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  • Career Conversations w/ Twitter Queens Tracy and Amanda
    Career Conversations w/ Twitter Queens Tracy and Amanda Jessica Gulick, MBA | PMP | CISSP Recorded: Jul 19 2018 59 mins
    Join us at our next Career Conversations session. We'll discuss topics such as: what made them decide on IT or Cyber Security, what were some of their work/life challenges, and what skills and education do they see as essential to success?

    Whether you are an experienced professional or just contemplating a future in Cyber Security, WSC's Career Conversations allows you to have a conversation with women making a difference. Join us and share in Career Conversations with successful women in cyber security!

    Amanda Berlin, MCITP
    Tracy Maleeff, Masters in Library and Information Science
  • Making the business case for a modern intranet
    Making the business case for a modern intranet Sam Keninger, Head of Product Marketing at Simpplr Recorded: Jul 17 2018 59 mins
    As communications professionals we know intranet’s are important. But we sometimes lack the ability justify how they impact the business. Join Sam Keninger, Head of Product Marketing at Simpplr, as he shares ways companies have been making the business the case for intranet technology.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    - Ways to justify the intranet investment in terms that matter to the business
    - How do identify common problems and symptoms of a poor communications strategy
    - What metrics can be used to make the case for investment
  • How to Create a Great Candidate Experience
    How to Create a Great Candidate Experience Louise Shaw, Head of Training and Consultancy & Katie Noble, Account Director – Omni RMS Recorded: Jul 17 2018 45 mins
    Organisations only get one chance to make a first impression. We discuss why the Candidate Experience is key to attracting and recruiting the best candidates.
  • How to Foster Diversity & Inclusion in Your Hiring
    How to Foster Diversity & Inclusion in Your Hiring Brenna Child, Head of Talent Management; Amy Forbes Winebright, Project Manager; Jesus Suarez, Recruiting Coordinator Recorded: Jul 12 2018 33 mins
    In this era of ceilings being broken and “culture adds” over “culture fits,” it’s never been more critical to weed out bias within your organization.

    And there’s quantifiable proof that it’s good for your culture, too. Two-thirds of job seekers say that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers (1).

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

    Audit your interview process, from start to finish

    Spotcheck diversity benchmarks to manage expectations

    Refine your content to appeal to the talent you’re trying to reach

    (1) Glassdoor site survey, June 2014

    Brenna Child, Head of Talent Management, Employer Branding at the Washington Post
    Amy Forbes Winebright, Project Manager, Global Employment Brand at Dell
    Jesus Suarez, Recruiting Coordinator, Glassdoor
  • Creative Interviewing - Thinking Beyond the Question
    Creative Interviewing - Thinking Beyond the Question Lori Kleiman, Owner, HR Topics Recorded: Jul 12 2018 32 mins
    Recruiting has to be more then just filling a vacant position – and retaining top talent is all about making the right selection to begin with. Managers need to look at the scope of the role – and how that may have changed since the last person held the position. What do they really need in the future…and how can succession planning be impacted by hiring just the right person. Candidates look for jobs in a new way, and the tools available to managers to screen candidates should be utilized. Technology can be a huge time saver in communicating with and evaluating candidates. Tools in background evaluation and personality assessment will be reviewed to help managers determine which are appropriate to bring into their recruiting process. We will provide participants with recommendations to determine starting salary and the proper preparation of the offer letter. Finally, our discussion will conclude with the tools to identify top talent and ensure they are aligned with the long-term success of your organization.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    ·Options for filling the candidate pipeline
    ·Embracing technology while still creating a personal connection
    ·Utilizing pre-employment testing at the right time for the right results
    ·Development in background and credit check compliance
    ·Full cycle recruiting goes beyond the offer letter
  • Aligning Talent Management Needs with Company Culture & Diversity
    Aligning Talent Management Needs with Company Culture & Diversity Russell Williams, President and Founder, HR Global Link, Jason Gray, Engineering & Mihir Gandhi, Marketplace, Eightfold Recorded: Jul 12 2018 59 mins
    Diversity and inclusion drive innovation across organizations. Everyone in the HR field is turning to technology to solve the skills and diversity gaps within their organizations. Until now there has not been a solid solution to meet these demands.

