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Patents : Part IV - Business Methods

Thad Gabara, Patent Agent and Inventor
Business methods raise issues of 35 USC 101. There was a time when having computers doing things could not be patented. The Diehr and State Street cases will be discussed.
Nov 11 2008
34 mins
Patents : Part IV - Business Methods
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    In a patent-driven industry where being first to file is paramount, companies recognize the power of turning ideas into assets. More and more companies now choose to aggressively grow and diligently monitor their intellectual property (IP) portfolios, viewing them as critical business assets. Patent frontrunners IBM and Samsung have set the bar high by collectively securing more than 12,000 patents in 2013 alone. Moreover, over 75% of Google’s patents have been awarded in the last two years and the number of applications from the search giant as well as other Silicon Valley-based tech companies is skyrocketing.

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    •Quality vs. speed

    The webinar is free to attend and will last about one hour. The audience is invited to submit questions throughout the webinar, which will be answered during a moderated Q&A session at the end.
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  • Patents : Part IV - Business Methods Recorded: Nov 11 2008 34 mins
    Thad Gabara, Patent Agent and Inventor
    Business methods raise issues of 35 USC 101. There was a time when having computers doing things could not be patented. The Diehr and State Street cases will be discussed.
  • Patents : Part III –KSR v. Teleflex Recorded: Oct 17 2008 27 mins
    Thad Gabara, Patent Agent and Inventor
    Teaching, Suggestion and Motivation (TSM) occured due to the Supreme Court case of Graham v. John Deere Co., 383 U.S. 1 (1966). A second Supreme court case called KSR concerns the issue of obviousness as applied to patent claims. An examiner can reject a claim based on common sense of a person having ordinary skill in the art (PHOSITA). Common sense is a perception and Voltaire has stated "Common sense is not so common." If you are interested in obtaining a patent, this talk is a must see.
  • Patents : Part II – Claim Language Recorded: Oct 10 2008 30 mins
    Thad Gabara, Patent Agent and Inventor
    Claims are typically partitioned into apparatus, method and "means for" type language. Some of the mystery of reading claims is uncovered. Terms covered include : antecedent basis, negative limitation, etc. Time permitting a patent case may be presented.
  • Patents: Part I - the Basics Recorded: Oct 3 2008 28 mins
    Thad Gabara, Patent Agent and Inventor
    The basic fundamentals of patents are presented. The history, rights and types of patents are addressed. The required components of a patent application and topics that can not be patented are detailed. Patentability issues based on basic law and a description of 35 U.S.C. §101, §102, §103 and §112 are covered.
Live monthly webcasts for Inventors, Technologists, and Startups.
Simple description of patents: how to turn an invention into a patent, how they protect your rights, why do you need them, and how much do they cost? Talk presented by Thad Gabara who holds over seventy patents and is licensed to prosecute patent applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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  • Title: Patents : Part IV - Business Methods
  • Live at: Nov 11 2008 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Thad Gabara, Patent Agent and Inventor
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