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Strategic Intellectual Property Monetization

Michael Friedman, Ocean Tomo & Michael Nall, AM&AA
Strategic Intellectual Property Monetization
• Analyzing your IP portfolio and identifying appropriate assets
• Transactions options including selling and licensing
• Utilizing IP as collateral for loans
• IP sale/license-back
• Royalty-based financing
• Securitization
Dec 18 2008
62 mins
Strategic Intellectual Property Monetization
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Intellectual Property

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  • Lex Machina’s second annual Patent Litigation Year in Review seeks to provide insight into the main trends of 2014 and the mechanisms driving them, showcasing the value of legal analytics when it comes to informing business decisions about litigation.
  • In this webinar we will examine what information security and threat analysts can expect in 2015. Topics will include using threat intelligence before and after data breaches, information sharing, the Internet of Things, and the role of the CISO.
  • In this webinar we will discuss what physical security professionals should expect in 2015. Topics will include social media, local activism, and global hotspots, among others.
  • In this webinar, we will examine what security professionals should expect in 2015. Topics will include mobile application security, rogue mobile apps, BYOD, wearables and mobile payment systems.
  • Join us on Feb 12th at 11:00 PST to view the live launch webcast for our new PTAB functionality. Our speakers will show you how data-driven insights into PTAB cases (IPR’s, CBM’s and others), parties involved, and patents at issue can be leveraged in PTAB proceedings.
  • A highly practical webinar focused on the uncertain world of how to protect Biologics in Latin America.

    Attend to find out about:
    •Patentability both in theory and the reality on the ground
    •Is the granting of patents for biologics possible and/or been challenged
    •New regulation for biologics in Mexico, Chile and Colombia
    oPharma vigilance
    •An In-house perspective – Practical approaches and how various laws and regulations have affected companies in real terms
    •A comparative look at the differences between jurisdictions.
  • In an era of advanced threats, awareness is the utmost security measure. Awareness of potential or imminent threats can enable improved preparation, and improved preparation can lead to more effective mitigation and prevention tactics. Fortunately, many outside threats, actors and methods can be detected and studied in advance through Internet monitoring and intelligence analytics. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how can security professionals make a practical case for threat intelligence.
  • Managing IP, in association with the Managing IP Women in IP Global Network, invites you to join a free web seminar focusing using social media to get ahead.

    Speakers include:
    Linda J. Thayer, Partner, Finnegan
    Mary Kaczmarek, Business and Professional Development Consultant, Skillful Means Marketing LLC
    Katherine McGowan, Trademark/Advertising Counsel, LinkedIn
    Christine Kao, Intellectual Property & Identity Policy, Twitter

    This webinar will cover topics such as:
    • Building your personal brand on social media
    • Social networking, blogs and content communities; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
    • LinkedIn – making yourself contactable; showing yourself in the best light
    • Using social media to keep in touch with old colleagues and connect with new ones
    • Using online platforms effectively – contributing as well as information gathering
    • How are your clients using social media?
    • Finding the right communities for you
    • Using social media to win business
    • Legal issues to consider: who owns a company channel? How to ensure you avoid liable

    The live audience will be able to ask questions of the speakers during the webinar, which will be in English and will last one hour.
  • Too often, eDiscovery professionals and investigators rely on methods - like screen printing - for social media discovery that are impossible to authenticate. And now, the Courts have taken notice. With a higher bar set for defensible collection in social media, it is time for a more practical approach to social discovery.

    This webcast examines best practices of social discovery, no expert should ignore:

    - Discoverability - including social media in eDiscovery plans and the impact on eDiscovery strategies
    - Defensibility and authenticity - supporting case law that demands the use of a robust investigative platform that captures diverse types of content and metadata
    - Challenges in dealing with this new data type - understanding common challenges associated with new forms of metadata and privacy issues

    Watch this webcast to learn how and why to incorporate an investigative platform to collect, search, preserve and manage social media evidence and how to do so defensibly.

    This webinar is free, but space is limited.
  • Managing IP’s next webinar, run in cooperation with Lecorpio, will take place on December 11 at 6pm (GMT); 1pm (EST) and will discuss strategies for using patents defensively and offensively.