    Utilizing AI to hire and nurture talent can create a high performance organization and enable business outcomes. It can further assist socially conscious organizations to meet their strategic diversity-improvement goals. A robust AI platform applied to HR can develop a deep understanding of your organization and its goals which it then uses to create ideal profiles for each job/team/candidate based on skills, education, capabilities, experience and background.

    Register for this webinar to:

    - Learn how technology can help combat subconscious bias
    - An AI platform uncovers a pool of diverse candidates
    - Get your questions answered in a live Q&A.

    About the presenters:

    Mihir Gandhi, Head of Marketplace Operations, Eightfold
    Jason Gray, Director of Sales Engineering, Eightfold
    Russell Williams, President and Founder, HR Global Link,
  • Your Interview Process: A 360° Transformation
    Your Interview Process: A 360° Transformation Kelly Powers, Product Marketing Manager, Yello Recorded: Jul 11 2018 57 mins
    Join Yello as they explore how to transform your interview process for all parties involved!

    Does the interview scheduling process keep you up at night? Do you wish your team could spend less time coordinating efforts and more time having strategic conversations? Listen in as Yello examines the interview process from all angles- our candidates, our interviewers and of course our recruiters - to give you practical tips and tricks to streamline & enhance the interview process.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    -Keys to enhancing the candidate experience throughout the interview process
    -How to ensure each interview - from initial screen to final round - is valuable and efficient for your interviewers
    -How recruiters can reduce time spent on scheduling coordination activities
    -The benefits & insights of investing in interview scheduling technology

    Presenter Bio:Kelly Powers is the Product Marketing Manager at Yello, a company that builds talent acquisition software to help eliminate the gaps in the hiring experience. In her current role, Kelly leads the go to market strategy for Yello's product suite. Prior to her current role, Kelly was a Principal in Yello's solution consulting practice, serving clients in an advisory capacity on end-to-end solution architecture. With a background in Human capital consulting, Kelly has a passion for HR technology and brings a wealth of expertise leading enterprise-wide HR transformations enabled by technology.
  • The Future of the Business Coach and the Agile World
    The Future of the Business Coach and the Agile World Jennifer Riggins Recorded: Jul 11 2018 62 mins
    What exactly is a business coach? An agile coach? How do you build a career as a coach? What are the hurdles facing the coaching world as agile turns from software niche to taking over the business world? Grab a cuppa and join this conversation (or watch the recording later) as our agile and coaching influencers try to answer these questions and more (and yours!)

    Meet our Agile Mavens: Andrea Carbert manages complex, regulated healthcare projects in an agile way; Andrea Darabos is an agile coach at HSBC as well as a leadership coach; Deborah Preus is a certified life coach, helping change leaders find more join and impact through phone coaching; Portia Tung is an executive and personal Coach, agile coach and play researcher; Nikoletta Tatár is a Certified Scrum Professional, agile coach and Scrum Master; and Marjan Venema is a coach, an agile advocate, storyteller, developer and designer.

    Who should join? Anyone interested in making a career in coaching or anyone who is involved in a company considering or going through an agile transformation. Questions welcome!
  • The ATS Features CareerBuilder Clients Can’t Live Without
    The ATS Features CareerBuilder Clients Can’t Live Without Devon Butterfield, Field Solutions Architect, CareerBuilder.com Recorded: Jul 10 2018 25 mins
    On average, CareerBuilder’s Applicant Tracking System delivers twice as many applications as the average ATS and decreases time-to-hire by six days. In this webinar, CareerBuilder recruitment expert Devon Butterfield will discuss how CareerBuilder’s ATS works differently to deliver superior results that save our customers time and money.

    Learn how we combine leading-edge technology, labor market data and superior customer service to: enhance communication between hiring managers and candidates; create a seamless, automated workflow; and elevate your decision-making process.

    Attendees will see a demonstration of our top ATS features at work.

