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Updates and Analysis on Developments in IP Law

This channel is intended to provide informative analysis on significant developments and news related to intellectual property law. The content for this channel is developed by Banner & Witcoff attorneys. Banner & Witcoff is a national intellectual property law firm (

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New gTLD Conundrums: Strategies for Navigating the So-Called "Next Big .Thing" Banner & Witcoff Shareholder Richard Stockton Join Banner & Witcoff's Richard Stockton as he explores the current state of the new gTLD process and suggests strategies for moving forward, including:
- Introduction to gTLDs and the new gTLD process;
- Recent updates to the process (including updates from ICANN's most recent meeting in Senegal);
- A pragmatic look at the players and pitfalls involved; and
- Strategies for seeking new gTLDs, or handling others' pursuit of new gTLDs through objections or other means.
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Dec 15 2011
58 mins
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