker, Director of Innovation, Calabrio Recorded: Nov 9 2016 48 mins
    Best Practices means many different things to many different people, but there are some common themes across all contact centers where best practices can be applied. In this webinar we will discuss the Top 10 industry-proven Best Practices for Workforce Optimization and techniques for applying them to your contact center.
  • Projects end, but Services Live On. IT Better Focus on Delivering Services! Projects end, but Services Live On. IT Better Focus on Delivering Services! George Spalding, Pink Elephant and Allen Houpt, CA Technologies Recorded: Nov 4 2016 51 mins
    IT has grown up over the last 50 years as a conglomeration of hundreds of projects. And, for better or worse, IT is still in project mode. Someone (usually the business) has an idea to make things better, sells the idea to the executives, gets funding, writes a charter, and the merry-go-round begins. In most enterprises, the big picture doesn’t get propagated to the operational level. In delivering services to the business, even the PMO functions more like a traffic cop than a strategic advisor. Projects, by definition, have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Yet the business’s need for services and value from IT knows no end. The time has come to change the way IT approaches delivering services. IT needs to focus on providing agile, high-quality, ongoing services that the business needs and wants. IT must provide ongoing value to the business; all day, every day. Projects end, but well-designed services live on and on.
  • How to Reduce Risk and Time in your IT Audit How to Reduce Risk and Time in your IT Audit Jeff Kelsey, Director of ITAM Product Management, Cherwell Software Recorded: Nov 2 2016 32 mins
    Software Compliance--Are You Audit Ready? Software vendor audits are expensive, time consuming, and for most organizations, inevitable. You know it's coming - what can you do to make it less painful? In this webcast, we will cover how asset management simplifies proactive compliance, enabling you to discover software inventory and usage, and reduce time spent responding to an audit by up to 75%. Hear IT Asset Management expert Jeff Kelsey discuss how to reduce licensing risks and better respond to software requests as part of your overall ITAM strategy.
  • Mobile Strategy: The Benefits of Using an Integrated Solution Mobile Strategy: The Benefits of Using an Integrated Solution Chris Marsh, Research Director at 451; Emil Stoychev Progress, Product Manager at Progress Digital Factory for Mobile Recorded: Oct 27 2016 54 mins
    Companies have struggled to find their feet when it comes to combining technology, people and workflow in their mobile application development strategies. All too often fragmented technologies have impeded progress. As technologies mature however and mobile (as distinct from pure web development) becomes better understood, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In particular integration across the lifecycle is delivering significant productivity gains for developers and business stakeholders that makes moving from handfuls of apps to a scaled mobile app strategy more of a reality.