    For existing CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking customers, this is a great opportunity to learn about new and upcoming features for your current system.
  • Harnessing employee feedback to manage the challenges of organisational change
    Harnessing employee feedback to manage the challenges of organisational change Regan Bunny, OD Manager at Vicinity Centers; Fiona Scullion, People Scientist and Didier Elzinga, CEO at Culture Amp Recorded: Jul 4 2018 60 mins
    Creating an environment for employees to share feedback is an important component of building a culture first company - particularly in times of change.

    Whether you’re a small company looking to grow, or a large enterprise in hyper-growth, the way you manage change will be the make or break of your culture, and in turn - your organisation.

    What steps are you taking to prepare for incoming change?

    On July 4, we invite you to join Didier Elzinga, Culture Amp CEO and Founder, as he talks to Regan Bunny, OD Manager and People Lead at Vicinity Centres - one of Australia's leading retail property groups - about how they used employee feedback stay on track post merger.

    Our expert People Scientist, Fiona Scullion, will co-host and share useful tips on handling organisational change.

    Register and learn:

    • How to process change in proactive ways
    • Handling common challenges when change has or will occur
    • The value of collecting employee feedback during change
    • How Vicinity implemented an employee feedback to strategy to keep employees engaged during, and post merger.
  • Top 10 Reasons why Intranets Fail
    Top 10 Reasons why Intranets Fail Sam Keninger, Head of Product Marketing at Simpplr Recorded: Jun 28 2018 60 mins
    Intranets have been around for over 20 years, but many organizations continue to fail to sustain program adoption and success. Hear Sam Keninger, Head of Product Marketing at Simpplr as he shares the results of recent research.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    - What are the 10 most common challenges with intranet initiatives
    - How practitioners can mitigate these risks
    - How technology is changing to improve internal communications
  • How to Design the Career You Love
    How to Design the Career You Love Jennifer Riggins Recorded: Jun 27 2018 64 mins
    We all want to say “I love my job!” but it’s not a magic wish. Job satisfaction is something you have to design into your daily life, from your work choices to your profile to your networks. This episode we sit down for a cup and conversation with Mia Sherman from the popular Escape the City (https://www.escapethecity.org/) job transformation coaching in London and New York, and two women who have successfully redesigned happiness at work.

    This episode we'll learn the stories and ask questions of two fabulous female entrepreneurs: Vix Anderton, talking about her journey from an Royal Air Force intelligence officer to building a portfolio career and her own company The Practical Balance (thepracticalbalance.com), a platform to promote the wellbeing and mental health of founders; and Luzana Costa, talking about her purposeful pivot from the oil and gas industry to working with a couple of social enterprises in Angola and a crowdfunding company for social enterprises here in London, and working full time with tech startups -- plus check out her inspiring blog: A Woman about the World (https://medium.com/woman-about-the-world) Both women are heavily dedicated to empowering diversity.

    Get ready to ask your own questions and learn from those that have been there, done that in designing careers they truly love!

    Women and men alike are welcome to listen in (live or sign up now for link to recording later) to learn and ask our WIT women at work experts for advice!
  • CMDB for the Enterprise Mind
    CMDB for the Enterprise Mind Terrell Pursley, Ryan Gillespie, Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Jun 26 2018 59 mins
    Get the rundown of different audiences for the CMDB and how to achieve each of their objectives through out-of-the-box products.

    Plus, Find out...
    - Why CMDB should be your ServiceNow foundation
    - What's the roadmap to success
    - Conventional and specialized uses, including services and dashboards
    - Real-world examples of companies transforming today
  • Create your own Anti-harassment Programs that Work
    Create your own Anti-harassment Programs that Work Lori Kleiman Recorded: Jun 15 2018 21 mins
    What they don’t know WILL hurt them! Creating programs for Anti-harassment that work

    You don’t want to be the next company on the evening news! But if employees don’t know the basics of identifying and reporting harassment how can we expect them to follow your procedures.

    We will cover the basics you need to include in Anti-harassment and discrimination training, how to engage your audience and the legal compliance pieces that cover the responsibility your business has. If you are working in a company that expects you to be responsible for this with little or no budget for external training – this is the program for you!

