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The inside sales community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of engaged inside sales professionals. Learn best practices for teleprospecting and lead qualification as well as advice for implementing sales prospecting tools. Join the discussion by attending on-demand and live inside sales webinars and round tables.
    • Sales Productivity

    • Upcoming May 14 2014
    • It is clear that productivity is crucial to the success of a sales team but how exactly do you improve it? With so many possible areas for improvement (lead quantity and quality, training, time management, tools, processes, etc.), it can be daunting to find the most effective and efficient solution for your team. Join this summit to hear from thought leaders and practitioners on how they've identified and enhanced productivity for their sales teams.
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    • Sales Management

    • Recorded: Jan 29 2014
    • January for many sales leaders means new quotas and higher revenue targets. There is no winning formula for achieving success but certainly great tools and strategies to enable it. Learn from practitioners and thought leaders on best practices to increase productivity and effectiveness of your workforce to jumpstart the new year.
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    • Sales Enablement

    • Recorded: Dec 11 2013
    • Advancements in technology have enabled buyers and empowered salespeople, but with the abundance of tools available, it is challenging to determine which will provide the highest level of productivity and performance for your team. Attend this summit to hear recommendations from practitioners and thought leaders on tools and strategies that led them to success.
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    • Quota-busting Strategies from World Class Sales Leaders

    • Recorded: Oct 2 2013
    • As you gear up to close out 2013 and begin building your sales strategy from 2014, join us for our Virtual Sales Management Summit to hear the most current sales strategies used by the top performing sales teams in the world. We have carefully selected some of the brightest, forward thinking sales thought leaders and given them one instruction: Teach the audience something new that they can begin executing on immediately. Sales is in the middle of a massive transformation and today's sales leaders are re-thinking their approach in order to compete. We can help you decide on your direction by providing a variety of sales strategies and tactics that are proven to help you make and break your number.
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    • Sales Management

    • Recorded: Jul 10 2013
    • All sales leaders want to know one thing: How can I lead my team and company to success? Learn from influential thought leaders about proven techniques to organize, measure and inspire your team, as well as the latest tools and methods to enable your sales force to increase revenue.
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