    In a patent-driven industry where being first to file is paramount, companies recognize the power of turning ideas into assets. More and more companies now choose to aggressively grow and diligently monitor their intellectual property (IP) portfolios, viewing them as critical business assets. Patent frontrunners IBM and Samsung have set the bar high by collectively securing more than 12,000 patents in 2013 alone. Moreover, over 75% of Google’s patents have been awarded in the last two years and the number of applications from the search giant as well as other Silicon Valley-based tech companies is skyrocketing.

    But as companies race to create more IP, how do innovation leaders ensure that their patent portfolio is aligned to strategic priorities? This webinar will discuss how to manage and create a strategic patent portfolio with two innovation leaders.

    •Dana Rao, Vice-President, Intellectual Property & Litigation, Adobe
    •Douglas Luftman, Vice President, Innovation Services & Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, NetApp
    •Bill Soward, COO, Lecorpio
    •James Nurton, managing editor, Managing IP (moderator)

    Key topics will include:
    •How to align the patent portfolio to business objectives
    •Ways to operationalize the patent process
    •Automating and systemizing IP
    •Managing patents for offensive and defensive strategies
    •Quality vs. speed

    The webinar is free to attend and will last about one hour. The audience is invited to submit questions throughout the webinar, which will be answered during a moderated Q&A session at the end.
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  • Strategic Intellectual Property Monetization Recorded: Dec 18 2008 62 mins
    Michael Friedman, Ocean Tomo & Michael Nall, AM&AA
    Strategic Intellectual Property Monetization
    • Analyzing your IP portfolio and identifying appropriate assets
    • Transactions options including selling and licensing
    • Utilizing IP as collateral for loans
    • IP sale/license-back
    • Royalty-based financing
    • Securitization
    Ocean Tomo, Townsend, RPX, Grand Banks and Goodwin Procter
    In these times of economic uncertainty when financing is sparse, investors need to look for alternative strategies and financing options for their portfolio companies. In this session, we will explore various options for non-dilutive funding rounds, including evaluating the many options for utilizing their intellectual property.
    Richard C. Hsu
    Partner and Chair, Technology Licensing Practice Group
    Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP

    Andrew T. Ramer
    Ocean Tomo Auctions, LLC

    Charles Lax
    Managing General Partner
    Grand Banks Capital

    John Amster
    RPX Corporation

    Jon M. Herzog
    Partner, Private Equity and Technology Group
    Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Facilitating a Global IP Market: OT’s Newest Transaction Platform Recorded: Nov 6 2008 54 mins
    Dr. Dipanjan "DJ" Nag, Director, Ocean Tomo
    Currently, there are few viable options for easily transferring IP. The Ocean Tomo Patent/Bid-Ask (P/B-A) platform was created to address this problem. P/B-A is the first web- and voice-enabled marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to submit offers to buy (“Bids”) and sell (“Asks”) any of the 33 million plus patent assets, or any combination thereof, across 81 countries and patent-issuing authorities in a completely transparent fashion.
    This discussion explores how P/B-A:
    -Provides an alternative method for transferring IP assets
    -Increases transparency on a global basis for IP transactions
    -Reduces legal expenses involved with transactions
    -Allows for flexible deal structures
  • An Intro to the World’s First Financial Exchange with an IP Focus Recorded: Oct 16 2008 51 mins
    David Silverman, COO, Intellectual Property Exchange International
    IP is emerging as the pre-eminent asset class of the 21st century, with a market value estimated at over 5 trillion dollars in the US alone. This webinar will explore how IPXI, the world’s first financial exchange with an IP focus, will:
    -Allow owners of IP to more efficiently monetize IP assets
    -Provide IP owners access to risk management tools
    -Allow investors access to a new universe of trading, investment, and arbitrage opportunities
    By creating a liquid market for IP assets, implementing contract standardization, and providing market participants with access to market data, IPXI will facilitate a deeper understanding of the economics of innovation.
Trends, Developments & Markets
Join Ocean Tomo, the leading Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc® firm, in exploring IP trends related to expert testimony, valuation, investments, risk management and transactions.

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  • Title: Strategic Intellectual Property Monetization
  • Live at: Dec 18 2008 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Michael Friedman, Ocean Tomo & Michael Nall, AM&AA
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