    You will learn:
    ·What are the key components of a training program
    ·How to align your message with your culture
    ·Engage employees to participate
    ·Covering legal obligations
  • The Power of Mentoring
    The Power of Mentoring Jennifer Riggins Recorded: Jun 13 2018 62 mins
    This conversation features women in tech who have benefited from receiving and giving mentoring, but it's really for anyone who is looking for a hand up or to offer one. Our experts will share their experiences and talk about the importance of mentoring — though that it's not for everyone — how to find the right mentor and mentee for you, and how it's an important part of building a career in tech.

    So grab your cuppa and join the conversation for the second episode of WIT: Women in Tech! We are talking to four awesome women in tech -- Tammy Bütow, SRE (site reliability engineering) and chaos engineering specialist at Gremlin; Ana Medina, chaos engineer at Gremlin (formerly Uber); Charu Sharma, CEO of Next Play an AI tool that helps companies connect their employees internally for mentoring; Etel Sverdlov, director of developer community and first hire at Digital Ocean; and Prima Virani, senior security engineer at Marqueta.

    Their roles in tech benefit from a wealth of experience working with and securing those systems. But you usually have to have already worked with those systems to then be able to get jobs working with those systems -- a struggle for any junior-level job, but a particularly strong one in the tech space. This is where mentoring comes in. Each of these awesome women has benefited from being mentored and benefit from giving back and mentoring.

    Join us (or sign up to listen to the recording later) to learn the best way to find a mentor or mentee/mentoree and how to leverage that relationship so you're both getting the most out of it. You'll learn about informal and formal guilds that support that mentoring, and what companies should do to facilitate these benefits. And you'll hear personal stories from these women who have built solid careers in tech on the shoulders of experience and support.
  • Getting to Know the New E-Verify
    Getting to Know the New E-Verify Sue Kohlwey, Management and Program Analyst with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Recorded: May 31 2018 61 mins
    In April, USCIS announced changes to the E-Verify program in effort to improve the user experience, reduce errors and improve the speed and accuracy of employment verification. What are these changes and what do they mean for you? Join us for a new webinar to find out.

    Register today for Getting to Know the New E-Verify on Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 11:00 AM (CST) In this free webinar, E-Verify expert Sue Kohlwey of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will discuss the latest updates to E-Verify point by point and how they will affect both employers and employees. She will also offer advice for navigating these changes and applying them to your own process.
  • Is a Global Business Service Strategy the new ServiceNow Frontier?
    Is a Global Business Service Strategy the new ServiceNow Frontier? Ellen Daley, Ross Rexer, Grant Pulver, Meghan Lockwood Recorded: May 30 2018 60 mins
    The Executive Corner: Strategies to accelerate your transformation to world-class Employee Services.

    - Find out how leading organizations are centralizing helping employees as they do customers, with a one-stop place to get all services from HR, finance, facilities, and more
    - Learn to recognize if your firm is ripe for leveraging ServiceNow to power your shared service initiative
    - Delight employees and free professional staff for more value-add activities
    - Drive Digital Transformation with lean and 6 Sigma underpinnings with ServiceNow
  • Breastfeeding and other Triumphs and Tribulations of the Working Mom
    Breastfeeding and other Triumphs and Tribulations of the Working Mom Jennifer Riggins Recorded: May 30 2018 64 mins
    Being a working mom is the new norm but that doesn’t make it any easier. This week’s cuppa talks to four working moms — in non-profit, healthcare, business, and entertainment — who have juggled contracted and self-employed roles, motherhood, and breastfeeding.

    Our awesome guests to kick off this series of conversations with awesome women of influence will be author of 'The Big Letdown', communications strategist and social commentator Kimberly Seals Allers; actress and musician Noa Bodner; self-employed occupational therapist Melinda Eriksen; and nonprofit marketing director Kate McLoughlin Thornton.

    We talk about the challenges and celebrations of the working mother, and share tips, stories and tricks that can help other working mothers and the folks that work with them. Along with your questions, we will cover topics like:
    - the personal journeys of each remarkable woman
    - family leave, childcare and breastfeeding support on and off the job
    - the different experience of mothers in different roles, races, cultures and economic levels
    - specific struggles and discriminations facing working mothers and how to deal
    - where working mothers can find allies
    - work-life balance tips
    - advice for moms getting back to work after a long leave after kids
    - and of course your questions during the live taping!

    NOTE: This week is just as important for non-parents to join. We all work alongside working moms and they are essential to the future of every sector — including humanity! Join the live show to get the answers to all the questions you were afraid to ask or catch up by signing up now and get the recording sent to you afterwards.
  • GDPR - staying on the right side of the regulation
    GDPR - staying on the right side of the regulation Betsy Kendall, Data Protection Officer and VP of Global Programs, OPP and Petra Merne, Director, Global Marketing, OPP Recorded: May 24 2018 59 mins
    MBTI and other business psychology practitioners hold a lot of information on their clients, much of it of a sensitive nature addressing issues from performance data to aspects of personality profiles, and therefore are disproportionately affected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This will not be a legalistic presentation but practical session with time for Q&A to provide an appreciation of how it could affect our professional lives.
  • Getting to Grips with the GDPR: How to Fast-Track Your Compliance
    Getting to Grips with the GDPR: How to Fast-Track Your Compliance Phil Lee, Partner at Fieldfisher and Jacqueline de Gernier, AVP at DocuSign Recorded: May 23 2018 32 mins
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents the most important data protection regulation change in 20 years. All companies processing and holding the personal data of subjects residing in the EU must comply once it comes into effect on 25 May 2018, regardless of location.

    One of the biggest changes is around obtaining consent to use personal data. The new requirements not only impact how businesses attain and renew consent but also introduce the need to record the details for auditing purposes.

    Hear from Phil Lee, Partner at Fieldfisher, who will discuss the key changes under the GDPR, the challenges facing businesses, and how digital tools like eSignatures can streamline your compliance.

    Join this webinar to understand:

    - The impacts of the GDPR on businesses
    - How to obtain and record consent in a compliant manner
    - How to re-procure suppliers with contracts that contain the terms of the GDPR
    - How digital tools can be part of a GDPR solution
  • Is your organisation fit for the future?
    Is your organisation fit for the future? Peter Meyler, Head of Workplace Consultancy, Barnett Waddingham Recorded: May 23 2018 49 mins
    The value created by employees in a healthy organisation is vital to achieving long-term sustainable business success. How healthy is your organisation? It could be time for a check-up.
    To receive event invitations, blogs and newsletters from Barnett Waddingham please visit www.barnett-waddingham.co.uk/sign-up
  • Responding to a data breach
    Responding to a data breach Jim Steven - Head of Data Breach Services, Experian Recorded: May 23 2018 38 mins
    Jim Steven, Head of Data Breach Response, Experian talks through the key considerations for organisations when pulling together a consumer data breach response plan and draws out key insights and steps that can be taken, ensuring your organisation puts customers/employees at the heart of any notification response. Applying these key learnings means your organisation can confidently develop a plan and response team, in advance and understand responsibilities under EU GDPR.

    Know your threats. Prepare your plan. Recover trust.
  • Align your Stars: Creating Strategic Talent to Support Organizational Goals
    Align your Stars: Creating Strategic Talent to Support Organizational Goals Lori Kleiman, SPHR SHRM-SCP Recorded: May 17 2018 29 mins
    Leadership in human resources requires an understanding of the strategic initiatives and the ability to align organizational talent with success. Planning for the future needs of human capital is a key component to success as an HR executive.

    In this action-packed program, we will look at performance management through the lens of strategy and executive interactions. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of what to look for in a strategic plan, and how to craft performance discussions to ensure only those that are headed in the same direction as leadership are considered top talent.

    We will review an HR Topics proprietary tool that helps organizations evaluate who is really top talent, and what those individuals might need to move to the next level. Finally, we conclude with recommendations of how to incorporate changes to the performance conversation into the organization and impact a culture shift that will drive results.

    Learning Objectives:

    ·Identify the strategic goals and initiatives for your organization
    ·Understand the business metrics that drive success in each organization
    ·Review external opportunities that will create meaningful change for top talent
    ·Create communication tools that will impact C Suite engagement
  • How two enterprise companies use engagement surveys to put culture first
    How two enterprise companies use engagement surveys to put culture first Craig Forman, Senior People Scientist; Andrea Reyes, Director of Field Training, Journeys; and Maribel Hines, Vice President Recorded: May 17 2018 61 mins
    Creating an environment for employees to share feedback is an important component of building a culture first company.

    For Universal Music Group and Journeys, launching a global employee survey was top priority when it came to enhancing the employee experience. They wanted to set the groundwork for continued success as they evolve.

    On May 17, we invite you to join Craig Forman, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp as he moderates a fireside chat with Maribel Hines, Vice President - Talent & Organization Development at Universal Music Group and Andrea Reyes, Director of Field Training at Journeys.

    Whether you’re looking to launch your first survey or strategizing how to improve upon the next - you'll learn how these two leading organizations put culture first.

    You'll walk away learning:
    - What UMG and Journeys evaluated when deciding to launch a global survey
    - How they prepared for and overcame unexpected challenges
    - How they rolled out results to managers and leaders
    - What actions UMG and Journeys took post survey
  • 10 Questions on ServiceNow with Acorio Experts
    10 Questions on ServiceNow with Acorio Experts Ajay Gautam, Damian Broccoli, Jared Romaine, Juliet Acuff, Meghan Lockwood, Ryan Dinwiddie, Sean Duhaime Jul 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This panel discussion will feature leading experts from various departments inside Acorio, bringing tactical experience and strategic vision to help you guide your ServiceNow journey today. Learn from Acorio’s hundreds and hundreds of successful go-live’s – and pick the experts’ brains about their experiences in the ServiceNow trenches.
  • How to use AI to find the right talent faster
    How to use AI to find the right talent faster John Jersin, Head of Product, LinkedIn Talent Solutions Jul 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Unemployment is at a record low, which is great for the economy, but tough on recruiters, now that hiring has become a seller’s market. But new AI-powered solutions for virtually every part of your recruitment funnel can give you the advantage you need in a tight market, and even improve your bottom line: Companies leveraging AI in their hiring initiatives are seeing an increase of 18 percent in their revenue and a 30 percent boost in profit.

    And with over 62 percent of companies expected to be using AI to find and hire the best talent by the end of this year, getting on board the AI train has become an imperative — if you want to stay competitive.

    Join execs from Adecco, LinkedIn, and Trivago to learn how how AI is revolutionizing their ability to resource high-quality talent, and how your company can do the same, in this VB Live event!

    Register here for free.

    In this webinar you'll learn:
    * How to find the right talent faster, using data-driven AI
    * The best tools to find quality candidates who progress to face-to-face interviews
    * How to assess and measure existing talent to become smarter about avoiding bad hires
    * How to engage and grow current employees to decrease the costs of high turnover
    * Whether your recruitment and retention efforts are "AI-ready"

    * Angie College, Vice President of Operations for Adecco USA
    * John Jersin, Head of Product, LinkedIn Talent Solutions
    * Rolf Schromgrens, CEO, Trivago
    * Maribel Lopez, Strategic Advisor, Lopez Research
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by mya
  • The power of Introversion (and how to use it)
    The power of Introversion (and how to use it) John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at OPP with Helen Rayner, Lead Consultant Jul 26 2018 8:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Around half the population have a preference for Introversion, and yet Introverts are routinely misunderstood, misrepresented and excluded; less than a third of managers are Introverts, for example. In this webcast, John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at OPP, will go through the stereotypes about Introverts, explain what Introversion actually is – and show how in neglecting the power of Introversion, organisations are missing out on a valuable resource. He will also reveal how all of us, even Extraverts, have an Introverted side – and how understanding and harnessing this can pay dividends.
  • Diversity and Overcoming Pay Gaps in the Modern Workplace
    Diversity and Overcoming Pay Gaps in the Modern Workplace Jennifer Riggins Aug 8 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    What are you doing to make sure your office is diverse and welcoming? Diversity in the work environment is proven to promote acceptance, respect, and teamwork, embracing differences in race, age, gender, native language, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, and communication styles among employees. Movements like #metoo has us talking about this more in certain industries and at a systemic level, but what can we do as individuals in the workplace? Grab your drink and sit down to join us for what's sure to be an engaging episode of WIT: Women in Touch, when women trying to make a change are going to share their advice for how you can too, whether you are in a position to attract and hire talent or you are struggling to overcome these barriers. And, once diversity is increased at your office or university, what can you do to make it work?

    Why should you join? Let's start with some facts because the status quo is unacceptable:
    April 10 marks Equal Pay Day for women in the US (the infamous 78 cents on the dollar), but we are choosing to hold our discussion on diversity and pay gaps on August 8, following Equal Pay Day for black women in the US.
    Women in tech make on average $40,000 less a year than their male counterparts. Women of color in tech in particular often lack the support channels and feel ostracized in their roles.

    This discussion is in part a follow-up to our first episode which focused on the Working Mom. Mothers end up earning about 40% less than what their childless female counterparts earn over a lifetime. The pay gap between white women and black women is the fastest growing income inequality there is, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute. This gap has grown from 6% in 1979 to 19% today, and it's growing directly alongside greater inequality.

    The main reason to join is this isn't just an esoteric conversation, but a practical one that gives everyone practical ways to make a change, no matter what her or his role is.
  • Operationalizing Town Hall Meetings
    Operationalizing Town Hall Meetings Hayes Drumwright, Founder and CEO of POPin Aug 21 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join Founder and CEO of POPin Hayes Drumwright as he talks about the way town hall meetings can impact your organization when done correctly. He'll share customer examples, give you a formula to follow when doing town hall meetings, and explain best practice when it comes to truly hearing your employees and allowing their feedback to impact the direction of your company.
  • Growing Importance of Tech Ethics and the Modern Workforce
    Growing Importance of Tech Ethics and the Modern Workforce Jennifer Riggins Aug 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    80% of developers don’t feel it’s their responsibility if unethical products go live. Are they right?

    This episode of WIT: Women in Touch features a conversation among women in tech who believe this majority is not right. As a follow up to July's Coed: Ethics conference, a London tech ethics conference, we are grabbing a cuppa and sitting down with women who are actively working on the ethics surrounding data science, decision making, scaling, coding, the psychology and motivation behind it all, and so much more!

    Who should join? While our guests are awesome women in tech, the cases of Facebook, Uber, and Volkswagen are not just isolated incidents and everyone at any level at any company faces ethical decisions every day. We think everyone can benefit from joining this discussion live or listening to the recording after!
  • What’s your conflict style?
    What’s your conflict style? John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at OPP with Helen Rayner, Lead Consultant Aug 23 2018 8:00 am UTC 30 mins
    All of us have experienced conflict at some point, at home, at work, maybe at school or elsewhere – and usually it is seen as a bad thing, something that is disruptive when it comes to the workplace. Yet some people find conflict exciting, energising, something that clears the air. We all have different approaches to conflict, and if we understood these, if we know how we usually react, we can flex our conflict style and achieve better outcomes. And maybe we can help others to do so too. John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at OPP, discusses OPP’s research into conflict and introduces the TKI (Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Indicator) and shows how it can be used to create positive outcomes from conflict.
  • Flexible Working: How to Make it Work for You and Your Team
    Flexible Working: How to Make it Work for You and Your Team Jennifer Riggins Sep 5 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The future of work is flexible. In order to embrace people from all works of life and backgrounds is to embrace what technology has enabled -- as long as people have a good Internet connection, they can work from anywhere. This WITty episode will include a discussion on the benefits of allowing your team to work from anywhere (including better work-life balance, more diverse team, often lower costs), how to make a distributed or remote team flourish, how to flourish yourself working from home, and the opportunities to feel connected with a community no matter where you work.

    So grab a cuppa and listen from anywhere that's convenient to you and join the conversation with:
    - Sophie Segal, who founded the Mindset Shift Summit a remote conference for women, alongside developing a portfolio career and running a business in sales and marketing, being a mum of two, and being involved in the flexible working space,
    - Leanne Creasey, who previously launched and ran two of London's most popular coworking spaces, works as a startup coach for new entrepreneurs and is currently working with Cuckooz, who offers design-led serviced apartments alongside Cuckooz Nest, London's first coworking space and pay-as-you-go nursery for under twos.